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- Kyoto - Place

(Sometimes later) Time Skip/flashback/date

Muv-Luv Alternative: Requiem

Chapter 1 : The End Is the Beginning Is the End

1944: The end of World War II. The Empire of Japan conditionally surrenders, immediately becoming part of the Cold War structure and entering an important alliance with the United States of America for post-war reconstruction. Rather than Japan, the atomic bombs are dropped on Berlin.

1946: The United States Armed Forces form a space branch.

1950: A boom in space exploration. Rapid advances in technology result in a joint project between the USA and the nations of Europe, allowing humankind to quickly send men to the Moon. Japan continues to strive to revive its national power, even while under the watch of US troops stationed within as part of the post-war treaty.

1955: Development of a larger version of the Manned Mobile Unit (MMU) as a means for more efficient construction work is approved due to the delay of the "Icarus I" deep space exploration craft. The enlarged MMU is essentially a powered exoskeleton.

1956: US Space Station "Hope II" is built in orbit, used to facilitate construction of space borne assets.

1957: A multi-purpose knife tool is made for the MMU, presumably to facilitate large-scale material cutting during construction.

1958: The Viking 1 spacecraft, after reaching Mars and transmitting images of a hitherto unknown life form, loses contact with Earth. This would later be recorded as the first BETA encounter.

1959: The discovery sends waves across the scientific community. The United Nations begins a plan to facilities cross-species communication

1961: The large unmanned Spacecraft "Icarus I" is launched from Earth orbit. Other than scientific data collection, it's largest designated task is finding a planet suitable for human habitation. Communication with Icarus I would be lost.

1967: BETA arrives on the Moon. The first encounter is with a geological exploration team, which the home base soon losses contact with. They are never heard from again, and the events of what would later be recorded as the Lunar War begins.

1968: Alternative II, the plan to capture BETA specimens for study, is executed. The plan is widely considered a failure because of its low returns. Russia begins plans for the execution of Alternative III.

1970: The first mechanized infantry is deployed on the Moon to fight the BETA.

1972: Reorganization of NATO forces and the realization that a war with aliens was rapidly becoming a reality causes the European nations to form the European Union.

1973, April 19th: Objective 1, the Kashgar Hive, lands on Earth. A retreat order for all stations on the Moon is soon issued.

Initial fighting against the BETA sees the Soviet and Chinese armies evenly matched against the BETA until the Laser-class appear which turn the battles into slaughters as the human armies are denied the important advantage of aerial power. The usage of tactical nuclear warheads to deny the BETA their advance across the land is of limited use.

1974, July 6th: A second BETA Hive unit lands in Canada, and was destroyed by the USA through copious use of nuclear warheads. This has the side effect of wiping out large parts of Canada.

1974: The F-4 Phantom is rolled out.

1975: Beginning of the HI-MAERF Project and the establishment of Spaceward Hardware's for All-Round Defensive Ordnances and Warheads at Lagrange 1, called SHADOW for short. This essentially Alternative-verse Star Wars and keeps any Hive Landing units out by intercepting them en-route to Earth.

1978: Operation Palaiologos is launched. The Volk Regiment enters the Minsk Hive, but is soundly routed. Operation Palaiologos fails when the BETA engage in a massive counterattack.

1979: The Moorcock-Lechte Engine is developed. Poland falls to the BETA assault.

1981: Construction of Hive 08, the Rovaniemi Hive, begins in Finland.

1987: The HI-MAERF Project is discontinued.

1991: G Bombs are developed.

1995: Alternative IV is enacted.

1996: Alternative V, a backup plan for Alternative IV, is investigated.

1996: Project PROMINENCE is established.

1997: Europe and United States receive signal from probe Icarus I. A terrestrial type planet of AA inhabitability is found in the Barnard Star System. Evacuation to an extra solar planet is added to the proposal for Alternative V, which is established on a preliminary basis.

1998: Now

(30 July 1998)

-Japan Empire Capital-


Lelouch silently watched the empty city of Kyoto from behind the window of the helicopter he was in now. It was a strange view for him to see a city as big as this empty. However, it something he expected because this place would be a battle field soon enough.

He closed his eyes, comparing the Kyoto he saw and other Kyoto from his memories. It had been a few years since he was born or perhaps, reincarnated to this world. Honestly, he still had a hard time to believe it.

At that time, after he died on Nunnaly side, he expected to embrace the void of death. However, to his surprise, he awoke and found himself as a baby. It was quite a surprise for him at that time. He expected that he was somehow being reborn or thrown back to the day he was born. Still, that was not the case. After he was old enough, he found out he was not in his world but in different one.

In this world, Britannia did not exist, well, nothing in his world existed.

It was a peaceful world or so he thought, If BETA or 'Beings of the Extra Terrestrial origin which is Adversary of human race' did not exist. It also the reason Kyoto was empty like now. The BETA was going to attack this city after all.

He remembered when he learned about BETA and to say he was shocked was an understatement.

It seemed to be far stretched for him, as this was something that came out from science fiction movies but this was the truth.

Still, with a common enemy that humanity faced, he thought this world was a better place. After all, it somehow similar with what happened to him, Zero Requiem. The plan to made him as the world, no, humanity enemy to brought them together and opened the path to peace. However, to his disappointed, that was not the case as the world was still fighting each other even there was one common enemy. In some ways, this world more twisted than his own world.

Even so, he did not expect himself to born in Japan or much less a samurai family house.

He was born in Makabe family.

An old noble samurai family held a high rank status among other samurai family.

Every generation of Makabe man or women had served the Japanese Shogunate as a high rank officer in the army or royal guard, protecting the Shogunate and Shogun. The Makabe family was also famous to produce a talented person if the achievements they achieved were any indication, which could be trace to Japan ancient days. They were also one of Shogun trusted samurai family, which made them had a significant pull in politic even if they were not one of the five regent houses. In addition, he was the son of the head Makabe family, making him the heir of Makabe. It somewhat similar with what he was previously.

He did not know what to think about this at all.

This was perhaps a fate or karma.

Still, he accepted this because it was quite interesting to use his status as heir of Makabe. Sometimes he wondered, it this what would happened if he did not renounced his right as the prince in his previous life. Even so, that was not the only thing he was gratefully for as by some twist of fate. He still had his name, Lelouch though with different family name. After all, it would be weird if they called him with other name.

