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Muv-Luv Alternative: Requiem

Chapter 2 : A chance of meeting

(31 July 1998)

The imperial city of Kyoto was burning.

The imperial army of Japan failed to protect the 1200 years old imperial capital against BETA.

Regardless of their fierce battle against BETA and sacrifice they made, in the end, they failed.

Still, for the imperial army, they did not have time to wallow in their failure.

The BETA still attacked them and with some of their comrades trapped behind enemies lines. They had no time to do that.

The same feeling that Tsukuyomi Maya, fraternal twins of Tsukuyomi Mana, first lieutenant of imperial royal guard and former personal servant or bodyguard of the Shogun felt as she flew her red Type-82/F-4J Kai Zuikaku TSF through the city, followed by her squad or what left from it.

She, like her twin Mana was from Tsukuyomi family, a family that served the shogun for each generation. However, because of a certain problem, she dismissed as Shogun personal servant or bodyguard, leaving Maya, her twins as the sole Tsukuyomi family members who still held that position. Right now, her family considered her as a disgrace to Tsukuyomi family name.

How she hated that.

She, who was once hail as the skilled one of the twins prodigy of Tsukuyomi family had fallen this far. Yes, it was the true, she more skilled than her twin, Mana was if only by the slightest. She did not hate the Shogun or Mana for this but sometimes, the whisper in her back from her family and other people was something too much for her to handle.

And it seemed it would do worst after what happened.

Not only the BETA forced her to abandon her post, she lost half of her squad.

She would never hear the end of it.

Still, it seemed her list of failure would only increase because if she did not arrive in time, she had another one to add.

Just after she and her squad resupplied at the defense line 8, Kyoto station, a retreat signal alerted them. It was from the squad, which stationed at Arashiyama temporary supply base. The pilot, Yamashiro Kazusa reported that Arashiyama had fallen and their squad had annihilated, leaving her, two critical injured pilot with her, and her commanding officer as the surviving members. However, because BETA attacks, her commanding officer stayed behind, holding the BETA for them to escape.

Maya would applaud for Yamashiro commanding officer bravery and self-sacrifice as it was suicide to hold BETA with only a blade for weapon as Yamashiro told them her commanding officer situation. It was until when she and other heard Yamashiro commanding officer name that the blood who heard the news froze.

Makabe Lelouch.

The one and only heir of Makabe family that regarded as a once in life time prodigy for his skill.

The one the Shogun entrusted with one of the two Type-00 Takemikazuchi prototypes.

It was grave news.

If he were just other person or another member of Makabe family, they would leave him behind because they knew that man was already dead. There was no need to spare a squad to rescue just one person.

However, because he was the heir of Makabe, and had the prototype the Shogun entrusted to him, they could not leave him like that. There also a rumor that said he was quite close to the Shogun, which actual true though none knew it exactly except Maya. She often met with him in her time as Shogun bodyguard and servant that made her knew how accurate the rumor was. Though the part that Lelouch and Shogun had special relationship was wrong or so she thought.

Their relationship was rather an odd one if she must say.

It just would do no good if Makabe family or the Shogun learns that they abandon him.

Not to mention there was an order that the prototype TSF took a higher priority for them to give backup. The reason was the prototype had a valuable value because if everything went well. It would become the standard TSF for imperial royal guard. In addition, the time and money it took to build one. Though Maya had suspicion that because Lelouch piloted one.

Still, they knew that this mission to save him was a failure from the start. Any sane person would not take this mission. Even if the reward was great, the risk was also great, too great than the reward, not to mention the political backslash.

It made her wondered why she took this mission.

'Oh, that's right' She thought grimly. The reason was her squad was the only squad that ready to go at notice, not to mention, she already a disgraced person. There were no other people perfect for this mission than her. Not to mention, she knew him and owed him for prevented her being removed from the imperial royal guard because the same certain problem that made her dismissed as Shogun personal servant and bodyguard.

She accepted this mission grimly. She could only hope that Lelouch could hold himself until she arrives.

But that was an empty hope.

At least, the only thing she could do was to retrieve Lelouch body with that prototype TSF.

It could lessen her failures but….

Though, if the BETA destroyed it completely….


"Lieutenant!" One of her squad members yelled in frantic because a huge explosion form the last coordinates Lelouch in.

"I know-"



Two other explosions followed before Maya could reply.

"All squad, maximum output to jump unit!" Maya ordered while gritted her teeth.

She knew exactly from what that explosion came from.

The S-11 SD-System, the self-destruction system.

Usually, they only installed that thing if they undertake a hive, a BETA base. Generally used as suicide devices in case a pilot or their TSF is critically damaged in battle while still surrounded by BETA, as a means to a painless death, and to destroy as many BETA as possible. However, because of the current situation, they installed that in their TSFs. Still, they were under direct order not use it until an order comes. This, without a doubt, a direct disobeyed on that order.

Still, when she thought Lelouch situation, she did not blame him.

She only hoped that he did not die because that explosion or did something like a suicide to took all the BETA around him.


That was the only thing she could do now because she did not dare to hope.

Hope was for the fool after all and in this time she lived, there was no such thing as hope.

The only thing that existed was despair.



There were no words could describe what Maya and her squad saw as they arrived at the scene.

The buildings, house, road were no more, completely obliterated, leaving three huge smoking crater.

There were fires, a raging inferno that engulfed the surrounding buildings, anything, even the dead corpse of BETA.

Total annihilation was the only thing that crossed on Maya head.

She could not believe the S-11 SD-System capable of such destruction.

She sure Lelouch did something else to the S-11 SD-System to bring this destruction.

This was a scene from hell and what completed it was a lone TSF stood before that destruction.

The prototype of Type-00 Takemikazuchi TSF stood tall with it back to them, observing the destruction while held the broken PB blade on it hand. The frame drenched with the BETA blood and few burn marks, scratches covered it. Still, the amount of BETA blood that drenched the TSF was unreal as it completely repainted the once purple TSF into a dark red, closer to black.

It looked to Maya that the TSF just took a bath or shower in blood, BETA blood.

She watched silently as the TSF turned to her. The way it eyes part shone made a chill running through her spine. For a moment, she thought she saw a demon, no, Takemikazuchi, the deity name they used for the TSF, was here before them.

Takemikazuchi was born from the blood that stained the sword used by Izanagi to kill Kagutsuchi and with what she saw. She could not help to felt ironic but at the same time awed from how fitting it was. The reason they named it Takemikazuchi was that it showed that the TSF would be something like what Takemikazuchi was, a deity of military and wars. However, this took the cake, because to her, this was the true reason why that TSF named as Takemikazuchi, no, perhaps this was the time that the TSF known as Takemikazuchi truly born, born from the blood of BETA that it slayed with it blade.

"You…" An enraged voice cut the silent, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!"

The yell snapped them back.

"Calm yourself down pilot!" Maya ordered quickly, feeling this would turn out ugly.

"But lieutenant, he used the S-11 SD-System!" The pilot retorted back.

