Out Of The Darkness

Chapter 17

Kalosis, Apollymi, Powers and Rescues

Harry woke up extremely pissed off, he found himself in a room with a blonde haired woman and the Dark-Hunter from the bar. Oh how he wished he'd done more than just fling him out. He didn't have a soul, funny how he could sense that, very peculiar. With swift movements he had his arms unbound and he flung Nick and Satara into the wall. He then advanced on Satara with a deadly gait they realized was similar to Acheron's. "I've never killed a woman before." said Harry cocking his head to the side. "I guess today is a good as any day to start." he raised his hand up to kill her when the Dark-Hunter spoke.

"Don't, if you kill her you die as well, you wear an Atlantean cuff," said Nick quickly, rising to his feet, pointing towards the said cuff.

Harry looked down, "Alohamora," he muttered but the damn thing refused to move. Harry huffed unable to believe it; well damn he couldn't remove the bloody thing. Turning back to her he narrowed his eyes. Grabbing her by the throat, similar to how Apollymi had done.

"Accio key," snapped Harry, as he pressed in on her throat, it came floating from her pocket. He shoved the woman away from him in disgust as he used the key to remove the cuff.

Turning back to her, he was surprised to see Nick stab Satara in the stomach. Raising an eyebrow in disbelief, as much disbelief as Satara held as she stared at him.

"What the hell are you doing?" asked Harry unable to believe it. Was he truly trying to alienate himself from everything and everyone he knew? He obviously wasn't a proper Dark-Hunter and it turned Harry's stomach. He stared at the man with all the disgust and scorn he could muster.

"I'm embracing my fate," said Nick unbothered by Harry's stare.

"You want to die? Well I can help you there," said Harry almost eagerly.

"Stryker!" yelled Satara running for the door, but with deadly aim Nick had it planted in her back and she fell to the floor.

"I have no fight with you," said Nick walking over to Satara's dead body and removed the knife.

Harry summoned it from him, he recognized it - it was exactly like the one he had. An Atlantean dagger and he knew they were lethal. This could kill Ash and he wasn't about to let it remain in the hands of someone out to hurt him.

"Give me that back now," snapped Nick moving forward.

"Go ahead, make my day," said Harry the warning written across his face and deep in his voice he meant business. "With one word I could have you dead, before you could reach me and nothing can bring you back from being a shade."

Nick growled angrily, but he wasn't stupid enough to try especially given the fact he hadn't been able to fight off Harry's powers the last time. He didn't know what the hell Harry was; just that he had some awesome powers that made his look like party tricks. If he wanted to live another day he had better back down. Heading for the door, Harry did the same thing only to curse together angrily. The door leads out to some sort of Great Hall looking place that was filled with Demons and Daimons if Harry wasn't very much mistaken. Harry groaned clutching his head in agony. He could hear the souls of those killed by the Daimons breathing heavily he wished he could help them…they were in so much agony.

This must be his Master of Death powers and he did NOT like them. Harry tried to apparate out, but he couldn't. Damn it! Hecate was right, these realms sucked! He had to know where he was and where he was going to get out.

Then Nick gaped in complete shock, when the bolt hole opened revealing Ash and Urian.

"Ash can't come here," said Harry staring at him; instinctively know that this wasn't Acheron. He didn't have his powers, his aura and sexy powerful gait. Sure his stance said 'I'm here to kill you mother-fuckers and I'm taking no prisoners' but Ash's aura always said 'Mess with me and I'll wipe the floor of you completely and you'll be nothing but a pile of ash afterwards'

"Apparently he's willing to end the world for you. You should be impressed I am." said Nick his voice full of awe.

Harry rolled his eyes with so much force that he temporarily only saw white. He was supposed to be a powerful Dark-Hunter and he couldn't tell that wasn't Ash? It wasn't a glamour…which meant it could only be one other thing. Hatred heated his belly uncomfortably, oh how he wanted to kill the bastard. This was Styxx, Acheron's mortal twin brother, too bad their life force was tied together - otherwise he'd have ended his life where he stood.