The truth was, his 'father' wanted to name him as Makabe Seijyurou but changed his mind. The reason was his dead 'mother' last will. She died after she gave birth to him because internal bleeding. He did not know her well but based what his 'father' told him, she was a foreign that came from England. She might one of his ancestor or family in this world because he had the same look from his previous life.

"Major, we almost arrive" The pilot announced.

"Good work" Lelouch said simply, not bothering to open his eyes.

This was also another thing. He has joined military, Imperial Army or to be more specific the Imperial guard. The reason why he was here and not ran away like other.

It was to be expected, after all, he was born in family who served military for generation.

Still, he should hold back a little. After all, because of his mind and experienced, he graduated a lot faster and attained the rank of major despite his young age, making him hailed as prodigy. Something that irked him a lot, as his 'family' had a high expectation for him to bring the Makabe family into another high. It was not like he could not handle the pressure but it annoyed him. Still, in this new world, he was not like his former self who was weak in psychical activity. He was quite strong and might be on Suzaku level.


Lelouch sighed tiredly.

This world was dying, walking to the path extinction.

He wondered, not for the first time, why he was here, but for now, he pushed it aside as he had a battle to fight.

After all, this was the only thing he could do now.

Fighting and survive in this ugly yet beautiful world.

(31 July 1998)

-Kyoto Arashiyama Temporary Supply Base-

Lelouch walked through the base corridor as the soldiers saluted him when they saw him. He noticed many of the soldiers surprised to see him here. It was something he expected as with the blue royal guard uniform he wore, he stood up like a sore thumb here. After all, they were not expecting a royal guard would come to here, a mere temporary supply base since the royal guards usually stationed in the front line. The commander of this base also surprised when he met him before.


Someone called him, making him stopped and turned his head to the source. He saw a woman short brown hair who wore a red jacket saluted at him.

"At ease…" Lelouch trailed off, waiting the woman to introduce herself.

"Captain Kouki Aki" She introduced herself.

"Major Makabe Lelouch" Lelouch introduced himself, making Kouki widened her eyes in surprise.

"You seem surprised," Lelouch stated simply while inwardly annoyed, because that was the common reaction from who met him.

"I`m sorry, Major. I heard that someone from royal guard is stationed here but I did not expect it is you," Kouki explained. It was the truth; she heard a major from royal guard came here and honestly, she was shocked because that fact. However, to knew that it was one of Makabe family people and it was Lelouch, the one hailed as the best of the best in his generation. It was an understatement to say she was in shock. After all, she had heard all the achievement that Lelouch got despite his age. Still, this made her wondered if this base was important for someone like him to be here, "But if I could ask. Why someone like you is here?"

Lelouch sighed tiredly because it was the same question base commander gave to him.

"It's classified" Lelouch said simply as that was what the higher up said to him and something about a plan to counter attack. He did not believe it at all. He knew the true reason was that some of them were afraid of him, afraid for how fast he was climbing to the rank or jealous. Therefore, they stationed him here so he could not make a significant achievement. It was pathetic but it was an order and he must follow it, which annoyed him to no end. However, he must endure this, as it would not do him any good to disobey it. This also reminded him how pathetic people in this world really were. They should joined hands together to fight BETA but no, they rather to fight with each other for pathetic reason.

"I see" Kouki said, there was nothing he could do after all if it classified.

"By the way Major, I`m in my way to greet the rookies" Kouki said, "Will you come with me?"

"You go first Captain" Lelouch said, "I must change to my suit first"

"I understood" Kouki said, saluting at Lelouch before turned her back and walked away.

Lelouch sighed again, as Kouki made him remember that he had to babysit the rookies.



After a harsh briefing with Captain Kouki, the rookies were waiting in the hangar for further order. However, a group of five rookies, Takamura Yui, Iwami Aki, Noto Izumi, Kai Shimako, and Yamashiro Kazusa decided to look around the hangar, killing some times.

"I think we should return" Noto Izumi said to her friends, "Captain will be angry if we wondering around like this"

Iwami Aki laughed, "It's okay, nothing to worry" She said cheerfully as she ran before her friends.

Takamura Yui, Kai Shimako, and Yamashiro Kazusa sighed tiredly.

"Well, at least someone is in good mood" Shimako said to her friends. Honestly, her friend had a nerve of steel.

Yui just smiled.

"Hey! Come here!" Aki suddenly yelled to them while pointing excitedly at something they could not see from where they were.

"What is it Aki?" Yui asked, approaching Aki and then she saw what Aki pointed. It was a purple TSF or 'Tactical Surface Fighter', which used to fight against BETA. However, the TSF they saw were something they never saw before. It looked like Type-82/F-4J Kai Zuikaku but it was a lot slimmer and sharper.

"What you guys think of this?" Aki asked and then looked at Yui, "Do you know it Yui?"

"Takemikazuchi" Yui said, admiring the TSF. She wondered why there was one here as it should been….

"What the five of you doing here?" A very familiar voice suddenly asked them.

They turned their head and saw the face of an angry Captain Kouki.

Moving in instinct, they saluted and yelled, "We are sorry captain!"

Kouki just sighed while rubbed her forehead, "This area is off limit you know"

"Sorry captain, we don't know," They said at the same time, praying she would not punish them, "We are truly sorry"

Another sigh escaped from Kouki mouth, "You five, re-"

"It's okay captain" A smooth male voice stopped her. She immediately turned and saw Lelouch approached them with an amused expression. He wore a blue jacket, hiding the blue fortified suit under it.

Takamura Yui, Iwami Aki, Noto Izumi, Kai Shimako, and Yamashiro Kazusa blushed a little as they looked at the man who approaching them. The man was quite handsome after all, but when they noticed the color of the suit, their eyes widened in surprise. After all, the man looked at the same age as them and not only he ranked higher than they did, the blue color told them the man status and rank. After all, in imperial royal guard the color of their suits not only showed their rank but also told them their status.

"Major" Kouki saluted immediately which the other five immediately followed, as they knew the man rank.

