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Chapter 1


It's my birthday today and as much as I told my friend Alice I didn't want anything for my birthday. I am so glad that she never listens. Especially this time since she is taking me to see my favorite band in the whole world, Midnight Sun.

I would finally be able to meet Edward. I have already met Jasper and Emmett in the past, since they are married to Alice and Rosalie.

But with Edward I was way too shy to meet in person.

I am so glad that she didn't listen. I've had a huge crush on Edward Cullen for what seems like forever. He was the lead singer of Midnight Sun, and had a reputation of being a player.

I'm turning 28 today, and I am acting all fan girlish over meeting a rock star.

Get a grip Isabella, you meet famous people all the time. So true, but none of them, I've had a crush on forever.

Edward Cullen is tall, lean, muscular, bronze sex-haired hottie.

OMG...I am so going crazy. I am way too old to be acting like this, he is just a guy.

I finished getting ready as my doorbell rang. I knew who it was, Alice. Always on time.

I took the stairs two at a time, I'm surprised I didn't fall down them.

I opened the door for Alice who was standing there with balloons and several gift bags.

"Mary Alice Brandon-Whitlock, what the hell are you doing?" I yelled.

"Well Bella, the concert was only part of your gift. This is the rest of it," she said as she held up three bags.

"Alice, I thought I said no presents. You are already taking me to the concert tonight and I will get to meet Edward that's all I needed."

"Bella, what kind of friend would I be if I didn't get you anything?"

"A friend who listens to me," I huffed.

"Well if I listened to you in the first place, I wouldn't be taking you to the concert or having you meet the object of your affection," she replied with her know it all voice as she extended the bags to me. She knew she had me there.

"Your right, Alice," I said taking the gift bags from her hand.

Alice smiled as I sat on the couch to open my gifts.

The first bag contained my favorite perfume from Bath and Body works, the second bag contained a Midnight Sun tank top with Edward's picture on it, and the last bag contained a new lens for my camera.

Alice knew I was planning on buying it when I had time to go the camera shop. But with all the work I've been doing, there was never time.

"Thank you so much, Alice," I squealed as I ran my finger over the picture of Edward on the shirt.

"Bella, you should totally wear the tank top to the concert. You will look so hot."

"But I'm already wearing this sweet half jacket and this tank," I whined.

"You can still wear the jacket, just change the tank. Trust me Bella."

"Fine, I will wear it, Alice," I huffed as I went to change.

I could hear Alice walking through my living room.

"Bella, these pictures you took of Rosalie are too beautiful. Has she seen them yet?"

"No," I called from the bathroom, "Not yet."

"She'll will freak out when she sees them, so will Emmett. Do you think you could take some of me for Jasper?"

"Sure Alice, I can," I said as I came into the living room and pulled on my jacket.

"Alright Ali are we ready to go? I can't wait until we get there."

"Bella don't get your panties in a wad. I could have already introduced you to Edward but you wanted to be all shy. For pete's sake you are a photographer. It's not like you haven't met big wig's before."

"I know Alice, but I didn't have a crush on any of those men."

We got into Alice's car and she drove off towards the concert. I'm really excited that I get to go she the Midnight Sun in concert.

I have the CD and I listen to it all the time. Edward has the best voice that I have ever heard.

I was more nervous meeting him than anything.

We pulled up the concert hall and got out. We walked up to the place to meet Rose and waited. About five minutes later Rose walked up.

"What's up chicas? You ready to get this party started?"

"Actually Rose I can't wait."

"Well let's go. We have front row seats."

We linked arms together of course with me in the middle. Alice drug us to our seats.

"Hey Rose if you have time tomorrow I have the pictures I took of you for Emmett."

"You have them already. That was fast. I can come by around noon tomorrow if you are going to be around."

"Actually I don't have any plans so that sounds great.

Do you think the guys will mind if I take picture's tonight? Alice got me a new lens for my camera and I want to try it out."

"By all means take as many as you would like. They are used to flashes going off all the time," Rose said.

The lights went dim and I could not stop bouncing in my sit.

"How are you all doing tonight? You ready to get this party started?"

I knew without even seeing him that it was Edward. God he is so sexy even his voice.

