Kyuuketsuki Exorcist –Get Rid of Love-


The moon was full, the wind blows gently- a night of piercing silence. Everyone in the city dared not to go out that hour. All the doors were closed. The windows were shut. The lights were the only one keeping the streets illumined. Still, with that light, citizens do not have the courage to go out. Urban legends spread that there were underground vampires that hunt down humans on a full moon. Children and women were the usual victims. There was a significant decrease in population in that town. With the initiative of the government, they hired an exorcist at the same time vampire hunter. The vampire hunter killed at an average of 9/10 vampires a night. She was well-known and feared- Lucy Heartfilia.

Lucy finishes off every vampire that crosses her path until she meets a very arrogant yet charming young vampire named Natsu. Natsu offers to revive Lucy's fiancé, Gray in exchange for Lucy's mortality.

"I will make him immortal but you will be sure to be mine for eternity…" affixed Natsu with a piercing stare as he held Lucy's chin closely to him.

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