Maya knew that the man was angry not because Lelouch used the S-11 SD-System but because he used it her, in the middle of town.

"Yes lieutenant, this is a direct violation to our order!" Another voice added.

"I understand" Maya said, thinking something to defuse this situation, "But not is not the time"

Maya could hear several angry voices from her squad through the communication line. Still, they restrained themselves from doing something to Lelouch. Something that Maya grateful as her squad composed of veteran pilot and not the rookies because it was the later. She knew the situation would be bad.

"Major Makabe, this is Lieutenant Tsukuyomi Maya, do you read me?" Maya said, opening her communication line to Lelouch.

"This Major Makabe, I read you loud and clear," Lelouch said smoothly, "If you are here then pilot officer Yamashiro made it to defense line 8?"

"Yes, Major" Maya responded. She was quite unnerved at how calm Lelouch sounded.

"Still, it's a pleasant surprise to think you are the one that came to my rescue" Lelouch said in amusement.

'I wish I can say the same thing' Maya wanted to say that but restrained herself.

"We will escort you back to base and you will be questioned for what you did," Maya said in business like tone, "Do you copy Major?"

A dark twisted chuckle was the reply she got from Lelouch. It sent another chill to her and the rest of her squad.

"Of course Lieutenant"

"Of course"

Maya shivered as Lelouch replied gave a foreboding feeling.

She got a nagging feeling something that should never awaken had just awakened.


*Bip* *Bip*

Lelouch ignored the sounds that came from multiple warnings that his purple Type-82/F-4J Kai Zuikaku gave to him while a red light was flashing in the background.

His eyes glued to the screen that showed outside condition.

Afraid, if he took his eyes from it just for a second then….


He moved his TSF and attacked a grappler class with his PB Blade. The only weapon he had now as his Assault rifle ammo already depleted.

His hands were trembling and wet with sweat while he held his TSF controllers tightly.

In his previous life, he knew the horror of war and expected the same or less with the current condition of his new life but….

That was nothing compared what he saw now.

He felt like he was back again when he still ignorance about the horror of war.


This was not a war.

This was carnage.

This was very different from what they told him about BETA in academy.

'This is BETA?' Lelouch thought as he gulped. He thought BETA was just some kind of monster that could easily defeat because they did not have brain to think but…

'If they monster with no brain. Why they could do this kind of thing?' Lelouch thought, horrified because the squad he in was near destroyer by BETA sudden attack.

'Sudden attack? More like a trap' Lelouch gritted his teeth. The way the BETA attacked them, the timing, and everything else. There was no doubt. The BETA was using strategy against them, human.


Another scream from his fellow soldier as a destroyer class killed him.

They needed to retreat.

However, they could not.

The BETA had cut off their retreat routes and with the laser class around…. They could not fly to escape.

At first, they seemed to have advantage as they advance through the plains. However, after they advanced quite far, suddenly a group of BETAs appeared behind them from the underground.

It made some of them panicked, which ended with some of them broke the formation, making them in disarray.

Many voiced their wonder why they could not detect the BETA but he knew why.

They could not detect BETA that hidden in underground if the BETA did not move.

This meant, the BETA was already here before they came and waited this chance. This was the reason why he thought the BETA was using strategy.


Someone yelled, making Lelouch moved his TSF in reflex and avoided a grappler class attack.

Unfortunately, He could not avoid it completely. The grappler class attack hit his TSF right arm that held the PB Blade and destroyed it.

His TSF lost it balance and fell to the ground.

However, that was not the end of it as a destroyer class was running to him.

Lelouch could only stare the destroyer class as it approached him.

Everything was going in slow motion and….


(10 August 1998)

Lelouch woke up with cold sweat. His eyes opened wide, staring to the celling while he was panting.

His face showed confusion before he finally remembered where he was.

He closed his eyes and opened it again, looking up at the ceiling of his jail while lay down on the bed.

After he arrived at Kyoto station and came out from his TSF. Some royal guards immediately apprehended him and took him away.

'Well, at least they let the medic check me up and let me took a shower' Lelouch thought silently.

After that, they escorted him to the police headquarter they used as one of command post and put him in this jail. Still, because the current hectic situation, none had questioned him, making him wait and prolong his stay here, not he care though.

After all, he could rest in peace, well, not much of peace as he dreamed about what happened in China.

'It's been sometimes since I dreamed that dream' Lelouch chuckled dryly before he took a deep breath to calm his nerve.

Still, he wondered why it took them so long.


Lelouch turned his head and saw one of the guards stood in front of his jail.

"Please come with me," The guard said as he unlocked the jail and opened it, "Someone want to meet you"

Lelouch stood up and followed up the guard.

They walked through a hall and Lelouch saw people were running around in haste. The situation must be much worse than he thought before. Still, the security was abnormally tight. He wondered what happened.

The guard then stopped in front of a door, opening the door, "Please enter Major"

Lelouch just nodded and entered the room. He raised his eyebrow as he saw who waited him inside.

"Well, well, what a pleasant surprise, Lieutenant Colonel Iwaya Eiji, Lieutenant Tsukuyomi Mana and…." Lelouch addressed the two occupants before averted his eyes to the last occupant.

He made a small bowing gesture as a smirk appeared on his face, "Your highness, Koubuin Yuuhi-sama"

With that, he locked his eyes with the powerful woman in Japan, the Shogun.

Koubuin Yuuhi.


Koubuin Yuuhi stared the man that sat before her calmly but inwardly, the man stares intimidated her.

Still, because she was the Shogun, the one that ruled the land of rising sun, so, she did not showed how much the man intimidated her. She had reputation to guard because it would not do to let other knew that the Shogun was being intimidate by one man. It would let others faith on her faltered and could spark rebellion. Something she wished to avoid in time like this. After all, with BETA threat loomed in the horizon, they must stood together to faced it, not divided.

However, it was always like this, since the first time they met and every time she met him.

Makabe Lelouch.

She still remembered the day the head Makabe family came to her and her father the late Shogun to introduce his son. Also, to satisfied her father curiosity to the one that rumored as prodigy that appeared once in life time. She and her father thought Lelouch would be just another prodigy and the rumor just an exaggerated one.

However, they were wrong.

Lelouch gave her and her father an everlasting impression that both of them could not forgot.

Lelouch was really unlike all the man she ever met.

The way Lelouch carried himself in front of the Shogun was something they never saw before. He was respectful but at the same time, he carried himself as an equal to the Shogun. Lelouch father did not notice this but she and her father did.

After that meeting, her father told her one thing.

"Do not let your guard down in front of him"

At first, she did not understand why her father said it. She asked why and her father looked troubled to answer it before he answered her question.

"In my time as Shogun, I never saw such eyes in someone that young"

She proceeded asked what kind of eyes that her father meant though she had an idea what her father was talking. However, she wanted to hear his father opinion.

"An old eyes that showed intelligent and experience with a cunning and calculative mind beyond his ages"

Her father answered but he was not finished.

