Season: maybe early sixth season. Before Frozen so Jack is on it and hasn't been host to Kanan yet, but after Redemption I and II, so Jonas is on SG-1. So SG-1 is Jack, Jonas, Sam, Teal'c.

Notes: This will be my first attempt at writing Jonas! OMG hold me!

Summary: Answer to this challenge from the Tokra-resistance mailinglist:

What it Martouf/Lantash get stranded on Earth and Martouf suffers Amnesia, he becomes JR Bourne the actor unaware of the 'guest' inside his head. Perhaps there is something preventing Lantash communicating with Martouf/ JR Bourne.

"Okay, you're dismissed." Hammond said, getting up.

SG-1 had just finished their debriefing, after having been on a mission where they had captured the Goa'uld Hermes, and was about to leave, when there was a frantic knocking on the door, and it opened before Hammond had time to say anything.

"Sorry, sir." Harriman said, looking disturbed. "Hermes has escaped! He had hidden some sort of weapon that stunned all the guards, and disabled the holding cell!"

Hammond looked stunned. "How could that happen!" He demanded, turning to SG-1. "You stay here while we here what happened."

"Um, that's not all." Harriman looked uncomfortable. "Hermes happened to run into the cast and crew from that TV show - you know they're here filming some and for getting a feel of the atmosphere of an institution like this."

"What TV show?" Jack asked. "You let civilians in here? They don't have clearance, do they?"

"Wormhole X-Treme." Hammond sighed. "I forgot about that, but they weren't supposed to see any sensitive areas. They're just in the upper levels. They don't have clearance, as you say."

"Well, Hermes took them all hostage when he couldn't get to the Stargate or leave the compound - and he demands to be allowed to leave through the Stargate, or he'll kill all the hostages." Harriman explained. "He has rendered several of our guards unconscious on his way there, but some of them managed to close of the way out for him before he could stun them all, so he is trapped."

"SG-1, take SG-2 and SG-3 and see if you can take him out. We can't let him harm the civilians, but he's NOT going through the gate. Harriman, get Doctor Fraiser to check out those affected by Hermes's knew weapon. How are they doing? Are there anything we can do that neutralize the effect."

"Doctor Fraiser already has a team there." Harriman reported.

"Then we wait for her evaluation." Hammond decided.

It was not long after when Janet went to report to Hammond.

"Sir, the guards are all still unconscious. They don't seem to be in danger, but they almost appear as when someone has been zatted, just a much more long-lasting effect."

"So you think they'll recover?" Hammond asked.

"Yes, that is my opinion. I would like to go and keep an eye on them, though."

Hammond nodded. "Of course - one thing, do you think we can neutralize the effect somehow?"

"I don't see how, anymore than you can neutralize a zat."

"I agree. If the weapon works even remotely the same way as a zat, then we have nothing that can neutralize it." Sam added in her opinion.

"Okay. Doctor Fraiser, you can return to the infirmary - keep me updated on the status of the affected personnel. Colonel O'Neill, take your team and go get this Goa'uld!"

"Yes, sir, with pleasure!"

"Be careful."

"Always, sir!"

They passed several unconscious guards, and got to the room the Goa'uld was currently holed up in. Several guards were standing outside.

"The snakehead is still in there?" Jack asked.

"Yes, sir. He's firing at us if we try opening the door. The's terrifying." The young soldier said, indicating the many unconscious people around them.

"Understood. What about the hostages?"

"26 civilians - all from the set of 'Wormhole X-Treme'. There's also Captain Jeffers and Major Simon who were showing them around. As near as we can tell, they're all okay."

Jack nodded. "Good."

"Have you seen how it works?" Sam asked. "The weapon I mean."

"Yes, it looks like fire coming out of it! He can fire a wide beam or a narrow one, taking out many or few. The beam crackles and glows either blue or yellow."

"Does it make any difference with the colour?"

"Yes, the yellow light only gives pain, but doesn't knock you out. The blue seems to be intensely painful too, and people sort of convulses, but then they pass out - and none of those have woken up again!" The soldier looked sick.

"Don't worry, Doc Fraiser thinks they'll be just fine." Jack assured them. "Carter, did that stuff give you any new info that we can use?"

Sam thought it over. "Maybe, the blue light sounds much like what comes out of a zat, and the yellow light maybe as the painsticks, so my guess is that it's simply a super powerful zat combined with a painstick - and with some sort of switch so you can chose which to use."

"Wonderful!" Jack grimassed. "Just what I always wanted - combine a zat with my favourite the painstick! Damn!"

They had not waited long when they heard yelling and screaming from inside, and then the super-zat fired with a loud crackling noise. It fired again, and the door was ripped open seconds later. Hermes stood in the door, looking furious, pointing at them with the weapon.

"Traitorous human scum! You are trying to trick me! You will cease immediately or I will kill all the hostages! Let me go through the chaapa'ai and I will agree not to hit you all with the punishment you all deserve! You have 10 minutes to decide!"

He fired one yellow beam at the nearest soldier, who fell to the floor, then slammed the door again and locked it.

The soldier was still convulsing in pain, but was conscious, and Jonas went to check on him. "Are you all right?"

Slowly, the pain seemed to subside and the soldier looked tired at them. "Yes, I'm getting there at least."

Jack nodded to the man. "Go to the infirmary and get checked out." He nodded at one of the other soldiers. "Go with him, make sure he gets there all right. If the Doc has any new info, then return with that." He looked at the rest of SG-1. "I'll go call Hammond and tell him of the Goa'uld's demands."

"We're not letting him through the gate - he knows too much about our systems, so it would be much too dangerous." Jack reported back.

"Well, what are we doing then? We can't just let him kill all those hostages, can we?" Jonas exclaimed looking shocked.

"Sometimes one must make unpleasant decisions and sacrifice a few to achieve a worthy goal." Teal'c told him.

"Yeah, true, Teal'c, but we're not there yet. We're gonna try and take out the Goa'uld. Tear gas will only minimally affect the Goa'uld, so that's no idea. We're going to release smoke in the room instead, and hope we can get him in the confusion. Anything else will hit the humans more than the Goa'uld." Jack looked very unhappy.

"Okay, when will the smoke be released?" Sam asked.

Jack looked at his clock. "In two minutes."

"That's cutting it awfully close." Sam frowned. "That's about the time he's going to kill all the hostages."

"They're working as fast as they can. We'll succeed." Jack said, wanting to believe it.

Just as the time was running out, they heard an angry scream from in there, as the Goa'uld discovered the smoke coming through the ventilation vents.

Jack carefully, but quickly opened the door, not wanting to give the Goa'uld time to start killing anyone out of spite, when thinking he was being betrayed. Which he was, of course.

Teal'c spotted the Goa'uld and fired his zat, hitting the Goa'uld and making him stumble, and almost fall. A shot more with a zat felled the Goa'uld, killing him.

They rushed in and to Hermes, checking that he was indeed dead, and Sam grabbed the weapon. When they were sure all was safe, they radioed in to air out the smoke.

The hostages were all terrified, and many of them were supine on the floor, clearly rendered unconscious by being shot by the super-zat.

"I really look forward to examining this baby!" Sam said, her eyed gleaming as she looked at the weapon.

"Just be carefully who you point that thing at!" Jack complained, as he returned after reporting that the room was safe. "Medical personnel is on the way."