"At ease" Lelouch said at Kouki before averted his eyes at the five girl, one wore yellow suit while other white. It seemed one of the rookies was coming from a high rank samurai family, "They must be the rookies"

"Yes Major" Kouki answered while brought her hand down, which the five followed.

Lelouch studied the five for a minute then pointed the one with glasses, "You five, introduce yourself, from you"

The sudden order surprised Izumi, making her stuttered, "N-No-Noto I-Izumi, Sir!" Izumi saluted and put her hand down. The others also copied her move.

" Iwami Aki, Sir!"

"Kai Shimako, Sir!"

"Yamashiro Kazusa, Sir!"

"Takamura Yui, Sir!"

Lelouch raised his eyebrow, recognizing two names, Yamashiro and Takamura. Both of them were from samurai family, though Takamura ranked higher than Yamashiro. Still, it could be someone that had the same family name. He raised his hand and pointed at Yamashiro and Takamura in sequence, "You two, are you from Yamashiro and Takamura samurai family?"

"Yes, sir!" The two of them said at the same time.

"Then you must be Iwaya Eiji niece, Yui" Lelouch said, starring Yui, "I have heard about you from him"

That surprised Yui, as it seemed the man before her knew her uncle. However, considering the man status that was not weird at all. Still, she was blushing a bit as she hoped that her uncle did not say anything weird about her.

"And you" Lelouch said, averting his eyes to Kazusa, "I have heard about your family reputation"

Kazusa felt a sudden rush of pride rose inside of her. Her family was a low ranked samurai family but they produced skilled TSF pilot or Eishi. Still, even with that, her family was still a low ranked one. Therefore, many of the higher samurai family looked down at them and deemed them as a no important family. However, to knew there was someone from a high ranked samurai family like the man before him because the color the man wore knew her family. She could not help but to felt proud and this reinforced her dream to raise her family rank. She swore to proof herself to this man.

"I expect more from the two of you, Takamura, Yamashiro," Lelouch said simply before Kouki coughed, trying to remind him of something.

"Well then let me introduce myself," Lelouch said , "I`m Major Makabe Lelouch from imperial royal guard and will be your commanding officer for this mission with Captain Kouki as my second in command"


The five of them widened their eyes in shock. They knew the man was a royal guard but they never expected him as their commanding officer.

However, that was not the same case with Takamura Yui and Yamashiro Kazusa. They had heard about Makabe family so they knew what was Makabe family exactly was. It also made sense why Lelouch wore a blue suit. After all, the blue suits were for five regent houses or a family who had close ties with Shogun. In addition, they had heard about Lelouch reputation from their family.

"I-It is an honor to serve under you, Sir!" Yui and Kazusa said at the same time, making the other three looked at them with confusion.

Lelouch sighed, already feeling tired, "At ease you two"

"Yes Sir!" The two saluted again.

Lelouch sighed again. This would be a long day.


"Wow, I never think someone like him is our leader" Aki said with a shocked expression which mirrored by Izumi and Shimako after they heard Yui explanation. "With this we can relax!"

Yui just smiled uncomfortably before turned her attention to Lelouch TSF. After a brief briefing with Lelouch, they decided to stay here while Kazusa followed Lelouch. It seemed Lelouch was Kazusa idol or something but she could not be sure.

"Still, what do you think Yui?" Aki asked, snapping Yui.

"What do you mean?" Yui asked her friend in confusion.

"About this" Aki pointed the TSF.

Yui stared the purple TSF, a prototype TSF of Type-00 Takemikazuchi. It made her had a complex feeling as this TSF might replace Type-82/F-4J Kai Zuikaku that her father helps to develop. However, this was to be expected after all they needed all the advantage they could have against BETA. Still, she could not help to respected Lelouch more than before. She only had heard what the man had did but to think his skill regarded so high that the Shogun appointed him to test one of the two prototypes….

"Yui? Are you alright?" Shimako asked worriedly as she saw Yui eyes became lost while looked at TSF.

However, before Yui could answer, she saw Kazusa approached them while running.

"Something happen Yamashiro?" Yui asked while stared Kazusa who looked worried.

"It's terrible, a BETA vanguard broken through to Takagamine" Kazusa told them as their breath hitched.

"Isn't it just next to us?" Aki asked in shock.

Kazusa just nodded solemnly.

It seemed their battles against BETA would happen sooner than they expected.



Lelouch stared the burning horizon impassively.

He knew this would happen, because the defense line in Takagamine was weak, well, not that weak but compared other place it was. Still, this happened because the higher up, no, they underestimated the BETA. Still, once again, this reminded him the arrogance of the people in higher position. After all, this would not happen if they put more man in Takagamine. Granted, this was the first time they ever fought against BETA hell, this battle was the first time where the imperial royal guard deployed in actual battle against BETA.

Still, this would a matter of time before the worst case he thought would happen.

He turned his attention from the burning horizon to the people who also watched it near him.

He saw the worried look on their face as they watched it.

He turned his head up to the night sky and sighed, another scenario appeared in his mind.

This base too lightly defended and there was no many-experienced Eishi in here, hell, the only experienced one was he and Kouki. However, only him who ever fought BETA before. He remembered the first time he fought against BETA in China. After a few weeks he graduated from academy, they send him in join force with UN and China army to fight BETA in there. It was not pretty at all. In addition, that was the first time he was so close with death since he came to this world.

Still, judging by the condition and situation, this base without a doubt would fall. It was a fact, no matter how heartless it sounded. They simply did not have the soldier to defend this base completely and there was some hole in their defense line that the BETA could take advantage. The point they would defense also a no good. True it was a good point because it lies directly in the path the BETA would go through to the base. However, it was a plain surrounded by mountains and hills. It was too open for his like because if laser class BETA took a position on the mountains and hills. The height they could go would significantly decrease and the laser class BETA could fire at them even if they were in the ground. In addition, while it was true that the BETA would go there before the base, there were other routes but longer and harder to go through but this was BETA who they talked and not human.

Worse, none guarded it.

This made Lelouch face grimaced.

The worst case that could happen was another BETA vanguard took those routes while they defended that point against other vanguard, making a sneak attack. The base would without doubt fall and it would make them trapped. However, that was not the worst, if the BETA that took down the base decided to turn back to destroy them. They would overwhelm and destroyed by BETA. Still, if that not happened, they could still retreat but it was quite a distance to another base. Lelouch knew that perhaps he was overthinking it but there still many things they did not knew about BETA and he did not want to take any chance.

