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Dust and Lust

"Is that… Galinda? Why, it is! What in Oz's name was she doing in the library?" Elphaba couldn't help but stare, her face betraying a mixture of shock and amusement as her mocha eyes followed her roommate's descent from the marble entryway of the library down the steps. "It must be the apocalypse." The blonde was doing her best to remain inconspicuous, (what would everyone SAY? Galinda, coming out of a place that housed BOOKS?) but was failing astonishingly. A bright pink gown with matching ribbons and lace was not exactly ideal camouflage. Of course, neither was a brilliant shade of verdigris, which Elphaba was reminded of when Galinda's periwinkle irises landed upon her. The shade of her cheeks complimented her dress quite well. She had, upon beginning her flight from the building, whipped a kerchief from her bosom and was furiously scrubbing the tips of her fingers as she approached, her footsteps quickening as she stepped off the last stair.

"I daresay Galinda, I never thought I would come upon this sight! What on earth were you doing in there? Certainly you couldn't have been reading? Did Fiyero bribe you in with promises of snogging in a darkened corner?" Elphaba smirked at her friend, noting her gradually deepening blush. Galinda seemed un-amused however, and she portrayed it by quickening her pace while continuing to scour her digits. Elphaba noted the dust that covered them and quirked a brow, surprised.

"For your information," the blonde hissed, "I WAS reading. I've found that the library has more uses than 'darkened corners'." With that, she passed by, heading in the direction of their dorm. Elphaba stared after her for a moment chuckling before she mounted the stairs, all the while wondering what Galinda could have been reading.

The Shiz Library was commonly used as a meeting ground for young lovers; Elphaba ran into several during every trip she made. Today was no exception. She interrupted a couple who seemed to be warming up behind a bookshelf as she browsed the non-fiction titles. The pair grumbled and stalked off to locate another covert section of literature in which to resume their activities. Elphaba rolled her eyes and continued about her business, picking out a small selection of books that struck her fancy as she wandered. When she neared the back of the library, one of the most unused sections, she came upon the small table she frequented during her study sessions and paused, eyebrows furrowing. Upon the table was a rather thick book, which was mostly dust covered. The exception was a dotting of fingerprints. Elphaba smirked, setting her books on the table. Galinda had been wiping her hands when she was spotted.

"What has Miss. Galinda been reading, I wonder…" She scanned the title, her eyes widening. It read, 'Unusual Urges: An Ozian's Guide to Strange Sexual Desires.' Dark green rose in her cheeks as she picked up the novel and flicked it open. The index was covered in dirty prints as well. Curiosity consumed her. She flipped through the pages, searching for another clue and was not disappointed as she came upon the beginning of a chapter which was clearly smudged. Elphaba gasped, her eyes widening to an almost comical width. The chapter heading read, 'Women Who Desire Women.'

Elphaba was stunned. "Galinda? She is of… of THAT sort? That can't be…" But the fingerprints were there, on that page and the several that followed. As the green girl scanned the text, she noted several key words that caused her still more distress. 'Nervousness', 'strange tension', 'preoccupation with anatomy', and the most shocking, 'a desire to be near the other both physically and emotionally.' What disturbed her was simple: Not only was Galinda reading these things, but Elphaba noted that each of these 'symptoms' was one that she herself was plagued by!

Overwhelmed and feeling slightly faint, Elphaba collapsed in the chair, her eyes locked on the text that shook her to her core. Thoughts bubbled up out of her sub-conscious; thoughts that she had dared not think until the present. 'I knew something was odd with us, something un-namable and forbidden. She stares at me… thinks I'm not looking, thinks I don't notice! And I stare… What if she's seen me! Oh, Oz! And Galinda! She's always on my bed! Always… Touching me in some way whether it be innocent or not! And… by Oz's name… I'm constantly fearing her touch… fearing she'll see through…'

It took a long while for Elphaba's pulse rate to slow, and all the time the thoughts continued to bombard her psyche. By the time she managed to tear her eyes from the book, she noted the sun had begun to sink and the library to darken even further. But, she had decided upon an action to take. She slipped the book into her satchel, and drawing a deep breath, exited the library.

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