Hello everyone and welcome to a new story. I had an idea to write an Erotica story that follows the plot of a manga called Kimi Wa Petto (English title; Tramps Like Us). If you haven't read that story, then this one will seem new to you. If you have read that story, then this one will follow that plot on many levels. Kisa will still be working at Marukawa and Yukina will still be a college student in the art program.

That being said, this is definitely an alternate universe type story that is not a dream, such as my last chaptered story, not the series one-shots for various sets. Because I am putting the Erotica couple into a different story, be prepared for many of the issues to seem right out of the other series. I am making this story unique on a number of levels though. Hopefully people will enjoy it.

As per usual, with stories that are posted here, these characters are not owned by me. I also do not own the story to Kimi Wa Petto, or the related characters in that manga. I make no money and quite a few of the ideas are not mine. I will not differentiate between things that happen in Petto or those situations I create. If you do not recognize a character, then they are either an OC or a character from the Petto manga.

Here's a special shout-out to Risque Tendencies for being my beta-reader for this story, and most likely my future stories as well. I am crap when it comes to English writing sometimes because my fingers type too fast for my brain. Thanks a bunch!


Just a Few Days

Prince in a Box

Big brown eyes stared daggers into the man sitting across from him. If looks could kill then that man would have been dead a hundred times over. Kisa Shouta didn't really care in that moment that he looked like a cobra snake about to strike an innocent mouse. This mouse was hardly innocent, sitting there as if nothing was wrong. In truth, the snake was the victim and the mouse was a dirty bastard. At least that's what Kisa thought.

Earlier that day Kisa had been transferred into the shoujo manga department of Marukawa, a dead-end position, because of the way he looked. Apparently his baby-face wasn't mature enough to be in charge of his own department, so he was demoted to underling to a man younger than him. True, he never did want his own department, but to be told he could never pull off being in charge because of his looks stung a little.

That had been the beginning of a downward spiral for the man. After moving into his new department and settling in, he'd received a text message from his boyfriend. Kisa looked forward to this meeting since he wanted someone to lend a sympathetic ear to his story. His lover was a good listener, especially for someone who wasn't as educated as he. In truth, the man was more like a pretty face whom Kisa was happy to fuck, but that fuck-buddy was definitely a staple that Kisa'd started relying on.

He needed that man now; he needed that man to listen and then pound his ass into the nearest love motel bed. Sex was always a good way to get over feeling like shit, and that's exactly how Kisa felt as he set up his desk. The pink motif his new boss, Takano Masamune, had picked out did nothing for his happiness.

Two hours later saw him sitting across from his ex-boyfriend of just a few moments and the girl said ex-boyfriend had knocked up at some point in their relationship. Kisa wasn't sure what was worse, the fact that he'd been sleeping with someone who had been screwing with someone else, or the fact that he'd been all but demoted at work.

His new ex had told Kisa that he didn't like feeling like a pedophile when he was younger than his lover. He also didn't feel comfortable being with someone who was more educated than he; thus having a better paying job. All in all, everything about Kisa had caused the man to cheat and end up in a family way.

This was a day that could hardly get any worse.

Lucky for him, it didn't.

Five Months Later

Kisa sat at his desk, reading over the storyboards from his mangaka. After finding his stride, he'd found out he was actually good at his new job. During that time he'd even become friendly enough with his co-workers to banter back and forth on a regular basis. His life had changed, maybe not for the better, but at least for the different.

After his last break-up, Kisa had decided to put all his effort into his new job. If he couldn't have the job he was qualified for, he would put all his effort into gaining the knowledge and experience necessary to become the best shoujo manga editor in the company, even in Tokyo. His efforts didn't go unnoticed by his boss, who occasionally complimented him, which was a rarity for the man.

As for his love-life, Kisa'd decided to not get into another long-term relationship. One-night stands were more than enough to take care of his over-active libido. Plus, there was no issue with being cheated on when all the relationship involved was sex but one time.

He'd decided that in order for a long-term relationship to take place the man would need to fit three qualifications. 1) Be as educated, or more so than him. 2) Have a better paying job than he did. 3) Be older than him. Kisa hadn't found anyone since his last relationship, so he wasn't even going to start looking.

