"Emma, step to the left, Sully say your line louder please." Jt said, rubbing inbetween his eyes like this was hard work.

Emma rolled her eyes and took a step aside as Sully cleared his throat, "My dear bride, I just want one kiss-"

As he spoke Emma's eyes darted around the room boredly. She was the star of the school play, probably just a pity give away, since she did have a gun pointed at her head a few weeks ago.

Emma heard talking over Sully, which was pissing off Liberty and JT but they wouldn't say anything, because the people talking by the side of the stage scared them.

Jay, Alex and Amy. Alex stood by Jay, looking proud of him even though he was only taking a hammer to a nail against a wooden stick. Emma rolled her eyes, what a hero. She watched him closer though, when they took Sean home to Wasaga the other week, Jay seemed a little.. different, they didn't even fight that much on the trip.

Jay caught her looking and his face hardened, Emma looked away dully, as if to show she wasn't afraid of him like the others, and she looked back at Sully who was coughing during his line like a maniac.

"Someone get him some water." Liberty said in annoyance.

Some little freshmen ran to get him some as the bell rang. Emma grabbed her bag and slipped her script book inside, thank god! She really didn't feel like kissing Sully while he was developing strep throat.

Before she went down the stairs Jt hollered to everyone, "Everyone please practice, we got two more weeks til the play!"

Emma hit the last step and looked up to see Jay once again, looking at her from a far and she gave him a weary look and left.

Beside Jay, Alex looked at him and saw him looking at something, but he coughed lightly and chuckled at whatever Amy was saying, which wasn't even funny, she was listening too. She eyed Jay and looked around. Who was he looking at? With such a creptic look on his face..

Emma sighed walking down the school hallway, she looked up to see Manny leaning on her locker with her bag on her waist and grinning her dimples dug so deeply in.

Manny giggled madly, "You get to kiss Sully for the play?!" she nudged Emma, "I myself can personally tell you he's a great kisser."

"Who'd wana kiss you?" came a bitter snicker and Alex came to view between passing students, Amy beside her and Jay walking behind.

Jay looked Emma up and down as Emma narrowed her eyes at them.

Amy seemed to go into thought, "Other than Sean..." she muttered out loud and blinked, pointing out quickly, "But he's out of the picture so doesn't count.."

Emma rolled her eyes and so did Alex, being proofed wrong by her own friend whose suppose to be on her side.

Alex snapped at her, "Shut up, Amy." She scoffed and walked off, shoving between Emma and Manny.

Manny taunted loudly, "Manners would be nice!" she bellowed as Jay passed them, giving her a wierd look and Emma a longer look before leaving.

Emma looked over her shoulder watching just Jay turn and shook her head.

Manny had to ask, "What's with Jay? Not even a mean comment today? Just rude stares?" she crossed her arms, he's been doing it all week.

"I think he's a bit off without his boyfriend." Emma joked about Sean.

Manny laughed, "Please, he doesn't have feelings, above all, missing someone." She informs and asked Emma softly, "How are you taking Sean's leaving?"

"I told you." Emma shrugged, beginning to walk out of school, "Me and Sean actually had a good heart to heart, we went through something dramatic, cleared the air between us, we've moved on and said our sorry's. I'll miss him though."

Manny nodded, agreeing, "It's wierd not having him around even though he's one of them now, but we have known him since ever."

"He'll be better in Wasaga, he looked like he was going off the deep end." Emma said, having a flash of Rick with a gun go through her head, she took a deep shakey breath.

Manny softened, "How are you doing?"

Emma stared down and shrugged slowly, "I'm waiting to see if I'm actually okay or I'm just lying to myself." She admitted.

Manny pouted a bit and then the announcements with Raditch's voice came on the speakers, "Just want to remind everyone to have a safe and happy weekend, maybe take a moment of silence like last weekend to remember the tragedy of this year."

"This year? Happened a month ago.." Emma muttered, not liking the fact it was almost like a brush off, something so terrible.

"Let's go." Manny insisted, grabbing her arm and leading her out.

That following Monday after the weekend, some kids were missing, a fever and some flu's going around the school, and some other kids partying too hard on weekend just didn't show up, specially since outside was storming with rain and thunder.

Jt snapped, "Lights, action!" he breathed happily, grinning like an idiot as those on the stage set up.

Jay was building a prop of the play for extra credit, he could use some..being a bit of a skipper and trouble maker.

You know, making that whole shooting happen and all, but that was his and Spinner's little secret. Spinner was another person missing today, that guy was taking it deeply hard, must of been because the one shot was Jimmy, a personal friend, the way Jay looked at it right now though, it was done, and it was Rick he chose his fate.. though yes, he did feel upset about what he did sometimes but him and Alex were trying to move on.

