Again a new chapter. Enjoy it ;)

What if…

Violet and Pete died in a car accident and now Cooper adopted Lucas?

"I've always promised to take Lucas if anything happens to Violet and Pete" Cooper said looking at Charlotte.

"This was before all those things happened" Charlotte said.

"What things do you mean?" He asked.

"You know that I never wanted kids. And now we have Mason and I do love him. But then there is also Lucas. And I'm pregnant with Triplets" Charlotte reminded him.

"This isn't that bad. And Lucas loves you." Cooper said.

"We are not taking Lucas. There are also Addison, Amelia, Sheldon, Sam and Jake. Somebody will take him. I'm sure. He is such a cutie" Charlotte said.

"But not anybody should take Lucas. It should be me. No matter what you think about it" He said.

"So you are going to adopt Lucas without my agreement? Very nice Cooper" she said angrily.

"You need to understand me. Lucas is the baby of my best friend. Violet and me we were like siblings. We knew each other for so long. Longer than our relationship lasts." Cooper said.

"Lucas is more important for you than me and your three unborn babies? Okay Cooper then I'm going to pack my things" She said.

Cooper took her hand. "Stop Charlotte. I don't want you to leave me. Please just think about adopting Lucas"

Charlotte sighed. "Cooper three babies and Mason are more than enough" She said.

"I know Charlotte. I really do. But it is Violets son. You knew Violet. She always was nice to you." Cooper said.

Charlotte sighed again. Yeah actually she knew what Cooper was talking about. And once she talked to Violet she promised herself to adopt Lucas if anything happened to Violet. But this was before she got pregnant with triplets.

"Charlotte please! We take him with us for let's say a week and then we look forward okay?" Cooper asked his wife. He put his hand on her growing belly. He started massaging the belly.

"Cooper stop it." She said.

"Charlotte…" He started.

"No shut up. Now it's my turn. Let me talk. We are taking Lucas. But not just for a week. This poor little boy. We are adopting him okay? But in return you stop massaging or talking or whatever, to my belly. Okay?" She asked.

Cooper looked at her. "Okay. I promise you I stop doing this. As long as we can have Lucas." He said excited.

"Okay and now come on. We are going to hospital to take Lucas home" She said smiling at her husband. He was just so cute…