That seemed to be the best thing to do as by not looking and focusing on work, Kisa found his life to be comfortable. Maybe not completely happy, but he was at least content. For the time being, that was enough for the editor.

"Kisa," Takano grumbled from the end of the desks. "Take these to Yamaguchi in the Josei Yuri department. They were sent down here by mistake."

Kisa looked at his boss with surprise on his face. Rarely did material from the Girl's Love department end up on their floor. Truth be told, that floor actually scared him a little, as the women who worked for that department were stone-cold, slave drivers. Even Isaka didn't like to enter that area for fear of having his cock and testicles ripped out by their demon editor-in-chief. She'd castrated a number of men in the department to the point where only women were willing to work for her. Not only was she gay, but she didn't like men in any capacity.

"Sure," Kisa said with an air of calm. Yamaguchi may have hated men, but he wasn't going to let that stop him.

Kisa made his way to the Girl's Love, for girls, department and kept his head as high as it would go. He was aware that everyone thought a little boy had wandered into the wrong department. The looks he received were rather degrading, but more of surprise. Kisa knew it was rare for men to venture into the lion's den.

He walked to the editor's desk and waited to be acknowledged. When she looked at him he was surprised to find her face to be a lot kinder than what the break-room talk had been. In his years with the company he'd never seen Yamaguchi, so he was surprised to see a girl with blond ringlets and a heart-shaped face. She smiled at him and nodded.

"Kisa-san, correct?" the woman asked.

"Yes, Yamaguchi-san, it's nice to meet you."

"Your boss said you were on your way up here, but I didn't expect one so young. Are you an intern?"

Kisa shook his head. "No, I'm a paid salary-man, just like most of the people in this company. I'm older than I look."

"Good to know, now what do you have for me?"

"Sorry," Kisa said as he handed the papers over to the woman.

She looked through the papers for a few moments before scowling. Kisa wanted to know if he could leave, but wasn't sure if there was something she needed to say to Takano, so he stood silently by while she hit her mobile and paged someone.

"Sorry, Kisa-san," she finally said. "I have something to send back with you since our incompetent mail-room staff can't read Kanji, but really need to speak with my replacement for a few moments before I grab the mail for you. Do you mind waiting for a few moments?"

The editor shook his head and stood back as he watched the department run like clock-work. This floor definitely had a different feel to it than the sales floor and the floor where his department was located. As the primary type of human running around were girls, he didn't really pay too much attention to the people as individuals, more as how they worked as a group. They had more of a camaraderie than most other departments.

In fact, that camaraderie ended up being the only thing that caught his eye until that beautiful man stepped out from behind a divider. Kisa was in shock at the face until he realized he actually recognized the man. It was his senpai, Murakami Kenichi, from when he was doing his internship with Marukawa. This was a man he'd been so enamored with, but unable to tell his feelings to. He felt as if there was no way he would ever get over him. When Murakami-senpai had left, that was that. But now he was standing in front of Kisa, in the flesh.

Kisa didn't say anything, he was too tongue tied. The other spoke up though.

"Kisa Shouta?"

A slight nod, followed by, "Yes, it's been a long time Murakami-senpai."

"Oh my word, I never thought to see you again, and looking so well, how are you?" Kenichi's eyes went wide and he smiled warmly.

"You two know one another?" Yamaguchi asked as she stood up from her desk for the first time since Kisa had stepped into her office.

"Kisa was my junior during our internship. I was transferred to our sister company in France because of my speaking ability, but I'd always thought he'd have gone off and become the chief editor somewhere else."

Shouta was too embarrassed to admit he'd been demoted on the eve of making such a dream come true, so he stayed silent. He was completely embarrassed to be gushed over as he was, especially by someone he used to masturbate to frequently when he was younger.

"Kisa, we need to get together and talk about what you've been up to for the past nine years. When are you free?"

This made Kisa feel even more uncomfortable than he had prior. How this man made him feel all weak at the knees was a mystery.

"I'm free this weekend, senpai," he answered softly.

Yamaguchi giggled, "Ken, he's cute. If I were into guys I'd totally snatch him up in a heartbeat."

