Come to me and rest your spirit,

come to me and I'll ease your pain.

Forget about your strife,

they're worries you'll never worry again.

I don't have a poet's wit,

or the coin of a king.

But all I do have I give to you

in hope of the peace it will bring.

I know not of what this life is meant for,

I know not of why we are here.

All I know is that the Gods blessed us with love.

And brought you once near.

Though now,

I understand,

Why the dogs howl through the night.

I suppouse they're crying for you…

Like I will for the rest of my life.

So go there - go where ever,

and leave without a farewell.

I know you're happy.

When the wind sings, that's when I can tell.

When I hear the birds whistle,

when I see a flower bloom,

I'm reminded of you my honey.

All I can think of… is you.

Now I must travel through life's turning path,

but I'll keep you ever so close.

You're as present as the breath of my laugh,

as close as the briar to the rose.

As near as moss that grows on the tree,

as near as Rome is to me.

As close by as the sun that warms my face.

Again and again,

I am reminded of your grace.

Now as your body is lowered in the ground,

so strange are you foreign ways.

I never learned of where you were from,

before your presence stole my gaze.

It doesn't matter now.

No, I s'pose it does not.

Because where ever you were from,

right now we are worlds apart.

If only you could see how I am today,

I don't think you'd believe it all.

How far a man of war came,

how far a man of war fell.


I'm not scared as I go.

Not as I was on that night.

I don't fear what's to come

over the eternal mountains,

I can see Apollo rise.

Come to me and great me with a smile,

come to me and welcome me with a kiss.

Now I am back with you.

In the holy realm that is this.

I look into you arms,

and see a child there.

I know… my boy is well.

I know that is it forever that we share.