The sirens song.

When the sirens sing, they sing the truth of whoever the listener is. If you survive, they can make you wiser. But more often than not, you'll be too compelled to commit suicide to care about expanding your knowledge.

But when Percy follows the sounds of the sirens, who does he find? And what exactly goes on that convinces him to stay forever?

Annabeth/Calypso/Percy love triangle – but who will win the Demigod's heart? Set after the Battle of the Labyrinth, before the last Olympian. Percy is 16.

Rated T for mild swearing. I do not own the Percy Jackson series, all rights to Rick Riodan.


"Well done Percy! Well. Freaking. Done!" Annabeth hissed, throwing her Yankees baseball cap across the room.

"Sorry…" I say nervously.




"Now Annabeth, it's hardly Percy's fault…" Chiron tries to balance out, but she just turns redder with fury, much longer and smoke'll be flaring out of her ears.

"I'm sixteen, Annabeth, and the 'prophecy kid.' I can hardly help that a bunch of furies, Cyclops's, Briaries, traitor Demigods and traitor minor Gods decided to lead a full scale attack on me…again…And blowing up the school…and killing five mortals…and blowing up two other close schools…" I edge. She screams from the very pit of her lungs and marches out, her knuckles turning white where she strains her hands into fists, as she states;

"You are impossible Perseus Jackson! I am going to the woods." Before slamming the door, the loud ringing of the echoing slam bouncing around the room.

"Do you get the feeling she's annoyed with me?" I ask, trying to lighten the mood. Chiron smiles slightly;

"She's just scared for you Percy. I half think she hoped you wouldn't survive till sixteen so you didn't have to be the one with the prophecy. Or found a way to immortality like Thalia did."

"Oh. Right." Awesome finding out my best friend half wishes me dead.

"I'm gonna go find her." I say, Grover trots beside me but I push him away.

"I'll try not to get killed Grover, I promise. Though I swear she's more vengeful than Zeus when he thought I stole his bolt." I joke, he smiles weakly and I run out the door.

The night blinds me, the moonlight and the stars are my only light source as they reflect off the water. I race through the wilderness, trees hanging over me as I rustle through their leaves.

"ANNABETH!" I continuously call

"ANNABETH!" I repeat, till I find her clothes. Well her jeans and shoes along with her Yankees cap.

"ANNABETH!" I panic, racing forward towards the cliff edge.

That's when I see her. A long strand of thick blonde hair, white pale skin and a slim body. She's holding out her arms, dressed in only her underwear and a t-shirt that's so long it nearly reaches her knees.

"I need to get out of here!" She hisses, bending her knees, preparing to jump. I hear the thrashing of the waves beating harshly against the rocks. She'll be killed for sure.

"ANNABETH NO!" I begin to run, reaching her in mid-air and plummeting down with her, we both scream, but for me it's in fear. For her it's fury;

"GET. OFF. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" She screeches in a high pitch


"TOUGH LUCK SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEA WEEEEEEEEEEEED BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!" She cries, receiving one last gulp of air before we plummet into the icy waters.

I feel instantly at home, warm and calm even as the current fights darkly around me. I almost forget about Annabeth, who's desperately trying to swallow as much water as she can.

"Oh no you don't! Son of Poseidon here, I'm only going to let you drown if I do!" I promise before forcing her above the surface.

"Rise!" I command the waves, and they form a great overlap and force Annabeth onto the sandy cove. I dive deeper into the murky depths, seeking to surface near where I placed Annabeth; until I hear a divine sound…I stop and listen, momentarily for getting about Annabeth.

Virtue is lost

Beyond this sleek veneer, beneath the neon existence

Her face is grey and everything she longs for turns to black

The chemicals bring little vindication and white lines lace every vein

Does she realize what she has become?

But she's not waking and she's still failing

but she's not waking and she's still failing

Follow the sirens' song to face this empty cycle

searching the darkest nights

searching the silence

It's a harmony of female voices; I follow it as it continuously sings. The beauty of it is inviting, something's niggling in the back of my mind though. Wasn't I doing something?

Can hardly be important, nothing matters at all…Nothing except the voices...I hear a faint call of some kind…"Percy!" Who? Oh, right, is that me? Stop thinking a voice is hissing in my head, of course, the song…The beautiful song…


That idiot! Why did he save me? Though precious air is nice…Oh stop being so stuck up! A voice is hissing in my mind, for once I listen and breathe in the precious air gratefully. I was being rash, Percy will be OK. Percy's strong, and he has me beside him.

