Chapter 7

"Lexi." Trinity called as she timidly walked towards the bunny who was reading her magazine in the lounge. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure." Lexi then moved over for the feline to sit. "What you want to talk about?"

Trinity didn't reply as she fiddled with her tail, a sign that she's embarassed. "Um, well... have you ever like someone before?"

Lexi was surprised before smirking a bit, "Ok, who's the lucky guy?"

The ligress jumped at that and blushed before waving her hand in front of her, "N-No one! I'm just asking!"

"Come on, Tri. I promise I won't tell." Lexi then got into a thinking pose. "Let me guess... Ace?" her grin widened when she saw the blush reddened and covered her whole furry face. "I knew it! It would explain why you snapped at Ace when he mentioned Black Velvet being hot that other day."

"You won't tell the guys or anyone, right?"

"Of course, I won't but you've got to tell him."

"Bu-But what if he doesn't like me back? I mean, we're of different species and what's more, I'm from a family of carnivous!"

"Whoa there, sister. It doesn't matter who or where you come from. Besides, guys must be crazy not to be in love with you. I mean, you're kind and friendly and cute." Lexi winked. "I'm sure he felt the same way. Just be more confident."

Trinity smiled, "Thanks, Lexi."

"Oh great, the TV's gone dead!" cried Duck, making the girls realized the mallard was in the same room but was too busy with the TV to hear them. "Now I'm going to miss Misty Breeze!" he wailed.

"How can you stand that woman? She's so…" started Lexi.

"Egotistical?" added Trinity.


"Oh please, you girls are just jealous that she's more popular than you two." Said Duck.

"Yeah, that's the reason…" muttered Lexi with Trinity shaking her head.

"Come on, let's help the guys fix the satellite so you won't miss your precious Mister Breeze," said Lexi. The three of them made their way up to the roof as the rain poured down hard and the wind nearly blew them off the roof.

"Thanks alot, Slam." cried Duck annoyed as he opened the door. "Just in time for me to miss my favorite TV personality of all time, Misty Breeze."

"Duck!" Ace shouted as he and Tech looked over the railing to see Trinity jumped down from the staircase window and caught Slam just in time before manipulating the wind to carry them both back up to the roof top.

"You alright, Slam?" Trinity asked. The tasmanian nodded before glaring at Duck. All of a sudden, a woman with turquoise hair landed in the satellite dish and slid right down grabbing onto the antenna for dear life.

"Gasp! Misty Breeze!" Duck squealed.

"Don't just stand there, you dolt! Get me out of here!" Misty shouted. She suddenly lost her grip and slid down the satellite and into Duck's arms.

"I'm your biggest fan, Danger Duck, at your service, hot stuff," he said with a wink.

"Thank you." She said getting out of Duck's arms and striking a pose as if the paparazzi would soon arrive to take her picture. "Don't get too close," she added.

"Misty and her crew were broadcasting at the City Hall Plaza." Ace said as the team flew on their jetpacks towards the destination.

"I just don't get it; who would want to harm the lovely Misty Breeze?" asked Duck, smitten.

"Anyone who's ever met her?" added Lexi.

"Jealous?" he asked. Lexi just shot him the look before flying next to Trinity who is next to Ace.

"Loonatics," Zadavia's image suddenly appeared on several television screens on the sides of buildings as they continued flying, "there have been many reports of strange weather phenomenon materializing all over the planet."

"Say, Zadavia, but isn't monitoring the weather more of a job for-" started Ace.

"Misty Breeze?" asked Duck.

"Not this kind of weather. You better move fast, Loonatics. Zadavia out."

Once they arrived, the weather had calmed down and they found a large van turned over on its side. Slam lifted the van and a dark skinned man in green with yellow shades fell out and landed on his back. He seemed unharmed and was mumbling something as if he were in a trance.

"…Sorry…" mumbled Slam.

"Paula…assistant…the script…Misty…wet hair…crazy weather…storm…Misty gone!" he cried, mumbling jumbled words.

"Hey, uh, I'm gonna need some more word there. How about some verbs?" asked Ace.

"I've got one. Look!" cried Trinity, pointing to the top of City Hall.

Atop the building stood a blue skinned woman with purple hair, wearing a purple dress with glowing purple eyes. She levitated over the city safely in a glowing oval surrounded by lightning and dark clouds. "No stealing my thunder, Loonatics!" she shouted. She raised her arms as lightning cracked in the sky. "Back off!"

