Mystically charmed to fall

TVD/Twilight X-over. Set during season 1 of TVD (about the same time Isobel arrives in town) and New Moon in Twilight. Bella is a witch, the Charmed kind of witch. I borrowed some Spells for the TV show Charmed.

Chapter 1:

Bella was on her way to Mystic Falls to live with her grandmother. She had been through so much lately that she was surprised she could still function. But then again, she knew now that she wasn't really a normal girl…she never had been…. She sighted as the memories of these past few months flew back to her brain…

Bella had been forced by Alice to go to a birthday party she never wanted in the first place with gift she demanded they didn't get her. There, she got a stupid little paper cut and Jasper, feeling the thirst of every other vampire in the room on top of his own couldn't hold it in… Edward over reacted as usual and it resulted in her getting a bigger cut and on him taking the decision to leave her…

Bella didn't understand why Alice never saw this coming… She should have seen it the second the decision to wrap the gift was made… did that mean she wanted this to happen? That thought haunted Bella lately and kept her up at night… She didn't just lose Edward that day he left her in the woods she also lost her best friend and her family… Those thoughts haunted her and for the next few days she was just the shadow of herself… she scared not only her father, who was afraid he'd have to have her hospitalised but her mother and grandmother too. The two women arrived as fast as they could: her mother from Jacksonville, Florida got there first on a plane and her grandmother from Mystic Falls, Virginia, arrived a couple of days later in her car, saying she was on her way for a surprise visit when they called her. Bella felt there was more to it but decided to put it aside for now. Her grandmother would tell her the truth when she was ready and only if she wanted.

Right now, they were all eating dinner in the kitchen.

"Bella sweetheart, you can't stay like that…You have to get out of this funk you've been into…" Charlie said as the four of them were sitting around the kitchen table.

"You'll just have to come home with me Bella. Some normalcy will do you good." Renee said in a tone that showed she was sure of herself. She didn't see Charlie or Isabelle rolling their eyes.

"Oh yeah, having to take care of you will do me a lot of good…" Bella replied sarcastically, shocking her mother only.

"Bella! How can you say that?" Renee asked in a mad tone.

"It's only the truth Renee and you know it. With my son Bella does the cooking but she's still a child, with you she's always had to be the responsible one… She had to spend all her time taking care of you when you should have been the one taking care of her! You never let her be the teenager she should be! Why do you think she's always so serious? You never thought it was strange that she never went to school dances or football games or other things with her friends? I'm sorry Renee but you seem to only care about yourself…" Bella smiled softly at her grandmother. She was the only one in her family who truly got her.

"Mom is right Renee… Maybe it's not for the best if Bella goes with you… But I agree that she can't stay here where everything will remind her of them…" Charlie said as he spat the last word like it was some insult or a very dirty word.

"What would you think about coming to live with me in Mystic Falls Bella?" The elderly woman asked her granddaughter, seeing there the opportunity she had been looking for to spend a lot of alone time with the youngest Swan.

"I don't mind…Maybe some changes will do me good…" Bella answered in a small voice, ignoring her mother's glare at the older woman she never really liked.

After that, Renee left, not even saying goodbye to her daughter. Bella understood her mother was hurt but for once she needed to do what was best for herself and she felt that being with her grandmother would be the right choice. Renee just needed to get over it because Bella had decided she wasn't going to worry herself with this new problem when she wasn't done grieving the Cullen's departure.

A few days passed where Isabelle and Charlie planned everything for Bella's stay in Mystic Falls. Since the Swan's were one of the most important founding families of the town, it hadn't been very hard to enrol Bella in school so late. Also they had a lot of money and they would be able to buy Bella a new car once there so she didn't have to depend on her grandmother driving her around.

That day, the day Bella would always remember as the day her life changed again forever, she was in her room, grieving her loss of the Cullen's and Charlie was at work when Isabelle Swan, Bella's grandmother, decided she needed to talk with her granddaughter before they left for the town full of mysteries.

"Bella, I need to talk to you Sweet." She said as she sat on the young girl's bed, next to her only granddaughter.

"What is it grandma?" Bella asked in a surprised voice. Until that moment, her grandmother had respected her need to be alone and to grieve… She didn't understand why the woman was here now…

"Before you come to live with me I need to let you in on a very important family secret…" She started, pausing a second to make sure she had Bella's attention.