"Apollymi?" asked Harry wondering if she could hear him, he was speaking to her mentally. He realized that it must have been her who had spoken to him when he was in the Aegean. She had wanted him to free her, so maybe it went two ways.

"Yes?" asked Apollymi surprised.

"I have a gift for you, a mirror it will allow you to talk to Ash face to face, I'll leave it in this room for you…as soon as you touch it - it will get bigger. All you need to do is say Ash's name." said Harry his heart clenching for what Ash was being forced to do. "Ash loves you so much, I'm so sorry for what you both go through every day."

"You truly love my son don't you?" asked Apollymi feeling overwhelmed by Harry's feelings for her son.

"With all that I am." said Harry honestly. Harry jumped when he felt something going around his neck.

"This necklace will give you the power of a god, use it if you need to, but keep my son safe. For I can not. You break the pendant on your body, and it will give you the power." said Apollymi. She was sick of feeling the sadness her son carried around every time they spoke.

Harry's heart clenched, she really loved her son, and it made him long for his own mother. How he wished he knew her, got to hug her just once. It made Harry all the more determined that Ash get to see his own mum. Nobody should have a mother they couldn't see; fishing into his pocket he grabbed his trunk and removed a package. He placed the mirror at the side of the room, for Apollymi to find when it was safe casting a spell at the same time for it to get bigger. He prayed it worked down here, otherwise he'd feel awful.

Harry came back to himself and looked back outside, each Demon and Daimon were silent stock still in place. As if they were waiting for the impossible to happen, for Armageddon to begin. Harry smirked in amusement, they were completely stupid. Ash wasn't here, Armageddon wasn't about to start any time soon.

"You dare to stand with my enemy?" asked Stryker staring at his son Urian in hatred and agony.

"Against you father, I'd stand with Mickey Mouse." said Urian sneering at his father.

Harry smothered his amusement he liked this guy, he was weird though… he wasn't a Daimon but he didn't have a soul. He had Acheron's magic on him, he wasn't sure what kind of magic though. However he could deduce that the man was at least on his side.

The Daimons moved in but were brutally blasted by an unseen force. The souls were still crying out to Harry.

"Enough of the family reunion bullshit. Where is Harry?" growled the Ash impostor.

"He's over there." said a tall blond woman appearing a few feet from ash gesturing to the door where he was currently listening from. Harry recognized the blonde hair, he smiled softly, and she had to be Acheron's mother. The goddess of destruction, and the destroyer of the Atlantean pantheon. Apollymi. She was beautiful and he understood where Acheron had gotten his looks and possibly tallness from.

Acheron hugged his 'mother' close before he sneered at Stryker before he walked towards their room. Nick opened the door as if to rush out and kill him, Harry rolled his eyes and stunned the idiot where he stood.

The door opened and Urian spoke "We have to go."

"You think?" asked Harry crossing his arms, "Let's go." he said quite happy to get out of there.

"Who killed her?" asked Urian.

"Him." said Harry pointing to Nick.

"Is he dead?" asked Urian checking for a pulse.

"Unfortunately, the idiot tried to get out and attack him, as much as I'd like that I decided not to allow it." said Harry.

"Urian …I think they're catching on." said Ash gritting his teeth.

"They are idiots it took them so long," said Harry a curl of repugnance on his face that was aimed at the Ash look alike. "Don't you dare touch me or you will live to regret it." he told Styxx when he went to take a hold off him. He unleashed his magic and summoned the souls that the Daimons had taken, feeing them and in doing so around twenty Daimons turned to dust before they could comprehend what was happening.

Urian grabbed the unconscious Nick, Harry and Styxx before he teleported them out of here before they came barrelling in.

Harry found the sensation really odd; it was different from Apparating that was for sure. Again he noticed there wasn't a sound to be heard as they went back and forth. Before he could regain his bearings he was held against a solid chest. He could feel Ash's magic and knew who held him. Harry allowed Ash the reassurance that he was back and safe, submitting to the very domineering kiss. "Alright, alright I'm fine. No need to get your…trousers in a twist." said Harry wrapping his own arms around Ash, so he couldn't let go. He said trousers very aware that Acheron didn't wear underwear. He went commando and Harry loved it.