He was quite sad that this people would die but this was something he could not help, as he most certain he did not want to die here, not before he still had something to do. If the worse came, he would order them to retreat. Still, if he did not know any better, he would think someone wanted him die here. Now, he thought about it that was not strange because….


A familiar voce alerted Lelouch, turning his head, he saw the rookies was here and it was Shimako if he was right, who said it.

"What about the defense line?" Shimako asked, looking at the burning horizon.

"It was beaten apart" Yui said simply, making Lelouch smirked, knowing that was an understatement.

"Look! There!" Aki suddenly yelled while pointed something.

Lelouch followed it and saw two TSF flying. He frowned as he noticed their high.

"They will die" He said coldly, making the rookies and other who heard him turned their head at him in shock. Some looked like they wanted to say something but not long after Lelouch said it, the two TSF exploded, courtesy laser class BETA.

Everyone looked between Lelouch and the exploded TSFs with shocked and horrified expression, but an alarm snapped their attention.

It was an alarm for battle.

The soldiers except the rookies immediately ran inside.

"A BETA vanguard is approaching 10 km to our west, condition red!" An announcement said.

Lelouch noticed that it was the point they should guard, why he was not surprise, he mused sarcastically.

"All pilots hurry and board your TSFs"

Another announcement and Lelouch realized none of the rookies ran inside. It seemed they were waiting for his order, well, that good to know but….

"What are you waiting for? Go!" Lelouch ordered, making the rookies ran inside.

He took another glance at the burning horizon for the last time before he too ran inside.



"Situation" Lelouch said, moving his TSF, prototype TSF Type-00 Takemikazuchi to launching pad followed by other TSFs, Type-82/F-4J Kai Zuikaku. His TSF armed with one Type-74 PB Blade and three Type-87 Assault Cannon. The Type-74 PB Blade and one Type-87 Assault Cannon attached to the mount pylon, the secondary arm attachment for TSF for additional weapon or piece equipment while two Type-87 Assault Cannon was on his TSF hands.

Honestly, considering for what Takemikazuchi built for, this TSF was not for him. After all, he was more a long-range fighter than close range, still, he must adapt with what he had, whatever he like it or not if he wanted to survive.

"BETA vanguard is approaching, the number is roughly 220. Destroyer class at the head followed by grappler class with laser class at rear" Kouki said as a screen that showed her face appeared.

Lelouch took a deep breath before he opened the communication to the rookies.

"Listen well" Lelouch said, staring at the screen that showed the rookies face, "Before we go I want you all to do one thing"

Lelouch paused, studying the rookies face, their face showed their nervousness. This was their first battle after all.

"I want you all forget about the whole crap of 8 minutes of death"

Lelouch smirked a little after he saw their surprise. He did not understand why the academy still told the rookies that after survive the eight minutes of death they would be consider as true pilot, true Eishi. From his experienced, many rookies died because after the eight minutes of death passed they let their guard down. That was something he wanted to avoid if he could.

"Just focus staying alive," Lelouch said simply, placing his TSF in launching pad and activated his jump unit.

"That's all, Blast off!"

With that, his TSF took off.


-Defense Point-

"You want to change our tactic now major?" Captain Kouki asked while they were waiting for BETA in their defense point.

Lelouch sighed, while the tactic that Kouki came with was good, she forgot one single fact. It was a suicide to make the rookies face the BETA head on. It would be the best that they fight from long distance first before made them fight in close distance. Therefore, he came out with another plan. He, P-2 squad that Kouki led and P-3 squad that Yui led would charge at destroyer class but when the destroyer class came near, P-2 would go to the left and P-3 would go to the right, attacking destroyer class from both side and proceed to attack grapple class. Then P-4 that Kazusa led would provide backup from the distance while they search and destroy laser class.

"But major, even someone with your skill, you will be alone facing destroyer class head on" Kouki stated worriedly and 'it was a suicide' words was left unsaid.

Lelouch sighed, since the beginning; they did not have enough pilots to divide the squad equally without making each squad weak. Therefore, that why he would act alone because not only he had experienced against BETA, he had the skill and this Takemikazuchi to pull it. On the side note, taking the rookies would only hinder him.

"You don't have to worry captain" Lelouch said simply, "This Takemikazuchi is quite formidable"

"If you said so major," Kouki said in hesitation, "Do you copy, P-3, P-4?"

"Yes sir" was the answer from both Yui and Kazusa.

A sudden alert alerted them, The BETA was coming.

"Remember, just focus staying alive" Lelouch said simply as he saw a large number of destroyer class BETA on his screen. He wondered briefly, how many rookies that would survive this.


Lelouch plan was doing well.

The destroyer class was a formidable enemy if faced head on.

They had an extremely tough frontal armor with hardness on 15 on Mohs scale in front and ran speed out to 170 km/h with this they simply ram themselves to the enemy and nothing, even TSF would stand a chance against them. However, they had two fatal weakness, first, because their speed they could not turn quickly and secondly, their back side was surprisingly weak, making them easy to kill if a pilot out maneuver them.

That was exactly what happened. When the destroyer class came to them, P-2 and P-3 immediately went to left and right side, firing the BETA. While Lelouch used the jump unit to flew right above them and fired. The destroy class stood no chance as they slaughtered them. However, a sudden warning alerted him, it was the laser class but he was not high enough for laser class to hit him so it was not a problem. Still, he absent mindedly thought what would happen if they use Kouki plan, no doubt some rookies would die because they sometimes forget about the altitude limitation, making them an easy target for laser class.

"The destroyer class had been destroyed. P-2 and P-3 give support to P-4" Lelouch ordered as he saw the grappler class finally appeared.

So far, there was no-

He silently cursed when he saw one grappler class killed one of P-4 rookies but killed by other rookies from P-4 in distant.

"Don't let your guard down" Lelouch ordered as he fired his assault canon to another grappler class, killing it.

