Chapter 12


After I got up I decided on going to sit out on the balcony. The view from there was so beautiful. I took some pictures. I couldn't help it, taking pictures was like breathing to me.

Once I was finished, I started to think about what happen with Jacob. I mean he came into Edward's house and tried to rape me again. I was glad that I protected myself and that I'm okay. I'm also glad that he was going to jail as well, hopefully for a long time.

With all of our statements and his repeated threats and attempts, hopefully that will be the last we hear from Jacob Black. I hope that part of my life is over with and I can move onto bigger and better things, I want to be able to focus on other things.

Like hoping that Edward and mine's relationship changes. He hasn't officially asked me to be his girlfriend, but we have claimed each other.

A little while later, I heard the door open and Edward sat across from me.

"Bella, why didn't you wake me up?"

"You looked so peaceful that I didn't want to bother you. Plus I was enjoying the sights out here."

"Okay, so I was thinking that we can get something to eat. Nothing too fancy just casual."

"That's fine, what time are you thinking of going?"

"I was thinking in about an hour or so, but I guess whenever we both get ready."

I watched as Edward walked back inside. I couldn't help but to look at his hot ass. God I could only imagine what it looked like with nothing on. I need to tell him soon. I was going to get frustrated with all the flirtation between us made me what to jump his ass and have my wicked way with him.

Finally I got dressed in a sundress and with some flats. I pulled part of my hair up and put very little makeup on. I walked out of the bathroom and went to sit down on the couch to wait for Edward.

I didn't have to wait long. He came out with a dark green shirt on with the first few buttons undone. He was wearing khaki shorts and some flip flops. I sat there with my mouth hanging open.

I watched as Edward snickered and said, "Baby do you see something that you like?"

All I could do was nod. I couldn't get my voice to work. He looked HOT!

He came over to me and pulled me up. He hugged me to him and kissed my forehead.

"Are you ready to go, love?" he asked as he kissed my forehead again.

"Um, I think so."

He grabbed my hand and we walked out hand in hand. We got into his car and he took off. He pulled up to what looked like a restaurant on the beach. He came around and helped me out, taking my hand as we walked in.

"Could I please have a table for two and I would like to be out on the deck please," he said in his velvety voice.

"Sure thing, Mr. Cullen."

"Holy shit, Edward how did he know it was you?"

"I'm a rock star, baby. Everybody has seen me in the tabloids. Do not be surprised if there will be pictures of us in there in the near future. They are like vultures."

I thought about what he said for a minute. I really didn't care if they got pictures of us together. Why hide it?

"I don't care about that Edward. Let them say what they want. I know the real you and the only thing that matters is that we know the truth."

"That's right Bella but just remember that when they say negative things about you."

"I will."

He pulled my chair out and I sat.

"What's good to eat here? I'm sure you have eaten here before?"

"I always get the Caribbean chicken it's really good."

"Then that's what I will have then and I think I would like to have a glass of wine."

"Get whatever you want Bella."

I placed our order and we just sat there and looked out at the water.

Neither one of us were saying anything. My thoughts were all on how could I tell him about my feelings. I don't know what he was thinking about, I couldn't tell by his expression.

"Edward, do you think that we could walk down the beach when we are done?"

"That's fine baby. I would love to walk on the beach with you. I haven't done that in really long time."

After our food was delivered and we started to eat, I watched as a young girl approached the table nervously.

I smile up at her as she looked at Edward adoringly.

"Mr. Cullen...I...I'm sorry to interrupt you, b..but may I have your autograph?" the girl asked bouncing from foot to foot.

"Sure you can. What is your first name?" he asked her.

" name is Miranda," she said quietly.

"That is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl," Edward told the girl as he took the paper and pen from her.

The girl blushed and looked over at me and smiled.

"Mr. Cullen, is she your girlfriend? If so, she's so beautiful."

I waited to see how he would answer Miranda.

"Miranda, she is a really good friend that I care about very much. At this time I do not have a girlfriend, yet."

When Edward said that he looked into my eyes. I could not help but to smile. It was like he was trying to get me to understand how he felt about me.

Edward handed her the paper and pen back, and Miranda turned towards me and asked if she could have my autograph too.

I didn't know what to say, or do. Edward just nodded and smiled at me.

I took the paper and signed my name.

I handed it back to Miranda and as she read it, she smiled up at me.

"I knew it was you," she said. "Your photographs are beautiful."

"Thank you," I said as I felt my cheeks start to heat up.

Miranda waved and said thank you as she walked away smiling.

"Hey Edward, are you ready to get out of here? I think I need to walk some of this wonderful food off. I ate way too much."

He paid for the dinner and I left the tip while he was gone. I knew that he would complain so I had to do it when he was not standing there.

We walked hand in hand out of the restaurant. Walking towards the beach. I could not help but to have a huge smile on my face. The way he answered Miranda about me it was like he was telling me that he felt the same way for me.

Maybe tonight would be the time to tell him. I just hoped he felt the same way about me.

We had walked a good bit and I noticed that a sign that said private property.

"Edward, we can't go on here it's private property."

"I know sweetheart it's my parent's house. They own the beach as well for the next two to three miles. They only stay here a few times a year."

