Out Of The Darkness

Chapter 31


Harry grunted painfully, as his lungs seized as he hit the sand with a thump. He breathed through it, trying to get his breathing into a normal rhythm. Harry made no attempt to get up, just lay there not willing to but his body through it anymore. He was exhausted, not just physically but mentally and a little drained magically. It was no surprise; they'd been at it for seven hours now, or rather at him for seven hours. Between Takeshi and now Savitar his body was bruised and beaten beyond anything Harry had ever felt. He realized how they'd been going easy on him, much to his consternation.

"Get up!" said Savitar sternly.

"Kill me if you like, I'm not moving." muttered Harry childishly, honestly, he'd thought Snape was a harsh taskmaster, but he'd been proven wrong. Savitar was getting far too much pleasure out of his for his liking. Yet he knew he was being ridiculous, if it wasn't for Ash he knew the surfer wouldn't be doing this.

Savitar snorted, and in a rare move sat down next to where Harry was lying, Ash wasn't there. Savitar had sent him away, he was to over protective, and would more likely panic constantly if Harry got hurt. Ash loved Harry beyond reason, and hated seeing him in pain. Savitar envied him that, despite being happy for the Atlantean. Happiness had been long time coming for him, and it's for that sole reason he was helping Ash by training Harry. It would destroy Ash if anything happened to him, enough to let the world rot and get himself killed. He should know he could see a million different futures for them both. As always he refused to interfere, especially with Ash's future. "I could kill you without moving a finger b-Harry." he'd promised himself not to call the young man boy, a hard thing to accomplish because he was just a boy in his eyes.

"I know," said Harry simply, "Wasn't it ever terrifying having that kind of ability and responsibility?" he faced the ancient yet young looking guy in front of him. If he hadn't known all about him, he'd never in a million years guessed his real age. He looked like a young surfer, only his eyes gave away his olden age.

Savitar face spaced out, as if he was a million miles away, more like a million years away if Harry was to guess. Harry never did get a reply, but it didn't surprise him. There were just some things they didn't talk about; he wondered if he'd be like that one day. Who was he kidding? He was already like that.

"I mean to wipe out an entire species because one pissed you off," said Harry whistling lowly. "It's always the innocent that die because of an idiot's mistake." his mind thought of Dumbledore and how he let Tom Riddle away with Myrtles murder. It's what set Voldemort down his path to killing and murdering, getting away with it all the while. Wasn't the first time either, he'd avoided Grindelwald and more innocent folk paid the price.

Savitar's face closed off, he was getting very irritated with the boy. Normally he wouldn't let anyone talk to him that way. Hopefully Ash would come and take the boy before he did loose control of himself.

"Yet you do care about them, in a weird way, you are a conundrum." admitted Harry, he seemed to be just stating what he was thinking and not actually talking to Savitar now. "It's always going to be that way isn't it?"

Savitar just smirked mysteriously at Harry somewhat impressed with his guile. Everyone was too afraid to piss him off, with good reason; he had after all killed an entire species because one annoyed him as Harry had said. He couldn't remember the last time anyone had spoken to him so frankly. Oh wait he could, Apollymi did it every time they spoke. She wasn't afraid of him, she wasn't really afraid of anyone, afraid for yes, but not of anyone. Her entire life revolved around making sure her son was happy. She'd torn the world apart when her son died the first time around, they wouldn't be able to stop her a second time.

"I suppose you'd have to be ruthless to control the Were's, cruel to be kind," continued Harry. If they didn't have someone overseeing them, one powerful and ruthless enough to do what was necessarily they'd rebel. Harry knew more than most that without control there was chaos, chaos enough that more people would die. Were's or not they were people in Harry's opinion, everyone had animal instincts, it's the way of the world. He wasn't an innocent boy anymore, although one could argue he never had been.

"Indeed." said Savitar emotionlessly. He did regret his rash actions, not that he'd ever admit it to anyone.

"You remind me of someone I knew, a wizard back in my world." said Harry. Severus Snape, both of them mysteries, cruel seemingly to the core, a paradox wrapped in oxymoron smothered in contradictions. He would never understand him, even after receiving his memories. All he could do was try and understand him; with him dead…there was no way to really know him.

"Stick around long enough and you'll change your mind," said Savitar with a hint of bitterness.