"Wait!" came Libertys ubrupt yell, startling everyone, even Jay who looked up from screwing something into his prop.

"Where's Sully?" huffed JT.

Emma boredly leaned on the curtains wall, as Liberty nodded, "Exactly."

"He's gone!?" Jt freaked out, "My lead is gone?"

"Everyones sick dude." Danny informed, standing on the stage with Manny dressed as peasents.

Manny nodded giving JT a look, "Look around you, almost everyone is." She said.

Jt pierced his lips together hard and madly to shut his eyes, "fiiiine." He sighed. He was acting like an actual movie director.

Manny peeked a look at Emma and they shared a small giggle.

"Jay." Jt said after a slight nervous cough.

They all looked over, plus three other students standing in the room, they all looked pretty damn shocked he was going over to the resident bad ass, even Jay blinked and looked up, he seemed a bit annoyed.

Jt swallowed hard and laughed shakingly, "How would you like me to let Raditch know how good of a boy you've been being!?" he said as if Jay was a puppy.

Jay sat up from where he sat, hammering, and held the hammer hard as he stood tall over JT, glaring down.

Jt squeeked and put his hands up in defense, "I just met if you helped me with a little something, I'll tell him how much you've built, how less trouble you've been causing and whatever you want me to tell him."

Jay eyed the little squirt harder, "What's the deal?" his deep voice rumbled.

Jt looked up at the guy who bullied him all through highschool and snuck a glance at the school stage and back at Jay, Jay raised an eyebrow.

"Well.. Sully is sick and..we need..." he drifted off when Emma even started giggling louder, knowing where JT was getting at.

Jay gave Emma an annoyed yet amused look, seeing how entertained she was by this, clueing in JT wanted Jay to take Sully's place for today.

"HA! He probably can't even read.." Emma bittered giving Jay an annoyed look back and then looked back down at her script carelessly, rehearsing in her head.

Jay crossed his buff arms against his chest, thinking about it, while still glaring at Emma. "Alright," he said loudly out of nowhere, nodding once at JT before walking to the stage, "I'll do it." He jumped up the stage and stood next to Emma, and swiped the script out of her hands roughly.

Emma's mouth fell and she stared in a bit of shock and horror before rolling her eyes and just going with it.

Jay boredly started to read, in a dull voice, "My Dear Bride I-"

"Jay." JT cut him off from reading as he sat down next to Liberty again infront of the stage to watch, "If you want me to help you out, you half to do this for real." He gave him a look.

Jay glared at him threatening, but tried to calm down, he did really need a break from Raditch, always on his ass.

Jay sighed and took a deep breath, some students around the stage raised eyebrows, seeing what he was about to give. Alex and Amy just came in as well, and giggled together, seeing what Jay was being forced to do.

"My Dear Bride, I want to just give you one kiss, one kiss and you will-" Jay started to smirk and stiffed a laugh, going over the next line before he read it, looking at the script like it was just plain stupid.

It was.

Emma gave him a look though, begging him to be serious, which he caught and just grinned at her and then at JT with a wince, "Sorry." He apoligised, raising his hands up and tried to get back to being serious, "One kiss and you will fall for me, you'll believe we'll be together for eternity. Kiss Emma." Jay read that part out loud and shut up quick.

The script was telling him to kiss her, that was what this role had to do..right now.

His grey pierced eyes shot straight ahead like a deer in the head lights, Emma looked a bit in panic as well, eyes widening over to JT and Liberty, silently begging her friends no.

These two could go down in history being the worse enimies Degrassi ever had, they can't make them do this!

On the side, without being noticed, Amy smirked nudging Alex who tried to cover her mouth from laughing, knowing her boyfriend wouldn't do it.

Jay scratched the back of his neck, "Do I have to-"

"Do you want the deal?" taunted JT.

Jay bit the end of his tounge, hard. He squinted his eyes the way he did when in a deep, tough thought.

Emma snickered in disgust and in embarrassment, "He does not have to-" Emma was cut off suddenly when Jay just rolled his eyes, she stood right next to him to it was easy for him to just turn and bow his head, kissing her hard, he grabbed the back of her head knowing she might try to push and get away.

He needed this damn deal! This damn credit, he needed-

Jay softened to how perfect her lips felt against his, like they belonged there. His chest suddenly ached.. in the most nicest way.

He needed this kiss.

Her lips were just a bit tinier than his, more easy for his fuller ones to devour hers and press against on over and over, and slip his tounge through, which he did, just a soft flick once or twice, his hand and fingers on the back of her head slowly slid through her hair slowly. He swore by the last kiss he gave her, she kissed back, and her hands that tried shoving his shoulders to get away, stopped pushing.

Alex and Amy stood in shock, Alex looking on in horror, seeing the impressed look of everyone around them.

