Out of the Darkness

Well Sue me - I've already started a new Dark-Hunter/Harry Potter cross-over. Thanks to the reviews really. Most people want Ash to be Harry's significant other, but the story and how I have Harry doesn't fit to make them a couple. (I'm talking about A Betrayal Too Deep by the way for those that don't know). So the pairing for that story has been decided, and I've decided to give you what you want - a Harry/Ash story. Yes you will find a lot of it similar to Ash's second book( Not all of it though) when he supposed to have met Tory but will meet Harry instead but their encounter will go very differently just read and watch :D ha-ha I'm gonna have so much fun playing with my two characters.

The book was supposed to start in 2008 but I've changed it to 2000 just so you know

If you dont want to see Ash with anyone other than Tory i suggest you turn back now its SLASH Harry/Ash

I do not own Harry Potter or the Dark-Hunter Series they belong to J.K Rowling and Sherrilyn Kenyon lucky women :D

Chapter 1

Nashville Tennessee

October 31st 2000

The Parthenon

Nashville, Tennessee

6.30 p.m., Friday

Acheron teleported himself into the main room where the statue of Athena stood covered in gold. Because of the lecture that was going to start in a few minutes in another part of the Parthenon, the statue area had been closed off. He should probably obey the rules but why? It was one of the few perks he had from being a god. Casts of the original Elgin marbles stood at stations that lined the walls on both sides. Even though the interior of the Parthenon wasn't exactly the way it'd been in ancient Greece, he'd always loved to come here. Something about it comforted him. And any time he was in Nashville, he made sure to stop in and visit.

He moved to the centre of the room so that he could look up at artist's rendition of the goddess Athena. It looked nothing like her. Raven-haired and pale, Athena was as frail in appearance as she was striking. But those eyes were definitely deceiving. As a war goddess, Athena could pack a punch as hefty as any man.

"Acheron…" the statue said, coming to life before him. "Tell me what it is you seek."

He rolled his eyes. "A night away from you, Artemis. It's not like you don't know that."

She came out of the statue to stand in front of him at her natural height. "Oh you're no fun."

"Yeah, right. Sorry. The statue thing lost its humour eleven thousand years ago. It hasn't become any more appealing over time." said Ash dryly. He hated her with every iota of his being. She had completely destroyed his faith in people, if someone who said they loved him wouldn't help him…it left him to wonder just who the bloody hell would.

Artemis crossed her arms over her chest, "You just blow all the fun out of everything." she said petulantly.

Ash sighed in impatience "Suck, Artemis. The phrase is 'Suck all the fun'." what he would do for just a five months way from her.

"Blowing, sucking. Same difference." she said, he really hated it when Ash corrected her all the time. She knew Ash hated having to correct her so she did it even more, it was a vicious circle.

"No, it isn't. Take it from someone with intimate knowledge of the two." said Ash as he moved past her to look at the casts against the wall. Anything was better than staring at her; sometimes he wished he could let Simi eat her. The bitch goddess she said, appropriately named.

"I hate it when you're crude." snapped Artemis screwing her nose up in disgust.

"Why are you here?" he snapped, staring at her over his shoulder, all the crudeness in the world wouldn't stop her pawing at him all the time. The things he did for people who'd hate him if they knew the truth…life wasn't fair. He had learned that all too quickly in his life, human and as a god.

Artemis just asked him the very same in return, dodging his question.

"There's some archaeologist who thinks he's found Atlantis. I was curious so here I am." said Acheron.

"Oh this I have to see. I love it when you go for the vernacular." said Artemis her eyes lit up with glee at the thought of Ash degrading someone. Other than her for a change.

"Jugular," Ash corrected her between clenched teeth, too bad he didn't feel the same way as her. He didn't like taking anyone's credibility from them, or worse, publicly embarrass them. But the last thing he needed was for the world to find Atlantis and then expose what he'd been there. For the first time in his existence he had people who looked at him with respect and who allowed him dignity. If they ever knew…he'd rather die again. No, better a sting to the Professor's ego than his. While he had his moments of altruism, in this he didn't. No one would ever expose him again.

"Where is this lecture going to be?" Artemis asked her face full of happiness.

"Room down the hall." he said and he vanished immediately. Ash shook his head as he looked around once more.

Dr. Potter?"