"And at the same time, hidden deep in it, there is a restrained darkness and madness, no, perhaps, yes, chaos is a better word"

What her father told her surprised her greatly because she did not think that far. Still, his next words would surprise her more.

"If I don't know better, perhaps, Oda Nobunaga, the demon king has reborn"

She never forgot that. However, she did not understand why her father compared Lelouch with Oda Nobunaga, the most prominent figure in feudal era. She wanted to know more but the look on his father face told her that he did not want to talk it more.

After that, her father made her not met Lelouch more than necessary and that in her father supervision. She also noticed that every time her father met with Makabe head and Lelouch or more particularly Lelouch, something seemed troubled him greatly. She wanted to know what bothering her father but by the look of it, her father did not want to tell her.

It was after her father death and she replaced him that she met Lelouch more often as the head Makabe always brought him when they met and every event under the reason to prepare Lelouch. Something she knew that Lelouch did not need with how he acted. Still, the head Makabe family, Lelouch father was blind to see this or chose to ignore it.

As time passed, she knew exactly what her father meant and why he was troubled every time, he met Makabe head and Lelouch. Lelouch never said anything more than necessary whenever they met. However, his eyes spoke more. The way he observed and studied everything that happened in surrounding with cold and calculative gaze was unnerving her.

It looked like he was judging her.

There was also a hidden dark amusement in it and that small smirk did not help at all. It frustrated her greatly as he seemed to know something she did not.

It was frustrating but also unnerved her.

Fortunately, she rarely saw it.

However, she soon learned that only happened when her advisors and other people proposed something stupid or doomed to fail that Lelouch did it. On other hands, he also did it when she made wrong decision. Before long, she found herself used Lelouch to measure the decision she made.

That soon changed when she found herself could not make a decision and her advisor could come out with something good.

She asked the head Makabe first rather than to did it directly to Lelouch.

She did not want people or Lelouch to know that she was in fact depended on Lelouch to make her decision.

After she heard Makabe head opinion, she proceeded to ask Lelouch under guise to hear what the prodigy of this age had in his mind.

She did a grave mistake in her part by asked that.

She remembered the way Lelouch looked at her with a smirk that said 'took you so long'.

It was at that time she realized that Lelouch knew she had used him to make a decision and kept eyes to him. It also the time she finally got a glimpse of Lelouch skill and perhaps what his father saw in Lelouch and came to fear.

If she categorized Lelouch as a sword, the only sword that came to her mind was Muramasa. The finest and beautiful sword ever forged, which made people, admired it.

However, regardless of that, unfortunately, Muramasa was also a cursed or a demonic sword. That hid it true nature beneath its beautiful form.

Still, it was a powerful sword, which granted its unworldly strength to its user with a price, the sure life or so the legend told.

Truly, a double edge sword but even with that, people still wanted it.

Just like Lelouch to her.

In sense, to her, Lelouch was a double edge sword that could hurt or worse kill the user, which she was.

Still, the benefit overestimated the risk.

She also finally understood her father last advice to her.

"See not the surface but what lies beneath it as nothing more dangerous than the unseen"

She knew that, perhaps, was her father warning to her about Lelouch.

Perhaps, her father also wanted her not involved with Lelouch.

Still, regardless of all things, she sometimes could not help but to attracted to Lelouch. Even if he intimidated, unnerved or scared her, she found herself attracted to Lelouch. After that accident with Maya, her former servant and bodyguard, she could not help but to become more attracted to him. She always wondered, what made her attracted to him. Was it because he treated her like another normal person or his charisma or perhaps because he knew that truth?

She also always wondered that perhaps Lelouch was more qualify to lead this nation than her. After, he was more competent than her and…

If he led this nation, perhaps, she could finally be with that person and….No…that was her own selfish wish and an empty dream she had.

Still, she envied that person.

Unlike her, that person did not have responsibility she had and not to mention Lelouch and that person was-

"So, your highness, what you need from me?"


"So, your highness, what you need from me?"

"Show your respect to her highness!"

Tsukuyomi Mana, Lieutenant of the imperial royal guard and current bodyguard or servant of the Shogun, replacing her twin's Sister Maya, snapped at how Lelouch addressed the Shogun so familiarly.

"That's enough Tsukuyomi," Yuuhi said, stopping her, "It's okay"

"Yes your highness" Mana said simply.

She still did not understand why the Shogun seemed to let such disrespect to her went away like that. Honestly, in her time as the Shogun bodyguard and servant, Lelouch always acted like this and the Shogun always let this slide. She just did not like the way Lelouch addressed the Shogun as if he was an equal to the Shogun. Still, if the Shogun let him, there was no much for her to say.

No matter how much she disliked it.

'Makabe Lelouch' Mana thought silently, glaring at the man, 'If only he didn't exist'

She wondered not for the first time what the Shogun and her twin, Maya saw in him. She wanted to know but she could not ask it to the Shogun because it would look she disrespected the Shogun. She also could not ask it to Maya as they had a falling out in their relationship because that problem.

Still, to think Lelouch was that person …..

He did not deserve to be with that person.

She admitted that he deserved the title of prodigy because his skill as TSF pilot. In addition, her instinct screamed that Lelouch was dangerous and she trusted her instinct. Someone like Lelouch should never get close to the Shogun and that person. The shogun should just send him away, somewhere far away and void that blasted agreement about Lelouch and that person. She knew that the Shogun also knew how dangerous Lelouch was.


'Why her highness kept such dangerous man near her'


Iwaya Eiji, Lieutenant Colonel of imperial japan army and Takamura Yui uncle sighed.

The meeting has yet begun but the mood already tensed.

He hoped nothing serious would happen, well, considering they would deliver a bad news to Lelouch that seemed not likely. Still, he owed another thing to Lelouch.

Lelouch saved his niece after all.

He had no doubt for Yui skill but this was her first BETA fight. Therefore, many things could go wrong. The time he heard the news that Lelouch was her squad leader that made him relaxed a bit, as he knew Lelouch skill. However, after he heard the base Yui stationed fallen, honestly, he thought his heart stop for a second. Until another news came that they survived because Lelouch. He never had been so grateful to someone before.

Still, that was until he heard the complete story that Lelouch left behind to let the rest of his squad retreat and what he did.

For him, Lelouch was someone like…a benefactor. Even if Lelouch sometimes scared him to no end though he would never admit it.

Lelouch, after all, was one of the few people that supported his project and the most vocal one.

He remembered when the time he put his proposal, many denied it and he would had a hard time if not for Lelouch. It was thanks to Lelouch that convinced his father and the Shogun about it. His proposal not only approved but also got a huge amount of fund to support it.

That was the reason why when he heard Lelouch taken into a prison because what he did. He immediately informed the Shogun about it. He knew that if he let anyone else to deal with this. They would use this chance as the perfect chance to make Lelouch discharged from the military or something.

After all, Lelouch got his share of his enemy.


"So what you did, your highness?" Lelouch said, knowing well nothing would start if he did not take the initiative.

