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John Smith couldn't believe the events involving Pocahontas, that replayed in his mind:

"We walked the same path once; I have found where I belong," she had told him.

He put her hand in his. "I hope you will also find happiness."

"May the Great Spirit always be with you."

After kissing her hand for the last time, he was gone.

Now that she was gone, the blue-eyed man looked in his pocket, hidden behind his sword. That certainly wasn't what I had expected. I didn't even finish... .

"Let's go home," John Rolfe said, while they embraced and kissed. Home, at last, she thought, yet it came across to her as feigned happiness.

After they stopped and looked at each other, the wind blew, gushing forth an assortment of colorful leaves. She heard voices all around her: "No matter what happens, I'll always be with you forever... ." Had she spoken aloud? That voice was her own.

Again, she heard another voice: "No matter what happens to me, I'll always be with you, forever... ." It was a familiar man's voice, that didn't belong to the man that was in front her. The eyes staring back at her were green, instead of blue. She remembered now... .

No, there was no going back now. It was too late. Her decision had been made. The shore was just barely visible now.

"Pocahontas, the ship has sailed. It's going full speed now. Pocahontas, what on earth are you... ?" His cries grew fainter as the boat became more distant.

She had jumped from waterfalls higher than this, but she never anticipated the water being so cold. This "River Thames," as they called it, was not "Chickahominy." She was fortunate a group of sailors pulled her onto the deck, wrapping her in a blanket to get over the shock.

"Blimey! There's a lucky lass. That 'igh tide could've sur'ly pull'd 'er und'r. I wouldn't be surpris'd if she prolly learn'd a less'n or two from Smith 'imself," chuckled an older man with a black beard, and a hook in place of one hand.

Smith! The name drew back her attention. "You know of John Smith?"

"John Smith? 'Course. As Cap'n Christopher Newport meself, I've known all 'bout 'Sea Eyes' since 'e was but a lad findin' 'is way. There's sev'ral John Smiths in London alone, but e'eryone knows the famed Cap'n John Smith. What would you like to know Miss?"

"Have you seen him?"

"Not recently, but 'is flat is but a few blocks from 'ere that a way," he pointed with his hook.

"Thank you, Sir."

"Say, what is yer name Miss?" But she had already rushed off.

Flit, meanwhile, had caught up with her, as he was concerned for her safety. "Don't follow me Flit. Tell Meeko and Percy I'm staying here." Sadly, Flit flew back toward the ship. But before he reached, Meeko and Percy were already on their way to the dock, floating on her luggage... .

She found the streets of London hard to navigate, especially given the crowd of people witnessing her recent endeavor by the dock. By now, it was raining hard.

Fortunately, it wasn't long until she was approached by a familiar redheaded man. "Pocahontas? Still in London?"

"Thomas! 'Tis nice to see you again. Shouldn't you be in Jamestown?" She liked to tease him. Once a lanky youth, he had grown into himself, becoming a more mature young man.

"I thought I'd travel back to London to visit my family for a while. I was on my way there now, but I couldn't help but notice a familiar face in this crowd."

"I was looking for John. Have you seen him?"

"Not yet, but his flat is around the corner. I remember visiting it while he was recovering from the gunshot wound. I'll lead the way." He took her to and ushered her inside a multistoried building.

"John lives on the top floor. He gave me a key in case I ever wanted to visit." Some other residents of the building noticed them approaching and curiously watched.

A flaxen-haired, older, overweight woman, who had spotted them from her window, came down to the first floor to meet them."Why, good evening, Thomas. I see you've returned! Coming to visit Johnny again? And who, may I ask is your lady friend?" She inquired.

"This one of John's neighbors, Mrs. Molly Porter. Mrs. Porter, this is Pocahontas, an old friend of mine. I brought her to see John."

"Nice to meet you, Pocahontas. My, that's such an unusual name. Are you Indian? You're so tanned-"

"She's from Virginia, Mrs. Porter-a little ways from the Jamestown settlement, " Thomas interrupted, seemingly embarrassed.

"Oh..." she paused. "My, my! You're as drenched as a rat. Come, let's dry you off and find you a clean dress to wear." She ushered them up several flights of stairs, to her flat.

"This is lovely, thank you," Pocahontas managed to say while she and Thomas enjoyed some soup and bread, with Mrs. Porter.

"I always thought John was a very nice man. He seems to be a genteel, yet very elusive character, not mentioning much of his personal life."

"'Tis likely because you've always talked too much," interjected Thomas jokingly.

She ignored the comment, appearing excited. "Are you a special acquaintance of his?"

"She's the love of his wife-life, actually." Thomas tried to correct himself.

"Oh, he does have a wife!" She exclaimed. "I always thought he was too comely to be living alone. 'Tis no mystery now why he always refused my advances," she added sadly.

The door opened. The busybody neighbors barged in.

"Pray tell-Captain Smith has himself a wife?" inquired a young lad.

"What is the name of the Misses again?" asked an old woman.

An old man interjected, "I thought I knew all the stories behind Smith, but... ."

"Out with you-all of you!" Thomas' shouting made the neighbors scurry away almost as quickly as they came.

Pocahontas was amused. "Actually, I'm feeling quite tired. I'd like to get some sleep." For some reason, the misunderstanding didn't bother her, which somewhat surprised her.

"Your dress is not dry yet. I'll return it tomorrow. Here's a nightgown to sleep in," Mrs. Porter said.

"Thank you. I'll return yours on the morrow, also."

Thomas led her out of the flat and up another flight of stairs. He knocked on the door. "John?" No answer. "He doesn't appear to be home. Are you sure you want to stay here?" She nodded. "I'll wait with you until he arrives."

He opened the door, and lit a nearby lamp to reveal a simple flat with basic furnishings and maps lining the walls and table. It was rather bland, yet relatively tidy; and it was still more spacious than her wigwam. She thought it could use a woman's touch, but nevertheless, she felt comfortable here.

After looking closely at the table, she noticed the map on the table was a location that seemed familiar to her, and sat down. She recognized the shoreline, the same river she first spoke with him, as well as the location of her village and Jamestown. She was impressed he was able to visually draw the area after a relatively short visit. And it signified something else: He had planned to return. A satisfied smile appeared on her face. "Those are all John's voyages... ." He continued.

After he had finished, she began to feel weary again. Thomas led her to the bed, and she quickly fell asleep. Thomas, after tucking her in, sat in a rocking chair, waiting for John. -