"Well, no tounge was really implied, but thanks for getting right in there." Jt joked, swinging his fist up when he said the last part and grinned.

Jay pulled away stunned with that kiss and himself, staring down at Emma who looked even more a bit dazed, he smirked, she looked cute too, puzzeled by the kiss and her lips a bit puffy. Her hands quickly let go of his shoulders and backed away from him, his hands falling, he gave her a wierd look but looked back to JT.

"Good?" he said after coughly slightly and awkwardly snuck a glance at Emma again.

Jt was still trying to stop grinning, "Perfect. You'll hear from Raditch." He shrugged and teased, "And chance you want to just star in this play for real?"

Jt shut up, seeing the bitterness back in Jay's eyes as he glared at Jt and he sat up straight.

"sorry." He mumbled and watched Jay go back down the stairs of the stage as Emma walked off through the back quickly too.

Jay stormed out of the gym so fast he didn't even see Alex who stood there and fumed.

"Are you o-" Amy gasped and winced when Alex roughly put her hand to Amy's mouth.

"You really need to know when to shut up." Alex sneered and yanked her hand back, storming off.

Amy's mouth dropped and she put her hand to her mouth, Alex held her mouth so hard her nail dug into her lower lip, splitting a bit down the middle.

Emma was in the back of the stage, putting her little jean coat on and grabbing her little leather back pack.

"What..was..that?!" Manny slowly asked, breathless herself as Emma gasped and turned, clearly shaken up.

"Nothing." Emma snapped and went looking for her math homework. Where the hell did she put it!?

Manny smirked, looking up at the ceiling, "ignoring the fact Jay's a total ass, he's a babe, possibly the babeliest babe in the school." She admits.

"That's not a word." Emma declared simply and quickly, not looking at Manny in the eye.

Manny just giggled, seeing how frazzled Emma was from this, turned Manny on a bit too! Manny laughed harder. Jay Hogart and Emma Nelson kissed! This had to also go down in history. Emma grabbed her found math book and took off.

"You KISSED her!" Alex yelled madly at Jay in the school parking lot.

Jay rolled his eyes dramatically, "I know." He said sarcastically, and added, "It was part of the script."

"That you didn't have to take so damn seriously!" Alex punched his arm. He barely winced and put on his sunglasses, "I don't ever want you kissing another girl again, espashally Emma!" she closed her eyes and corrected herself, "Nature freak."

Jay raised an eyebrow, "You called her Emma." This whole event was defiantly just turning things upside down. Jay couldn't even explain that weird chest feeling he was still going through at the moment when he thought of that kiss again.

Alex madly held her fists tightly. She said 'Emma' because now, frankly, she had to admit she was a little threatened by the girl, wouldn't ever say that out loud though but I mean, before, Emma was just nature freak, Alex wasn't jealous of the girl because Alex had Jay, the hottest baddest boy in school.. now, she wasn't so sure of that, and reality was hitting Alex, she could be as cruel as she wanted to be, but Emma would always be nicer, smarter and prettier, and she could tell by the look in Jay's eyes, he was in a trance.. over Emma Nelson.

She'd make him regret it.

Alex looked into Jay's eyes as warningly as she could, "If you go near Emma again, I will dump your ass so fast"

Jay glared down at her, "I never said I was gonna, but if you're going to threat me like that, maybe I will for entertainment." He taunted, raising his eyebrow like his usual smart ass self.

Alex gritted her teeth, "You humiliated me kissing her like that." She turned to leave and whipped around, "We're over." She went to leave again, to turn and walk up to him again. She shoved him hard against the car as she spat, "By the way, I slept with Towerz twice last summer and Aaron last week."

She spat on the ground infront of Jay's feet and stormed off.

Jay stood there, a bit confused, outraged and intrigued at the same time, he blinked and hollered after her, "Well, I slept with Aaron's cousin last week too!" he said truthfully and widened his arms out, "How ironic!" he snickered and watched Alex still storm off but raised her middle finger up before getting onto a city bus. He shook his head and turned to open his civic door to see Emma just passing, narrowing her eyes at the scene and over hearing just the last part.

"Charming." She taunted, rolling her eyes and still walking off quickly, she was trying to still be his enemy, while still trying to avoid him because of that kiss at the same time. She was doing a good job right?!

Jay didn't know what came over him, he raced into his car, roared the engine and pulled out quickly, rounding the parking lot as she cut through a field, getting onto the road to get home.

His car suddenly sped a bit passed her, breaked so heavily she looked up and gave him an insane look when he backed it up and started slowly driving next to her at her fast walking speed.

"What do you want?" Emma snapped, narrowing her eyes while still walking quick and crossed her arms, holding herself tight. This was wierd, too wierd. Was Jay going to kill her?

"Let me drive you home." He said, leaning a bit over the passanger seat as he drove to look at her.