"You're finally going to tell me what's the secret ingredient to you Lasagne's recipe?" Bella asked with a small smile. She didn't know why she felt better already… Maybe her grandmother knew what she was doing after all… But then again, she always felt better when she was close to her grandmother.

"Very funny Love… I'll be on my deathbed when I tell you this one." The older woman replied with a chuckled, happy that she managed to make Bella smile and forget the Cullen for a moment.

"Figures… So, what is it?" Bella asked curiously.

"I'm going to ask you not to interrupt me okay?" She asked and when Bella nodded, she kept going "We are witches Bella… I am a witch and so are you… Now remember, no interruptions before I'm done because it's really important okay?" Bella, who was about to ask her grandmother if she had hit her head recently, nodded and the old woman kept going "Good. There are two sorts of witches on Earth. The first one is weak and they are servants of nature…well more slaves really in my opinion… They have to say specific words in an ancient language and get tired pretty easily… Then there is us… We are the real witches, the most powerful ones and our line of especially powerful… We have specific personal powers and can cast spells in our own language…We can kill demons and other supernatural beings with potions or spells…sometimes both are necessary when they are very strong… We are much more powerful than the other kind and most of them don't know we exist… In our family, we have seen premonitions, telekinesis, freezing people, healing and exploding things from a distance as personal powers… We don't know in advance what powers we'll have and it can be hard to adjust as a child so I bind you powers when you were a baby, knowing I wouldn't be around to help you all the time… The spell I used was so you could unbind them after your 18th birthday with the right spell…" Isabelle decided to stop there.

If at first Bella seemed to doubt her grandmother's mental health, it looked now like it was starting to make sense to her. Isabelle could see she was accepting it.

"I'm a witch?" Bella asked, surprising her grandmother by not being shocked at all. She asked it like she would have asked 'so we're having Enchiladas for dinner?' or anything else.

"You don't seem surprised by that…" Isabelle knew Bella would have accepted it pretty easily, it was in her nature after all, but she couldn't help but be impressed by the fact Bella wasn't shocked over the fact supernatural really existed outside of fairy tales books.

"Well, I always felt like there was something different with me. I never really adapted well with other people… and …also…The Cullen…they…they are vampires…" Bella said as she felt the familiar gap opening in her chest, only it wasn't as big as usual.

"Really? I've heard they were out quite often… did they have rings with lapis Lazuli? It's a blue stone." Isabelle asked her granddaughter.

"They didn't need it…they hid out of public sight when it was sunny." Bella explained, trying to hide her pain from her grandmother.

"You've seen them in the sun without rings?" The elderly woman was having a hard time understanding.

"Yes… Ed…They were quite lovely the way they sparkled!" Bella exclaimed. If she could talk about the Cullen without breaking down, she couldn't say Edward's name yet… she could barely think it without pain.

"Sparkled, you mean they didn't burn?" Isabelle asked her granddaughter, starting to remember why she used to call Bella her little 'danger-magnet' when she was a kid.

"Burn? No…of course not…" Bella was confused not.

"Cold ones… You dated a Cold one! Oh Bella… come here…" She motioned for Bella to come closer and took her in her arms. Bella did as she was asked and let her grandmother hug her.

After that Isabelle proceeded to explain to the young girl the difference between real vampires and Cold ones. Even though they appeared stronger, real vampires, even young ones, were much stronger than the Cold ones and could kill them easily. Plus, their venom made real vampire much stronger. She told them that nobody knew where Cold ones came from but that she knew how real vampires were created. She informed Bella she would be able to read the entire story in the Book of Shadow.

"How do we know so much about them?" Bella asked curiously.

"One of the first vampires from the Original family told a Swan witch his entire story about a century ago… I think his name was Kol…He was trying to flirt with her and use her so she could protect him from his brother Klaus… I don't remember everything but you'll be able to read everything in the Book." Isabelle answered before she drifted the conversation to others magical beings.

After that, it took the elderly Swan a couple of hours to resume to Bella the different races there was in the supernatural world. She did her best to explain everything as well as she could without having their Book of Shadow with her, knowing Bella would be reading it later anyway…

"So, are you ready to come to your powers?" Isabelle asked.

"Sure… What do I do?"

"I left our Book of Shadows at home but I've written the spell down. Here it is… All you have to do it say it and call for your powers." She handed Bella a piece of paper with a few words.

Bella unfolded the paper and read it first in her head.

