Chapter 19:

Alice and Katherine were finally in Italy…

How did it take them so long?

They simply kept being interrupted by weird things… A tree falling right in front of their car on the road with a lot of people around so they couldn't use their powers, their stuff disappearing over and over again, people being excruciatingly slow in front of them…

"I'm sure Bella did something to delay us!" Katherine said.

"Don't worry Kat…She doesn't know what we're up to… Even if she cast some kind of spell so we could be delayed, there is nothing she can do against us now… We'll be in Volterra soon and the Volturi will destroy that supernaturally aware town!" Alice reassured her best friend and lover as they crossed the invisible border between the two countries.


After her graduation, Bella knew that she needed to think about taking care of Alice and Katherine and their intention of getting the Volturi to attack the small town. Since her father had visited for the occasion, she waited until he left before she did anything. Once he was gone, she started making plans.

"Are you sure you want to go Bella?" Carlisle asked her.

He and Esmee came back a few days ago, telling them that Elena was fine and that she and Stefan decided to move somewhere new to try and start fresh with the baby. They however promised to keep in touch. Elena was back to her old safe and they believed that the demon had been influencing her so that she was ready for him. She felt guilty about everything she did and said, especially to Bella and said she didn't feel ready to face them again. Stefan and her did sent a picture of her baby boy and Rosalie made sure it would grow at a normal rate. Under the circumstances, they were happy.

"Yes… I am the Amazone Queen… They have to listen to me… us Amazones have helped them when they got their power… We helped them defeat the Romanians on several occasions… They owe us their power and their lives… Not helping me would put a war on their hands." Bella announced.

"Well, you're not going alone!" Esmee said with worry.

"Of course I'm not! I'm a high school graduate going to Europe for the first time in my life! I'm going with my boyfriend!" Bella replied with a small smile.

They quickly settled things and left the next day.

Elijah had gotten them first class tickets, saying that if she was going to Volterra as a Queen, she should get there as one too. At first he wanted to rent a private Jet but she managed to change his mind using the excuse of Global warming...

Once they landed in Florence, they drove to Volterra in a very fancy rental car and arrived a day before Alice and Katherine were supposed to come, according to what they had heard.

They entered the bathroom in the lobby of the castle before going to the reception desk and Bella dressed in her Queen Amazone attire. It was the best way for her to be recognised and accepted for who she was. She was afraid that simply with her necklace and her tattoos, it wouldn't be enough. After all, anybody with enough knowledge would be able to forge some copies...

"Welcome to Volterra, how can I help you?" A human receptionist asked them in a bad English as soon as they arrived.

"Please inform Aro that Isabella Swan, Queen of all Amazones is here and wishes to see him as soon as possible." Bella said in an imperious voice.

She had practiced her queen tone and was very proud of it.

"Of course!" The woman said before taking her phone and speaking quickly in Italian.

After only a couple of minutes, two tall vampires came to them.

"Your highness, We appologise for the wait you had to suffer. Aro would be happy to see you right away, please follow us!" the first one said before informing her that his name was Felix and that his friend's was Demetri.

They walked through several corridors before they finally arrived in front of two big wooden doors and were welcomed in what looked to be the throne room.

"Welcome, Welcome! My name is Aro, this is Marcus and this is Caius! You must be the long prophesied Amazone Queen! It is an honour to meet you!"

"Thank you… You can call me Bella, and this is Elijah Mickealson." She introduced.

"A member of the original family of vampire… Nice to meet you! Now, what can we do for you?" Aro asked.

Bella found it weird to see those three kind talking to her like she was the highest ranked in the room, like she somewhat had power over them. It was both pleasing and disturbing.

Bella took about a half hour to explain the situation to them.

"Well, those two need to be dealt with!" Caius enraged while Marcus kept on looking at Bella in an intense look.

"Alice has the power to see the future based on the decisions you take… I've cast a spell to prevent the people in this castle to be seen in her visions but I'm not sure it's going to work right… We need to be careful!" Bella said.