This, of course, made Kisa blush further as he shied away. Gone was the confident man he'd been for five whole months, he was back to being the unconfident creature who had been with his ex. He accepted the papers from Yamaguchi, exchanged phone numbers with Murakami-senpai, and left as quickly as he could, head lowered.

Kisa'd completely forgotten about his desire to stay away from men because he knew Murakami-senpai fit all three of his requirements, and he was also someone Kisa knew from before. That meant that his age, or lack of looking his age, might not even be an issue as it had in the past. He wouldn't need to lie.

The sounds of Marukawa publishing became music to the soundtrack of his life as he made his way back to the Emerald department. Each click of a computer, each whoosh of the copy machine, every mobile ringtone; they all were accompanying his thoughts on how he'd just run into the perfect man for him. Kisa smiled as he sat down, earning stares from the other men in the department. He just ignored them and went about his work, looking forward to his 'date' in a few days.


Work behind him for the evening, or early morning as it happened to be, Kisa drug himself home; half asleep. The remainder of the evening and into the early morning hours went by fast as his mind was on the upcoming weekend. He was so out of it while walking he crashed into a large box on the sidewalk and did a face-plant onto the ground.

"What in the hell?" he asked as he tried to stand up and see what he'd fallen over.

Kisa was in utter shock when he saw a box big enough to hold his person within it. He stood up and walked around the box, hoping against hope there were no living animals inside; or dead. Cautiously he reached his hand over and flipped open the lid. The top one came up with no problems, neither did the subsequent lids. He then looked inside the box and involuntarily sucked in a deep breath.

Lying in the box was a boy or a man, curled in a ball. From his vantage point he could tell the man had sandy-blond hair and earrings in the one showing ear. Not only that, but he was drop-dead gorgeous, even with the cuts on his face and blood oozing from those cuts.

The editor immediately looked up and searched for someone, anyone within his vicinity. For the first time in he could remember he was alone at the door to his apartment. He reached for his mobile, but stopped after feeling the plastic in his hand. If he called the police he'd have to spend the better part of the night trying to explain that he didn't have a clue what was going on. The boy didn't look too banged up, so if Kisa could get him up to his apartment, then he could clean him up. They could leave the police out of it and no one need report the issue to the papers.

But, how to get the guy up to his apartment? There was no way he could lift the man who easily had fifty pounds on him. Shouta bent down and started to drag the box to his apartment.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he hissed as he pulled the box.

It took him almost an hour to get that box into his apartment. By the time he was there, he needed a bath to get rid of the sweat covering his body. There was no way he was going to get the boy in the box onto his sofa, so he'd just have to leave the guy on the floor. Shouta started to use his scissors to cut the box and free the man from its grasp. Once the box was cut away he got a good look at just how tall the other was.

"Wow, you're tall," Kisa said with a whistle. He ran to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl and washcloth. The cuts on the boy's face looked superficial, but that was only from what he could see, underneath could have been much worse.

The editor blushed when he realized he'd need to check the boy all over, which meant he'd need to look at parts of him that were inappropriate for others to gaze at. He'd need to put the thoughts out of his head if he wanted to keep from jumping the boy's bones the minute he woke up. Provided the boy was into other men, there was senpai to think about too, which meant that the kid was off limits.

"I'm sorry to have to clean you when you are incapacitated, but I can promise you that you have nothing under your clothes I haven't seen before."

The boy moaned slightly and snored softly. Kisa placed a hand on the other's face and brushed the hair out of his closed eyes. "You really are beautiful," he said softly.

He spent the better part of two hours cleaning off the heavenly body that lay before him. Kisa made sure not to dawdle on parts of the anatomy, but did a once over to make sure there were no other outward appearing scars. Once the boy was wrapped up and resting comfortably on the floor, he was able to sit back and look over his handy work. There was a man in his apartment, sleeping on the floor with his pillow and blanket, and it wasn't someone he'd just fooled around with. That had to be a first.

"I wonder who you are?" Kisa asked. "You look like a prince; a prince in a box. Not exactly where I expected to find someone, but I guess you'll be gone by tomorrow, so there's no harm in fantasizing."

Kisa smiled down at the boy and pulled out a second blanket and pillow for him to sleep. He still had to get up and work the next morning, whether there was a boy in his apartment or not.