Emma laughed softly, glancing at him and back to the side walk, "No way."

He smirked, she was so fun when she fought back with him, but she did it in the sweetest way.

"Please?" he asked, putting on a fake pout.

Emma gave him a look, "What's your deal? Haven't you done enough today?" she gave him a look, reminding him of that kiss as if to say he went too far.

Jay's smirk turned into a taunting Cheshire grin, "You kissed back." Emma looked horrified when he said that and he breaked the car when she stopped walking.

Emma opened, closed, and opened her mouth trying to find something mean to say. She glared and stormed off, into the field where he couldn't follow.

Jay sat in his car, and turned his car off, smirking again and watching her go. Alex was right about one thing, he was in a trance.. and he didn't think he was ever going to get out of it.

He was dying to kiss her one more time. Or several.. if she'd let him.

Jay walked into the Dot where Spinner worked, usually he would grin and greet him but since the shooting he was acting like emo boy and mumbled hi, even though he gave a look seeing how bright and happy Jay looked.

"Who'd you stuff in a locker today?" taunts Spinner jokingly, eyeing him weirdly. He was drying dishes on his counter.

Jay chuckled and sat down at the counter, "A guy can't be happy for no reason?"

"No." Spinner simply replied.

Jay frowned and rolled his eyes to then look around and told him, "Me and Alex broke up."

Spinner stopped drying his dishes and his mouth fell, "dude...sorry." he knew Jay and Alex have been together for like, almost 3 years.. even though he knew they cheated on another a bit, they always were with another.

Jay shrugged, waving it off, "She'll come around, we can be friends." He dully insisted and leaned foward tapping the counter, "It's kissing someone else today that changed my life."

Spinner laughed a bit, "Oh yeah? You a better man now?" he laughed even harder, "Whose the unlucky girl?"

Jay smirked, totally agreeing with what Spinner was saying even though it was insulting, Jay may still be the same asshole but at least now he was after one girl and one girl only.

Jay looked around narrowing his eyes for any listeners, then answered daringly, "Emma Nelson."

Spinner dropped the two cups he was drying again and they smashes on the floor as he went into shock and then cursed twice trying to clean everything up.

Some customers turned and gave odd looks.

Jay nodded, understanding his reaction and clenched his jaw.

Spinner forgot about the mess and huffed, leaning on the counter, "Is that even legal?" he hissed at Jay in a hoarse whisper so no one could hear, "Me and you both know she's out of your legue, even for me."

"I can put on a tie and pretend to be a good boy." Taunted Jay. Whose to say he couldn't be a good man for Emma?

Spinner snickered shaking his head, "It's Emma Nelson, she'll see right through you. I get she's pretty alright?" Spinner huffed, "but come on, shes a year younger, you have plenty other girls you can choose from and not even work for. I'm not saying she's too good for you, I just mean shes too good, as in pure, your evil ways would ruin her." Teased Spinner and asked him, "why not leave her alone after what we did to her?"

"We didn't do anything Spinner, stop thinking that way." Hissed Jay, "IT was RICK." Now that good chest feeling in Jay went down to his stomach, and he felt sick, "Fuck you for ruining my buzz." He growled. He wasn't one who was use to the guilt feeling.

Spinner frowned, "It's just..you're from different worlds.. no, planets!" he insisted, trying to make Jay understand.

Jay shook his head fast, "Man I don't know, I knew she was different since I met her, she always stuck out like a sore thumb through a crowd, and she annoyed me more than anyone could cause she was always proving me wrong. And this year? She's gotten so much more hotter, and our trip to Wasaga with Sean.. I found myself LAUGHING with her." He gave Spinner an insane look, "I never laughed with Alex, maybe with her at people, but never with another." He looked disgusted, "And I've never made sand castles or dug her in the sand either."

"You and Nelson made sand castles?" Spinner couldn't help but smirk.

Jay rolled his eyes, "Sean was having a breakdown on the beach, what else was there to do?"

Spinner had to laugh and shake his head, but he tried to go serious, pointing at Jay, "Please, please, please.. keep the wolf away from the princess." He was still joking, but completely serious, and walked off.

Jay stared off and bit his tounge. He couldn't explain it, he really, really wanted Emma now. That kiss just proved the feelings he held down for so long, he liked her, and like he said, now, he wanted her. He scoffed though, trying to take Spinners advice.


This is how I show my love
I made it in my mind because
I blame it on my A.D.D. baby

This is how an angel cries
I blame it on my own sick pride
Blame it on my A.D.D. baby

Sail! Sail!
Sail! Sail!

Maybe I should cry for help
Maybe I should kill myself
Blame it on my A.D.D. baby

Maybe I'm a different breed
Maybe I'm not listening
So blame it on my A.D.D. baby

Sail! Sail!