The lights on the stage came on and there right in front of me stood Edward freakin Cullen.

He had on a ripped pair of jeans, a black torn t-shirt and black boots on. I could see his tattoos going down his arms.

His hair was all messy going every which way as if he had just got done having sex backstage. He probably was, at least that's what the tabs would have you think.

He walked to the edge of the stage and looked right into my eyes and then winked at me.

He smiled that crooked sexy ass smile at me. You know the one that would make your panties wet.

He walked back and grabbed his guitar and started playing. God I was enjoying myself way too much.

"So Bella are you having a good time?"

"Yep I still can't believe that he winked at me."

"Well believe it honey and trust me when I say that he doesn't do that to women in the audience. He usually just does his concert and that's it," Rose told me.

It was intermission. So that meant I could use the restroom real fast before the last part of the show.

"Alright everyone we usually take a break at this time but we are going to do something different just this one time. Is there a Bella Swan here tonight?"

I felt my face turn red and I looked to the ground.

"Bella Swan would you mind joining us on stage please?"

"Come Bella go they are asking for you. Do not be embarrassed. You already know Jasper and Emmett so you should be fine," Alice said.

I slowly got up from my sit and walked to the stage. The guards were standing at the entrance and let me go by.

I walked across the stage and there was a chair there and sat down on it.

"So Bella I hear that today is your birthday. I thought that we could make it special for you by singing you Happy Birthday."

I just nodded.

Edward kneeled down right in front of me and started to sing happy birthday.

Once he finished he rose back up and leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered happy birthday in my ear.

"Bella I hope you have a great birthday," Edward said as he leaned into me, and then he led me down from the stage.

"Rose did you know about this?"

"Actually Bella I'm the one that asked them to do it. I thought it would be sweet. Like I said before he does not usually make changes to the show. He did it for me."

"Thank you Rose I loved it. Even though it was quite embarrassing."

"Hey Bella I actually took some pictures of you up on stage. I really love the one of him leaning over and giving you a kiss on the cheek."

"Why do you like that picture so much Alice?"

"Well because I think that you two will get together at some point and I thought that it would be cool to have it framed so that you two would always remember how it was when you first met."

"Alice why do you say we will get together? Are you having one of your feelings again?

One that I should not bet against you on?"

"Yep I sure am. I just feel that you two will be so happy together. You would be perfect for him."

Finally the show was coming to an end. I was getting really nervous now. I suppose to meet the guard at the stage and he would take me back to where Edward is.

"Rose, Alice are you coming back there with me?"

"Yes," they both said in unison.

We walked over to the guard and he took us back stage.

"Alright ladies the guys will be here momentarily."

"Ok Bella, Edward is just a normal guy just like any other male. Don't get all shy on us."

"I will try Rose but I can't promise anything."

I heard the door open and I felt my blood pressure start to rise.


Rose had come to Em, Jazz and I about her friends birthday today and that she would be at the show in the front row with them.

She had asked if we could maybe call her up on stage during our intermission and sing happy birthday to her.

Jasper, Emmett already knew Bella. They wanted to do this for Bella, so I agreed.

They are not the one that had to sing to her. The first thing that came to mind was that she probably was not very pretty.

I mean I have had a few long relationship's but nothing ever lasted because I was on the road so much and they couldn't handle it.

I never really had trouble getting girls, they pretty much threw themselves at me. The tabloids always had pictures of me from different places with some girl hanging on me.

The thing is that I was never with any of girls just so happen to be there at the right time, so they got in the pictures with me.

I don't understand why the pap's can't stay out of my personal life or others as well.

What really gets me is that they make up lies about all the actors, actress and as well as musicians. Why can they just mind their own business?

I mean you don't see us minding their personal business, making rumors up about them. They just do it to make a shit load of money.

It makes them sell more magazines when they have pictures to go with the lies, just to make money.

Alice has been trying to get me to meet one of her friends, but it's never worked out.

Something about the girl being busy or something.

It would be nice to finally find someone, but with this lifestyle finding someone to love and that someone to love me back will be hard. My lifestyle is not for everyone.

When we took the stage I did my usual announcing of our show.

I looked for Rose and Alice and in the middle of them was most beautiful girl I ever seen.