"That's her!" cried the man, just before running away.

"Cloud creatures, put these heroes in a fog!"

"Amazing!" cried Tech in awe as large titans made of dark purple clouds materialized around them.

"Was this in the forecast?" Ace said.

"Oh, scary clouds. What, you gonna stop us from getting a tan?" asked Duck, unimpressed. One of the cloud creatures wrapped its giant hand tightly around Duck's body. "Or maybe stop us from breathing!"

"Ok, chief. What's the plan?" asked Tech.

"Kick some cloud!" Ace jumped up to a cloud creature and kicked its face off. Just as he was about to land, the creature swiftly grabbed Ace's foot and held him high. "Hey, watch the foot! It's lucky!"

Slam came running up and bit through the creature's arm, releasing Ace, who fell to the ground. Just as Slam charged at another cloud creature, one suddenly tackled him from the side.

"Now-here's-something-you-don't-see-every-sunny-day. I-may-be-wrong-but-it-looks-like-they're-alive, but-how-can-that-be? Clouds-are-just-for-making-rain, not-for-striking-terror-in-the-hearts-of-the-city," Rev babbled while running around a cloud creature, which slammed its fist into the ground, tripping Rev.

"How are we supposed to fight these things? Everything we hit them with just goes right through them!" cried Trinity, blasting the cloud creatures with her sonic scream, but as she just stated, all their attempts were in vain.

"Well, when someone comes up with a better idea, let me know!" cried Duck, shooting an egg through a cloud creature's head, which only went right through it without doing any damage.

"Let's pump up the clouds and bring in the fog," cackled Weathervane. She raised her arms and purple fog descended from the sky and surrounded the Loonatics and the cloud creatures. The fog proved to be far more effective, greatly limiting the Loonatics vision.

Trinity was too busy dealing with her own monster that she didn't realized another behind her but her bunny in shining armor came to save her from being plummet, though said knight should learn how to stop his fall when he accidentally crashed into the feline and they ended up rolling on the ground before groaned in pain as she lifted her head off the ground when she heard another groan below her. It was then her mind processed that she was lying on top of Ace's chest. Said bunny lifted his head up at the same time she did when their noses touched.

The feline's face flushed again before hastily getting off, "S-Sorry..." she reached a hand out for him to grab which he did and pulled him up.

"Um, thanks..." the yellow bunny awkwardly said before pushing the feline aside when a monster crept up to them. Ace's laser vision went right through a cloud creature and struck Tech's tail. He jumped into the air, screaming while clutching his tail.


"Woops! Very sorry there, Tech," said Ace.

"Ace, my-internal-radar-can't-distinguish-what's-cloud-creature-and-what's-plain-old-fog-and-it's-getting-really-hard-to-avoid-their-GRIP!" cried Rev just a cloud creature grabbed him.

"What you say we help him out, Slam!" cried Ace.

"…you the man!" he mumbled. Slam spun around in his tornado, sucking up all the fog, revealing the cloud creatures previously hidden in the fog.

Lexi cart wheeled away from a cloud creature and eyed the fire hydrant between them. She fired a Brain Blast at the hydrant causing it to erupt water straight into the cloud creature. "Clouds absorb water! And to think I only got a B in high school science," said Lexi.

"That's great Lexi, but are you sure you want to make them bigger?" asked Ace.

The cloud creature wailed as it grew in size and became consumed by the water and it's own growing body. Its face disappeared and the cloud rose up with the other lifeless clouds covering the sky.

"Well, if they do that then I guess we want to make them bigger," said Trinity.

"Oh! I-want-to-try-that-I-want-to-try-that! Let-me-try-that! Here-I-go!" cried Rev, running to the fountain and splashing a mountain of water into a cloud creature's face.

Ace ran over to another foundtain and blasted the statue off so the water pipe goes straight for another cloud monster. Trinity maipulated the water to attack the other remaining, causing them to grow bigger and disappeared.

"Awesome!" Lexi and Trinity high-fived each other.

"Water egg, please be a water egg." Duck formed an egg in his hand and stuck it in the cloud monster's mouth. The cloud expanded and exploded an orange liquid. Duck stuck out his tongue. "Hm…orange juice works too."