"You have to say it out loud Love." Isabella said.

"Okay, here we go… Hear now the words of the witch, The secrets I hid in the night. The oldest of gods are invoked here, The great work of magic is sought. ... In this night and in this hour I call upon the ancient power. Bring your powers to the last Swan witch, Give me the power…I want my power." Bella was stressed out and suddenly, an amazingly beautiful blue light appeared and went in her.

"Is this it? Am I a witch now?" Bella asked her grandmother.

"You've always been a witch Bella, it's in your blood…but yes, you have your powers now…"

"What powers do I have?" Bella asked, a little excited about all of this.

"There is a prophecy in our family… I can't say it all because it might keep you from fulfilling it but all I can tell you is that your going to live forever…and be the most powerful witch of our line…maybe ever…"

"How can I live forever if I'm just a witch?" Bella asked, confused…

"If the other sort of witches cannot keep their powers once they change into vampires, you will be able to…" Her grandmother answered.

"So my destiny is to become a vampire?" Bella asked, feeling the familiar pain as it reminded her of the Cullen's and the future she thought she had with them.

"Don't worry about it now sweetheart… At some point it will come and all will make sense then." Isabelle said as she softly patted Bella's hair, guessing it brought painful memories of her past with the Cullen's and the future she wanted.

"So how do I find out what powers I have?" The young woman asked, trying to keep her mind busy and off of painful things.

"We just have to wait and see Bella… But you can already do some spells." She informed her.

"Like what?" Bella was getting really excited. Edward and the Cullen's were far from her mind right now.

"Why don't you call the book of Shadows? Here, I wrote the spell down too." She said as she handed her granddaughter another piece of paper.

"Okay, to summon the book of Shadows… I call upon the ancient power to help us in this hour. Let the Book come to this place and claim refuge in its rightful owner's place." Bella recited, anxious to see what would happen and kind of expecting it not to work at all.

The old tick book appeared surrounded by little blue lights after only a few seconds of waiting. Then Isabelle let the young witch look at it while she sat next to her, answering her questions and guiding her.

"There are a lot of spells to kill…" Bella noted after she flipped a few pages and saw words like 'Kill', 'destroy', 'banish', 'trap' and 'summon' coming up quite often.

"Only demons Bella… when they attack innocents, we kill them."

"Are they all bad?" Bella asked.

"Of course not Bella, just like the Cullen's were nice Cold one some demons are good and some are bad… You need to remember there is bad in every supernatural race just like there is good in every single one of those races… I've seen supposed Angels act badly just like I've seen demons save people's lives… Nothing is completely black or white." The elderly witch answered as Bella kept looking and found the page about Cold ones.

"Look Granny… Cold ones…Sub-race of vampires, hard as rock, sparkle in the sun, have poor control. That's it… It's not even half of it!" Bella exclaimed.

"It's all the witches in our family have gathered over the centuries… Why don't you add what you know?" She suggested.

"I can do that?" Bella asked with surprise.

"Of course you can, this book is now yours and every witch in our family has added things over the years… I did it, my mother did it and now it's your turn to do it…" She said as she handed Bella a pen. The young girl smiled and started writing down everything she knew, including names of the Cullen Family or other coven they told her about like the Denali's, what she heard about the Voltury and everything else like the eye colour and their abilities.

The two women stayed a few more days in Forks before they loaded all of Bella's things into the car and Isabelle drove off with Bella.

In those last few days, Bella had taken very seriously her new found powers and spent a lot of time reading the book and practicing. She quickly had discovered that she had the power to heal other people when they were wounded.

She discovered it when her grandmother cut herself while cooking and Bella put her hand on the cut to stop it from bleeding long enough to get the emergency kit. A warm light left her hands then and she healed her grandmother without even knowing it. She discovered she could heal herself too, as long as she could reach the place that needed healing. Her grandmother warned her it would be best not to count on it if she got to important injuries or if she got sick… it wouldn't work… The ability was limited but Bella liked it anyway… she could use it to help a lot of people and it was the most important in her opinion.

In the book of Shadows, a page was dedicated to the powers of the Swan witches and there was a warning under 'healing' that stated that she would use her own energy to heal people and that she shouldn't abuse it if she wanted to stay strong. Another handwriting recommended taking a nap and eating something after healing other people.

