Pairing: Brittana, Faberry, Faberritana,

Rating: very mature, NC-21 or something

Warnings: Foursome, threesome, toys, light bondage, sex in semi public places,

Warning 2: G!P

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"So listen, Britt. This plan is genius. Rachel is moping around, still miserable about Finncompetence and she's bitchy as hell. I bet she didn't get any action the whole time we've been here and it's been almost a year. And don't get me started about Quinn. I told her months ago to go for it with Rachel, but she wasn't having any of it. She has her mind set on having the surgery first."

"She still wants to go through with it? Isn't it like totally dangerous?"

"Yes, it's a huge risk. Every procedure has its risks; you can die getting your appendix removed. But in her case it's actually a 15% death rate and the chance that it will even work is only 25%. She may end up sterile, and not being able to feel anything down there."

"That's why her parents didn't want her to do it right?"

"Yes. They thought the risk is too high, too. But she's legal now. She filled the forms on her 18th birthday."

"And you think this can persuade her to keep it?"

"Well, yeah. If Rachel, the love of her life, is cool with it, or even better yet, likes it … " Santana shrugged, even if Brittany couldn't see it. "I think it's totally worth a shot."

"Okay. I gotta get going, so you better call Quinn now and get your sexy mind to work on the details. Love you."

"Love you too, Britt."

Santana looked over to the kitchen where Rachel was nursing a cup of tea, looking like a lost puppy. So yes, Rachel was annoying the hell out of her sometimes with her constant talking about Broadway and classes. And she hated waking up at six in the morning because Rachel needed to sing in the shower, but all of that was better than seeing her like this; mute and miserable. She kind of missed her friends chipper voice; even if she would never admit to that out loud. Hell, she would rarely admit to Rachel being her friend.

This fucking plan needed to work; it would make her two best friends happy. And that's all she ever wanted for them; happiness. It was time to set this plan in motion.

Santana hit Quinn's speed-dial and waited for her to pick up. She wasn't the least bit surprised when she only got her voice-mail though.

"Hey Blondie, it's your bestie whom you didn't call for a whole week. I know exams are over so call me ASAP. It's important. I mean it. Call me."

And then she waited.


When Quinn left the library around 4 pm for, a really late, lunch she sighed at all the missed calls she found when she turned her cell back on. 'Why do I have seven missed calls?' She was puzzled about the number of them when she could usually go for days without anyone calling her.

She grabbed something to eat from the cafeteria and settled down on a bench outside the library to check her calls.


"Hey sweetie, it's your mom. There was a letter from the clinic in the mail today, and … they scheduled your procedure for June tenth. And … please Quinnie, think about the risks. I know you don't want to hear this, again, but we love you the way you are. Just, think about it. Please."

Quinn rolled her eyes. Think about it? She didn't think about much else since she hit puberty, only studying could really keep her mind of … IT. She was done thinking about this. She didn't care much about the risks anymore. So what, she could die, but it wasn't like she was really living right now anyway. She didn't want to spend her whole life alone and hiding; and who would want or could even love a freak of nature like her. No, this was it. She would get the procedure done and then she could finally lead a normal life.


"Uhm ... hi Quinn, it's … uhm … me, Finn. I just wanted to ask … So, I broke up with Rachel for good. This long distance thing isn't really working for me, and I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime? So, uhm … call me."

He did what? Quinn couldn't believe it. He broke up with Rachel and called HER? She was fuming. How could he? Rachel was probably miserable right now. And the nerve he had to call her … how was that not a long distance thing? God he was so stupid! Quinn considered calling him back right away to tear him a new one, but decided to listen to her other calls first.


"Hi hot stuff. It's Puckerman. Listen, I know you and Rachel aren't as close as you used to be, but that moron Finn broke up with her last week and she's … not good. So I thought maybe you could talk to her. I don't know why, but you two always had this weird connection. I think you could help. Well, anyways I got to go. There are those hot twins waiting for me at the pool. If you know what I mean."

Quinn rolled her eyes. This was so typical for Puck. He hadn't changed a bit. 'Hot twins' was probably a code for the neighbor's dogs or something. But she wondered what Puck meant by 'weird connection'. She had been kind of friends with Rachel in the end. It hadn't been due to a lack of trying from Rachel's side to become closer, but Quinn always held her at arm's length in fear of her finding out about her secret. But besides Santana and Brittany Rachel still was her closest friend, so if even Puck thought they had a weird connection, maybe she hadn't been imagining things; the spark between them might actually have been there. So maybe; just maybe she really had a shot when her procedure went well.