"We have three issues to discuss" Yuuhi started, making Lelouch raised his eyebrow. He already knew one but what the other two was.

"First, about you used the S-11 SD-System regardless there is a direct order not to use it until it has been approved" Yuuhi stated, "Usually that kind violation will make you lose your rank"

Lelouch sensed a 'but'.

"But considering your situation and the fact it protected the defense line 8 from the sudden attack from BETA. You are pardoned"

"Still, after the situation calmed down, you need to address this problem in imperial court" Yuuhi informed.

Lelouch smiled understanding the hidden line in Yuuhi words.

Basically, there were some people that tried to drag him down.

"I see, I understand Your highness" Lelouch said, bowing his head a little, "But I don't think someone like you will come here personally only to deliver that news"

As soon as he said it, the three of them became uncomfortable. There was a sense of dejavu, as if he had….ah, he knew why.

"That's true" Yuuhi smiled sadly, "I`m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but-"

"My father is dead, no, almost all the Makabe family members is dead, isn't it? Lelouch said simply as if he was talking about weather.

The shocked face from Mana, Eiji and Yuuhi was priceless to him.

"And they died because the US army abandon them" Lelouch finished, staring at Yuuhi.

"H-how you know that?"

Lelouch averted his eyes from Yuuhi to Mana, "I know my father and my family members are stationed in Sadogashima with US Army and judging why her highness is here that the conclusion I get"

"Still, how you know the US armies abandon them?" Mana asked in confusion.

Lelouch closed his eyes. He knew it from his experienced, the US armies was always reluctant to fight the BETA head-on in a land war where they were the hardest to defeat. His battle with BETA in China proved that because at that time, there were also several squads from US armies that did that. They abandoned their post because the post they stationed was hard for them to defeat BETA.

The time he heard that his 'father' and other family members stationed in Sadogashima with US armies, he already knew this would happen. With his family's sense of honor and the way US armies act, this was the highest possibility that could happen.

"Experience" Lelouch stated simply, opening his eyes, making Mana took a steep back because what she saw in his eyes.

"Sadly, you are right" Yuuhi said, making Lelouch attention focused on her, "They are fighting to bitter end to cover the retreated squad"

Lelouch stared Yuuhi for a moment that seemed waiting something from him.

"And?" Lelouch asked, not knowing how heartless he sounded and threw the three off balance.

"B-But they are your family" Yuuhi shuttered, not expecting that kind of replied.

"You Highness, we, man of Makabe family knew what awaits us when we join military," Lelouch said, but his heart not in it, "To cry for the dead ones means that we disrespect their death"

"And my father with other my other family members already knew what waited them as they already told me before" Lelouch said, lying through his teeth. Honestly, he could not bring himself to care about them but he still had reputation to guard.

"I-I see" Yuuhi apologized, knowing well what Lelouch meant, "Forgive me"

Lelouch just nodded before asked, "Then, that mean I will be the new head?"

"Yes, from today you are the Head of Makabe family" Yuuhi informed, "I want to put a formal ceremony for it but in our current situation, unfortunately I cannot do that"

"It's not a problem as I don't like that kind of ceremony too much," Lelouch said, no matter what happened, he could not stand that kind of ceremony, "It's too stiff for me if you ask"

That brought a faint smile from Yuuhi, "I see, then no need for that"

"So, what is our current situation?" Lelouch asked offhandedly but as soon as he saw the three expressions, he knew he stepped on landmine.

"Today, exactly at 09:00 am, 10th of August, Kyoto officially fallen under BETA attacks" Mana stated solemnly as both Yuuhi and Eiji expression became sad.

"I see" Lelouch said, not knowing what to say. He knew this would happen but not this fast.

"Is this had something to with the third issues?" Lelouch asked, as they only discussed two out of three.

"Yes and no" Yuuhi replied before looked at Eiji.

"Just a day ago, we got news that a group of BETA made it ways to Yokohama or to be specify Hodogaya ward before we lost our contact to the squad that stained there. Currently we had made defense line circling Yokohama to prevent BETA from advancing but for some reason they did not," Eiji informed, making Lelouch surprised because that was something he did not expect at all. Thankfully, Eiji noticed Lelouch surprise, "We speculate that some of BETA made an underground way to Yokohama, passing our defense line"

"How can that happen?" Lelouch asked, not bothering his surprise, "The BETA cannot dig that fast and for them to not advancing, that is irregular"

True, based what Lelouch knew, the BETA should not dig an underground tunnel that fast. It was quite a distance between Kyoto and Yokohama after all. In addition, there never a case a BETA forces did not advance when they attacked.

"We still investigate about that but the fact remain that BETA somehow get themselves behind our lines and focused in Yokohama," Eiji said. He too had a hard time believing that, "Still, this meant we still did not know many thing about BETA"

Lelouch shook his head, "Then, what connection this had to me?"

"We want to send an attack team to deal with it but…." Eiji trailed off, looking at Mana.

"We don't have man to send, the most we can do is to prevent BETA from advancing" Mana stated grimly, "There still some of us trapped behind BETA lines, not to mention we had to set another defense line-"

"To put simply we don't have enough man power," Lelouch said tiredly. With their current situation, it was no wonder they were sort in man power, "Therefore you want me to go"

"Yes" Yuuhi nodded, "At this time, we cannot afford to send our force there without opening a hole in our defense line or abandon them who trapped behind lines"

"I understood, but, you don't expect me to go by myself don't you, Your Highness?" Lelouch asked calmly. He knew there was other reason why Yuuhi appointed him for this. While what Yuuhi said was true that they did not have enough man power, opening a hole in defense line and abandon them who trapped behind BETA lines.

It just the most convenient excuse.

After all, if Yuuhi wanted, she could use the squad stationed behind defense line that guarded every big city in japan. There should be no problem in doing that.

"Of course not, Tsukuyomi" Yuuhi said, knowing well that Lelouch did not buy that reasons. In addition, something better unsaid.

Lelouch looked at Tsukuyomi who approached him and gave him a file. He read it and when he finished he looked at Yuuhi.

'So this is the reason why' Lelouch thought.

"I see, another deal with UN armies," Lelouch said, closing the file, "Do you know what this mean?"

"Yes" Yuuhi replied simply.

Both of them stared each other for a while.

"I will take my leave then, Iwaya will brief you," Yuuhi said, standing and moving to the door followed by Mana but stopped when she was next to Lelouch.

"Lelouch" Yuuhi whispered quietly, "What do you think will happen now?"

Lelouch stayed silent but that silent was the answer.

Eiji and Mana watched in confusion from what happened but before they could think, Yuuhi already walked away, making Mana ran after her.

"What happened?" Eiji asked Lelouch who remained sat there with unreadable expression.

Lelouch turned his head to Eiji, "Nothing, nothing at all, so…."

"First, thank you for saving my niece Yui" Eiji said, bowing a little while Lelouch just kept silent not saying anything. Eiji just smiled, knowing well Lelouch would act like this but he knew-

"So, what happened to her and the rest of my squad?"