"How come you guys don't stay here when you come here. I mean I'm sure your parent's wouldn't care."

"We do sometimes but I just felt like I needed some privacy this time. So I got a hotel room instead."

"Oh well, then come and catch me if you can."

I took off running and I looked behind me and saw that Edward was still a good bit behind me. I think he was just giving me a head start.


I let Bella get a head start before I took off after her. I knew that she had a playful side to her and I loved it. I was very proud of the answer I gave to Miranda.

I knew that I would hopefully be changing my status of being single to taken. Hopefully that would be soon.

I took off after her. She was already at the other side of my parent's house before I took off. She was running through the waves as the water rushed over her feet. She looked so happy, almost care free.

"Sweetheart, you know that you can not get away from me," I yelled.

"Well I could at least try," was her response.

I caught up to her and tackled her to the ground but making sure that I did not hurt her.

I looked into her brown eyes and could see something that looked like love. I knew that my eyes were saying the same thing I just hope she knew it.

"Edward," she breathed out.

I crushed my lips to hers and started to run my hands down her body. I grazed my hand over her breast and she let out a loud moan.

"Edward, please."

She placed her hands on my shirt and started to unbutton it. She ran her hands down my chest and I shuddered in response.

"Baby tell me what you want. I will give you anything."

"You, Edward. I want you."

"You already have me sweetheart."

She moved her hands down to my pants and started to undo my belt and then went to my zipper.

"Bella what are you doing?"

"Edward, I want you all of you. Please?"

She knew that I could not tell her no.

"Are you sure, baby? I mean do you really want me to take you on the beach for our first time?"

She rocked her hips up they met mine and I whimpered. God she was going to kill me. I want to take her but I wanted our first time to be romantic in a bed with some rose petals over the sheets.

I could not answer her because she already had her hand down my shorts and stroking me. I'm so glad that I went commando.

"Baby that fe..els so good. Ugh."

I started to pull her dress down so I could get to her tits. That's when I noticed that she has not been wearing a bra all night. I nipped, sucked and kissed her tits and then made my way to her neck.

She was still stroking me. I could not help but to buck my hips into her hand.

"Edward, please touch me, do something please."

I ran my hands down her body. I placed them under her dress and ran them up her thigh to her core.

"Baby, you are so hot. You didn't wear a bra or panties tonight."

"Mmm," was all she said.

I sat up a little and pulled her dress off of her all the way. I threw it behind me somewhere. I then took my shirt off.

"Sweetheart, let me get my shorts off."

I stood up and took the rest of my clothes off and they joined the rest of them.

"Bella, are you sure about this. I know once we get started I won't be able to stop."

"Shut up, Edward and take me. Trust me I want this more than you could ever know."

I placed my hand at her core while I took one of her breast in my mouth. Her core was so wet. I started to pump two fingers into her. She bucked her hips up and stroked me faster.

"Edward, please make love to me. I can't wait to feel you inside me."

"Oh, my baby is talking dirty tonight."

"Please," she panted out.

I placed my cock at her entrance and I wanted to take it as slowly as I could.

I pushed into her and she was so tight and warm. It felt so right for me to be inside her.

"Baby, you are so tight and wet."

I took Bella's hands in mine, intertwining our fingers together placing them by her head.

I kept eye contact with her as my cock was sliding in and out of her. I wanted to make sure she knew how I felt about her.

She closed her eyes. I couldn't have that.

"Bella open your eyes and look at me. I want to watch your beauty when you come undone."

She opened them and I what I saw there was what I'm hoping it was love.

"Edward, I'm so close. You on top of me seeing the way you feel in your eyes is doing things to me that I have never felt before."

"It's the same for me to baby. Just feel and let go."

I could feel her muscles start to tremble and I knew she was close. I was the same way. This is all about her and making her feel good.

"E..Edward oh God you feel so good. I'm going come," she panted out.

I picked up my rhythm moving just a bit faster. I knew as soon as she came I would follow right behind her.

At that moment her walls clamped around my cock and I climaxed with her.

"Oh sweet girl, so tight oh BELLA," I screamed out.

I rolled use once we came down from our highs. I wanted to so badly to tell her I loved her. I'm not sure if it's too soon to tell her.

"Edward, I love you. I have more than a friendship feelings for you."

Did she just say that she loved me? Maybe I heard her wrong. I turned to her and she said.

"Edward, I love you, I think I have since the day we met. I know it's probably too soon for you but I had to tell you how I felt."

I crushed my lips to hers just as she finished. I pulled her to me and I rolled us over so that she was on top of me. I pulled back a few seconds later.

"Baby, I love you too. I have the same feelings for you as well. I have since the day I met you. I was just scared to say anything because I did not want to mess up our friendship."

"So if we have the same feelings what happens now?"

"Well I guess I should ask this, Bella will you be my girlfriend?"

"Edward you are so corny and yes, I would love to be your girlfriend.

She shivered and I knew that she was getting cold.

"Baby, let's get dressed and get you in a warmer place."

She just nodded and went to redress herself and so did I. I felt so much better now that I have told Bella my true feelings. I'm in a relationship now and I know that it will not be easy with touring but I'm sure we will get through it.

Once we got to the hotel room I striped Bella of her clothes again and made love to her again and again. It felt so right.