"Hello Quinn. This is Claire, from the track team. I wondered if you maybe want to run together during break and maybe uhm … go out sometime. Look, I know this is pretty forward, and if you're not into chicks I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable and if you don't want to go out it's cool. We still can run together. So… uhm call me?"

Quinn sighed. This wasn't the first time someone asked her out. Claire wasn't even the first girl to ask her out, but opposed to the others she actually liked Claire, and in some parallel universe she could imagine them together. But in this universe, where she was madly in love with Rachel, they could never be more than friends. She would have to talk to her soon.


"Hello Quinn. This is Kurt Hummel. You are probably aware by now that my idiot stepbrother broke up with Rachel. And while I'm really glad he did, because she can do so much better, she is quiet miserable. I think you should talk to her, you know some kind of bonding over the mutual ex-boyfriend or something …. She needs you Quinn. Santana is …surprisingly supportive and nice, but she's still Santana. I can't explain it, but she needs you. Call her, please."

Now this was a surprise. And it worried her more than any of the other calls. Usually Kurt was Rachel's shoulder to cry on and the supportive girlfriend and if Kurt wasn't enough… how could she help? Kurt knew Rachel better than anyone else. She hadn't spoken to Rachel in … was it two months already? During their last call Rachel had only talked about classes and what she and Santana had done in the evenings. No word about Finn. She hadn't thought about it then, but now … maybe she wasn't as heartbroken about Finn as anybody thought. Maybe it was something else bothering her.


"Hey Blondie, it's your bestie whom you didn't call for a whole week. I know exams are over so call me ASAP. It's important. I mean it. Call me."

Quinn breathed in deeply. Was Santana calling because of Rachel too? This was getting really weird. Why were everybody and their uncle calling her? Unless Rachel was really, really miserable and they already tried everything else; which was an even more disturbing thought. 'I swear to God, Finn Hudson, if this is your fault I will make you really miserable.'


"Hi Quinn, this is Ryan. We have 'Creative Writing' together? I was wondering if you maybe want to get a coffee sometime. I'm staying at Yale for the break, so call me anytime."

'Oh no!' Quinn thought. 'Another one?' She sighed. She really didn't know why people still bothered to ask her out. She knew word had gotten around that she never accepted and never went on a date. Sure, she went to the occasional party, but she always went alone and she always left alone. Maybe people had made it a sport by now to see who would finally get her to give in first.

Quinn shut her cell and closed her eyes. That was a lot of news to process. She looked at the library and sighed deeply; she knew she could forget about studying for today. There were a lot of calls to be made. She finished her lunch and walked back to her dorm.

She decided to ignore Finn's call for now, until she knew what really happened; she could always yell at him later. And since she knew it would only take a minute she called Ryan first. In no uncertain terms she told him that she wasn't the slightest bit interested.

The next call was to Claire. She told her that she was sorry but that she wasn't interested in dating or relationships right now; and she really was. Things would be so much easier if she were into her. She told her that she would love to run with her and hoped they could stay friends. She didn't answer her question if she was a lesbian though. Claire accepted gladly and didn't ask further questions.

It was after 5 pm when she finally got around to calling Santana back.

"Jeez Fabray, took you long enough."

"What do you want Lopez?"

"Right … Listen the dwarf is all mopey because Frankenteen broke up with her, again. And I thought a girls' weekend could cheer her up. Kurt is going home for the break and Britt is coming to New York on Thursday. What do you say? Why don't you come over, too? It would be so much fun and Rachel could really use some friends around."

Quinn didn't answer right away. A weekend with Santana and Brittany was usually really relaxing. She didn't need to hide and they always had a lot of fun. But with Rachel there … it would be the opposite of relaxing. She had to be extra careful not to get carried away. On the other hand Rachel was her friend and she really seemed to need a few days of fun with the girls. Could she really say no to that?

"I don't know, S. Can't it wait a few weeks? I finally got a date for the procedure and after that everything will be so much easier."

Santana took a deep breath. She really would do this stupid surgery. Well not if she could help it.

"No, Quinn. It can't wait a few weeks. Rachel is miserable now. You can have Kurt's room all to yourself. So there's no risk of her finding out, okay. Please Quinn?"