"What is it brother? What has you so taken with Queen Bella?" Aro asked Marcus, bringing all the attention to the sad and quiet ruler.

Elijah went to stand closer to Bella, showing everyone that she was his, even if he hadn't marked her yet.

"I'm not sure… The queen looks somewhat familiar…"

"Familiar? I've never been around here and I don't remember ever meeting you..." Bella asked with confusion evident on her voice.

"Not in that sense, no...but... You have my mother's eyes…and my sister's hair…" Marcus replied.

"So she's some distant relative? Family from several generations over?" Caius asked.

"I think so…" Marcus replied with a small smile nobody had seen on his face since Didymee died.

Bella was uncomfortable with this conversation, she felt it could take their focus away from the important things so she spoke.

"Listen, I really need Alice and Katherine out of the way so the people I love can be safe again… If you do this, I'll perform a spell that will allow you to see Didymee once more!" Bella suggested.

"You will?" Aro asked with surprise.

"Yes, I will. According to a spell I did they should be here tomorrow morning, around 7." Bella announced.

"Why don't you and your friend go and stay in one of our best rooms? You can use the afternoon to see the town… We'll deal with the misfits together tomorrow!" Aro suggested.

"Thank you Aro!" Bella said.

"Anything for you dear Bella… Your arrival was prophesied a long time ago and you're a legend already… Simply meeting you is an honour but helping you, having the chance to prove ourselves to you… Now that's the real honour!" Aro said while Caius nodded and Marcus, understanding her reservations said:

"We shall speak tomorrow young one, after the misfits are dealt with."

Bella nodded with a soft smile and left.


Elijah and Bella discovered their room and after seeing how truly luxurious it was and setting their luggage down, Bella changed into more tourist-like clothes and they left the castle to go on a tour of the town and simply enjoy the Italian sun together.

"Your highness, Aro wants to know if you wish for an escort while you visit the town?" The vampire named Felix came and asked her as they were about to leave the castle.

"We'll be fine, thank you!" Bella replied with a smile.

"As you wish!" Felix replied with a small bow before he left the place.

"Aro likes you… So does his guards apparently… You seem to be very popular anywhere you go." Elijah said as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Well, you don't need to be worried! You're the only one I see,no matter where we are!" Bella said softly before she kissed him.


"This is nice…" Bella said as they both sat at a terrace with cold drinks.

They had iced tea and the sun was shining brightly. It was hitting their skins softly and warming them up in a nice, comforting way.

"Yes, it is… We should think about doing that more often when you're not worried about Alice and Katherine!" Elijah replied, knowing her mind didn't take a break and that she was worried about everything.

"You know me too well… When this is over and they're dead, we'll take a long vacation, just the two of us and no worries to disturb us!" Bella declared.

"Where do you want to go?" He asked her with a smile.

"How about on the Amazone land? It's sunny and peaceful…" She suggested with excitement shining in her eyes.

"As you wish love!" He replied, happy to see her happy.

"After they die, there is something I have to finally give you too!" Bella said quietly with a blush on her face.

"What is that?" Elijah asked in a teasing voice, guessing what she was talking about.

"I think you know already… It's long overdue!" She replied, still blushing.

Elijah chuckled and kissed her hard:

"I love you Bella, I hope you know that!"

"As I love you!" She replied.

They saw a lot of the town and even crossed an Amazone on vacation.

They had a lot of fun and it allowed Bella to relax a little instead of stressing over what was going to happen the next morning.


They eventually went back to the castle and, tired from their long afternoon, they went to bed.

The next morning, they were awoken the next day at 6:30 by Felix, bringing them a breakfast tray and informed them of Alice and Katherine being spotted entering the city by a member of the guard. They got dressed quickly and joined the three Volturi kings in the throne rooms. Bella had on her formal Amazone Queen attire and looked impressive.

Before they left their room, Bella turned to Elijah and said:

"I think I'd like to drink a bit of your blood before we go." She looked shy as she asked him this.

