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A Glance at the Future

Chapter 1: The Switch

Young Justice

"Dude, where are we?' asked Kid Flash.

"I don't know. It's so dark." said Robin, looking around.

"I can't see a thing in here!" exclaimed Conner aka Superboy.

"Duh, Captain Obvious!" said Artemis scornfully.

"Anyone got a torch?" asked M'gann aka Miss Martian.

"Allow me." said a voice from behind.

The Young Justice turned around to look for the voice but they couldn't possibly see anything in the dark.

"Is it me or did everyone actually heard that voice?" asked Zatanna, feeling scared.

"We did. You are not dreaming." whispered Kaldur aka Aqualad.

"Will somebody tell me what's going on?" asked Robin.

Suddenly a flash of white light engulfed the whole room and the Young Justice suddenly found themselves inside an abandoned movie theatre.

"Uh, what are we doing here?' asked Wally aka Kid Flash.

"Why to see your futures, of course. or more specifically, Robin, Speedy and Kid Flash's future." said a voice coming form the screen.

"What?" asked Artemis.

Suddenly, a girl with long black hair with a pink headband and brown eyes appeared on the screen. She was wearing an ordinary pink sweater and white capris. She seemed to be smiling at the Young Justice gang.

"Hello and welcome to the Halls of Fortune. A place where you could see what will happen in the future." said the girl.

"Who are you?" asked Superboy curiously. The girl merely smiled at him.

"I am known by many names but you can call me sitiaisyah93. It is a code name and will be safe to use." said sitiaisyah93 softly.

"Why did you bring us here?" asked Robin.

"I brought you here to give you a glance at Robin, Speedy and Kid Flash's future because of… certain reasons… Someday… Thing will change and you'll be glad you saw these videos, even if you won't remember them." said sitiaisyah93.

"What future? What things will change?" asked Wally nervously.

"You will find out soon enough." said the girl. With the wave of her hand, the lights went out.

"What now?" asked M'gann.

"Just wait and watch it I guess." said Zatanna shrugging.

The Team then took their seats, sitting with whomever they wanted to.

"Hey! Can you at least get us some popcorn?!" shouted Wally at the air.

"Shut up, Baywatch! She's not going to-" Artemis was cut short when suddenly, the unoccupied seats were filled with bags of all types of popcorn.

"It's official. I feel stalked right now." said Zatanna, reaching out for some popcorn.

"Can you get us some soda too?" asked Robin.

A second later, all the heroes' favorite sodas appeared out of thin air.

"Thank you!" said Robin, grabbing a bottle of Coke from the seat next to him.

"When will the movie start already?" demanded Artemis, chowing down on a box of butter-creamed popcorn.

Suddenly, the screen lit up and the video began counting down from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

It was a sunny day at Jump City Park. A big banner with the words "Annual Teen Titans Picnic" was hung in between two lampposts.

"Teen Titans? Who are the Teen Titans?" asked Wally.

"Shh." said M'gann, shushing him.

At the picnic area a group of teenagers were hanging out and chatting with each other. On one side was a half-robot person, a green-skinned boy with pointy ears and green hair, a girl with short purple hair and a blue cloak, a pretty alien girl with red hair and tanned skin and a the back of a boy with spiky hair and green cape. On the other was a girl in a bumblebee costume with wings, a boy who resembled a young version of Red Arrow, a boy in a blue diver suit with black leotards and two identical twin boys who are holding hands.

"DUDE! Isn't that Red Arrow? Why is he in his old Speedy costume? And why does he seem…skinnier?" asked Wally.

"Wally! Shh!" said Zatanna.

"But-" argued Wally.

"Shh mean Shh, Baywatch!" warned Artemis.

Kid Flash finally stopped talking.

Suddenly, a yellow-and-pink blur came streaking out of nowhere and stopped right in the middle of the picnic.

The boy with spiky hair turned around, smiling at the boy.

The Young Justice Team gasped. It was Robin, but it was an older, bitterer Robin. Even YJ Robin couldn't help staring at his older self on the screen.

"Hey Kid Flash and Jinx. Glad you could make it." said TT Robin.

The Team was shocked at the tone of TT Robin's voice. It was bitter and harsh, as though he had went through plenty of torture in life.

"Is that really you Robin?" asked Zatanna to YJ Robin.

"I-I don't know." replied Robin, also not believing the screen.

"Baywatch is that really you?" said Artemis, shocked to see TT Kid Flash on the screen. Especially when he was hand-in-hand with the pink haired girl.

"Don't know. I think so." said Kid Flash, squinting his eyes to make sure it was him on screen.

"Are you kidding Robin? We wouldn't miss this picnic for the world! Especially since all of the Teen Titans will be attending." said TT Kid Flash, playfully punching TT Robin on the arm.

"Yeah. It'll be embarrassing to be the only ones not to come. Seen Argent anywhere? I wanted to return her headband. She left it at our place when she visited." said Jinx, showing them the red headband she brought.

"Your place? You guys already moved in together?" asked Robin, surprised.

"Yup. Don't you and Star live together too?" asked Kid Flash.

"Yeah, but that's different. The whole team lives in the Tower." said Robin, blushing hard.

Artemis whirled around to YJ Kid Flash's seat.


The girls on the Team had to restrain Artemis from ripping off YJ Kid Flash's face. The guys quickly surrounded Kid Flash, just in case Artemis tried to arrow him.

Zatanna nearly couldn't restrain herself too. Who was Star and why did TT Robin blush when TT Kid Flash said that they live together too? Was she his new girlfriend? Where did that leave her?

YJ Robin was also reeling from the conversation between his future self and TT Kid Flash. Why did he blush when Kid Flash mentioned a girl named Star? What did his future self mean when he said the whole team lived in the tower? Weren't they living on Mount Justice? And why did he sound so harsh and bitter? What happened to him?

Guess there's only one way to know, thought YJ Robin.