Hi everybody!

I've been so disappointed by Marissa's death that I had to do something about it. I've always had a little trouble with this character because sometimes Misha Barton's acting skills were a bit bad and her character kinda annoying. But you don't just go and kill one of the main characters after three seasons.

By the way, I'm sorry if the English level isn't very good, I'm French and this is my first attempt ever to write something in English. I wrote it a pretty long while ago actually, and I didn't think about publishing it until now. I've decided I'd give it a try, so we'll see! :)

So this would take place right after the end of the last episode of season 3.

Hope you'll like it!

One heartbeat.

Ryan's eyes flew open and he lifted his head from Marissa's chest, trying hard not to hope too much. He was so scared he had been played by his imagination. He waited, his eyes wide open, holding his breath. Nothing came. He sighed. It really was over. As this thought crossed his mind, he felt a big pressure onto the area of his heart and his head felt like it was about to explode.

Was he about to cry?

'Course not, Ryan wasn't the crying type. But then, he heard something. That same really quiet and slow heartbeat had troubled the silence of the night and the chaos of Ryan's mind. From that moment, he stopped thinking and started acting, as if he had activated some sort of automatic mode on himself. He jumped on his legs, grabbed his cellphone out of his pocket and called 911. He forced himself to remain calm, answered as quickly as he could the questions of the man and stuck to the strict minimum required. He took off his jacket and placed it gently under Marissa's head. Stopping for a moment, he said to himself "what if they're not here in time?"

Not willing to take the risk, Ryan did not hesitate one second, except for the one quick glance he threw in direction of Marissa's body lying on the ground, and he started running.

He had never run this fast in his life. He didn't even care one bit about his level of tiredness, he just kept on running, not really knowing where to, just running and running and running. Running so he could find help faster. Running so he wouldn't have to just stand next to her, completely useless and wait for help to come, maybe even too late to save her. But more than anything, he was running so he could avoid seeing that slight sparkle of life leaving Marissa's body forever. He had to do something.

Far away from him, Ryan started to see small lights crossing his sight. Full of hope and worrying a little less, he started slowing down. But as the car was driving closer, he discovered it was just a police car. Still he tried to stop the car by yelling and waving his arms.

Eventually the car stopped and two policemen went out of it, asking him what the problem was. Ryan, completely out of breath, stood silent for a few minutes. His left hand was resting on the windshield of the car, to provide him from falling to the ground, because he just couldn't bear his own weight by himself anymore.

- You…you…gotta…save..her, he whispered jerkily.

- I'm sorry sir?, responded one of the two policemen, moving a few steps closer to Ryan.

- Get…an ambulance.

And he fainted right into the arms of the man.