She had discovered she could also move things from afar when she concentrated and had practiced a lot on it. She had discovered this one when she was in the shower and realised her bottle of shampoo was empty and the new one was on the shelf… To get it she would have to walk on the slippery floor and she knew it wasn't a good idea for her. She was looking at it with irritation when it flew right into her hand. After that, she practiced this gift a lot and managed to control it pretty easily. Her grandmother had explained to her it was because her body had been ready for her powers for a long time now so it all came naturally…

She was pretty confident she would be able to defend herself if she was to be attacked.

Also she did found a few spells that seamed to be more fun… Like to create a door, to make people say the truth, to view a past life, to erase o memory or attract men (she sure didn't need that one here…)… She did considered casting the 'To discourage a lover" on Mike Newton and was sure she would have done it if on someone at some point if she had been forced to stay any longer in Forks. Also she figured this spell would have been useful to her during the past year on Tyler, Mike and even Eric.

After digging in the book, Bella also found out that the La push Quileutes were shape-shifter. They had a whole page in the Book and the young witch decided to go and introduce herself officially as a witch. She went to see Billy Black with her grandmother.

"Bella, what are you doing here? Is Charlie okay?" He asked as he wheeled himself out of the house to meet her.

"Charlie is fine Billy… This is my grandmother and we would like to speak with you and the pack's alpha please." Bella said, not wasting a minute.

"Pack's alpha? What are you talking about Bella?" Billy said, trying to get out of this.

"Bella, maybe you should say something else to Billy to help him understand how we know…" Isabelle suggested.

"Right… Grandma' is a witch…So am I." Bella said.

"A witch? You? Does Charlie knows?" Billy said as he motioned for them to step inside.

"It's complicated… He was blessed enough to be born during a time were I didn't have to fight off demons all the time. He witnessed only a couple of attacks when he was a child and I erased his memories with a simple spell… But when he was a teenager, I decided to tell him everything when he fell in love with a Succubus demon…I killed the demon and he decided he'd rather not know the specifics…" Isabelle explained.

"What about Bella, does he know she's a witch?" Billy asked.

"Yes, he knows Bella has inherited my gifts… He was going to send her to me this summer but since… Well, she's going to come with me to learn to control her magic." Isabelle replied.

"Does he know about us?" Billy asked.

"No, he doesn't. But he knows there is some good supernatural beings in your reservation that makes everyone safer." The old woman replied.

"Okay… So why did you come exactly?" Billy asked.

"Well, your tribe's shape-shifters have a page in our Book of Shadows, which means our families has crossed path before… I just wanted you to know who I really was in case you need my help or I need yours." Bella explained.

"Sam is patrolling for now but I will inform him of you gesture Bella. I'm sure we can stay on friendly terms right?" Billy asked.

"Of course we can!" Bella and Isabelle said at once.

"Well, I'll tell Sam to come by your place and speak to you about it." Billy said.

"About that…I'm going to live with Grandma' in Mystic Falls, Virginia tomorrow so I'm giving you here the new address in case you need to come and find me personally along with the house phone number, my cell phone number and my email address." Bella said as she handed a piece of paper to Billy.

"I better not let Jacob find this or he will get more ideas into his head…" Billy said with an amused smile.

"Yes, I think my little Bella doesn't need any more unwelcome admirers." Isabelle said, also amused.

"It's not my fault you know… I never had this kind of problems in Phoenix… I don't know why boys here like me so much…" Bella said as she rolled her eyes.

"Well, you're a very pretty girl Bella… You should know what the boys around La push say about you every time you come over to visit us." Billy joked, enjoying making fun of Bella with her grandmother. The young woman was blushing. Billy added:

"Jacob should be home in less then 30 minutes…"

"Well, we better go, we still have some packing to do… No offence Billy, but I only see Jacob like a friend, nothing more…" Bella said as she waved good bye at the native man and ran to the car, followed by her grandmother who was also laughing.

Before they left the next day, Isabelle decided to drive Bella to the Cullen's house so she could get some closure. She had taken some paper and an envelope out of the bags and watched as belle walked around the house and garage and started to get mad. After a while, Bella must have reach a point were she couldn't hold it in anymore because she picked a stone on the ground and threw it at the garage. The stone hit and broke a small window but a big part of the roof also exploded. Bella had the power of explosion… It comforted Isabelle in her belief that Bella was the Swan of the prophecy.

After that, Bella let herself go and ended up destroying most of the garage along with most windows of the house.

