I told you I'd upload it soon so yay! I hope you like this episode. I decided to make a non-canon first because the official episodes are SO exhausting. I can't trust the transcripts because they lacked detail so I had to START FROM SCRATCH :( I had to re-watch each scene back and forth while listing out each detail.

So a couple of my friends and I watched some of the Young Justice Abriged series and thought that they were simply awesome! So, we decided to make one of our own. So if anyone is interested to become editors, scriptwriters or voice actor you can contact me for more details. But we might start the projects later on because I'm quite busy right now -_-

Credit: Fighter1357

A Glance at the Future

Chapter 9: Control Freak's Return Part 1

"Booya! I beat you again little dude!" cheered Cyborg, doing a victory dance.

"All right. I admit that you're the better video game player and that meat is better than tofu." said Beast Boy.

"Meat is better than tofu!" said Kid Falsh.

"Don't forget that you have wear a pink tutu and dance like a ballerina." reminded Cyborg.

Just then, loud blares of alarms sounded throughout the whole tower.

"Titans trouble!" said Robin, rushing in into the living room.

"Aww. I was just about to record BB doing an excerpt from Swan Lake." complained Cyborg, pouting slightly.

"These guys take dares way to seriously." said Artemis.

"No time! Hurry!" said Robin, more urgently.

"Fine." replied Cyborg, getting up.

Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven got into the T-Car while Robin got onto his motorcycle. Starfire was hovering above the both of them, ready to fly off.

"You guys have your own car?" said Superboy disbelievingly.

"So, anyone mind telling me where the heck we're supposed to be going?" asked Cyborg to Robin.

"Control Freak busted out of prison again and he's causing panic at the Jump City Electronic Store downtown again." said Robin.

"How many times that you faced this guy Rob?" asked Roy.

"From the looks of it, I'd say quite a few." replied Robin.

"That place where we got sucked into television? Heck no! I swore I am not going near that place again. Now I shudder every time I hear the name 'Lance'." said Cyborg.

"This isn't the time to argue! We have to go now! There are people's lives at stake here!" yelled Robin.

"Wow. Someone's a little grumpy." said M'gann.

"Fine. But if I get sucked in one more time, I will personally kill you Robin." said Cyborg, starting the T-Car.

In five minutes time, the Titans managed to reach the video store where people came running outside, screaming in panic. Then, Robin noticed a familiar head of red hair who is crouching behind a car, bow and arrow in hand.

"Wow. You're getting scrawnier, Red Arrow." snickered Wally.

"Speedy?" asked Robin disbelievingly.

"It's Red Arrow, dude!" said Roy grumpily.

"Dude, what are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be with the Titans East." asked Beast Boy.

"It's our day off." replied Speedy.

"And you spend your day off fighting crime in our city?" asked Raven disbelievingly.

"Eh, I was bored." grumbled Speedy.

"You decided to fill in your free time by fighting crime?" asked Zatanna, echoing Raven.

"What? I'm not the type to sit still and just wait around." defended Roy.

"So, what's the status Speedy?" asked Robin.

"Control Freak went inside about 10 minutes ago and now everyone's running out to avoid him." said Speedy, not even looking at them.

"Duh, Captain Obvious!" said Artemis.

"I think we already know that Speedy." said Beast Boy awkwardly.

"See? He agrees with me." said Artemis smugly.

"Exactly. What do you think he wants to do inside there? Most people rob banks or jewelry stores but this guy? He robs a video store? I mean, what the heck?" exclaimed Speedy.

"Yeah, he's one of the weirdest villains we ever faced." said Cyborg.

"And I think he's trying to get into the TV again." said BB.

"Say what?" asked Robin.

"Wait a second. In the TV. Like, literally?" asked Speedy disbelievingly.

"Like, literally. He transforms himself into these weird miro signal waves thingies and then he can literally travel to television." said BB.

"Long story short, we got trapped too. I got stuck in a soap opera man! Do you know how suckish that is?" complained Cyborg.

"I love soap operas! What's so suckish about them?" asked M'gann confused.

"Everything, M'gann. Just... everything." said Zatanna, shuddering.

"Titans! Stop villains now, talk later. All right?" said Robin.

The rest of the Titans and Speedy nodded.

"Let's move." said Robin, approaching the building while the others followed suit.

In the video store, they could see the wreckage that was caused by Control Freak. In the middle of the store was a large machine that was shaped like a car.

"The villain has caused plenty of damage." said Kaldur, observing the scene.

"Yup. judging by the state of this place and the machine there, I say that Control freak already left the building and went into the TVs." said Cyborg.

"Well, I'm not going back in there. Can you reverse the effects?" asked Raven to Cyborg.

"I think so. Just as long as NO ONE touches the buttons. You hear me, BB?" asked Cyborg.

"Sir, yes sir." said Beast Boy in a mock salute.

"Good." said Cyborg.

"How long will this process take, Cyborg?" asked Starfire.

"It may take a while. Two, maybe three hours?" said Cyborg.

"Beep, beep! Hey guys!" said a voice from behind them.