"We aren't," snorted Urian. "Nick killed Satara while they held Harry."

"Only because I didn't get to her first," said Harry staring at Urian with a look that said he wasn't playing around.

"That doesn't help. Strykers going to wand blood for this. A lot of blood." said Urian.

"What is wrong with Nick?" asked Acheron trying to revive the Cajun to no avail. A rare frown making its way onto his face.

"I stunned the idiot, he decided to play with Styxx personally if we hadn't been down there I'd have let him have at him." said Harry. "Enervate," he said waving his hand; it was so much easier to use magic now. Whether because it had been unblocked or because he'd been using it regularly these past few days he wasn't sure.

Nick came around before shooting to his feet.

"Well done boy on angering Stryker anyone dies it's on your head." said Urian. Not that he had to worry about dying; he was Acheron's humpty dumpty. He was always threatening to put him 'back together again' as it were.

"No offence but your father doesn't scare me. Especially given how bad I want a piece of his hide. Come get some." said Nick.

"He really is an overconfident piece of shit isn't he? Speaking off siding with the Daimons hasn't be broken the Dark-Hunter code?" asked Harry the only other person he'd met like that was Malfoy and Voldemort.

"I know you think you share powers with him, but trust me he didn't give you anything but the leftovers. Not to mention one small thing. No one gets a piece of him until after I do." said Urian.

Harry laughed in amusement, he REALLLLLY really liked this world it was so fun.

Ash let out an ear piercing whistle, "Down, children. We have more important things to do than just save you machismo."

"Children really? I know we are young compared to you but a bit of advice - I don't like being called a child." said Harry.

Acheron just smirked at Harry before turning to look at Nick, "We have a battle to prepare for. I'm not letting Stryker take Nick."

"I don't need your fucking help. I can fight on my own." said Nick.

"Oh fucking hell," sighed Harry in aggravation, he waved his hand and Nick disappeared. "There now let's get on with a plan."

"Where did you send him?" asked Acheron impressed and surprised, maybe a little weary.

"Somewhere nobody will get him, I'll bring him back later, and I can't stand him, makes me wonder how you remained friends so long. Arrogant son of a bitch how did he get like that?"

Before anyone could answer, a heard of mean, blonde men stepped out of a bolt hole. They were all mean looking mother fuckers. "You've betrayed me for the last time." said Stryker throwing something at Urian. Harry waved his hand and turned it into a rubber duck, grinning as he did so finding something very amusing about it, as it bounced of Urian's chest harmlessly.

"Take your girls, scream and run away now, Stryker. It'll save you time later. Believe me, you don't want a taste of me in the mood I'm in." said Acheron looking as pissed of as he had declared he was.

"There's nothing I crave more than the taste of blood. Your Dark-Hunters aren't here." he looked around the men who stood with Ash and laughed sarcastically. "Tonight we feast, Spathi Attack!"

Then it was on, the fight between Dark-Hunters and Damon's as well as Daimons was on.

"Can you handle a sword?" asked Julian Alexander.

"Please I killed a fucking sixty foot basilisk with one when I was twelve." shouted Harry, using his Dark Hunter powers and yet another Daimon was out for the count. Turning to ash before his eyes, yet another freed soul.

"Kyrian!" yelled Julian "Give me a sword!"

Kyrian did as he was told, it seemed to be just a hilt, until he caught it with someone used to doing so and pressed a button. A three foot blade slid out, and Julian handed it to him. "Demon's between their eyes and Daimons through the heart, remove the head of anything we all die." said Julian.

"I know," said Harry, nodding his head before he rejoined the fray, unfortunately he realized he just wasn't a match for them when it came to sword fighting. He was a sitting duck with a sword in his hand, so he threw it to the ground and started using his magic again. It was much easier to kill Daimons all he had to do was access his Master of Death magic and summon the souls. The Demons though he had to grill - Simi would be disappointed she'd got gotten to eat them that was for sure.