"I'm going to head home," said Harry groaning as he sat himself up, placing his head on his knees, feeling sick and trying to ride it out. Retching bitterly, as he clutched his side panting, thank Merlin god magic was different from his normal magic. Otherwise he could have risked splinching himself; he could successfully teleport himself anywhere he wanted, they had taught him well. He didn't bother saying goodbye, since he doubted very much he'd get a farewell in turn. Grabbing the copied sword of Gryffindor, he teleported himself to Ash's, no their house, more specifically the bathroom. Gripping the bath, the sword fell with a clatter as Harry successfully got himself into the bath and turned on the taps. Letting the warm water lap at his injuries, he didn't quite know how to self heal yet. It wasn't possible in the magical world, so he was still getting his head around the possibility. With Potions yes, but you couldn't just wave your hand and all ailments suddenly heal completely.

Harry used his toes to turn the tap off; he just couldn't be bothered moving from his position. Leaning against the back of the bath. He'd had hopes of going to Sanctuary after his 'training' session, unfortunately that was out of the question. Maybe tomorrow, he really wanted to see them in their animal forms; it was going to be so much fun. Katagaria liked being in their natural forms at night, natural for them being their animal forms. He might just get a few hours sleep then pop over there.

He somewhat wished he had brought some potions back with him, at least until he was taught how to heal himself. Once the water got cold, he hoisted himself out of the bath, with great difficult. His muscles ached something fierce, pulling the plug he dried himself magically before sliding into the sheets. They smelt of Ash, he missed his lover more than anything; it had only been seven hours. He wondered if he'd finished at the hospital, he'd gone to see the kids with a huge sack of presents for them. He had a soft spot for kids; it's just too bad he couldn't give Ash what he wanted more than anything else in the world. He had Simi and Kat, but Kat was a grown adult now, she didn't need Ash and he hadn't known about her all her life. He could only imagine what he must have felt with the knowledge that Simi, his mother and even Savitar had known and never told him. It wasn't as if they could adopt, with the life they led, a normal child in a world of gods Demons and Daimons and Were's it was just asking for trouble.

Harry fell asleep pretty easily, his eyes closed the second his head touched the pillow.

Ash made his way home after his shift on 'Graveyard' duty; he'd spent most of the time on the phone during it. He was determined to ignore the calls that came now; he hardly had any time with Harry as it was. Unfortunately he couldn't really ignore them, so he would let Alexion deal with them for a few hours. He'd sensed Harry teleporting himself to their home, alone. He had mastered Teleportation; he was getting the hang of the god powers very quickly. He was proud of Harry for that, if only it was that easy learning to fight against Daimons and Demons he'd have been even happier.

He would have taught Harry himself, but he knew he couldn't teach him the way he needed taught. He'd never willingly hurt him, couldn't, not even to train him. One thing he could be thankful for, Harry wouldn't need training for years like him. Moving into the bedroom, staring at his lover, still awed that this beautiful creature wanted him. He was so young yet saw the world though eyes of a man who'd been around centuries, like him. Harry didn't care what he'd been; it made him realize he wasn't as repulsive as he'd once thought. Of course Artemis hadn't helped matters much, speaking of the heifer he was hungry, which meant there was more than a possibility she was as well. She never went as long as he did without consuming blood, which meant she was already probably feeling drained and starving. He got a sort of vindictive pleasure from it, even if he really shouldn't. For so many years she'd used it to control him, and now it was controlling her.

Ash sat on the bed with every intention of joining him, but Harry woke up sensing his presence.

"You're hungry." murmured Harry quietly.

"How did…" asked Ash surprised. Unless of course Harry was hungry also, which would explain it but he didn't seem it. He knew the symptoms, even though Harry wouldn't go blue, he'd still be rather agitated and not able to sleep much. He could remember the first time as if it had happened yesterday.

"I don't know," said Harry quietly his eyebrow arching downwards as he thought about it. "How about it? I'm ripe for the picking." he finished waggling his eyebrow a sly smirk on his face. Slowly pushing down the covers, revealing himself to Ash his green red tinted eyes glowing in the dark.

Short i know but i have to get into the rhythm of writing the Dark-Hunter stories again, just a little info - Apollo can leave Olympus its only Artemis that cannot :) how should i make Helios and selene? good indifferent or bad? and how many of you wanted Mpreg again? im pretty sure it was divided I cant really remember much of Kat's character what was she like? i might need to re-read her book...some juicy Ash/Harry in the next chapter ;) which i promise will be much much sooner :) within a week. would you like to see Ash turn into an animal or would you prefer that to be soley a gift for Harry? at least for now? ironic really i made harry a panther :D when the were panthers are all gone :P if you want ash as an animal what would you like him to be? id be tempted to make him a unicorn but its just too noticable - i love making him see he isnt as dirty and used as he likes to think of himself! R&R PLEASE!