She had long brunette hair that was wavy, the darkest brown eyes I have ever seen. Her skin was perfect she had natural beauty instead of the fake crap that most girls wore.

I locked eyes with her and winked. Once I winked at her, I went about doing the show.

I really just wanted to get done so that I could get the backstages passes over and done with.

Finally the intermission came along and I called Bella Swan to the stage. At first nobody answered and I looked at Rose. She was talking to the girl next to her.

God I hope that's Bella, her name would so fit her. Finally the girl stood and walked over to the stage.

She took a seat on the stool. I started to sing to her.

When the song was over I kissed her cheek and told her happy birthday in her ear.

After the show we walked back stage. I needed to change real fast and when I walked out of the dressing room Jessica of all people was standing there.

She has been throwing herself at me every chance she gets. Which seems like always. She wrapped her arm with mine.

"Jessica I do not have time for your shit. I have the people who purchased back stage passes that I need to greet."

"Oh Eddie I will go with you. I can help keep all those females off of you."

"First off, Jessica my name is Edward not Eddie, stop calling me that. Whatever just don't say a damn word when I'm greeting them."

I opened the door where we always met the people with passes and there stood Bella looking all nervous.

Of course Jessica has picked this time to go with me. Why could it not have been any other night? Not the night that I would be meeting Bella for the first time.

I'm starting to think that this is the girl that Alice has been trying to get me to meet, but never got a chance to.

"Oh look Edward it's the girl from on stage the one you sang to. She's just so not attractive. I don't know why you kissed her on the cheek. I mean ugh I'm better looking than her."

I noticed Bella look down at the floor after Jessica's comment. Jessica started to rub up and down my body.

I'm not sure why I did not stop her. I'm not sure if it's because I wasn't paying attention to me or that she was being shy and not throwing herself at me like other girls do.

"Edward Cullen what the hell has gotten into you. Bella got the back stage passes and you are giving her the cold shoulder. Jessica I think you need to back the fuck off. You are not suppose to be here. Edward tell her to leave now."

"Jessica I think it's time for you to leave. She's right you are not suppose to be here."

"Whatever Edward that girl does not deserve to be in your presence."

I watched as Bella looked up and looked like she was going to say something but decided not too.

"Jessica, my friend Bella has more class than you ever will. She's beautiful, smart, sexy when she wants to be and Edward, here will see right through you then," Alice said.

I watched as Jessica stomped off.

"Bella. I'm Edward Cullen it's nice to meet you. I'm sorry if she said something that my have bothered you."

She reached out and shook my hand and I felt a spark of something run through me. I looked at her and she must of felt it too because she pulled her hand back.

What the hell was that? I've never felt that with anyone.

"I'm Bella Swan, it's nice to meet you Edward. I'm used to people treating me that way. I guess if you don't have big fake boobs, nice ass and a pretty face then guys just look the opposite direction. Trust me it's fine."

"No it's not fine. Not all guys want that. I, for one, find your look very attractive," I said as she blushed.

Damn that blush is so hot!

Rose and Alice had left and went to join Em and Jas.

"Um Edward do you think you could sign my ticket stub?"

"Yes sure thing."

She handed me her ticket stub. I signed it real fast. I noticed as I handed it to her she would never really look at me. She always looked at the floor.

Hmm...I need to ask Rose and Alice about this.

"Thank you for singing happy birthday to me. I will always remember this to be the best birthday ever."

"Your welcome Bella. It was our pleasure."

"Well I guess I will let you get back to your lady friend and thank you again."

"Bella just for the record Jessica is not my friend she is really a slut that has been trying to get into my pants for years. She just doesn't know when to stop."

"Oh okay um...thanks for clearing that up for me."

I could not let her just walk away. I walked over to her and pulled her in and gave her a hug and told her happy birthday again.

Before releasing her I gave her one last kiss on the cheek. I watched her walk away to find Rose and Alice.

I would definitely have to get to know this girl. I will have to talk to Rose and Alice about this. Then ask Em and Jasper what the deal was with her.

I've never felt like this with anyone, not even with my former girlfriends. Bella was so different than any other woman, shy, sweet and that blush. I'm so looking forward to getting to know her more.