"Yes?" asked Harry looking up expectantly. Harry had left the Wizarding world after his defeat of Voldemort. He'd left for America, attending college and university, and then decided he wanted to find Atlantis and see if it was really magical. The Wizarding world believed it was magical, and he believed it too, while he'd been down there something or someone spoke to him. They'd wanted him to open something, but Harry wasn't stupid enough to listen to disembodied voices. Harry was now thirty years old, but he barely looked a day over twenty. Wizards aged differently from normal humans, and lived a lot longer than they did. He'd left the Wizarding world thirteen years ago and had never gone back. The hero worship had sickened him to no end. The fact they'd expected him to settle down with Ginny Weasley had have children had been the last straw. Even his best friends had been trying to force him into it, even though the world had known he was gay. It had been very easy for him to find it; he's used a locator charm. Why other Wizards and Witches had never thought of it he didn't know.

"You've got a good crowd gathering. I just wanted to know if you needed some water for your presentation?"

"No it's okay, thank you," said Harry kindly. As long as people were kind to him he was to them. Otherwise they'd find out how sharp a tongue he had, he had learned from the best. No one had been better at sarcasm than Severus Snape.

The woman turned and left and Harry idly remained sitting.

"I'd like introduce you to Dr. Potter, he's one of the few who had his doctorate by the time he was twenty two shows his level of commitment. I've yet to meet anyone who can flaw his theories or his dedication to the field of ancient study. Now if you'll all help welcome Dr. Potter."

Ash withheld his applause until he actually met the man he was about to roast.

That's what he thought.

"Well we all know why you are here, not to listen to me talk about myself or even how I did what I did. You just want proof, well let's just get on with it then shall we?" said Harry from the podium, his voice was filled with confidence, his small cheeky grin made them laugh with him. His long dark hair with red highlights was pulled up in a loose pony tail; tendrils of it had come out and had been tucked behind his ear. His green eyes seemed to stand out as he looked at everyone.

Ash could see the boy was wearing contacts; he was extremely sexy in his casual clothes. He didn't dress like normal teachers; his students must love his classes. In fact he rather admired his dress sense, black pants with black Doc Martens boots with the British flag on it. Having just listened to him he knew he was British but he was loosing his accent he'd obviously been in the USA for a long time. His Top was plain black, long sleeved. On the back of the chair there was a leather jacket that would come to his waist. Say what he will but the boy did have style, style he admired greatly. Too bad he was about to make an enemy of the man.

Harry pressed a button and the picture took its place on the projector. Harry was still in awe of the stuff Muggles could make. It seemed despite their lack of powers, they still had magic of their own. It had taken him years to get used to it all. In the Dursley's they hadn't had things like that. He'd never been out of the house other than to go to school. Then it was Hogwarts and the Wizarding world. It wasn't as if he could find anything Muggle there to practise on. Not that he needed to, he might as well be a Muggle for all he knew about them. Which was everything.

"This is one of the many artefacts that have been brought up from the bottom of the Aegean. This broken bust is - who I believe to be Apollymi, yes the writing isn't one we recognize…but rather a early version of Greek or even Atlantean." said Harry, "Unfortunately nobody else can read it so it's been very had to get it authenticated." he shrugged indifferently as if it didn't matter to him. He couldn't tell them he knew what it was because of his magic.

"Looks like you're broken, Acheron." said Artemis whacking Ash on the arm.

"Busted," he corrected her.

"Whatever." she said huffing.

"Since nobody can read this or even identify all the ancient letters, I'm convinced it's Atlantean. After all, if Atlantis was in the Aegean Sea, as we all believe, it's possible their language had a Greek basis. The Island's location would have put it in the centre of where Greek sailors traded, making it a power to be reckoned with and allowing it to shape the culture, traditions and language of ancient Greece." explained Harry briefly, clicking the button again, he pulled up the next photo which showed a fragment of wall from the Atlantean Palace.

"This is a building I uncovered…"

"Aren't you going to say something?" Artemis asked, she'd come here to see him kick ass not just sit there. It was getting boring fast! It didn't matter how much that boy reminded her of Ash.

"Many that have seen it think it's from a temple, but I think it's a government building. Now the next picture is a Greek island which I believe traded with Atlantis. As you can see the stone has the name Didymos etched into it." he clicked it again, Harry was surprised to see the bound journals on the screen, he'd not meant to show that to the others. Unfortunately even he couldn't get them to believe paper had been bound back in the day of Atlantis. He believed it, he'd even began reading them, but it took time and a lot of magic. "This is a bound journal; I know what you're thinking they couldn't possibly have. We weren't there so we cannot know for sure, the same writing and dating on it shoes it to predate anything we've ever found in Greece. These two sites are integral to each other and the main site is in fact Atlantis."