"Pesky duck!" cried Paula as she shot a lightning bolt near Duck, causing him to jump back and into Slam's arms. "You may have won this round, Loonatics but I'm the star here. You!" Paula pointed to the cameraman on the roof with her. "Keep that camera pointed at me! I've got breaking news! Hear me, Acmetropolis! I am Weathervane. And tonight, there is a 100% chance of destruction! Here's a newsflash for you, Loonatics and it's a real shocker!" Weathervane cackled as she fired a giant bolt of lightning at the Loonatics.

Tech was about to activate his lightning rod when Trinity focused all of the bolts to attack her, "Phew, that was a close one."

"Nice lightning rod, Trinity. That's definitely gonna earn you some vacation time." Said Ace.

"All the elements are at my command! I don't need to report the story. I am the story! It'll make everyone forget about the Misty Breeze!" she shouted at the cameraman.

"Forget about Misty Breeze? Why I'd sooner forget what's her name here," said Duck.

"You shouldn't have said that, Duck." Trinity said.

"Time for you to be gone with the wind!" She waved her hands and a strong wind suddenly formed in the plaza, sucking the Loonatics up into a tornado. Ace managed to grab onto a lamp post while Duck quacked out of the tornado and Slam was blown into a wall.

Ace shot his grappling gun and it grabbed onto Trinity's waist. She grabbed onto Lexi just as Ace pulled her out of the tornado. Lexi landed on the ground with a thud while she landed right into Ace's arms. "Thanks, Ace," she breathed, "you can put me down now…"

"Oh, sorry, Tri." he said, putting her down.

Tech had a similar idea and pulled out his grappling gun. He quickly reached for Rev and wrapped his arm around his waist before fired his grappling gun. It grabbed onto a statue and pulled them to safety.

"I was gonna get you next," said Ace.

"I got impatient," replied Tech.

Trinity followed Slam via jetpack, "Slam, keep it steady!" her eyes blazed blue as her hands glowed silvery-gray and the wind picked up around the tornado, turning the other direction. The tornado slowly dispersed before it turned calm. Bystanders all cheered as Slam raised his arms in victory.

"They defeated my clouds, my lightning, my tornado! But can they defeat all of them at once? I release all of the elements upon you! Bring me Misty Breeze or start building an ark!" she shouted, striking lightning onto buildings and a railway track, stopping a running train as it went by as the last car hung over the edge.

"Move it, Loonatics!" cried Ace.

Slam and Tech used their powers to lift the train while Ace, Lexi and Trinity cleared the tracks of rubble. Once Slam lifted the one car hanging over the edge, Tech used his magnetism to slowly lower the train onto the tracks. The train doors opened and everyone cheered on the Loonatics. They flew back to the plaza to confront Weathervane.

"Ok Weathervane, your forecast calls for-" started Ace.

"Ah, wait! Please don't hurt me!" squealed the cameraman.

"Aw, I didn't even get to finish my line. Where'd she go?" asked Ace.

"I don't know!" he answered hysterical. "She just flew up and vanished!"

"We should probably evacuate the area," said Trinity.

"The whole area? Why?" asked Lexi.

"Let's just say my sense are telling me something big and bad is about to happened."

"Suspicions confirmed, Trinity," Zadavia spoke, her hologram appearing in front of the team. "There's an unnatural energy force brewing in intensity thirty five miles from the coast."

"That's gotta be Weathervane," said Ace. "Let's get going!" They all flew towards the harbor.

"With all this water, we could sure use a duck," said Lexi.

"Where is Duck anyway?" asked Ace.

"I have a feeling he went after Weathervane." Trinity said.

"So if we find Duck, we'll find Weathervane," said Ace. They flew out into the ocean where a gigantic purple cloud with lightning was forming. They spotted Duck hovering under it and flew over to him.

"Duck! What are you doing? Where's Weathervane?" asked Lexi.

"I really hope that's not her…" said Ace. Hidden within the clouds stood a large black and purple dragon with huge wings. Weathervane cackled as the dragon roared. The dragon opened its mouth and spat lightning at the group, who dispersed. The dragon ignored the Loonatics and flew back towards the city, spitting lightning at buildings.

"I don't think a busted fire hydrant is going to fix this mess," said Lexi.

"Hey, Tech, you wouldn't happen to have a giant hair dryer, would you?" asked Ace.

"If you're thinking of evaporating something that big, you'll need a hair dryer about a mile wide," he replied.

As the team discussed on what to do, Trinity thought of a way to distract the dragon. Without warning, she flew straight for it before diving into the water.

"Trinity!" Duck shouted, grabbing everyone's attention. Not long, a whirlpool appeared just below the dragon before shooting out like a water-spout, hitting the dragon head-on. After that were columns of tornadoes surrounding it and trapping it so it couldn't escape.