Unlike destroyer class, grappler class was quite nimble and mobile despite not particularly fast. The most dangerous thing about grappler class was their two extremely tough forearms, which the used to batter enemies to death. In addition, no matter how times Lelouch saw the head like appendage organ on grappler class, which was the sensory organ, he felt disgusting as it because who it looks.

"Damn" Lelouch cursed as he saw several red BETA came to him, tank class BETA. He immediately fired his assault canon to them. It seemed someone forgot mentioned the tank class. Well, tank class was the third smallest BETA, so they might overshadowed by other huge BETA, which made the intelligent missed them. Still, this BETA was quite a nightmare for TSFs. Even if tank beta classified as an anti-infantry unit, they were also an anti-TSF. The reason was that their physical strength, jumping abilities and their powerful jaw that could bite through even super carbon, which was TSFs armor made of.

"I did it," A sudden girl voice yelled from the communication line, "I did it Yui!"

Lelouch eyes widened as something similar had happened to him in the past.

"I survive the eight minutes of death! Now, I`m-"

"Fool!" Lelouch yelled, turning his TSF to saw a white TSF who stood behind the yellow one rammed by a surviving destroyer class into two parts before exploded.

"Aki!" Some rookies yelled from the communication line as they saw their friend death.

"Damn, this is the reason why I told to forget about it" Lelouch cursed again as another rookie died. However, he did not have any time to relax as another grappler class came to him.

He quickly used jump unit to make his TSF jumped back and fired the 120mm canon round while he was still on air, obliterating the grappler class and landed on the ground safely.


A warning alerted him, it seemed his right assault canon ammo had depleted. He made his TSF threw the useless assault canon and took the type-74 PB blade that attached to his TSF mount pylon.

He checked the assault canon on his left TSF hand and saw it was low in ammo. This made him frowned slightly as now he must to attack BETA in close range. The percentage he would die was increasing if he dropped his guard down just a second.

Still, at this time….

He could not help to feel truly alive.

Since, he was born in this world. He always felt slightly dull, just like when was living as Lelouch Lamperouge and the emperor sealed his memories. There was nothing for him to do after all, just living. It also the same, when he was in academy and entered the imperial guard rank. Everything was so dull and grey, nothing interesting happened, well, some interesting happened but that still not enough.

However, that changed when the higher ups assigned him to China in join mission with UN and China army and fought BETA for the first time.

The feeling putting his life in line and death that always loomed at the corner.

That kind of feeling made him felt alive.

Honestly, if he did not know better he had turned into a battle junkie. However, that was not far from the truth. After everything he had experienced, to live as a normal people was impossible to him. The time he lived his life as zero and demon emperor had truly changed him. Still, at that time he had some people and a purpose to restrain himself, which something he did not had now.

Nothing restrained him.

He was, in sense, free.

Therefore, why he still hesitated and restrained himself.

He had all the necessary things to do anything he wanted.






In addition, his former world technology.

A dark smile appeared on his face.

Perhaps this was the time to stop hesitating and restraining himself.

The time has come to show this dying world what he capable off.

After all, he already destroyed and created one world.

Why don't he added another one


Yui gritted her teeth in frustration because her friend death and turned her TSF to the destroyer class and fired her assault canon, killing the BETA.

She cursed herself, as she should protect Aki better.

Another grappler class approached her, making her jumped back using the jump unit and fired at the BETA.

'There is no end of this' She thought silently in her mind.

This frustrated her to no end.

She turned her TSF to her friend, Shimako and saw a grappler class approached her from behind.

"SHIMAKO!" Yui yelled to her friend as the grappler class raised one of it forearm to strike Shimako TSF.

She could not fire her assault canon as it would hit Shimako TSF and she was too far from her.

Shimako was too late in noticing the grappler class and had no time to defend.

A dreadful feeling appeared in Yui heart as she thought she would lost another friends. However, suddenly a purple TSF came down from sky with blade pointed to the BETA on one hand and assault canon on other. The blade pierced the BETA and then followed by the fire from assault canon, killing it.

Yui released the breath that she did not know she had held.

The purple TSF immediately moved away and engaged another BETA.

"Don't let your guard down" calm collected voiced said from the communication line to all of them, "The fight is still not end"

Yui just nodded at that and resumed her fight with BETA.

Sometimes, she took a glance at purple TSF, which Lelouch piloted. She admitted that even if the Takemikazuchi was a prototype, it was surprisingly good. The way it easily killed BETA was the proof. If only there were more TSF like that perhaps, their fight against BETA would be much easier.

However, she also wondered if it was because the pilot skill. She knew right now that the news or rumors about Lelouch did not do a justice to him.

The way the man fought with such an ease was something else.

'Is this the strength of the true Eishi, the royal imperial guard?' She thought silently.

Still, something unnerved her greatly. It was the way he commanded them. It was as if he was moving them like a piece on the board and….


A scream from grappler class alerted her. She would think this later.


"Status" Lelouch said from his TSF drenched with BETA blood like other TSFs, looking at the carnage in front of him.

"We have eradicated all the BETA major but we lose two rookies" Kouki replied sadly at the loss of two while moved her TSF next to Lelouch.

"It cannot be helped but first congratulation is in order" Lelouch turned his TSF back and frowned as he saw one of the rookies that should stood guarding the parameter was busy stabbing a dead grappler class with blade. He checked who it was and found it was Noto Izumi.

"Noto" Lelouch said from the communication line but no respond though he heard a whisper voice 'die' from the line, "Pilot officer Noto!"

"Ah" A screen that showed Izumi face finally appeared and Lelouch narrowed his eyes, "Yes, Major"

"Nothing" Lelouch said simply but inside his mind a memories of a certain girl appeared. He made a mental note to make Izumi to go see a psychology for mental checkup as it clear to him that girl was mentally unstable.

"First of all, congratulation, the remaining of you did a good job for surviving your first battle" Lelouch stated simply without emotion, making them who sharp enough knew this was just formality. However, they were all too preoccupied with the heavy and sad atmosphere from the loss of their friends that finally struck them to realize this. In fact, they did not feel happy at all from the praise.

"Still, this did not mean everything has end in fact-"



"Major!" Kouki yelled as the radar showed there was another group of BETA coming.

"I know, contact the command base" Lelouch ordered simply while turned his TSF to the place where the BETA came. The screen showed a huge number of destroyer class approached them.

