Emma and Jay laid on his bed that following week, and they cuddled face to face as Emma kissed him deeper than he kissed her. He smirked against the kiss, knowing what she was doing when her hands went down his stomach, towards his jean buckles...and that was it.

Jay grabbed her hand and when she opened her eyes and stopped kissing him, he was already giving her that warning look.

"Jay." she pouted.

"What'd I say before?" Jay reminded about the no sex until truly just happy.

Emma shook her head insanely at him and rolled her eyes, "That you've gone gay." she teased but cracked a smile

He grinned, shaking his head back at her and sighed getting up

She thought this was easy for him? Tell it to the cold shower he was about to go have.

"Even Alex and Manny did it the other day" Emma informed before he went into his bathroom

"OH emma." he cringed, not wanting to hear that.

Emma watched him shut the door and sighed, falling back onto his bed. She bit her lip and sadly her eyes wondered around the room. Did he not want her as bad anymore?

"Hey guys!" Spinner cheered when they arrived the beach

Everyone was having a beach day, and Emma wore a white bikini. Her tan glowed and well, so did her chest as even Spinner stared down at it.

Jay hit him in the back of the head.

Emma sat down next to Alex and Manny who greeted her, and Emma took notice Manny slipped her hand into Alex's. Emma hid her smile.

"Guys this is Jane." introduced Spinner by the grill, making hot dogs. A punk girl stood close and smiled awkardly.

"Is that a blush?" taunted Jay to Spinner as Jane went to go sit next to the girls.

Spinner rolled his eyes to Jay, "I'm not the only one who can blush at the mention of a girl." he eyed Jay, "Emma."

Jay just grinned, looking down as he cracked his beer, "I love Emma, but I'm not gay and blush when I hear her name."

More like wasps in his stomach, stinging him if someone said her name and she wasn't there. Then butterflies in his stomach when she was.

Ok, that was pretty gay.

"You love her huh?" Spinner repeated.

Jay went to sip his drink and abruptly stopped. He said that out loud and proud didn't he?

He narrowed his eyes to the girls sitting in the sand, the girls were all laughing as Emma tanned with them, lying back, and she was giggling too.

She stood out so much to him. Three other girls in bikinis, and one with a reputation who supposedly had a nice rack, yet Jay Hogart was smitten with the blonde and couldn't take his eyes off.

Without answered Spinner, Jay went and sat with Emma, sitting behind her and pulling her up in his arms, between his legs.

Emma rested her head against his chest and he kissed the top of her head.

The sun was going down soon enough and Alex and Manny waved to them first, taking off. And as Spinner and Jane were packing up to leave, Jay and Emma stayed on the beach, still in the postition.

Emma listened to the water of the waves crashing, and the birds quietly chirping in the distance, flying around the lake. It was beautiful.

She felt beautiful.

And happy.

Jay's hands were in hers and she held them more tighter. She never wanted him to go. She wanted this forever.

Who knew she'd be so perfect with Jay freaking Hogart.

"I love you." he whispered, carressing her hair and she melted under his chest, her heart skipping. She was in shock and didn't even know what to say.

Jay Hogart just said he loved her?

Never stopped shocking her..

"You alive?" he teased but was nervous, heart pounding. Did she love him back?

"I love you too." she confessed, turning her head to look up as he nodded back at her slowly and leaned down, kissing her forehead. She smirked and leaned back against him, "Who knew you could say that."

"I'm not totally emotionless." he taunted.

She giggled and shrugged, "just didn't know if you'd ever say it."

"You wondered?" Jay asked. Jesus, he did so much to get her attention and she was really clueless?

Emma playfully elbowed his stomach and then got up. She grabbed her towel and taunted, "This where you finally take me home?"

"Oh I'll take you home Emma Nelson." Jay informed with a smirk down at her as he stood with her.

She wrapped her arms around his waist happily as he smiled down at her, cupping her face.

"We got a lot of stuff to catch up on." he joked, gazing down at her bikini. She had no idea how rough this has been for him. It was about to get very frisky since now, they really were happy.

Emma laughed and squeeled when he grabbed her, directing her back to his car.

"You okay?" Jay whispered now, guiding over Emma in his bed as her legs were wrapped around him, her fists clenching around his bed sheets.

Emma opened her eyes, panting lowly but nodded. She was still getting use to his size.

Jesus he felt so good, "Faster?" she pleaded with a moan, begged really, and it made Jay growl, doing so just a little faster to tease and she whimped. He put his hand down and rubbed her as he thrusted into her, and kissed hungerily around her chest.

Emma gasped and clenched her eyes shut again, wrapping her arms around his neck.

He slid in and out and she was so tight around him, her heart pounded and she slowly felt the explosion coming, slowly because he was making love to her, not just fucking her.

This was going to be an intense orgasm.

And just as she thought, Emma cried out, arching back and then up, and doing it again one more time as she thrashed under him.


His mouth dropped in pleasure as he jerked into her a few more times finishing his load and collapsed..sweating and panting

That...was the best either had had.

"Worth the wait?" Jay teased, turning his head at Emma who was still trying to catch her breath and still tingly.

Emma exhaustingly nodded and he laughed a bit, sliding his hand to the side of her face as he lied on his side.

Emma looked up at him softly and lovingly, "Love you." she quietly said again, just so he knew.

But he knew.

"Love you more, Em." he confirmed, leaning in and softly kissed her.

Emma kissed him back and the story ends, with a passionate long kiss neither of them wanted to end.