What does Percy think of me? Of us. Since his meeting with Aphrodite all those years ago, what on earth does he think of me? I'm some girl who's still in love with Luke, even after he betrayed us so.

That's not the case, but after everything Thalia, Luke and I went through, then of course I have feelings of friendship that find it hard to die, even after a small thing like Luke-giving-up-his-body-to-serve-Kronos-and-bring-mount-Olympus-down...

Aphrodite has spoke with me too, she is right, one of us will eventually have to say something to each other, but neither of us have the confidence.

Speaking, or thinking, of the Son of Poseidon, where in the ocean is he? Shouldn't he be here by now? Probably showing off at his inability to drown.

"Percy" I call, expecting him to come up spouting water acting like a dolphin in an attempt to lighten the mood. Nothing.

"Percy…" I shout a little louder, he's probably too far down to hear. Or he's making his way up.

"Percy!" Yeah…Defiantly making his way up…But where is he?

"PERCY" …Silence…

"PERCY!" I cry, nothing. I find myself subconsciously chanting his name

"PERCY! PERCY! PERCY! PERCY!" My throat is hoarse when I begin to hear hooves both running and galloping towards me.

"Where is he!?" Chiron asks, suddenly appearing before me witch Grover at his side.

"P...Percy...S...Saved...M...Me...I…J…Jumped…O…Off the cliff and he…he…Hasn't come up! He wouldn't show off like this, that's n…Not P…Percy!" I exclaim, crying. Grover seems mystified, walking towards the ocean and softly mumbling something...

"Follow the sirens' song to face this empty cycle, searching the darkest nights, searching the silence" He repeats softly in a daze as he goes neck-deep into the ocean. Chiron suddenly notices Grover, now nearly submerged horn-deep. "NO!" He cries, and canters towards Grover, who's still mumbling the same lyrics over and over while underwater. Chiron grabs him by the horns and pulls Grover back towards me, pushing the entranced satyr over. Grover immediately shakes his head and snaps back into reality.

"This is awful…" Chiron mutters

"What?" I ask, feeling like Percy. Usually he's the one with the questions.

"The song, it is the song of the Sirens. They have moved, but so close to camp…" I automatically panic

"But they compel you to suicide! If Percy hears them…" Tears brim my eyes once more, Chiron shakes his head.

"Percy shall survive, at least his trip to the island." Chiron tells me.


"The sirens sing different songs. The legends say they tell you who you really are, surviving them makes you wiser. But they also try to manipulate you into taking your own life. This is only true to a certain extent. You have heard the sirens, Annabeth. The songs they sing do reveal who you truly are, but only to females, then your thirst for more drives you insane, and you try to reach the island, or you die trying." I nod and Chiron continues. Grover's silently muttering about tin cans.

"But for the male gender however, it is different. They sing a song, a song so divine and pure they forget entirely about not only the task in hand, but who they are, their lives, everything. The only thing that matters is the song and its source, and of course they try to reach it. They say one commits suicide over it, but in reality the sirens are always stationed on an island and the only way to reach them is to swim there. Well, one can sail, but in such a state of mind that'd never occur to you. I told you that you forget about your lives, reality, well you also forget about nature in the sense that you'll continue to breathe underwater, which is where the suicidal part of the story comes in."

"And that's also how we know Percy'll survive." I say, slowly realising what was going on.

"Yes, as he is the son of Poseidon. Holding his breath underwater isn't necessary," Chiron finishes.

"How come I can't hear it? Or you. When Grover nearly died over the lyrics?" I ask, he shakes his head.

"Your ears will be too weak, Annabeth, to hear it from here. You'll either have to be closer to the island or submerged underwater. Grover and I have far better hearing as satyrs and centaurs. I can hear it, but centaurs have always been lucky never to be affected by their song. Grover however, well you know what happened. He'd of walked till the intake of water in his lungs was too great, he'd of died if I hadn't of gone to retrieve him." Chiron finishes, gesturing towards the dazed satyr as he subconsciously chews on a littered Dr Pepper can.

"What will happen to Percy when he gets to the Island?" I ask timidly, curling up into a ball on the sand. Chiron's expression darkens.

"That my dear, I cannot say. But I dread to think…"

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