This made Eiji smiled widened a little, "Yui and Kai still not regained their consciousness but they are okay and Yamashiro is in good condition"

"I see, then I have some request" Lelouch said while smirked darkly.

That smirk, Eiji knew exactly what it was. In his time knowing Lelouch, Lelouch only showed that kind of smirk when he wanted something or… he gulped.

"And pray tell what it is?"

(11 August 1998)

-Lake Biwa-

"She sure had things prepared" Lelouch said to Eiji beside him as they stood in front of a large TSF carrier ship, "To think she gave me this as the means for transportation"

"Well, this means how much her highness thought you in high regards" Eiji shrugged.

"I wonder about that," Lelouch whispered quietly to himself before turned to Eiji, "So, what this ship name?"

"The first TSF carrier that Japan built, Miura-class carrier, Miura" Eiji proclaimed, "This will be her maiden voyage"

Lelouch smiled a little, "Her fist voyage is to attack BETA?"

Eiji chuckled at that, "Yes"

"Still, I heard it will be sometimes before we can use this" Lelouch said, looking over the ship.

"That's not completely true," Eiji said, reassuring Lelouch, "The weapon system and everything else are okay. We only still have not put TSF aboard it and with BETA attacks. We simply cannot afford to spare some"

"I see and how about the escorts?" Lelouch asked.

"One Mogami-class Cruiser, Two Yamagumo-class Destroyer and Two Takashi-class/Type-81 Submarine Tender" Eiji informed, "That's the only ships we can spare"

'Small' Lelouch thought silently, 'but better than nothing'

"So, who is the captain?"

"Takajiro Onishi… and there he is" Eiji said, pointing at the man who approached them.

"Lieutenant Colonel Iwaya, how are you?" Onishi greeted the looked at Lelouch, "And this must Major Makabe"

"Major Makabe Lelouch, at your service admiral" Lelouch saluted, making the man smiled.

"Yes, I have heard you" Onishi said, "After all, it thanks to you that my ship finished faster than it scheduled"

Lelouch looked at Eiji who turned his head away before looked back Onishi.

"It's not a problem admiral. After all, we need everything we could have to fight BETA" Lelouch said pleasantly.

"Yes, I know that. It's a shame that this ship cannot do much in our current situation" Onishi nodded and smiled, "But finally this ship can be used instead docked in the dock doing nothing"

"If that's all, I will leave you two now" Eiji excused himself, "Everything is in the file I gave you"

Lelouch just nodded and saluted to Eiji as he went away.

"He always busy" Onishi commented, looking at Eiji and turned to Lelouch, "I heard what happened to your father, my deepest condolence. We lost a great man"

"Yes" Lelouch said simply.

"Still that might not happened if not because of what US armies did, I know we cannot trust an outsider to defend our homeland" Onishi said in venom, "And now, though I happy that we get the chance to fight BETA, to think we will also carried the people form UN"

"I know what you meant admiral," Lelouch said in fake sadness, following the flow, "We just hope the same thing will not happen with the UN soldiers after all even if they are with UN, they also Japanese"

"Yes, yes, I hope so too but I still not comfortable with that. At least we have you, our own, to lead this operation," Onishi stated, "I don't know what happen if the one in charge is one of UN soldiers"

Lelouch mentally sighed, 'It finally happened'

"By the way admiral," Lelouch said, changing the subject, "Have my two subordinate and the UN soldiers arrive?"

"Ah, yes they have arrived just a moment ago with TSFs" Onishi replied.

"Good, then how fast we can depart?" Lelouch asked, making Onishi smiled.

"We can depart at any time Major," Onishi stated, "Everything good to go"

"Then what we wait for Admiral?" Lelouch asked, making Onishi laughed as they walked to the ship.

'The seed is indeed there' Lelouch though, walking by Onishi side, 'The questions are…."

What he would do about it?

Would he make it die or bloom?

If he made it bloom.

What kind of flower would bloom?

A beautiful white flower of hope or….

A dark twisted flower of despair.

Lelouch could not help but to looking forward for it, to know what kind of end that waited this nation, no, this dying world.


- TSF carrier ship Miura-

-V.I.P Private quarters-

Lelouch sighed as he put down the file Eiji gave to him on the desk he sat on and messaged his forehead. Admiral Onishi was kind enough to give him, his own room, scratch that. That man gave him the V.I.P room for V.I.P person. Lelouch knew that man did this because he wanted something from him or perhaps wanted to get in his good side. Well, if that what that man wanted, he would give it to him. Until, he deemed that man outlive his use of course.

Putting that aside, he got something to think first.

His primary objective was to search and destroy BETA in Yokohama with second objective to help and aid any survivor in Yokohama that left behind.

It was simple and straight to the point.

Even so, there was something did not feel right to him.

The BETA for some reason did not move away from Yokohama. Instead, the BETA stayed at that city and did not make any movement at all. It was quite an unusual for BETA to do that.

It just like the BETA was….no, perhaps he over thinking it.

Still, for this operation, he also would cooperate with UN squad.

This was where another problem came.

He did not mind to cooperate with UN squad but the fact the UN gave him a squad full of rookies was the problem.

'Another rookies' Lelouch thought tiredly.

He hoped this one did not end like the previous one.

But, based on their record, they had an impressive one than his previous rookie squad and not to mention they already had their own role, which a good thing, making him did not have to assign them.

Isumi Michiru, storm or strike vanguard

Hayase Mitsuki, storm or strike vanguard

Suzumiya Akane, gun sweeper

Munakata Misae, gun interceptor

Kashiwagi Haruko, impact guard

Kazama Touko, blast guard

Suzumiya Haruka. Command post personnel

Strom and strike vanguard role were to fighting in front of the squadron and keeping enemy out of range of others. They were close and medium range combatant. The only different between the two was, strike was more offensive than storm.

Gun sweeper role were to engaging enemy with heavy firepower and acting near in frontline, providing backup to vanguard.

Gun interceptor role were watching the flank and managing the kill zone of the squadron, acting from the forward flanks and providing additional cover as necessary.

Impact guard role was maintaining long-range support fire, suppressing or destroying dangerous enemies.

Blast guard role was to herd enemy forces and assist in crowd control, allowing the rest squadron to do their job.

Command post personnel role was to managing communication and other things.

The only missing one was rush guard, which role was to assisting and supporting gun sweepers.

He wondered, perhaps the imperial academy should copy UN training regimen. Even so, to think she was the one that trained them. He knew she had become instructor for UN but he never thought the ones she trained would fall under his command.

The world was indeed a small place.

'Still….' Lelouch though while closed his eyes.

Everything had gone precisely like what he expected.

It would a matter of time and with a few more push, the scenario he had in his mind would happen. His encounter with Admiral Onishi was the proof of it. Still, it needed one strong push to make it happen, as he imagined.

One last strong….



Lelouch opened his eyes and yelled, "Enter"

The door opened and two female entered, Tsukuyomi Maya and Yamashiro Kazusa. The two widened their eyes in surprise when they saw him. No doubt, Eiji did not mention him as their commanding officer. Sometimes, he did not understand that man sense of humor, just like a certain chief of imperial information agency.