Just then he saw one of the Were-Hunters being bitten, he knew if the Daimon got the Were-Hunter's soul then he'd get his powers. Summoning his remaining strength he summoned the souls of the closest Daimons and at once they burst into golden powder. That just left the Demons, which the others were fighting. Leaning against the wall he panted in exhaustion, he really should have kept using magic. Now his magical core too longer to replenish.

"Ah shite," cursed Harry seeing yet more Demons and Daimons coming through the bolt hole.

He watched in shock as Stryker go at Ash with an Atlantean dagger, he tried to apparate but his magic was just too exhausted. He closed his eyes in mute horror, praying it wouldn't happen. Suddenly more magic filled him…not his magic…no it was Hecate's. Now that was cool, he summoned the Atlantean dagger with a vicious growl. Having every intention of showing Stryker where he could shove the sword. Up his fucking cowardly disgusting arse.

"Flee or die," he watched Acheron warn the Daimon.

"Fuck you," said Stryker obviously not taking the warning or rather hint, Harry observed they really must be stupid.

Ash shoved him back then slammed the staff to the pavement. Despite himself Harry couldn't help but see Gandalf standing there shouting 'You Shall Not Pass' smirking in amusement. However that faded to pride and awe when a wave of raw power shot out from it to the Demons and Daimons around him. Every single one of them turned to dust. Apollymi said he had to look after him? No Ash could protect himself…If only he just believed in himself.

There was only one left, Stryker. He was in a Dragon form; he hadn't known Daimons could turn into that. He bellowed and fire spewed through his mouth, Harry shot out his hand and water surrounded the dragon stopping its fire to affect the bar. Just then Ash shot a god bolt at Stryker who dodged it.

"This isn't over, Acheron. Next time you won't e able to use your powers." swore Stryker before he vanished.

Vane clutched at his arm obviously trying to alleviate the pain. "Why were we fighting if you had that kind of power?" he asked Acheron, Harry moved forward and healed the Daimon bite, he could feel the magic. It was similar to his own, yet so different, probably had to do with the experiments he'd done to it.

In unison, every ex-Dark-Hunter and Harry (who'd heard him say it too many times in the past few days, especially in regards to killing Apollo) "Just because you can doesn't mean you should." personally Harry didn't agree to that.

"I still don't see why we were fighting when you could have just kicked their asses without us." said Fury making a strangled wolf sound even in his human form.

"Because I believe in giving them a fighting chance, until they pissed me off. Bringing in reinforcements was Strykers mistake." said Acheron.

"And be glad it wasn't yours," Fury said with a nervous laugh, "I know I'm glad it wasn't mine." the wolf looked around the dust that was the remains of the Demons and Daimons. Then he added, "Acheron. When it absolutely, positively must be destroyed overnight."

Harry laughed in amusement, walking forward as Acheron knelt down by his brother.

"You know, brother, you're not supposed to close your eyes in battle." said Styxx.

"I wasn't the one training to be a general." said Acheron laughing a little at his misplaced humour. He still couldn't get over it, Styxx had saved his life. That dagger would have killed him. His brother, who wanted to die, wanted to move on, had saved his life. Styxx couldn't die until he did. Their life forces were connected, yet he had had his opportunity yet he'd chosen to save him instead.

"Perhaps. But you do a much better job of leading than I ever did. I definitely think father trained the wrong one of us." said Styxx.

"To be a leader requires a conscience, the ability to know right from wrong, not picking fights because you can. Fights you know you'll win that is child's play." said Harry standing above them his face emotionless. "You should never have been a general, king, prince whatever the fuck you were."

Styxx stared at the ground, he didn't know why but this guy really made him feel two feet tall. His eyes, they conveyed a deep dislike, anger, disappointment disgust so much disgust he just couldn't look.