"Command base please respond" Kouki said over the communication line, "Command base"

Lelouch closed his eyes for a moment. He knew that the worst case already happened if the command base did not reply.

Arashiyama Temporary Supply Base had fallen against BETA.

Just like what he thought.

"That's enough Captain Kouki," Lelouch said, opening his eyes while leaned back on the pilot seat, "It's no use"

"But Major-"

"Arashiyama Temporary Supply Base had fallen" Lelouch stated simply as if he was talking about weather while turned his head up to, staring his cockpit ceiling. He silently thought what he should do now, but he already knew the answer. They must retreat but to where?

Several gasp came from the communication line.

Lelouch sighed inwardly, were they never thought that possibilities?


"Arashiyama Temporary Supply Base had fallen against BETA," Lelouch repeated emotionlessly while averted his glance from the ceiling to the several screens that showed Kouki and rookies face bewildered expression, amusing him, "It's just as simple as that"

Lelouch did not realize it but the corner of his mouth raised a little, making it looked like he was smirking. The light from the screen also made his eyes had a strange glint on it.

It made those who saw this shivered.

The rookies wondered if this was what it meant to be a true Eishi.

However, some had a different thought about it.

For Yui, this solidified her thought that the living had stopped counting the death and this world was walking into the path of extinction. She also wondered if the day she would have the same expression, as Lelouch would come. The cold expressionless expression that showed no care about the people who died. She gritted her teeth, for some reason could not accept that.

For Kazusa, this reinforced her goal to surpass Lelouch. He was her idol, goal and target. He had everything that she imagined from a perfect, true Eishi. He was perfect in her eyes. She would survive this battle and proof herself for her family, no, herself to him. She let out a small smirk at this.

For Shimako, the way Lelouch said that terrified her. She wondered why he could be so heartless about it. While it was true that the base had fallen, there must be another ways to said it. It looked like Lelouch did not care at all about it. She found her hands were trembling while gripped the controller hard. For now, she only wanted to survive this battle.

For Izumi, she became afraid. The base had fallen, then what should they do. There was no place for run. Still, at least she could get her revenge. She would kill all the BETA and avenged her friends and boyfriend.

Kouki gritted her teeth. She did not like the way Lelouch said it but this was the truth.

"For now we will retreat from here," Lelouch ordered, shocking them, "There is no point holding this place anymore"

"But they might be still fighting, we must hold our ground here to- "

"Captain Kouki, did you honestly believe the base can hold against BETA attack with their weak defense?" Lelouch asked, reminding her how weak the base was.

Kouki widened her eyes, something clicked in her mind, "You-"

"We will retreat to line 8" Lelouch ordered, cutting Kouki. He knew that Kouki would notice it after all.


"We will talk later, our priority now is to retreat" Lelouch said simply, cutting Kouki again while activated his TSF jump unit which coon followed by other.

"This is not over" Kouki said over the communication, making Lelouch smirked.

'IF you survive' Lelouch thought darkly though it did not matter.

"No! I don't want to" Someone yelled suddenly.

It was Izumi.

"I will take have my revenge here!"

Lelouch sighed; he had no time for this as the BETA been approaching them.

"Pilot officer Noto this is a direct order! We will retreat with or without you, are we clear?" Lelouch ordered coldly.

It shocked them, especially Izumi but it did the job.

"Major!" Kouki yelled angrily but Lelouch glared her from the communication line.

"Do you want to endanger the whole squad Life because one person?" Lelouch said calmly, too calm which made Kouki and other unnerved by this. However, they knew Lelouch was right.

"All squad, follow my lead" Lelouch said, thrusting his TSF to flew which followed by other.

They flew straight away, crossing the field.

However, before they could retreat from the field, a warning alerted them.

"Laser class?" Lelouch muttered as he saw the warning, wondering how the BETA advanced so fast. Still, this meant-

"Don't worry" Kouki said, "Just st-"

A beam of light pierced her TSF, making fell to the ground and exploded.

"What!? How can they hit at this altitude?" One of the rookies yelled over the radio.

Lelouch sighed, as another his scenario came true, "The Laser class must be on the hill or something, which made their range increased"

"W-what should we do?" Another one asked in fright.

"The nearest cover is that ridge but ETA 120 second" Another one informed as another TSF was hit by Laser and exploded.

"Maintain course and set engine to maximum output! Stay Low to the ground!" Lelouch ordered over the communication line, "Fire anti-laser smoke in sequence from the remaining P-2 to P-4 squad!"

With that order, the P-2 squad fired their anti-laser smoke, which followed by P-3 and P-4.

However, even with the smoke, the laser class still fired it laser, which hit another TSF because of a lucky shot. They made some maneuver to avoid it but it was quite hard to do from the random laser attack. Still, that was not the end of it.

'Damn!' Lelouch cursed because the wind made the smoke went out faster than he thought.

"ETA 60 second" A voice said from the communication line.

Lelouch gritted his teeth, wondering if he, no, they would make it. Still, he could not help but to smile at this situation.

They made it just before the sound of gun from gunship alerted them.

Lelouch let out a sigh, so in the end all his scenario came true. Still, this made them could relax for a while.

"Status" Lelouch ordered, wondering whom still alive.

"Takamura Yui, present"

"Noto Izumi, present"

"Kai Shimako, present"

"Yamashiro Kazusa, present"

"So, only four" Lelouch said as he got their reply.

"Major" Yui said over the communication line.

"Yes, pilot officer Takamura" Lelouch replied.

"Just now, that-"

"Yes, it was a shoot from gunship" Lelouch said, confirming Yui thought.

"But why major?" Kazusa asked.

Lelouch closed his for a moment before opened it, "It seem the BETA advancing faster than we think before and to hold them, the battleship fired them"

"But that means…." Shimako trailed off as her eyes widened in shock which mirrored by her friends.

"Yes" Lelouch nodded, "Quite an irony isn't?"

There was nothing else to say after all, as they understood what Lelouch meant.

They destroyed the city the tried to protect.


-Line 3-

"Still no respond Takamura?" Lelouch asked as they guarded Yui who was trying to communicate with anyone. He did not felt comfortable as the place they were in because with the way the building surrounded them, it would jammed the sensor quite a bit and not to mention hid BETA from their view.