The team then could make out something flying towards them. It was Trinity, flying on her wind since her jetpack is wet.

"That should keep her occupied for a while."

"Thanks, Tri. Hey Rev, any idea where we can find a hot spot within 100 miles?" asked Ace.

"Oh man, do I have a fiery hot spot for you guys, this is gonna burn the hair off if you get too close, this place is scorching!" rambled Rev.

"Great, now all we need is some bait," said Tech.

"I'll go." Trinity volunteered. "Misty Breeze is sure to chase after me after what I did to her just then, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't like anyone having the powers over elements other than her."

"Alright, but you can't go alone. We need another to act as a second bait." Ace said, turning to Duck.

"Why is everyone looking at me? Wait…let me guess, me again," muttered Duck.

"You sure this'll work, Tech?" asked Ace as they all flew towards a small remote island with a volcano.

"If the lava depth charge is in sync with the targeting mechanism, there should be enough combustion to-"

"English English, Tech!"

"Yeah, it should boom."

That's all we need. And that'll activate the volcano?"

"Your guess is as good as mine," Tech replied. Tech landed his aircraft and stepped out.

"Hey, guys! It's showtime!" said Lexi as Duck, Trinity and Rev came flying by with the storm dragon. Duck was busy insulting it while Trinity and Rev maneuvered around the rocks, the former showing off her wind skills as she tried to get the dragon to follow them.

"Right, Slam can withstand the volcanic heat better than any of us. You need to take this container up to the volcano and when I saw 'now' drop it into the volcano. Understand? Now," he said.

Slam nodded and mumbled before reaching down and pressing the button.

"Slam! No!" they all cried. The time suddenly flicked on and began counting down from thirty.

"No, not 'now' now, 'now' later!" cried Tech.

"Just get it up there, now!" cried Ace.

Slam picked up the container and dashed off to the volcano. He managed to make it to the top with time to spare and threw the container into the magma. Both Duck and Trinity managed to lead the Storm Dragon to the top of the volcano and Duck teleported themselves to the coast to regroup with the others just as the volcano exploded right onto Weathervane, dispersing the weather clouds. Lava flowed down from the volcano and onto the lush forest of the island.

"My portalab, I just built it!" cried Tech as lava flowed towards it.

"Forget the portalab, Tech! We've gotta move!" shouted Ace.

"No…it never harmed anyone!" Tech wailed as they flew from the island back to Acmetropolis.

"Wow, he really needs to get out more," said Ace.

"Does he always act like this when something of his gets destroyed?" asked Trinity.

"You're lucky, this is one of the good days," replied Lexi. They landed back in City Hall Plaza as Misty's camera crew was getting ready for another shot. "I'm picking up Zadavia's signal."

As if on cue, Zadavia's image suddenly appeared on the television screen on the TV crew van. "There are no traces left of the Storm Dragon, but Weathervane has yet to reappear, we can only assume she escaped. Good work, Loonatics. Zadavia-"

Misty Breeze suddenly exited the van and saw Zadavia on the screen. "Who is this? I'm the only pretty face on this channel!" she shouted, turning the screen off.

"Misty Breeze…" sighed Duck. "This is my chance!" He ran up to Misty and interrupted her broadcast.

"CUT! Can I help you?" she asked annoyed as Duck stared at her with googly eyes.

"It's me, Duck. Remember? You're number one fan. I was just wondering if I could get you to sign a few things."

"Ok, fine. But make it quick!"

Duck pulled out several fan merchandise and began handing it to her for her to sign. "Here's a fan club photo, your official weather cookbook, your commemorative beach towel,"

"WHAT ELSE?" she shouted.

"Your inflatable beach ball," Duck continued.

"How many of these things do you have?"

"Oh, not many," Duck said as a pickup truck pulled up to them and dumped a pile of Misty Breeze fan merchandise. "Just all your posters, all your books, chewing gum, your eighth grade report card, all those little shaky snow globes of you in that tiny parka. Just the essentials."

"Why don't we leave these two lovebirds alone?" suggested Ace. Trinity nodded before both noticing how close they are to each other. The previous experience were still fresh in their mind.

"Um... Yeah, let's get going..." Trinity blushed a pink tint. Lexi was in the background grinning at the progress.

"So far, so good. But not good enough, looks like I have to play cupid for them." Lexi muttered.