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Hand In Hand
Part II

Kaitlyn breathed deeply in through her mouth, out through her nose.

In, out.

In, out.

Quit freaking out, dummy, she scolded herself. It's just Sheamus. Just Sheamus. You see him every day.

The two of them left the hotel without much preamble. Kaitlyn, not being much of a purse-carrying kind of girl, had - as usual - stuffed all her money in her pockets, unconcerned of how dumb she would look if she had to pay for something and ended up dragging out a massive amount of lint...

Oh, sweet fancy Moses, I didn't even think of that!

Her heart beating like mad, she turned to look at Sheamus. The two of them were currently walking the streets like they hadn't a care in the world. Something that wasn't unusual. Kaitlyn often liked to wander around the streets of a new town, with AJ or Layla or one of the other Divas. It was a good opportunity to find restaurants and little boutiques to frequent while in a specific town for longer than usual.

As her eyes raked over Sheamus' confident figure, she felt her heart beat increase more than she would ever like to admit to anyone. She watched as he walked, sure of himself and unconcerned about anyone else in the vicinity.

Except her, it seemed.

Sometimes, he would turn his head and glance at her, kind eyes soft and endearing. It had been rather quiet since the two of them left the hotel in search of food. Or whatever. She wasn't exactly sure what they were going to do tonight, but as long as she was with him, it was okay.

Wow, that sounded sappy.

She still couldn't believe he said yes to the awkward and rambling way she had...well, asked him out. Technically, she didn't even get the words out, and he guessed before she could really make an idiot out of herself, but...

He had said yes.

She was taken out of her musing by a nudge at her shoulder. Jolting, she looked over at Sheamus to find him looking at her as if greatly amused by something.

"Uh, yeah?"

This made the Irishman outright laugh. "I've been trying to get your attention for the past five minutes, I think."

Kaitlyn felt her cheeks heat up. "Um...sorry. I was...lost in thought." Oh, yeah, way to sound like you actually care you're on a date with him.

But Sheamus didn't look offended. He looked good-natured about it, like he did about everything. "Happens to the best of us," he said. "I was asking where you wanted to go eat."

Kaitlyn blinked at him. "Shouldn't you be picking? I mean...I was the one that asked you out."

Again, there was that humorous look. Sheamus let out a laugh. "The lady always picks, Kaitie."

"So I don't pay for you either?" Kaitlyn asked, completely oblivious.

Sheamus looked appalled. "Now that'll make any fella look like an arse."

She cocked her head to the side. "You sure?"

"Positive," he said, showing his teeth in a grin that sent chills down her back.

It was weird, what being around a certain someone could do to a person. Kaitlyn never thought of herself as particularly girlish, but when she was around Sheamus - or heard anyone talk about the Great White in general - she always found herself smiling and laughing, thinking fondly of him and unconcerned about her outward appearance.

Well, that was when he wasn't around.

Now that they were walking together, scouting out things to do, she felt unbearable self-conscious.

She really needed to remind herself to tell AJ to really knock some sense into her next time she saw her.

Shaking her head, she tried to think of other things, but then saw something that stopped her in her tracks. She hadn't even realized she was staring expectantly at the little Mexican restaurant until Sheamus pressed a large hand to her shoulder, causing to both jump and gasp at the same time.

"Wanna eat here?" he asked.

Kaitlyn blinked a few times and then nodded. "If...I mean, if you don't mind, that is."

In a smooth motion, Sheamus' hand moved from her shoulder to flick a lock of hair playfully over her shoulder. "Nah, I like my food spicy."

Trying to hide her blush, Kaitlyn found it in her to comment. "Is that a ginger thing?"

Sheamus laughed, loud and booming, and Kaitlyn grinned, mentally fist pumping à la Zack Ryder. Score one for the Kait-meister.

And then Sheamus cocked a brow at her. "Did that just happen?" he asked, pointing to the still-clenched fist.

Minus one for the Almighty Kaitlyn, Czar of All Things Dorky.

Sheamus didn't seem to mind her complete unconcern for all things cool. He held the door open for her and allowed her entrance into the restaurant. The familiar smells of salsa and the faint stirrings of lively music surrounded her. The door closed, and there was a slight pressure on her waist. She gave a little jump, startled, and then turned to see the very pale hand of her...date resting on the curve of her hip.

That's new, she thought, heart thudding recklessly.

"Two?" the waiter asked politely, holding out two menus as he gestured to the pair of them. Sheamus nodded, unabashed, and Kaitlyn found it within her to grin.

They were led to a table in the back corner, tucked away from prying eyes. The waiter took their drink order and then left the two of them alone.

Conversation flowed easily between the two of them. So easily, in fact, that Kaitlyn was taken aback by it more than once. The awkward ramblings of her invitation out were long forgotten, and in there place were jovial comments, quick witted jokes, and laughs in response.

Sheamus ordered two different entrees, while Kaitlyn ordered her favorite, the chicken quesadilla. They ate in comfortable silence, every now and then asking each other about various things in their lives. The search for the title, the very little time they got off from their jobs, the amazing feeling of the crowd chanting their names...

"I really hope you get that title sometime soon," Sheamus mentioned in between bites of his second plate. "No one deserves it more."

Kaitlyn tried to hide her blush, but to no avail. It was strange, the affect that one man had on her. "Psh, thanks. I doubt they'll be taking it off of Eve anytime soon, though, unless it's to give it to AJ."

"Give yourself more credit, Kaitie," Sheamus said, motioning to her with his fork. "You're one of the more talented ladies they have."

Scoffing, the blonde ran a hand through her hair. "Thanks."

Sheamus gave her a jovial grin and the two of them finished their meals in comfortable silence, with comments thrown here and there and Kaitlyn wondering just where this was going.

At the end of the meal, Sheamus got the bill, just as he said he would, and Kaitlyn was glad she had chosen the cheapest thing on the menu. She would have felt guilty otherwise.

As the two of them left the restaurant, Sheamus opened the door for her and grinned down at her as she walked outside. Just him looking at her like that was enough to set her skin on fire.

"What's next?" he asked, catching up with her. The two began walking down the street.

Kaitlyn didn't even try to hide the bright grin on her face. It was ludicrous, how light she felt at this moment. "I don't know!" she chirped back.

"That's the best way to be, right?" Sheamus said softly.

There was a beat, and then Sheamus did something completely unexpected. Kaitlyn didn't even realized what had happened until she felt his fingers, warm and strong, squeeze hers with an eager grip.

As the two of them walked side by side, Kaitlyn figured she didn't mind what was next, as long as she was with him.

End Part II.

End Hand In Hand.