"Yes Major" Yui said sadly, "There is no respond"

Lelouch observed their surroundings. They were in defense line 3, trapped and isolated because the BETA advance. Still, the nearest base was….

"We will retreat to Kyoto station on line 8" Lelouch said, remembering the rally point that he had been told before.

"Kyoto station?" Yui repeated back, not knowing it.

"Yes, it was the rally point-"



"There is a reading form motion sensor!" Kazusa informed from the communication line.

"Be careful," Lelouch said, "Because we are in the city the sen-"

Immediately, a destroyer class rammed itself out of the building right beside Yui TSF, tackling it to the ground.

Lelouch immediately fired up his assault canon, killing the BETA and drenching Yui TSF with BETA blood.

"Are you alright Takamura?" Lelouch asked, but another warning alerted him. He turned his TSF and pointed the assault canon on reflex.

A Type-94 Shiranui Type 1-C approached them. It looked like it had through hell as BETA blood drenched the TSF and lost it right arm.

"Well, what I found here?" A communication line came from the Shiranui.

"You…." Lelouch trailed off as he recognized the face on the screen.

"Instructor" The rookies called the man.

"Call me captain here and what you all feel after survived the eight minutes of death?" The man asked jokingly, "And to think I will see you again"

"It's been a long time instructor" Lelouch said simply, after all, that man was the one made him went through that hell when he was in academy. Still, if not because the man, he would have not became what he was today.

"Huh, the last time I heard, you are a major" The man laughed a little, "So, I won't tell you to call me captain"

"Eh, you two knew each other?" Shimako asked, noticing the familiarities the two had.

"Yes, I was his instructor back at the academy" The man said before laughed, "You are quite lucky to have him as your leader"

Lelouch noticed a slight twitch when the man laughed. It made him frowned.

"Are you alright instructor?" Lelouch asked over.

"I`m fine but meeting you all here meant that you all going to Kyoto station?" The man asked but before Lelouch could respond, a warning appeared.

Lelouch looked straight at the front of him and saw a number of destroyer class BETA approached them from the distant.

"Well, it seem we must cut our reunion short" The man said, turning back to the BETA direction, "Go, I will cover you"

"Captain!" The rookies yelled, knowing it would be a suicide to face BETA with that TSF.

Lelouch tried to stop the man but suddenly a private channel opened up, coming from the man.

"Lelouch" The man said over the private channel as Lelouch closed the open one, "I have a request for you"

"You are injured," Lelouch stated simply, "badly"

"Huh, nothing escaped your attention" The man said simply before turned serious, "With my injury, I will no doubt die even if I reach the base but at least I can give you times by holding them here"

"I see" Lelouch said, knowing the man would no change his mind.

"So, please protect them, they are my precious student after all" The man said.

"I will do it instructor," Lelouch said, "Please relax"

"I know I can count on you" The man smiled before ended the communication.

Lelouch opened back the open communication line, "We are leaving"

The rookies immediately looked surprised at this.

"But Major! Captain-" Yui tried to protest.

"Listen to your commanding officer" The man said over the open channel.

"Captain…." Yui trailed off.

"I will guard your retreat," The man said with tone that showed he did not want them to disobeyed, "You all go!"

"We are going" Lelouch ordered, activating his jump unit which followed by other.

"Captain" Lelouch called one last time.

"Yes" The man replied.

"It's an honor to know you"

"Whatever, just go"

Lelouch did not wait anymore as he flew away, followed by other.


"Major" Yui asked after they were quite a distant from the captain, "Will he be okay?"

Lelouch knew that she was talking about that man.

For a moment, he thought to say yes but….

"No, he won't" Lelouch said simply, shocking them.

"Then we must return to help him" Shimako said, stopping her TSF before turned back, which other followed.

"Stop!" Lelouch ordered, stopping them.

"But…" Shimako trailed off, "Why major?"

"Do you want to make his sacrifice in vain?" Lelouch told her coldly but by seeing the looks on other from the communication line, he knew that it was not enough to stop them.

"Do you want to disrespect his last wish?" Lelouch asked, delivering the final blow.


"Good, for now we must go to the rally point and perhaps if we fast enough we still can help him" Lelouch said, which made them relaxed a little. However, he knew that at time they arrived at the rally point it would be already too late. With that, they continued their way to Kyoto station.

"And don't let your guard down because-" Lelouch said but a fort class BETA suddenly appeared from the other side of building.

"EVADE!" Lelouch ordered immediately, making them scattered around, avoiding the fort class.

"Fort Class?" Kazusa said in disbelief.

"Why it's here?" Yui added.

"Is the base okay?" Shimako asked worriedly.

"How?" Izumi said in disbelief.

Lelouch sighed in relief because they could avoid the fort class without a scratch. Still, they barely avoided it, making Lelouch wondered what would happen if they not stooped for a moment before. No doubt, they would crash to the fort class BETA.

However, it too soon to relax as the fort class turned its attention to them.

"Anyone still had 120mm?" Lelouch asked, landing on the ground followed with other.

"Negative" Yui, Kazusa, Shimako, Izumi replied.

'This will be tough' Lelouch thought solemnly.

The fort class BETA was the biggest BETA existed and it would take a 120mm canon, artillery or battleship canon to take it down. Well, close combat weapons also could take it down but it would take times. However, it was also dangerous, as the fort class ten legs capable to stab through or bash TSF into pieces in one hit. Not to mention there was also the stinger, which could be launch as projectile to 50 meters with strong acid.

Now, not only they did not have 120mm or anything to take down the fort class quickly, the fatigue they felt from fighting the BETA before was taking toll to their body. Lelouch himself still could fight but it would be hard. Still, the same could not be said to the rookies, this was after all their first battle.

"Takamura, Noto, you two follow me, we will attack it in close range while Yamashiro and Kai provide cover fire," Lelouch ordered, readying his blade, "Do you all copy?"

"Yes Sir" Yui, Kazusa, Shimako, Izumi replied.

"Good" Lelouch said before activated the jump unit and made a dash followed by Yui and Izumi while Shimako and Kazusa fired their weapon though it would not do much damage, it was better than nothing at all.