Still, they collected themselves after their surprise subsided and saluted to Lelouch.

"Lieutenant Tsukuyomi Maya reporting for duties"

"Lieutenant Yamashiro Kazusa reporting for duties"

He widened his eyes slightly in surprise. The last time he met Kazusa, she was just a pilot officer but now, she was a lieutenant. It was a testament to her skill.

"Major Makabe Lelouch" Lelouch said though it was not necessary as they knew each other but there were some certain protocol he must followed, "Since today, you two will be assigned under my command effectively"

"Yes sir" They said at the same time while saluted at him.

Lelouch now studied both of them carefully, especially Kazusa.

There was no trace of hesitation and uncertainly he saw before. Kazusa now wore the face of hardened soldier. In addition, deep in her eyes, yes, he saw it, a seed.

Yes, the war had made her mature in good ways for him.

Just as he thought, she would be a fine addition to him.

It was a good thing to make her assigned to him.

"First of all" Lelouch said, "Congratulation for your promotion Yamashiro"

"Thank you Mayor" Kazusa replied calmly but with a hint of pride.

But Lelouch noticed that Kazusa seemed to want ask him something, not only her, Maya too. The only reason they had not because the strict protocol.

Lelouch smirked a little, "Before we begin, it's there something you two wanted to ask?"

Before Kazusa could open her mouth to ask what she had in her mind, Maya beat her.

"Did you make me get discharge from my squad so you can take me in?" Maya asked him sternly, glaring at Lelouch. She knew it was weird for her to been suddenly transferred off from her squad. However, now she knew why, after all, the reason for that was in front of her.

Kazusa turned her head to Maya with startled expression because there was a hidden aggressiveness in Maya voice.

Lelouch smiled knowingly, making Maya narrowed her eyes.

"I don't need your he-"

"Maya" Lelouch cut her, surprising Kazusa because how familiar he addressed Maya, "You are here because I recognized your skill and honestly, I need that skill"

"Of course that is the same reason why you are here Yamashiro," Lelouch said, addressing Kazusa who startled slightly because he addressed her suddenly, "Therefore, that is the reason why you two are permanently assigned to me"

That revelation from Lelouch made their eyes widened in shock.

Lelouch smirked inwardly at this, knowing that both of them must think they were assign under him only for this operation. After all, for what he planned to go smoothly, he needed someone reliable under him, which the reason he wanted them.

"But, if you don't want to, I can always get you transferred to another squad after this" Lelouch said sadly, which was a lie.

"No, it's an honor to serve you Major" Kazusa said immediately. It was like a dream to her. Her idol admitted her skill and wanted her to serve him from this day forwards. She would not let this chance go away. After all, if she wanted to surpass him, this was the perfect chance.

However, Maya did not feel the same as Kazusa. She stared Lelouch suspiciously, as she knew that was not all the reason why he did that. After all, in her time knowing Lelouch, there were always some ulterior motives behind his actions.

"I`m glad to hear that Yamashiro" Lelouch smiled before turned to Maya who kept silent., "After all, my only intention is simply to have you two to serve me to your best abilities and in return I will help you two to achieve what you want"

Kazusa beamed at that.

Meanwhile, Maya narrowed her eyes. Unlike Kazusa, Maya could read the hidden meaning in Lelouch words as it directed to her. It meant that Lelouch had no intention for letting the two go even if he stated he would. She knew that Lelouch would do something to make sure they stay with him. In addition, Lelouch just told her that he would help her to achieve her goal.

Her goal to restore her honor after that accident with Shogun that made her fallen from grace. This also her chance to repay what he did for her.

Still, this did not convince her but what options she had.

"I see, then I will be in your care Major" Maya said simply.

"Of course, and before I forget you two can call me by my name, is that clear?" Lelouch said simply, "Maya and…Yamashiro or perhaps I can call you by your name?"

"O-of course Major" Kazusa said.

"Good, now I will brief you two"


-Briefing room-

Isumi Michiru, Hayase Mitsuki, Suzumiya Akane, Munakata Misae, Kashiwagi Haruko, Kazama Touko, and Suzumiya Haruka were waiting anxiously for their commanding officer. They already briefed about their mission and stressed how important it was before came to here.

It only further made them nervous than they already were.

They just graduated and suddenly assigned with this kind of mission, not to mention they would cooperate with imperial royal guard.

Therefore, it was no wonder they were nervous, after all, this was their first mission and battle against BETA.

Honestly, this was not what they imagined for their first mission.

If they could, they would object it but they were soldier and it was their job to follow orders from their superior.

The door opened, making them turned their attention to the door.

The first one that entered was a female royal guard that wore white royal guard uniform. The second one was a female too but wore red uniform. Finally, the third one was a man wearing blue uniform. They knew immediately that the man was their leader because the color of his uniform.

The three of them stood before them with the man in the middle. They saw the man studied each of the carefully before nodded.

"My name is Major Makabe Lelouch, your commanding officer for this mission" Lelouch introduced himself, "From the right of me is Lieutenant Tsukuyomi Maya and from the left of me is Lieutenant Yamashiro Kazusa, both of them will be my second and third in command"

"Now, please answer when I call your name" Maya said, looking at the file she brought.

"Isumi Michiru"


"Hayase Mitsuki"


"Suzumiya Akane"


"Munakata Misae"


"Kashiwagi Haruko"


"Kazama Touko"


"Suzumiya Haruka"


Maya nodded, putting back her file.

"It came to my attention that you all already briefed for this mission," Lelouch stated, "Therefore, I will make this simple. Our primary objective is to search and destroy BETA in Yokohama with second objective to help and aid any survivor in Yokohama. The operation will begin tomorrow, 12 August 1998, at 12:00AM, is that clear?"

"Yes Sir" They said at the same time.

Lelouch nodded, "Based on Intel, the BETA force is focused in Hodogaya ward, with small force of BETA in Nishi ward, Minami ward and Asahi ward. Therefore, we will enter Yokohama through Isogo ward and moving to Minami ward, Hodogaya ward, Asahi ward and then we will retreat to Seya ward, regrouping with another imperial army squad. The number of BETA is approximately around 2500, compromised with Destroyer class, Grappler class, Tank class, Soldier class, Warrior class, and Fort class. Currently, there is no Laser class detected. Any question?"

"No Sir" They said at the same time.

"Good, we will move with formation Wedge-1" Lelouch informed. Wedge 1 was a pyramid like formation with vanguard at the front, followed by middle guard and rear guard. The vanguards usually composed with storm and strike vanguard while middle guard composed with gun sweeper and gun interceptor with rear guard composed with impact guard, rush guard and blast guard. This formation usually used when they attacked a place occupied by BETA or penetrate BETA forces.

