It was a cold Tuesday night and Steve hasn't come back from his mission yet. There Tony sitting in the couch checking at his son who's constantly running chasing dummy back and forth. Tony let's a sigh and looks at the clock that read 7:30pm it was still early but he is already feeling exhausted. Peter had been playing with him the whole day nonstop and Tony—surprisingly—hadn't been inside his lab thanks to the toddler. Tony leaned back his head staring at the high ceiling, Pepper was not available tonight because she has still things to accomplish and the rest of the avengers were still on a mission so Tony has no choice but to babysit his son alone.

"Come home already" he whispers to the wind hoping his husband to come home early and fast.

Tony heard a crash which startled him and alerted him back to dad mode. He immediately went after Peter and noticed that it was just dummy who had knocked down the tower lego that his son had built. Tony rolled his eyes and sighed. "That's enough sport. Time for bed" he said rubbing the back of his head.

Peter didn't argue, he seems to be tired as well. He was yawning when Tony came after him.

"Now go and put on your pajamas and brush your teeth I'll be up there in a second" Peter followed instantly like one of his dads robots would do. He went up, brushed his teeth, and changed to his Captain America PJ's. After Peter had buttoned up his night suit Tony came in the room holding a warm glass of milk. He chugged it down wiping his face off and burping like a normal child would do. Tony had tucked him in his bed and Peter said "Dad can you read me a story?" Tony rolled his eyes and smirked and he looked over the desk to find something to read.

There in the desk were books which Steve had bought for Peter and he picked—out of tiredness— the one entitled "Cinderella" and went back to his son. Tony had sat beside him extending his feet in Peter's bed; his left hand wrapped around Peter's hugging Tony on his tummy. He turned off the lamp and opened the book. The light of the arc reactor was enough for him to see what he's reading and went on putting his son to sleep.

"Once upon a time" he read.

After reading a few pages Tony could sense that Peter had already fallen asleep. He stared at his son and gave him a kiss on the forehead. He could not move because Peter was hugging him, wary not to wake up his son he carefully slithered to lay gently tapping Peter on his lap. Before Tony could knew it he had already fallen into a deep slumber in Peter's room, in Peter's bed, beside him.

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