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Dust and Lust: Part Three

Elphaba blanched, blinking back surprise. Only half a second before she had been positioned on all fours, planting wet kisses on the ivory slope of Galinda's neck. Now... Galinda was topping her, lust-darkened orbs lingering just above her as they peered. Elphaba could only stare back, mouth hanging slightly agape as her heart rate spiked.

"Elphaba..." Galinda breathed huskily, her tongue slipping languidly over her upper lip. The green girl couldn't help but watch it's path, craving that pink muscle elsewhere.

"Y-...yes?" Was all her suddenly dry throat could manage. Galinda released a throaty chuckle, one Elphaba had never heard before, and dipped her head, the breath from her whisper tickling her roommate's ear and causing the heated knot in her abdomen to coil tighter.

"You're usually so unflappable... Withstanding any snide comment or cruel prank that one might hurl your way..." She paused to nibble her way up the shell of Elphaba's ear. Green skin rose up in bumps as Elphie squeezed her eyes shut, attempting to focus on the blonde's words while battling the primal urge to cant her hips upward and create delicious friction. "But look at you now... Under me..." She giggled softly, making a point to direct the air from it into the hollow just under her earlobe. Elphaba gasped almost inaudibly, but not quite so. "Covered in my cum... undone. My point, my dear Elphaba, is this. You have been through so much pain and are a force to be reckoned with against it... But against pleasure," at this word, one slim finger was thrust deep into Elphaba's sopping entrance and curled upward.

"Aaughmygod!" Elphaba bucked her hips roughly, mouth wide and eyed barely visible for how far they had rolled backward. "Sweet Oz!" Galinda continued speaking as if nothing of note had occurred.

"My pleasure... You are defenseless. You have no weapons. You simply have to lie back and... take it. I have to admit, it turns me the fuck on." She pumped her digit once, then twice into Elphaba's slit, she herself groaning in unison with the green woman's much louder whines and moans. The positively erotic feel of Elphaba's dripping sex tight around her flesh exhilarated her, and made her own nether regions pulse hot. She paused again, however, her thumb beginning to circle Elphaba's throbbing nub in tight circles. "And do you know the best part Elphie? Answer me, Elphaba Thropp... I want to hear the need in your voice..."

"W-whaat's the best... part?" The emerald woman's voice sounded foreign to her own ears. It was deep and heady, breathlessness tinging it as she fought hard against the growing urge to reach up and grab Galinda's hips, bring them to her wet core, and fuck her, lips to lips as hard as she could. Galinda seemed to see the flicker in her eyes, so she pistoned her finger hard once more. Elphaba groaned, hips rising to meet her hand.

"The best part is that you like it. You like succumbing to me. You like," Galinda swiftly and without warning slipped her middle finger alongside the other and thrust deep, wiggling the pads against Elphaba's upper walls, "my fingers filling that tight ass cunt of yours... God you're so wet..."

"Ooohhhfffuck! Fffuuck that's good!" Elphaba was on cloud nine, her body beginning to tense and buck without her consent. Galinda smirked, leaning to kiss her lips with utmost brevity before speaking once more.

"Now, Elphie. My Elphie. I'm going to fuck. You. Senseless." Galinda's mouth crashed upon her own, no hint of restraint now as teeth and tongue ravaged her. Elphaba could only kiss her back, the intense nature of it all overwhelming her. The blonde's fingers were entering her at such a rapid pace, the digits furling and unfurling in rhythm with each forceful thrust. Galinda's hips were backing the movement, her own swollen clit pressing into the heel of her palm as she canted down.

Elphaba was beside herself, and when Galinda broke the kiss to release a heated moan into the room, so did she, their pitch almost harmonious. Galinda's lips were upon her, everywhere from her chin on down as she began to shift, slipping southward. Teeth and tongue nipped and flickered around her tightened breasts, heaving navel and lower still. Elphaba could only mewl her satisfaction, her thin hips bucking luxuriously against the fingers that gyrated within her.

"Oooh, Elphie...Look how drenched..." Galinda's face was level with her digits, robin's egg eyes wide as she watched her etremities being completely swallowed by Elphaba's ravenous cunt. The sight made her begin to reach between her own legs, a low moan escaping her throat, until Elphaba spoke, her voice dripping with need.

"Ga-linda... I want you... your lips on mine." Galinda began to rise up the green girl's frame, intent on kissing her, but Elphaba stopped her, her cheeks flushing dark emerald. "I meant..." She reached down, stilling Galinda's working hand and removing it. "I want your other lips..."

Galinda's mouth worked without sound for a moment, confusion making a fleeting appearance before she understood and glanced down at her sex then back up at Elphaba, eyes slightly widened. Elphie bit her lower lip, eyes misted, and spread her legs, knees wide apart, to accommodate the blonde's hips. Heart hammering against her ribs, Galinda moved forward, positioning her own need above Elphaba's.

The first contact of slick flesh caused both of the women to growl their satisfaction and roll their hips, heightening the sensation ten-fold. Clit upon slippery clit, they began to move, undulating and gyrating in near unison. Hard, sensitive nubs collided and slipped repeatedly over the other, and Galinda's arousal was intensified by the loud and desperate vocalizations Elphaba voiced.

"Ooh, Galinda... Yes, ah, fuck! Right there, right there! Don't slow- don't slow down!" The blonde complied, nearly doubling both the pace of her thrusts as well as the weight she bore down with. Elphaba was near her peak and climbing fast. Each movement Galinda made was further clouding her mind to thought until all that remained was a violent implosion of pleasure that wracked her frame, starting in her abdomen and shooting outward. It was all encompassing. Moments after, she became aware of both her cries and those of Galinda. The blonde was shuddering uncontrollably on top of her, eyes clenched shut and face contorted into an un-moving mask of satisfaction as she came. The sight caused yet another orgasm to rip through the green woman's frame and they shrieked their delight as one before collapsing, Galinda atop Elphaba, thoroughly spent.

"Elphie?" Galinda was snuggled against Elphaba's still unclothed but recently cleansed chest, her blonde ringlets being twirled deftly between green fingertips. Elphaba couldn't help but grin. As drop-dead sexy as Galinda's voice was lust thickened and deep, the sound of her roommate's speech in a higher pitch was unbelievably cute.

"Yes, my sweet?" Galinda glanced up at her lover, eyebrows furrowed.

"Did you read about how to pleasure women in a book?" Elphaba was slightly taken aback, her mocha eyes widening a fraction.

"Why do you ask?"

"Well..." Galinda began, averting her eyes coyly. "You're just so... Good at it. It's hard for me to believe you just did all of that instinctively. Is there like, a self help book or something?"

Elphaba smirked, mind working quickly. With half a moments thought, she fabricated an answer.

"Yes, Galinda. I read it in a book." Galinda's mouth fell open and she sat up, breasts swaying with the swift movement. This was not lost on Elphaba and she scanned the blonde's body appreciatively before meeting her gaze.

"Wh-what book, Elphie?! I need to read it too!" Elphaba feigned thought for a moment before shaking her head.

"I honestly don't remember, my sweet. It was somewhere in the non-fiction section..." Galinda leapt to her feet, beginning to grab clothes at random from her wardrobe. The green girl rose to lean on her elbow, watching the blonde with an amused grin and a quirk of her eyebrow. "Where are you going, Galinda?"

Galinda turned, stepping into her dress. "Why, to the library, Elphie! I'm going to read every book I see until I can find the one you read! Then we can... practice." The blonde flushed as she zipped herself up, then, stepping quickly into her shoes, exited the room. Elphaba chuckled, falling back on the bed with her hands behind it.

"I knew there was some way to get that girl to read."


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