"Flight-1, Isumi Michiru and Hayase Mitsuki will be the vanguard led by me"

"Flight-2, Suzumiya Akane and Munakata Misae will be the middle guard led by Lieutenant Tsukuyomi Maya"

"Flight-3, Kashiwagi Haruko and Kazama Touko will be the rear guard led by Lieutenant Yamashiro Kazusa"

"While Suzumiya Haruka will act as our communication officer"

"Is that clear?" Lelouch asked.

"Yes Sir" They said at the same time.

Lelouch nodded, looking pleasant from their answer.

"Now, I have news for you all," Lelouch informed as Kazusa gave him a file and opened it, "This came from Tamase Genjousai, undersecretary general of UN"

"It seems that the seven of you had an impressive training record to make them offered a spot to be the newest addition to the newest special task force A-01 of UN. However, it still not decided, so, based on your performance in upcoming mission, the seven of you will get that spot or not," Lelouch finished and smirking to them, "Therefore, I except the seven of you will show me your full capabilities in upcoming mission"

"Before I dismiss you all, I want you to remember, no, engraved it to your mind," Lelouch stated, staring at each of them in eyes while narrowing his eyes as his tone became cold, "Forget about the 8 minutes of death, just focus staying alive, achieve your mission with all yours might and do not despair until your last breath. Is that clear?"

They shivered at once. The way Lelouch stared and said that to them was so overwhelmed, making them forgets to breathe for a moment.

"Is that clear?" Lelouch asked once more time because he did not get any reply.

"Yes Sir" They said at the same time.

"That's all, you all dismissed"

(12 August 1998)

- TSF carrier ship Miura-

-Launch Area-

"Status?" Lelouch asked while moved his prototype Type-00 Takemikazuchi TSF to the launching pad, which now painted black instead purple.

It seemed the mechanics was having a hard time to clean his TSF from BETA blood and burn marks after what he did. Therefore, they just re-painted it into black instead purple because it was easier.

After all, they did not have enough parts to replace all the outer armor of his TSF and it would kind of weird if some parts of his TSF was purple while other black.

Still, he wondered the weird looks and all attentions that the mechanics gave to him. Unknown to him, the reason was because his TSF became quite a talk between the mechanics. After all, to them, it was the first time they saw a TSF covered with BETA blood that much.

Following behind him was two red and white Type-82/F-4J Kai Zuikaku piloted by Maya and Kazusa while behind them was six blue Type-97 Fubuki piloted by Isumi Michiru, Hayase Mitsuki, Suzumiya Akane, Munakata Misae, Kashiwagi Haruko and Kazama Touko, showing they were belong to UN army.

"All green, ready to go Major" Haruka said over the communication link.

"Is there any change in BETA movement?" Lelouch asked, checking for the last time.

"No, there isn't" Haruka informed.

"Good" Lelouch said, activating his jump unit, "Blast off"


-Isogo Ward-

As they flew over Isogo ward, nearing Minami Ward, Lelouch could not help to felt uneasy.

Even before this operation began, he already felt it but it was like a nagging feeling behind his mind. So he didn't pay much attention to it.

Now, that feeling was growing stronger.

He wondered if this had something to do with the absent of laser class BETA.

It was a usual thing as sometimes the BETA attacks without laser class type.


Why he felt like this?

"HQ to flight 1 leader please responds"

"This is flight 1 leader, is there something wrong HQ?" Lelouch asked, looking at the screen that showed Haruka face.

"There is a new Intel, the BETA from Nishi, Minami and Asahi Ward are moving to Hodogaya ward"

Lelouch froze as he heard that. His mind was working for the answer but found none.

"Please repeat it again HQ" Lelouch asked, perhaps he heard wrong.

"The BETA from Nishi, Minami and Asahi Ward has just moving back to Hodogaya ward"

"Are you sure?" Lelouch asked, confirming it.

"Yes, we have visual from satellite for that"

Lelouch frowned. The only thing he could think, the BETA was retreating.

It was not strange if the BETA retreated but….

'Why they retreat to Hodogaya ward?' He thought silently. Something weird was happening right now.

"Do you have visual for Hodogaya Ward?" Lelouch asked, thinking that he might find the answer if they had a visual over Hodogaya Ward.

"Negative. There are clouds blocking our satellite for that" Haruka informed.

"Roger that" Lelouch sighed, so much for that, "Flight 1 leader to all, do you copy that?"

"Yes Sir" was the respond from his squad.

"There will be no change of plan but don't let your guard down" Lelouch ordered before he closed the communication line.

A frown adored his face as his mind tried to make some scenario about current situation.


-Minami ward-

True to what Haruka told them. There was no sign of BETA in Minami ward. Only destruction the BETA left behind greeted them.

However, to be sure, he had sent Flight 2 and 3 to reconnaissance the situation.

"This is flight 2 leaders; there is no sign of BETA here"

"This is flight 3 leaders; there is no sign of BETA here"

"This is flight 1 leader, roger that" Lelouch said, frowning, "Is there any sign of survivor?"



Lelouch sighed, expecting that. However, he got a feeling something was not right but did not know exactly what it was.

"Major" Michuri called over the communication line, "I think you must see this"

Lelouch perked at this. He moved his TSF to Michiru TSF who stood before a fallen TSF, no doubt one of the ones that stationed here, "Is there something wrong Izumi?"

"Look at this Major" Michiru said, moving her TSF aside so Lelouch could see what she saw before.

Lelouch looked at the fallen TSF and noted that the cockpit area ripped out, no doubt by the tank class. He wondered briefly, what was wrong, as it was not wrong to him.

"There is no body" Michiru informed and it was true as Lelouch zoomed up the screen.

There was blood but no body, even body parts.

"Perhaps the BETA ate the pilot whole?" Lelouch supplied.

"That is my first thought too Major but…."

As Michiru trailed off, Lelouch finally got what she meant.

There was a blood trail from the cockpit to outside.

Lelouch could ignore this as the case the BETA dragged and ate the pilot outside but the trail continued to certain distance as it blood grew thin, leaving a small trail of it.

"What do you think Major?" Michiru asked. Her voice was shaking, "Could it be the BETA took the pilot away instead…"

The part 'Ate the pilot?' left unsaid.

"I don't know" Lelouch answered. He did not know what to think about this.

There was a theory about BETA existence but he never thought much about it. Still, he could not help to think that theory perhaps had some merits. Many had wondered why many BETAs had some similar features as human. The answer was different from each person but the popular one from the general populace that knew BETA.

BETA actually some kind of out of control biological weapon developed by a rogue nation rather than alien invaders. However, for they in army and government knew this was not true for several reasons. Their theory why many BETAs had some similar features as human was because BETA made from human and animal bodies. Something that could be true as BETA was carbon based life forms, just like human and animals. In addition, the fact that there were some missing person when BETA attacked and there were no animals in area BETA occupied.

Lelouch shook his head.

There was no time for thinking such thing.

"Just focus on our mission Isumi" Lelouch told Michiru.

"Yes sir"

"To all Flight, we will now move to Hodogaya Ward" Lelouch informed, "Prepare yourself"


-Hodogaya Ward-

As soon as they arrived at Hodogaya Ward, Lelouch and his squad were having a hard time to believe what they saw.

