Okay yesterday I watched Grey's anatomy. And I saw a preview. The preview brought me this Idea. It's a 'What-if' story. Some situations could have gone a completely different way, so what if…

It's just a collection of one shots. You'll get a little view in their lives.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own private practice! It all belongs to Shonda Rhimes.

Enjoy the story:

Chapter 1:

What if…

…Sam and Addison got married during their studies?

Sam looked at his wife. "Good Morning Sweetie." He said and placed a kiss on her forehead.

Addison looked at him. "Good Morning Sam" She answered smiling at him.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened. Kylie and Dean jumped on the bed.

"Good Morning" Addison said and took a look at her children. Dean is the older one. He is eight now. And he was their little miracle. Addison never thought she would get pregnant but then Dean came. And because it worked so well they got a second child. Kylie is five years. Addison love them even they are exhausting.

Kylie kissed her mother. "Good Morning Mom. Are we going to see Uncle Derek today?" She asked smiling.

The kids love their uncle Derek. He works at the 'Seattle Grace hospital' and sometimes he also helped Addison and Sam in their practice. Derek is not really the uncle of the children but they call him this way.

"If you want to" Addison answered.

Kylie nodded. "Yes. I need to show him my new dress" The cute little girl said.

Addison looked at her. "Fine then go and put on your dress. I'll make breakfast"

"And what should I do?" Dean asked.

Sam smiled. "You go and dress you for football. We're going to the park" He said.

Dean jumped out of the bed. "Okay."

They took breakfast together. Then Sam and Dean went to the park. While they are in the park, Addison took Kylie to the hospital.

"Good Morning Derek" She said.

Derek stopped and looked at Addison.

"Good Morning Addison. Do you need anything?"He asked.

"No Kylie just wanted to show you her new dress. Do you have time?" Addison asked.

Derek smiled. "For my favorite niece? Sure" He said. "But where is the beautiful little lady?" He asked. Derek knew that Kylie was hiding behind her Mom. But as usual he plays the game with her.

"I couldn't find the little girl" He said sadly.

There Kylie jumped out. "Hello Uncle Derek"

"Oh there you are. You look very beautiful in this dress" He said.

"Thank you" She answered with a cute smile on her face.

"Do you want to draw something for me?" Derek asked.

As usual the kid said yes.

Derek brought her into his office. "Listen Kylie. You stay here and draw a beautiful picture for me. And we are helping the patients. Okay?"

"Sure." Kylie answered.

And then Derek and Addison left the office with a smile on their face.

So this was the first chapter. I hope you liked it. Please review! And I need to say that English is not my native language. So please don't judge me for mistakes.