"Acheron?" Artemis snapped again.

Ash didn't respond he was staring at his sisters bound journals as if he couldn't believe it. The page documented nothing in particular, but what scared him most was what else it might contain and, unlike the other writings, it was Greek. There weren't many people in the world who could translate it. But there were enough that it could ruin his life if they did and it held something incriminating.

"Oh this is boring," huffed Artemis "I'm out of here." she got up and left right away.

The next picture was a bust with a crushed-in head. It had been one of many in Didymos that had lined the streets and it was an image of his twin brother Styxx. Ash almost came out of his chair. It was time to stop this before he expose him.

"How do you know the carbon dating on the journal isn't contaminated?" asked Ash.

Harry looked across at the source of the voice, his voice was very deep and it commanded everyone's attention. He couldn't see his eyes through his sun glasses. Harry could feel an argument coming on.

"And if it is?" asked Harry cocking his head slightly.

"We all know data can be corrupted, especially with someone with an agenda, everyone wants to be the one to find Atlantis." said Acheron.

"It can," nodded Harry, "I had no intention of showing anyone the books for that main purpose, it was put up accidentally. The other artefact's and things still being removed from the Aegean will prove it without these."

"A woman's bust? A building? Some pottery fragments? Greece is littered with that." scoffed Acheron.

"Explain the writing," said Harry calmly, he didn't seen at all deterred by the man's accusations. He was either used to it or he'd been through much worse that this was nothing.

"Just because you can't read the writing doesn't mean it can't be read by someone else. It could be nothing more than an undocumented provincial dialect." said Ash.

"He's right," a man in the front row said.

"Who said I can't read it?" asked Harry a smirk spreading out across his face.

Ash froze; he couldn't believe what he'd just heard. It couldn't be true; there was no way the boy knew that language. This couldn't be happening, it just couldn't. His entire life was in this boy's hands and he hated it.

Then Harry clicked the clicker once more and a picture of an Atlantean necklace that held the symbol of the sun. "This is the first time I've actually seen anything so stylized."

"I picked up mine in a store in Delphi three years ago," said Ash holding it up for people to see.

"May I see it?" asked Harry stepping down from the podium his hand held out for it. He didn't seem to care that a lot of people had laughed and walked away.

Ash blinked this wasn't going the way he wanted it to, Ash reluctantly handed it over. Harry looked at it curiously; it had never been in water he let his magic wash over it. It was as old as the other one he'd picked up. It had been well cared for, curious, this certainly hadn't been bought in Delphi three years ago.

"Delphi you say? Apollo, it's possible but it's a lot older than that," said Harry, "Now since you've gotten everyone completely sceptical I'd say you've done your job very well. Thank you." he said sarcasm bubbling deep in his voice, shaking his head in disgust he grabbed his jacket, water and everything else before he left. He trod of down the stairs and out of the building. He needed fresh air and lots of it, he'd met a few dickheads in his time he was one of them. The only consolation that he had, was he knew it was the real location, he knew what he'd found and he didn't care what others thought.

"Look, I'm really sorry." said Ash catching up with Harry outside.

Harry snorted, "Are you fuck," he said continuing to walk towards his green Porsche.

Ash had been about to respond when he realized he couldn't hear the boy's thoughts or see his future. He was a completely blank slate to him, and he'd never met the boy before. He didn't know where he was going. Everything about him was completely blank. Everything. What the hell? Not wanting to even contemplate what that might mean, Ash teleported himself to his condo in New Orleans. He didn't like not being in control or being blind to anything. Until he figured out what was going on, retreat was the best answer.

A good bit of this chapter is from Ash's book, somethings have been changed alot actually lol i hope you are going to enjoy it regardles :D i'm afraid ive finally joined the Dark-Hunter bandwagon and writing more than one story! after saying it would be my first and last attempt on A Betrayal too deep! oh well at least the people reading will like it :D they've always wanted to see an Ash/Harry pairing well you have it! enjoy! so will ash hunt harry down or will it be they meet up after harry takes the book to Julian of Macadon now Alexander? R&R PLEASE! the more reviews the quicker the update people :D