"Are you feeling better now?" The elder witch asked as she stood against her car.

"Much better yes… but now I feel bad about the damages…"

"Why don't you leave them a letter were you explain everything to them?" She suggested as she handed the block of paper to Bella.

"Good Idea…" Bella grabbed the block of paper along with a pen and started writing down:

"Dear Cullen's,

First of all, I'm sorry about the damages I've cause to your house and the garage but you all leaving me made me very mad and since I came to my powers…. Right, you don't know…

I'm a witch…

Well, you probably don't care since you left me without a goodbye…

Anyway, I had to take out the anger you brought out in me on something… I decided on something that was yours and it helped… I do feel a little better…

I'm really mad at you… for leaving me behind, for giving me the feeling you were just using me to feel more human…to make me feel worthless…

Shame on you all!

I wanted all of you to know how much your leaving me without saying good bye hurt me… Edward breaking up with me was hard but I could have gone through it much easier if I still had my best friend with me…


Can you honestly tell me you didn't see the paper cut coming? Why you would want to risk hurting Jasper with this guilt I have no idea but I know now that you weren't being very truthful with me…

Maybe everyone else was in on it, maybe you're using them too…

All I know is that one day, you'll understand why they say that 'Karma is a bitch'.

I trusted you… You were my sister… It hurts… I hope you're happy…

Carlisle, Esmee,

You hurt me a lot too…

You were supposed to be my surrogate parents… You said you loved me like a daughter and I did love you as if you were my parents… You made me feel part of your family only to break me later… Who does that?

You should be ashamed of yourselves…

Don't come with the excuse of a clean break or of Edward asking you …

I thought you at least would have come to say good bye… But maybe you're not the people I thought you were…


I'm not mad at you and you're the only one who didn't hurt me by leaving… You always made it clear that you didn't like me and I can't be mad at you for that, even if you never really gave me your reason… it was your choice and if Edward and Alice thought me something, is the value of free will…

Also now I have the power to grant you what you desire the most…Being human again (If Edward wasn't lying)…

Well, since you never lied to me, if you manage to find me and ask nicely, I'll grant you your wish… I'll start looking into it as soon as I'm in my new home.


Please don't feel bad about what happened…it's not you I'm mad at…

Just like Rosalie, if you come and find me, I might be able to find a way to help you with your bloodlust control…

After all, it comes because of your gift… I can help you with that I'm sure… After all, what's the point of having powers if I don't use them to help good people?


in the short time we spent together you became the big brother I kept asking my mother for when I was a kid and it's why your leaving without saying goodbye hurt me just as much as Edward's or Alice's.

What was I to you? A sister? A friend? Just a simple pet?


It's hard writing to you how much you've hurt me because I don't think words can describe the pain I feel… The hole I feel in my heart every time something reminds me of you…

I know I'll recover because I'm strong but I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive you for what you did to me…

Making decisions in the place of people is wrong…

You might think that you're better than other people, better than me…

You're not!

Taking people's free will away from them is never good and I hope you all learn that lesson some day...for your own sake…

I'm going to be around a while… According to an ancient prophecy maybe even forever…

Once again I'm really sorry for the damages I did to your house… I needed to let out my anger at you on something…

In the end, no matter how much you've hurt me with everything, I miss you and I know I won't be able to forget you any time soon…and even if I'm angry, I do hope you'll all have nice lives…

Maybe one day our paths will cross again and I'll be ready to face you…

Until then, have a nice life and please be careful, there is a whole dangerous world out there you don't know about.


As she wrote, Bella cried and she didn't pay attention as some of her tears dropped on the paper without damaging the ink. When she was done, she folded the paper and put it in the envelope. Her grandmother cast a spell on it to protect it from time, weather or people. She also put a spell on it so it couldn't be hidden or kept from the rest of the Cullen just in case Alice saw it and took the letter first. It would be able to be destroyed only after the last of the Cullen had the opportunity to read it or hear its content.

"You really think it's necessary?" Bella asked her grandmother as the woman put the spell to ensure the letter couldn't be hidden by only one member.

"I have a bad feeling about this Alice and I think this is necessary to keep her from keeping this letter from the others…" She explained.

"You're right…" Bella nodded.

Then they both jumped back in the car and this time, they hit the road for they journey to Mystic Falls.

They were on the road for 4 days, taking their time to get there. Isabelle had it all planned and she even knew when they would arrive in destination. She had planned their nights in motels and where they would eat… Nothing was left to chance.