The fort class readied itself as it positioned itself in front of the charging Lelouch, Yui and Izumi.

Lelouch expected the fort class to bash them with one of it legs, but instead that, the fort class launched the stinger. They tried to dodge it, Lelouch to the right with Yui to the left but, unfortunately, Izumi did not made it.

The stinger stabbed Izumi TSF, killing her instantly or so Lelouch hoped for, as he did not know how it felt like to die slowly by strong acid nor did he want to know.

"IZUMI!" Shimako yelled with Yui.

"Damn" Lelouch cursed and that was when he noticed the fort class swung the body part, which held the stringer from the right to the left side of him. He immediately knew what the fort class was doing.

"Evade!" Lelouch ordered quickly but because of the shock, they acted a little bit too late.

Because of the force of the swing, Izumi TSF came off from the stringer and headed straight to Shimako TSF. It hit Shimako TSF with a force that thrown her TSF back and hit the building behind her. Meanwhile, the tentacle hit Yui TSF, throwing her TSF to the building. It was only by luck that attack did not destroy Yui TSF. Still, fortunately, Kazusa was okay as she avoided Izumi TSF that the BETA thrown.

"Takamura, Kai, are you two okay?" Lelouch asked but got no respond at all.

It seemed both of them lost their conscious because the impact.

"Major, what should we do?" Kazusa asked in worry as the fort class just knocked out two TSFs and killed one in two attacks.

"We continue our attack, cover my back," Lelouch ordered, dashing to the fort class as it brought back it stringer to it place, trying to attach it back. He immediately fired his assault canon, trying to hinder it to do that.

"Roger" Kazusa replied, readying her support assault canon to shoot the fort class while watched Lelouch approached the fort class while he fired it.

Lelouch thrown his assault canon as it had no ammo anymore and he was close enough to strike the tentacles as the fort class still not finished attached it back. He grabbed the blade with two hands and put the strength to cut the tentacle that connected the stringer and fort class body. He did it in one swing and tried to attack again but stopped because the fort class stabbed one of it legs to him. However, a shoot from Kazusa disturbed the leg path, making Lelouch used the chance to slashed on of the fort class joints.

This continued for a while.

Lelouch would hit and run the fort class, while Kazusa made a distraction on hindered the fort class attack by shooting it. This made Lelouch to admit that Kazusa indeed a skilled pilot because she gave an excellent cover.

"This is it!" Lelouch yelled as he made one final slash, making the fort class fall to the ground dead. His studied the fort class for a moment, making sure it dead and there was no smaller BETA hid inside the fort class. After all, the fort class could carry several smaller BETAs, which waited inside for a chance to strike. That was the reason they must especially be careful around the dead fort class.

"Yamashiro, status" Lelouch contacted her through the communication line while moved his TSF to her.

"My ammo is depleted" Kazusa reported while thrown her support assault canon.

Lelouch nodded, they needed a resupply immediately.

"Yamashiro check Kai while I check Takamura," Lelouch ordered, approaching Yui TSF, "They might be injured"


Lelouch TSF stood before the fallen Yui TSF and then kneeled on the ground, studying the damage.

It was no good, Yui TSF already finished, and there nothing he could do. Still, he connected his TSF system to Yui TSF system, showing her condition. He let out a sigh of relief, as Yui was okay. She was unconscious with few fractured bones and a small fracture on the head.

"Takamura is okay" Lelouch said, "How about Kai?"

"She unconscious and had broken bones, her TSF also no good" Kazusa replied.

"How about Noto?" Lelouch asked but he already knew the answer.

"She did not make it" Kazusa said sadly but Lelouch noticed the way she said was more like she was sad because another soldier died rather a friend. Still, he could understand why she was like that.

"Can you extract her?" Lelouch asked as it would only hinder them if they took Shimako and Yui with their TSF.


"Good, do it carefully" Lelouch ordered while he was doing it to Yui TSF. He carefully took off the armor plate than protected the cockpit, showing the unconscious Yui. Gently, he took Yui out on his TSF hand. Well, he should do this by his own hands but it was too dangerous to walk out his TSF right now. He was in hostile area after all. After he was sure that, he did not grip her too tightly. He made his TSF stand and approached Kazusa who almost finished.




Lelouch frowned after saw what warning it was,

"Major!" Kazusa yelled in panic.

"I know"

The BETA was approaching them and the number….

Lelouch mind trying to make several scenario to survive, but in the end, the only scenario he had was the one he did not like.

"Pilot officer Yamashiro" Lelouch called while he moved his TSF hand that held Yui to Kazusa, "I want you to take Takamura and retreat from here"

"But Majo-"

"This is a direct order," Lelouch said harshly, he did not have time for this, "I will hold them here"

"Yes sir" Kazusa gritted her teeth, not happy. She opened her cockpit, taking Yui and Shimako inside, attaching them to the emergency attachment that used to bring additional passenger. After making sure they properly attached, she closed her cockpit.

"Are you ready?" Lelouch asked while he was keeping eye on the radar that showed the approaching red dots of BETA.

"Yes sir" Kazusa replied, preparing her TSF to go.

"Good, now go" Lelouch ordered as he saw Kazusa activated the jump unit, making her TSF floated.

"Good luck major," Kazusa said, saluting over the communication line, "and be careful"

Lelouch smirked confidently at Kazusa, "I`m not planning to die today"

With that, Kazusa took off.

Lelouch wondered briefly, why he was doing this. His life should be more important than they should.

'Ah, that's right' He thought, he knew exactly why he was doing this. This was because the whole thing about honor or samurai honor that his 'father' always talked. One of things that the man made sure he had it. It made him understood what Suzaku had gone through as he, now, like Suzaku, grew in Samurai family. Still, it did not mean it would affect him greatly.

He would survive, even if he must destroy this town and that what he was planning to.

Lelouch let out a dark smirk as he moved his TSF to the fallen one.

"Well, let make a good use of you"

With that, Lelouch took out the S-11 SD-System, the self-destruction system from the fallen TSF.

He knew one thing for sure after he finished his plan.

There would be no need to clean this place from ruin.

After all, with three of S-11 SD-System, this place would wipe out completely.

Hopefully, without him.

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