Title: Foresight

Author: khay

Category: Victorious

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Victorious and all related characters do not belong to me.

Summary: Beck Oliver catches up with his future. Jade West learns about her past. Or, the fic with human-sized fairies, time-traveling friends, and an adorable little girl.

Continuity: Alternate reality but may contain spoilers through The Hambone King.

Author's Notes: This fic's alternate title: The One that Got Away from the Author. Don't ask me what I was thinking when I wrote this. I probably wasn't.

For Bria (boughtthedream) who wanted an AU fic. I'm sure this isn't what you were expecting, B, but it's better than nothing, right? Since we're both awesome and I wanted a happy Bade family fic, she wrote Angel Eyes tell Little Eyes for me. After this, head on over to read that. It's on my favorites list :D

Thanks to Lari (tsttoain) for yet again holding my hand and listening to me whine incessantly.




"Beck Oliver, you better get your butt right up here this instant!"

Lesser men would have cringed and hid at the banshee's wail.

Not Beck Oliver though.

Instead, the sound brought a brilliant smile on his face. That shriek never failed to remind him of the things he had accomplished, the obstacles he had overcome, and the dreams he had achieved.

Life, you see, was good to Beck Oliver. Career-wise, he was slowly breaking into mainstream Hollywood. He had quickly gained recognition after being nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for his work in an indie film which had captured the hearts of many. He had guested in numerous television shows. Offers to star in big-budgeted movies poured in. And so did the money. He was finally beginning to reap the rewards of his hard work.

Career and money, however, paled in comparison with the two wonderful, incomparable gifts he had received.

The first was the gift of Jade. Five years after graduating high school, Beck, still struggling actor, and Jade, the protege of a world-renowned, reclusive scriptwriter-slash-director, got married in a small ceremony attended by a select circle of family and friends. At first, he was afraid that Jade (who, before their marriage was traveling the world with her mentor, searching for inspiration) would quickly get bored being Mrs. Beck Oliver. Luckily, Jade seemed to flourish in their marriage. Not only did she treasure the stability being married to Beck provided her, it was during their marriage that she, with the encouragement of Beck and her mentor, began writing and developing a television series that would earn her an occult following.

"I'm going to start counting, Oliver, and you're gonna regret it if I reach ten and you're still not here! ONE!"

Beck's wide grin grew even wider when he realized where Jade's voice was coming from: their daughter's room, his second greatest gift.

Two years into their marriage, Beck began his relentless campaign to convince Jade to have kids.

Jade caved after six months of Beck's whining, pleading, begging and bribing, but only after she dragged Beck to the most exclusive and expensive therapist they could find. Jade forced the poor old lady to sign a duly-notarized document guaranteeing that Jade's screwed up upbringing would in no way, shape or form mess up her future children. Later, after reading a library of parenting books and mommy magazines, Jade also made Beck sign a contract that he was in charge of all the late night feedings and diaper-changing.

Beck need not have worried, though.

The second their daughter took her first tiny breath, Jade West-Oliver had fallen deeply, irrevocably in love.

(After pregnancy hormones and the Great Name Massacre of 2021 almost lead to a divorce, the couple still didn't know what to name their daughter hours after her birth. Sick of any further discussion, Jade randomly pointed at Robbie, who had dropped by the hospital say hi to Baby Girl Oliver, and demanded that he be the one to name the newborn. Robbie blurted out the name Adora because, Robbie reasoned, that's what she was: simply adorable. Beck liked the meaning behind the name: a gift, beloved, adored. Jade, tired of everything, only said, Like She-Ra, Princess of Power? Okay.)

And if Beck didn't know better, he would think that a psychic connection developed between Jade and Addie. Jade instinctively knew when Addie needed her seconds before the baby start to cry. She also knew when Addie was hungry, wet, bored or sick. What's more, Jade tended to Addie hand and foot. Beck was a bit afraid that Addie would grow up bratty and spoiled because there was nothing she didn't want that Jade wouldn't give her. (He need not have worried, though. The Oliver genes came through for him. Addie was sweet, sunny and laid-back.)

There was no doubt about it, Addie had quickly replaced Beck and bunnies in the list of things Jade loved. Jade, at the moment, was contemplating putting her career on complete hold as it was her biggest worry at the moment that she wasn't giving Addie enough attention. This was despite the fact that they were together 24/7 because Jade refused to work anywhere where she can't take Addie with her.

Addie loved her mother right back. It was obvious that Addie preferred Jade over Beck or any other person in the world (not even her godmother Cat's bribes of candies and chocolates could tempt Addie away from her mommy whenever she felt that her mommy needed her). Whenever Addie was feeling bad or sick, only Jade could comfort her and lull her to sleep. Just one please from Jade and Addie would open her cute little mouth to eat her least favorite vegetables.

Had he been a man prone to jealousy, Beck would have been envious of the bond between mother and daughter. As it was, he was happy and overwhelmed at how close and how in love the two most important people in his life were. Beck knew that even if he lost everything tomorrow, even if his career stalled and he didn't have enough money (again), as long as he had his two girls, he would still be happy.

Beck knocked perfunctorily at the door jamb of his daughter's room before entering. "What's up?"

"This is all your fault!" Jade snapped as restless hands motioned towards their daughter's bed.

While Jade loved their daughter with all her heart, that did not mean that she understood Addie.

Addie was a happy baby. She barely cried and loved to laugh and giggle (Jade even took her to the pediatrician once, complaining that Addie was too happy). She loved everyone and knew no strangers, even privacy-invading paparazzi who were relentless in their attempts to get a shot of Hollywood's up and coming power couple's daughter, were always given winning smiles. Now that she was walking, she had to be kept a close eye on as she loved exploring her surroundings and meeting new people (Once, Jade threatened to chain Addie to their table when they were eating at a restaurant. She had this habit of table-hopping, charming people for a bite of whatever they were eating, desserts, especially).

Worse (in Jade's opinion), Addie loved pink, ribbons and feathers. As far as she was concerned, the more glitters and sparkles, the better. In a pinch, purple would do, but she absolutely had to wear pink everyday. (Her godmother Cat bought her a pink tiara once and Addie refused to leave her room without it. It was a sad day indeed when the neighbor's dog accidentally gnawed on it. Good thing that Jade, in a happy coincidence, had a new plushie bunny ready for Addie.)

Those, obviously in Jade's opinion, were all Beck's fault. Addie could only have gotten those traits from her father's side of the family.

So it came as no surprise that whatever Addie had done now, Beck was at fault.

"What is it this time?" Beck asked patiently, ready to play peacemaker between his stubborn wife and her equally stubborn daughter (just last week, the duo were battling it out whether Addie would be allowed to go out for dinner wearing a sparkly pink feather boa, a gift from Aunt Tori that embarrassed Jade so. Beck feared the time when Addie would discover the wonderful world of sparkly makeup. Jade would have a heart attack).

"Your daughter had sprouted wings and is now currently flying at the ceiling." Jade said accusingly, amidst Addie's giggles.

"I'm sure it's not as bad as you think it is, Jade," Beck said soothingly before the import of Jade's words sank in. "Did you just say that Addie is at the ceiling, flying?" Beck looked up. True enough, there is their beloved Addie, imitating a butterfly, giggling. The colorful wings sprouting from her back flapped furiously, enabling the happy baby to fly.

"This is all your fault!" Jade repeated.

"Why is this my fault?" Beck asked.

"She obviously inherited her fairy wings from somebody."

"She's your daughter, too!"

"Have you seen my relatives? There's no way she could have gotten those from my side of the family."

Loathe as he was to admit it, Jade had a point. "I'll call nana." He said decisively.


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