"My blood? Why?" He asked surprised.

"Just in case they have efficient plans B, C, D and E..."

"You're not going to die this morning Bella;" Elijah growled.

"I know this... but just in case, as a safety measure..." She suggested with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Of course Sweet Bella... When you look at it this way... here..." He replied, biting into his wrist and letting her drink from it.

She drank a few mouthfuls before she stopped, licked his wrist clean and looked up to him. He bent down to kiss her and after they finally separated, they made their ways through the long corridors of the castle.


As soon as they entered the throne room, everyone stood and the guard bowed to Bella.

In true Bella fashion, she blushed and looked around the room. When her eyes landed on the three kings, she saw that they stood, too, and were probably waiting for her to sit down to sit as well. She immediately saw that a forth throne had been added. It was by far the prettiest and it was positioned so that it was the center of all attention. Aro was on its right and Marcus and Caius on its left and yet the new throne seemed to be in the middle.

"Bella, we had a throne brought in for you." Aro said, standing as she entered the room.

Everyone was standing.

"Thank you, it's beautiful but that wasn't necessary…" She said with a soft blush.

"On the contrary, I think it was. They need to know what your real position is as soon as they enter. I figured Elijah would stand by your side…" Aro said.

Elijah nodded. He didn't want to sit down when Bella was in danger. He wanted to be able to protect her against the two little bitches on their way.

Bella went to sit on her throne and only after she was seated did everyone else relax a little.

"So much for not liking being the center of attention!" Bella muttered, making everyone smile with amusement.


They didn't have to wait for long.

A few minutes after Bella sat down, a member of the guard opened the door and let Katherine and Alice walk in the room. The two young women were holding hands and looked pretty confident at first.

The first thing the two vampires saw when they came in was that all the guard was assembled and they found it suspicious. The big double door closed behind them before they had time to look further and a couple f guard stood behind them, blocking any chance of retreat.

Turning back around to the front of the room, they wondered who was on the fourth throne when they recognized Bella and Elijah. They both stopped in their confident walk forward and looked worried for a minute before Alice squeezed Katherine's hand reassuringly and motioned for them to walk forward.

"So this is Alice and Katherine... You two have some nerves attacking a queen and coming here to ask us to help you killing her." Caius growled.

"Since when do you take pathetic humans as royalty?" Alice asked smartly.

She figure they were already condemned by the look of things, she might as well try to do things with fashion. Katherine tightened her hold on Alice's hand too. They were on the same page.

"How do you dare?" Marcus screamed in rage.

Alice and Katherine were shocked. Just like everyone else, they knew of Marcus being a depressed king.

"Let me do this please." Bella asked softly before she rose.

"What kind of attire is this?" Alice snorted.

"You know me as Isabella Swan, pathetic human you manipulated and then later you met the witch version of me. Maybe you even heard of the prophecy there is about me being the first ever witch that will be able to live forever and to keep her power after her change into a vampire. What you obviously don't know is that I am the Ultimate Amazone Queen... You see, for years, in my sleep, I lived a second life, one I lived with a tribe of Amazone... I was adopted by the Queen and when she died, very recently, she made me the new Queen... The rest made me the Ultimate Queen... A queen to all Amazone all over this world and every dimension... I am much more powerful than you think and I don't need spells to kill the two of you today..." Bella said calmly, feeling a new confidence in her.

"You think you can take us without using potions, spells or the guards?" Katherine snorted.

"I know I can... But what makes you think that you deserve this attention from me?" Bella asked.

"It's not like you have a chance." Alice said before she and Katherine started throwing several small vials of potions toward the guards and the thrones.

"Oh, you think that by freezing everyone you'll be able to fight me? I have to give you this though, you're always prepared..." Bella said, standing up.

She could see everyone's eyes could still move so she kissed Elijah's forehead before she walked to stand in front of her two nemesis. She was nervous and tried her best to hide it. Sure, she was strong, surely strong enough to rival their's... But would she be able to fight the both of them at the same time?