"Okay, stop whining. I'll be there Thursday. And you and Britt better behave. No sneaking away for some action."

"I promise Quinn. Britt and I won't sneak away and leave you and the hobbit alone."

"Pick me up at Grand Central Thursday. I'll text you the details. Bye Santana. Tell Rachel I said hi."

Thursday – Stage one – behaving like usual and make them feel secure

At the prospect of Quinn and Brittany coming for a long weekend Rachel had visibly perked up and gone into planning mode. So while Santana drove to Grand Central to pick up Quinn, Rachel and Brittany were busy in the kitchen preparing dinner. They wanted to stay in this evening, watching movies and catch up in general.

They had some wine with dinner and when they started the first movie they were all a little buzzed. The movie was soon forgotten, degraded to a humming noise in the background, while they caught each other up on their respective lives.

Quinn noticed that Rachel talked enthusiastically about her classes and auditions she planned on going to, but that she didn't mention Finn once. And since this weekend was all about Rachel getting over her Finn-induced depressive state she decided to tackle the subject head on.

"So Rachel, I got an interesting phone call this week. Well, actually a few, but there was one in particular I wanted to talk to you about."

Rachel looked at her expectantly and nodded for her to continue.

"What is this with Finn calling me, telling me he broke up with you? What happened, Rachel?"

"He called you?"

"Yeah, the idiot asked me out. As if … but that's not the point. Please Rachel, talk to me. Last I know you were happy. What happened?"

Rachel took a deep breath and Quinn could tell she was close to tearing up.

"Well first of all, I did break up with him. I really don't know why everyone assumes that he broke up with me?"

"He told me he broke up with you. I'm not assuming anything here."

"That's so typical. Do you want to know what happened?" Rachel was getting angry now. And Quinn was glad. An angry Rachel was better than a crying one. "The last time I spoke to him was Christmas, after that he didn't call or return my calls for weeks. I did some digging around through Noah and Kurt and found out that he cheated on me. So I did the only reasonable thing and broke up with him the next time we talked; which was last week."

"He did what?" Santana burst out. "Why didn't you tell me? I would have kicked his ass from here to the Mexican border."

Rachel smiled at Santana. "I know Santana, but I had to deal with this on my own. I did a lot of thinking the past few days, well weeks actually …"

"You don't say?" Santana interrupted.

Rachel glared at her for interrupting but Quinn could tell she was not really angry, at least not at her.

"As I was saying, I did a lot of thinking, but not as you may think why he cheated on me, because I know why; or how my heart is broken because Finn Hudson broke up with me. No. I pondered about why I wasn't hurt; why I wasn't heartbroken and in tears; because I wasn't. I didn't really miss him the last few months and I certainly didn't miss the sex. On the contrary, I felt … relieved. And so I came to the conclusion that I fell out of love with Finn a while ago. It was just convenient and comfortable, if you know what I mean. It was a lot easier to hold on to an actually non-existent relationship than to deal with my real feelings."

Silence fell upon the table after this confession until Brittany finally asked the question that nagged everyone.

"What real feelings, Rae?"

"Well, I think I'm in love with somebody else for a while now, but I wasn't ready admitting it, not even to myself."

Quinn's heart pounded like crazy and she had to bite her inner cheek not to ask the question that burned on her tongue. But Santana didn't hold back.

"Well, who is the lucky one?"

"I'm not quite ready to tell."

"Oh come on, Rae. It's just us. You can tell us."

"No, Santana. Not tonight anyway. It's getting late and I'm really tired. I've been awake since five this morning."

Santana wanted to protest but Quinn stopped her. "You're right Rachel. It's really getting late. Let's go to sleep and we'll talk more tomorrow."

"Fine, come on Britt. I wants some lady kisses."

Friday – stage two – get Rachel to get to know Quinn more 'closely'

They had decided to sleep in the next morning, so when Rachel woke up it was already 8. She figured that the wine had made her sleep more deeply than usual and prevented her from waking up at 6 as usual.

Since Quinn had looked really tired the evening before Rachel kept as quiet as possible, even refraining from singing in the shower. She wanted Quinn, okay Santana and Brittany too, to sleep as long as she needed. She suspected that Quinn had only come because everyone was worried about her and Finn, so the least she could do was get her all the rest she needed.

So, to say she was surprised when she spotted Quinn in the kitchen was a mild understatement. Quinn was standing at the window, nursing a cup of coffee and was seemingly lost in her own thoughts, staring off into the distance.