They expected a city full of BETAs and many other things.

However, they did not expect this.

There was no BETA but far away from where they were a half build large gate that emerged from the ground.

They knew what it was.

This made them wondered if what they saw was a dream, one bad dream.

"Major" Maya said over the communication line with disbelief, "That…"

"A hive" Kazusa said, her voice was shaking, "A hive entrance"

Lelouch averted his eyes to the screen that showed the face of his squad and saw their shocked and disbelieved expression.

"Calm down!" Lelouch said harshly, snapping them back.

"It's true that you all see is hive entrance, however, judging that it's only half done. The BETA only started to build it" Lelouch said calmly, it was no good if he was also panicking, "This Hive is not a phase one hive at all"

Lelouch then opened another communication line, "HQ, this is flight 1 leader, please respond"

A screen that showed face Haruka showed up, "This is HQ, what happened Flight 1 leader?"

Lelouch wondered how he should tell this for a moment but decided to blunt about it, "We confirmed a HIVE being built in Yokohama"



"Please repeat it again Flight 1 leader"

"We confirmed a HIVE being built in Yokohama"

As soon as Lelouch finished saying that, he could hear someone yelling at the background.

There was no doubt in his mind that they were panicking right now.


"Flight 1 leader this is Admiral Takajiro speaking; currently we are trying to contact other for this. Please remain stand by until further notice"

"Roger that" Lelouch said, knowing well this was a delicate matter. They needed to discuss this first with higher up for…



"Major, multiple sign of BETA detected coming from the entrance!" Maya informed, making Lelouch sighed.

"Prepare for combat," Lelouch ordered, "Formation wedge 1"



"There is no end of it!"

Lelouch heard one the UN pilot yelled over the communication line. IF he was not mistaken, her name was Suzumiya Akane.

"Suzumiya pay more attention to BETA!"

He heard Michiru yelled back at Akane.

The UN rookies were doing well against BETA and the most important thing, none died.

Still, even if they were doing well for now but for how long he did not know. The BETA they fought was only grappler and destroyer class. It made him wonder where the other class that, especially the fort class.


Lelouch sighed as he shot another grappler class with his assault rifle.

It had been two hours since they attacked BETA and there still no further order from HQ.

He could imagine that the higher ups were bickering with each other without any solution to their situation. After all, that was what they always did when 'his dead father' brought him to one of 'his dead father' meeting.

Honestly, it made him sick to no end at how pathetic they were.

They spoke honor but their action said otherwise.

"Flight 1 leader to HQ, is there still no orders? We are running low ammo here" Lelouch said, avoiding a destroyer class ram attack.

"This is HQ, there is no order but we can send you supply contain- please wait a second… new order has just come, mission aborted Major, you are ordered to retreat to Tokyo" Haruka informed, while Lelouch already had an idea why they wanted him in Tokyo.

"Roger that" Lelouch said simply, "All Flight, do you copy that?"

"Yes sir!"


Their retreat was particularly easy without laser class in the area because they could use their jump unit to fly away.

Right now, they were flying above Kanagawa Ward, moving to Kohoku Ward.

Still, as they were flying, something was bothering Lelouch.

He could not help but to feel something was wrong, but he did not know what.

The BETA action was weird and the lack of other class beside grappler and destroyer were also…


Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his head.



It was going worse.




"Ugh!" Lelouch let go his right hand from TSF controller and rubbed his forehead with it. However, it did nothing to ease the pain.

Suddenly a screen appeared, showing Kazusa face, "Major, are you alright? Your TSF was movi-"

"I`m alright" Lelouch cut her.

"Major, your face is pale" Kazusa said worriedly.




Suddenly a warning appeared and with that, another screen appeared, showing Maya face.

"Major, there is a small- Are you alright Major? Your face is pale" Maya asked, noticing Lelouch pale face.

"I`m okay" Lelouch said simply, "Just a headache, what happened?"

Maya was looking at Lelouch suspiciously for a while, "There is a small group of BETA detected what should we do?"

Lelouch tried to think of something but the pain made it hard to do so, "We will attack them. They might be in their way to Tokyo after all"

"All, flight prepare for battle," Lelouch said, opening the communication line to other, "Our target is a small group of BETA"


With that, he closed all of his communication line and moved his TSF to the red dots position in his radar followed by other.

'What just happened?' Lelouch thought silently. It was the first time he had a headache that hurt.

'No point thinking about it. I`m just tired' Lelouch thought, shaking his head to clear his thought.


"What the heck just happened?" Akane voiced what was on everyone mind.

After they arrived at to the place that the radar showed, they saw a very odd thing happened.

A small group of BETA composed from soldier and tank class carried a bus.

This was something they never saw before.

However, upon a closer inspection, there were human inside the bus.

They immediately attacked and swiftly defeated the BETA.

After that, they moved the bus away from that place to inspect it closely.

"There are life sign inside the bus" Maya informed.


Lelouch clutched his head as he felt another sharp pain in his head.

"What we should do Major?" Maya asked as Lelouch watched her face and other from the screen that showed their face. There was confusion and disbelief in their expression.

"I will go and check it," Lelouch said simply. He got a feeling that he must do this, "While you all stand guard"

For a moment, Maya and Kazusa looked like she was against it; however, they did not say it. The same with other but they were a professional soldiers and knew not to disobey their commanding officer order.


With that, Lelouch TSF kneeled and opened the cockpit. He calmly stepped outside and approached the bus.

The bus windows and doors were broken with blood adored it.

He entered the bus and saw man and woman from different ages inside. They were severely injured and none conscious.

Judging with the way their bodies pilled with one and each other. To think BETA attacked the bus because there were human inside was wrong. In fact, it seemed the BETA was the one, which put them inside the bus.

Lelouch started checking each one of them, searching someone that conscious to tell him what happened.

After all, it was weird for BETA to carry a bus with several people still alive inside it when BETA usually ate them immediately after found a human.


Lelouch clutched his head as he felt another pain in his head.


Suddenly Lelouch heard a voice coming not far from him. He found a young man, severely injured compared other.


"Hey! Are you alright?" Lelouch asked while moved others that lay at the top of the young man, ignoring the pain he felt.

"W..ho a..e y..u?" The young man asked, looking at Lelouch with a half lifted eyes. His voice was raspy; making Lelouch had a hard time to hear him correctly.


"Makabe Lelouch from royal guard" Lelouch said, frowning as he got a clear few how bad the young man injury. The pain in his head also did not help, as it was growing stronger.

"H..lp su..i..ka"

"Please safe your strength" Lelouch said sternly, trying to help the young man.

"No BE..A t..k h..r" The young man voice grew weak which alerted Lelouch.


"Hey, stay with me!" Lelouch yelled, flinching form the pain, "What is your name?"

"Shi…ga..e Ta…e..ru"


"What?" Lelouch asked, clutching his head as the pain grew worse, "What's your name?"

"Shirogane Takeru"

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