"Don't even try one of your spells, we're prepared for this as well." Katherine warned her as the three of them started circling each others.

"I figured. Don't worry, I've spent every night since I was 6 training to fight Centaurs, men, demons and even a few vampires. I helped my sisters fight against the God of war once too. I think I can handle the two of you." She replied.

"Let's see then shall we." Alice smirked.

Then the fight started. Bella could finally put to good use all of the training that came back to her mind since she got her queen title. She had fought a few times with Klaus or Elijah to practice and knew she could hold her own.

Alice and Katherine were fast but then so was Bella. She immediately got her sword and knife out and started to fight them as best as she could. She knew that everyone was watching her and for once, she didn't feel bad about being the center of attention.

At some point, Bella threw her knife right into Katherine's heart and if it didn't kill her, the poison on it had her paralyzed and unable to move.

"No! What did you do to her? Katherine!" Alice screamed.

"Don't worry, she doesn't feel anything right now." Bella replied before they started fighting again.

Bella managed to slice Alice's right arm off with her sword and kept on fighting, slicing the second arm and the head in another move. She took the time to cut Alice is smaller pieces with her sword, separating the legs from the body and cutting her chest in half.

"Remember what I wrote in that letter Alice? Karma is a bitch..." Bella said to the Cold one's head that was blinking in horror on the floor.

Bella figured that she was probably seeing her own end. She was about to turn around and check on Elijah when Katherine managed to take the knife out and to run to Alice's head.

"No! Alice, no! Don't leave me Lilice, please don't leave me!" Katherine crying as she grabbed Alice's head and buried her face in Alice's hair before she turned to Bella and while she tried to assemble the Alice jigsaw before her she said: "How dare you hurt her? How could you? You little bitch I'll..." Katherine however couldn't continue as Bella threw at her a wooden stake she had on her belt.

The stake went through the vampire doppelganger's heart and she fell on the floor, still hugging the head in her arms.

As soon as both women were dead, everyone cold move again and Bella was soon applauded by everyone for a job well done.

"Felix, Jane, Alec, Demetri, make sure to burn all of the pieces." Aro told to the favorite members of his guard.

They did as they were told and soon, a few others left the room to do their duties and cores.

"Well, that was short..." Caius noticed.

"You almost sound disappointed brother." Marcus said.

"It's not everyday we get to watch such a great show, I was hopping for it to last a bit longer." The blond ruler replied with a small smirk.

"Well, I'm glad it was this short. I hated not being able to move and end Katerina's life." Elijah growled.

Bella called her friends and family with the good news and spent the rest of the day in Volterra before she and Elijah grabbed a plane to Spain, where they were going to spend a few days before touring the rest of Europe and visiting the Amazone land and the tribes all over the world. she took the time to speak with Marcus and, with a simple spell, they found out that, indeed, she was one of his descendants.

Before she left, she also did the spell to call a spirit and allowed her new found ancestor to speak with Didymee one last time and to get the closure he so dearly needed.

"Please come and see us again soon fair Bella. This castle is your home too now." Aro said as they were saying their goodbyes.

Of course Bella promised to come again soon. At the moment though, she could only think of what she was planing to do with Elijah once their reached his house in Spain.


They traveled by plane once more and after a short but peaceful ride, they finally arrived in front of a small but beautiful house.

"I called ahead and had the maid preparing everything." Elijah told her as they entered.

The house was simple and just big enough for the two of them. It was isolated and the perfect house for them to take their small break from reality. Of course they had called everyone to tell them everything went perfectly fine with the Volturi and that Katherine and Alice were no more. Everyone had been very happy to hear this news and they understood that Elijah and Bella wanted some alone time.

"It's getting late already... Do you want to take a shower to wash off the plane trip or go to bed immediately?" Elijah asked her after the tour of the house when he realised it was almost midnight already.

"I think we should both take a shower..." Bella replied with a light in her eyes that turned the vampire on immediately.

"After you my Love." He said with a smile as they made their way to the bathroom, undressing each other between kisses on the way.