"Yay! It's my time to shine!" said KF proudly.

The Titans jumped at the sound of the voice.

"Wal- I mean, Kid Flash? What are you doing here?" asked Speedy.

"What are you doing there?" asked Kaldur.

"I was just going to rent a video from this store. The new Fast and Furious movie just came out and Jinx and I wanted to watch so it so I thought I'd drop on here. By the way, what happened to this place?" said Kid Flash quickly.

Artemis clenched her hands into fists. Zatanna put her hand on her shoulder to comfort her and to stop her from murdering Wally.

"A psychopathic comic book geek defied the laws of physics and is currently inside the TV station waves." explained Robin.

"Wow, a big shiny machine! Wonder what this button does?" said Kid Flash, pressing it.

"No, Kid Flash!" shouted Red Arrow and Robin at the same time.

"No! Kid Flash!" shouted the Teen Titans but they were too late.

A white beam of light appeared and instantly, all of them disappeared as they transformed into signal waves.

"You're such a dummy, you know that?!" said Robin, whacking his friend on the head.

"Wow. Even after quitting the Team you're still as dumb as ever Baywatch." said Artemis, shaking her head.

"Hey! It was a big red button! How am I supposed to resist?" argued Wally.

"Shh. I can't hear the movie!" said M'gann.

They came tumbling from the sky and landed into a swamp.

"KID FLASH!" shouted the Titans angrily.

"Eh heh. Sorry. My bad." said KF, scratching his head nervously.

"When we get back, I will END you." said Cyborg, cracking his knuckles.

Kid Flash shuddered as he heard the threatening tone in Cyborg's voice.

"Stop it you two. This isn't the time to fight!" said Robin angrily.

"I agree with Robin. We should be working together to get out of this situation." said Starfire calmly.

"Of course you would." mumbled Zatanna.

"Fine then. But get ready for an ass-whooping when we get back to the real word Flash boy!" said Cyborg angrily.

Kid Flash gulped nervously.

"Now that's something I look forward to watching." said Artemis.

"Don't any of you have pity for me?" said Wally exasperatedly.

"Not this time, Baywatch." replied Artemis harshly.

"So, all we need to know now is which television program we're in. Yipee." said Raven grimly.

"Beast Boy, you're our television specialist. What TV show are we in?" asked Robin.

"Okay, judging by the icky swamp we're in, the giant Chanel 7 logo on the top of the screen and the fact that it is 5 o'clock, Monday, I say we're in the new episode of Swamp Monsters." explained Beast Boy.

"Swamp Monsters? This is an awesome show! You guys should be thanking me." said Wally excitedly.

"Not in this universe Wally and certainly not in theirs." replied Robin grimly.

"Great, all we need to find is an exit hole." said Raven.

"No offense guys, but what's an exit hole?" asked Kid Flash, confused.

"An exit hole is a portal that connects one TV show to another." explained Starfire.

"Basically, it's how we get around to other TV shows so we can find Control Freak." added Beast Boy.

"Oh." said the Team.

"Oh." said both Kid Flash and Speedy.

"So how do we find this 'exit hole'?" asked Speedy.

"They're basically found at the very edge of the screen. Come on!" said Robin.

"Um, 'edge of TV screen'?" asked Kaldur questioningly.

The Teen Titans followed him until the point where the swamp ends and all there is a dark gaping hole.

"Well this is it. Come on Titans." said Robin, going into the hole. One by one, the Titans followed...

And landed into a living room in someone's house.

"Okay, now where are we?" asked Speedy.

"I don't know. I've never seen this TV show before." said Beast Boy.

"Hold on a second. Where's Cyborg and Raven?" asked Robin.

"And where's Kid Flash?" asked Starfire.

"Probably dead." said Artemis.

Suddenly, a perky blonde girl walked into the room and looked at them in shock.

"Oh my god. Civilians." grumbled Speedy.

"Elena, Stefan, Damon! What are you doing with Tyler?" exclaimed the girl in shock.

"Aw shit! I know this TV show!" said Red Arrow, groaning loudly.

"Huh?" asked the four of them.

The perky blonde glared at Beast Boy angrily.

"Tyler Lockwood, what the hell are you doing here?! I told you, you can trick me into following you and Klaus!" shouted the blonde.

"Could it really be-" asked Artemis.

"Huh?" said Beast Boy, more confused than ever.

"Damon! Stefan! Why are you two still standing there? Help me get rid of him!" shouted the blonde at Robin and Speedy.

"I love this TV show!" exclaimed M'gann happily.

"Oh no." said Robin.

"Aw, crud." said Speedy.

Tada! What do you think? There will be plenty more show crossovers in this episode and I'd like to hear your suggestions. Maybe Pretty Little Liars? Harry Potter? Twilight?

If you're not aware, every time the Teen Titans cross over to a TV show, they will automatically replace the characters that are in the show. For example, Beast Boy has replaced the character "Tyler Lockwood" in this show. To other Titans, he's just plain old Beast Boy but to characters of the show, he's Tyler.

Try to guess what show is this? Virtual cookie to the first person to get it right :)

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