"You did a good job for me. Thank you." said Acheron helping Styxx, healing the wound and getting him up. Harry shook his head, after everything the bastard had done he was healing him? Why not just let if fester?! To be honest he did feel a little ounce of gratitude for what the guy had done. He'd saved Ash when he was unable to. He guessed his little spell was out of the question; damn he had really looked forward to using it too.

Acheron felt his heart swell with love; Harry was defending him from those who'd done him wrong. He noticed Harry shaking his head when he'd healed Styxx. Given by his incredulity at the fact he hadn't killed Apollo…he could imagine what was going through his mind. Nothing about forgiveness that was for sure.

Talon scratched his head as he watched them "Hey T-Rex? Remind me next time want to get smartass with you that it's a really stupid move on my part?"

Harry laughed in amusement he really liked these people.

"Oh no you don't you wuss. You told me the next time you saw Ash you were gong to ask him if he'd seen the movie 10, 000 BC and f it'd made him homesick." said Wulf.

Harry was laughing so hard he felt tears running down his face. His stomach was beginning to ache, and his face too, come to that.

"Do you mind not getting me fried tonight? I'd like to use some of my body parts later if you know what I mean and since you're married with a brood of kids I know that you do." said Talon.

Acheron looked at Harry to see him laughing so hard tears were rolling down his face. He smirked in amusement; he hadn't seen Harry like that before. He supposed it was a good thing he got on so well with the others. "Thanks guys," said Acheron his face showed how genuine it was and it wasn't just a platitude.

Harry waved his wand again and Nick reappeared looking furious, "One word boy and you'll permanently lose your voice… don't test me!" he had had enough. He wanted to retain his good mood right now. Nick just glared at him fiercely before he spun around and took off into the night.

Zarek was the last man to leave but before he did he walked over or rather sauntered as Zarek liked to do. He made Harry's heart clench, god how he reminded him of Snape. Especially with all the black he was wearing and the sneer on his face. "You know, its amazing to me the wounds we carry for eternity. But what has fascinated me most these last few years is how the right person can heal them. I remember a wise man once said to me that everyone deserves to be loved. Even you." said Zarek speaking Greek.

Ash snorted at the advice he'd given to Zarek after the man had almost let his wife go. "And I recall, you told me to shut up."

Zarek shrugged not affected "I'm an asshole. I admit it. I've been going to weekly Asshole Anonymous meetings, but its takes a long time to undo a few thousand years of habit. And to think you have even more years to undo than me."

Harry sniggered under his breath, he wasn't sure if Zarek knew he understood Greek or not but he wasn't going to let him know.

"So how's Bob doing? Has Astrid won the battle yet?" asked Acheron changing the subject.

"On calling him Menoeceus? Hell no. I still say it's too close to Menopause for my taste and there isn't even a good nickname for it. Can you imagine being stuck with that name at school? Call me ridiculous, but I'd like the kid to grow up without a stigma."

Acheron laughed at the tirade Zarek had delivered on more than one occasion. He switched to English and said "You two take care. Stay out of trouble…at least until it warms up. You know I hate cold places."

"That's unlikely," said Harry in flawless Greek grinning cheekily at Zarek who faded out without a reply.

Acheron teleported them to his house on Pirate Alley.

"I have something I want to give you, two something's actually…but first here." said Harry removing the mirror from his trunk and putting it to full size.

Ash froze, he hated mirrors Artemis used them to make him watch her beating him.

"Apollymi?" said Harry into the mirror.

She appeared instantly.

"Apostolos!" she said her eyes clouding with tears, it was as if her son was standing right in front of her. She'd never seen him so close before...Harry had truly given her a worthy gift. It had been worth giving him the powers, he'd helped them when no one else would. Harry truly was worthy of her son and she realized she'd die for Harry too.

"Matera," whispered Acheron touching the mirror in awe. He'd never seen her like this before; she always appeared before him like a shade, a projection.

"I'll leave you to it," said Harry, smiling softly at Acheron nodding at him before he left to inspect the small flat. He found Ash's bedroom no problem, and immediately lay down surrounded by Acheron's scent. He fell asleep exhausted, on top of the covers spread out on the bed.

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