When they entered the shower, Bella suddenly realised that she was naked in front of this man for the first time but Elijah didn't let her be self conscious as he immediately told her just how sexy she was and how much he wanted her. They took turn washing each other and used this opportunity to get to know the other's body better.

After about an hour in the shower, they both got out and after they dried each other, all the while teasing each other and chuckling, Elijah carried her to the bed and took his time making love to her for the first time.

It was perfect for the both of them and unable to help himself, Elijah ended up marking her.


The next morning, Bella woke up to an empty bed. She was just starting to wonder where Elijah was when he showed up with a well furnished breakfast tray.

"Good morning my sweet Bella." he greeted her with the smile of a perfectly happy man.

"Good morning. You didn't have to make breakfast you know, I could have done it..." She said.

"I know... I wanted to." He replied, setting the tray and sitting next to her so they could eat together.

At some point, when they were almost done with the breakfast, Bella said:

"You know about Bianca's journal... I was thinking... I can't really publish it until I've tried at least a few of her tricks..." She was blushing but the mischievous light in her eyes told everything.

"That, my dear, is a very good idea." Elijah replied, kissing her hard before they discarded the tray and started testing out some tricks.


At some point, Elijah and Bella decided it was best to go back to reality before something bad happened and forced them back into it. They decided to visit Charlie and Liz in Forks only to learn that the couple was expecting twins and was very happy about it. Of course Bella was also super happy, so was Caroline who came with Kol as soon as she heard.

"Well, I know I can't have kids but I can be the super cool, super nice big sister! Kol and I are going to stay here a while to help you when they're born " Caroline announced them.

"If you're the super cool, super nice big sister, who am I?" Bella asked.

"You're the super witch, super powerful big sister that will help them out of the trouble they get in because of me!" Caroline replied, making everyone roll their eyes.

"Do you know what it's going to be yet?" Elijah asked the couple.

"We wanted to but they were both hiding so we have to wait a while..." Liz replied sadly.

"I could find out for you if you want..." Bella suggested.

"That would be great Bells." Charlie exclaimed.

Bella immediately grabbed a couple of candles and did a simple spell to have an answer to a question.

"Well, these two are boys but it's not going to be your last..." She replied.

"We'll have one more?" Liz asked.

"Try another set of twins...Girls this time." Bella replied with a small smile.

"Well, look who's repopulating the founding families." Kol joked.


Of course Bella and Elijah used this occasion to visit Rosalie, Emmett and Isabelle. The little girl was growing up and maturing very fast.

"We're thinking of moving back to Mystic Fall's now. She much more mature and we don't want to keep her away from Klaus much longer... Talking on the phone every day isn't enough anymore for him and since she's being reasonable with her powers..." Rosalie told Bella as they took a walk through the woods on their own.

"I'm sure he'll love that." Bella smiled.

"What about you, I know you're planning on changing to be a vampire like Elijah. When are you going to do it?" Rosalie asked.

"I still have some time. He was 25 when he was turned... We'll wait until I'm at least that age, unless something happens in the mean time." Bella replied.

"Good... It will give you time to prepare."

"You're happy now right Rosalie? You're not damning this life anymore right?" Bella asked her sister.

"No, I'm not. You gave me everything I've always wanted Bella... I'm happier than I've ever been... Emmett and I are talking about adopting in a few years... I'll do a spell to find a supernatural baby or something... We have time." Rosalie replied with a soft smile.

"So, another child in a few years?"

"Yes... We'll wait until Isabelle and Klaus are happy and together..."

"Good idea." Bella concluded.


Back in Mystic Fall's, Mason and Leah were happy together and when Leah found herself pregnant, they couldn't have been happier. The entire Lockwood family was happy about it. The parents weren't sure if the child would be human, hybrid or a shape shifter but they didn't worry about that now. They would find out later and everything would be fine because they were together and because they had friends to help them deal with anything.