When she wasn't driving, Bella had the Book of Shadow in her lap and she studied it, reading it from front to cover to know as much as possible and be able to find specific things easier.

"Grandma, something has been bothering me a little for the past few days…" Bella started as they had been on the road for only a couple of hours.

"What is it?"

"You said I was to be the last Swan witch… I know I don't have cousins but don't we have far away relatives that have powers also?" She asked.

"Of course we do, but what I meant by that is that you will be the last Matriarch of this family… You might have children later too, but none of them will be as powerful as you…"

"How can I have children if I'm going to be a vampire?"

"Everything will make sense in time Bella… Don't think too much about it… Prophecies are often made to guide us, but when we obsess too much about it we risk missing out on what's important!" The elder witch told the younger one.

Then Isabelle proceeded to inform Bella of the supernatural being in Mystic Falls, their names, their history… She wanted Bella to be prepared for anything. She told her of the Lockwood's werewolf line and how to activate it, everything.

"Then you have Elena Gilbert, she's a junior this year, you'll be a year above her right? Well, she is a Petrova doppelganger, they have a page in the book."

"Yes, I remember reading it… is she in the innocent category or not?" Bella trusted her grandmother completely and she believed her judgment was the right one, she, after all, had more experience than her.

"She is innocent for now… But every other Petrova doppelganger turned out evil so I don't know how long she will be able to stay innocent…"

"Maybe she's still innocent because the last doppelganger still exists…" Bella guessed.

"That's actually not a bad idea… Any way, the Bennett women are witches but the other kind."

"They're slaves of nature then?"

"Yes, but they think they are all powerful… They have no idea of our existing and what we can do… Also the council does, we work with them and help them. They know not to fear our family and that we only want to protect innocents. I'll take you with me to the next council meeting."

"Cool." Bella replied.

"Then I need to tell you about the Salvatore brothers, Stefan and Damon."

"Oh, yes, I've read about them in the book." Bella exclaimed.

"Then you know everything until they came back to town… Both of them have been close friends of our family ever since our ancestor met them when the town was founded… They are both starting to make peace with each others… You need to know that they are both very good friends of mine… Stefan was even named my Godfather by my mother… Damon is just a friend… But his destiny is somewhat intertwined with the destiny of our family… I told him of Katherine not being in the tomb and he is starting to get over her…"

"It must be hard for Damon… I know how he must feel…" Bella said with Edward's face in her mind.

"I know… That's why I invited the two of them to join us for dinner once we arrive… I would like you to be friends with them… but I don't want you to feel forced into it by me or anyone…"

"Don't worry… I will give them a chance…"

"They have always been close friends of our family… Be careful with Damon though… he can be…"

"Difficult? Dangerous? Temperamental?" Bella suggested with a half smile.

"Yes, all of those…Also he can be an ass just as easily as he can be a perfectly charming gentleman!" Isabelle chuckled as kept on driving and added: "But he keeps his promises and he takes good care of the people he loves… he promised me not to hurt you and to watch over you" Bella blushed.

"I don't need watching over Granny, I'm not 6!"

"Maybe not, but you are a danger magnet!" The elderly woman said with a giggle as she watched her granddaughter blush some more. The 'Danger-magnet' comment might hurt her because Edward called her that but she tried to keep in mind that her grandmother had given her that nickname a long time ago.

The two of them kept on talking and every two hours they would stop to have a drink and a bite to eat in a local dinner and exchanged driver. They stopped to sleep just like Isabelle had planned and they didn't meet any problems on the road so far.

"I've already send your transcript to Mystic Fall's high and I'm sure you'll be glad to know you won't have to take PE." Isabelle said as they were almost there.

"That's great! Hey, how will I drive myself to school?" Bella asked.

"Well, about that, Stefan will drive you the first few days. It will give us time to shop around for a car for you."

"Oh Grandma, I don't have money for a car…" Bella said blushing.

"What about my money? It's going to be yours some day anyway, why not use it now?"

"I don't want you to have to cut on your personal money for me… I'm sure I can walk…"

"Don't worry about it Bella… We are a founding family in this town… We have a lot of money and some of it hasn't been touched for the past few generations… We will be able to buy you a new car without denting the account." Isabelle replied with a smile as she parked the car in front of the last motel they would be staying in before they arrived home the next day.

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