Much like Finn and Sage, Jasper and Rebekah decided to travel a bit. They visited Peter and Charlotte in Texas before the four of them decided to travel the world. Sometimes they would cross people they knew, sometimes they would end up coming home to celebrate a special occasion...

At some point, they decided to settle down and went back to high school, playing humans and pretending they were absolutely normal.


Bonnie and Damon stayed in Mystic Fall's a bit. When Jeremy and Anna graduated High school, they all went to college together not far from their home town so they could always be near.

Bonnie started taking herbs to slow down her aging and this gesture touched Damon a lot. He suggested changing her but Bella came home around that time and gave Bonnie the opportunity to become a vampire and keep her powers. She wouldn't be as strong as she could be while staying human but she would be able to defend herself and her loved ones. Bonnie accepted and completed the transition on her 23rd birthday.


After two years away from everyone, Elena and Stefan, always as happy together, went back home with the boy she had given birth to. Elena was back to her caring nice self and after truly apologizing to everyone, they all went back to being one big happy family.

Elena and Bella never got really close but at least Elena had her friends Bonnie and Caroline back. Everyone was surprised that Stefan had given his last name to the boy but they didn't question it. He loved the boy and the boy loved him, it was the most important.

If she didn't want to become a vampire in the past, she had now changed her mind, mainly because her son would stop aging when he turned 18, so she asked Stefan to change her before they got home and he did. Bonnie provided her friend with a ring so she could walk in the sun and everything was right for them.


Alaric, now official sheriff of Mystic Fall's and Jenna were also very happy together and started a family at some point. They were very good parents and new to protect their children from the supernatural, while knowing to give a chance to people before judging them to be evil.


Carlisle and Esmee spent some time on their own before they started traveling. Most of the time, they lived with Rosalie and Emmett but sometimes they would move with the Salvatore. They had a big family and even if they didn't have children of their own, they were able to give all their love to the children around them.

After Isabelle and Klaus got together, when Rosalie looked for a kid to adopt, Esmee asked her daughter to do it for her too and they both found needing babies to adopt. While Rosalie adopted a baby girl and boy that were twins and half cupid, half witch, Esmee adopted a two year old half werewolf, half Cold one and her baby brother who was half Cold one and half fairy.

It wasn't always easy but they did their best and always had help from their friends.


Klaus and Isabelle started dating when Isabelle looked to be 17 and they never let go of each other since that day. They didn't argue much and were really happy. Their happiness seemed to be able to bring out the happiness around them too.

After they were together for 5 years, Isabelle got pregnant and they both got ready to welcome into life this new Swan witch.


Bella's book became a series of best sellers and she used the money to do as much good as she could around her. She was growing very powerful and popular in the supernatural world. Of course over the years she had to escape from a few demons' attacks but she always won.

She met up with a few Amazone tribes over the years too and visited them once in a while to check if everyone was doing okay and if there was no war starting with enemy tribes.

She also visited the Volturi and even though she wasn't a Cold One, she was an honorary queen and whenever she would go there, her word would become law. The three king knew that she was more popular than them and they did their best not to anger her. Later, when Bella got pregnant with her first born daughter, she named her Didymee (as her middle name) and named Marcus her Godfather for a way to help the king that had been a member of her family feel involved in their lives.

Bella never got anymore news from her mother. She found out at some point that Renee and Phil had had a few children of their own but she never saw them and was never told of their existence by her mother. She was fine with it though, she had made her peace with this.

She stayed the matriarch of the Swan witch line and made sure to teach them all how to use their powers and about right or wrong. She even made them all their personal version of the family book of shadows for their 16th birthday.

When she turned 23, Bella found herself pregnant. She knew it was coming of course because Elijah and her had done a spell to make it possible.

"This is new for us both...It won't be easy everyday..." Elijah warned her but the wide smile on his face showed just how truly happy he was.

"I know...but we'll be fine. We're not alone." She replied with a soft smile as they both stared at the home made test that had informed them of her pregnancy.

They had a new life starting, with friends and family and everything would be alright as long as they all stuck together.

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