Rachel stopped in her tracks and used the opportunity to stare at her unrestrained, her pulse slightly quickening. When Quinn yawned and stretched a bit, pushing her chest out a little, Rachel felt a familiar tug in her stomach. Oh yes, she was wildly attracted to Quinn, and she'd been for a while. She wasn't sure if it was love, but she sure as hell was attracted to her physically. She even dreamed of Quinn quite often and lately the dreams had become really racy; last night being no exception.

She took some calming breaths, forcing her heart to slow down and her mind off the dream, before she finally announced her presence to Quinn.

"Good morning, Quinn." She said in a low voice as to not alarm her.

"Oh. Hi Rachel, I didn't know you were awake. I didn't hear anyone sing in the shower." Quinn answered her with a smirk and a glint in her eye that made Rachel's heart pick up a notch again.

Rachel huffed. "I can be quiet, you know." But she smiled at Quinn to let her know she wasn't really offended.

"There's coffee," Quinn indicated.

They sat down at the kitchen counter side by side, enjoying the serenity of the moment and the peace that being silent with a friend provided. The morning traffic rushed by down in the street, there were sirens blaring in the distance and some people were yelling in front of the building, but none if that could really disturb their moment.

When Rachel had finished her first cup of coffee she finally decided to ask a question that was bothering her for a while now.

"So, Quinn, we talked about my love life yesterday, and we know how Santana's and Brittany's love life looks and sounds like; but what about you? Are you dating someone?"

Quinn shook her head no. "No, I'm not seeing anyone."

"Why not? I bet people are lining up for you."

Quinn laughed a little, remembering the calls from Finn, Claire and Ryan this week. "I guess they kind of are, but I'm not interested."

"So you're not interested in anyone right now?"

"I didn't say that. It's just … the timing is not right. It's complicated."

Rachel leaned over to her grinning, putting a hand on her knee. "So, you do have a crush on someone. Is it a boy or a girl?"

Quinn's heart picked up speed at this unexpected skin to skin contact and closed her eyes briefly. "Can we not talk about this right now?

"Sure. Everything you need." She squeezed Quinn's knee once more for emphasis before she let go and leaned back in her chair. "So, how long do you think we should let the two sex crazed people sleep?"

They spent the day in the city, doing a little shopping and seeing some sights until it was time to go back, so Santana could start cooking dinner.

Santana had been generous with the spices so Quinn and Rachel would drink a little more during dinner; in order for her plan to work they needed to loosen up a little.

The plan did work and after dinner both Rachel and Quinn were a little tipsy bordering on slightly drunk.

"Soooo, what are we gonna do now?" Rachel was giddy, bouncing in her seat.

"Oh, I know," Brittany exclaimed. "Let's play 'never have I ever', it's a great way to really catch up."

"I don't know, Britt," Quinn started to object, but Rachel squealed excitedly.

"Oh yes, that's a great idea. I have never played." Of course she wanted to know some things about Quinn, she only needed to play her cards right.

"Three to one; sorry Quinn, it's settled. I'll go get the booze and some cups."

They settled down around the couch table and Santana reappeared with two more bottles of wine, a bottle of Jack and some red solo cups.

"Okay, here are the rules. Someone starts a sentence with "never have I ever" and if you have in fact done that you get to drink. Cups are filled with either Jack to the first marking or wine to the second. Questions?"

"Who goes first?" was Rachel's only question. They all knew the game.

"Obviously Britt since it was her idea."

They all nodded in agreement, filled their cups with wine and Brittany started.

"Okay, this first one is easy, to get us started. Never have I ever kissed a girl; and not some on-stage-kiss, Rachel. A real one."

Rachel rolled her eyes at Brittany but drank nonetheless, as did everyone else.

"Really Rea? Who was the lucky gal?" Santana inquired.

Rachel only shook her head. "I never kiss and tell," she said, but delighted that Quinn had also drunk.

They filled their cups again and Santana was next. "Never have I ever had sex with a guy."

This time Quinn was the only one who didn't drink. Rachel raised an eyebrow, looking at Quinn in surprise but didn't say anything. But since she was next she did the obvious.

"Never have I ever had sex with a girl."

This time Rachel was the only one who didn't drink, but nobody commented on it.

"Never have I ever cheated on someone since high school."

"Really, Quinn? That's lame; none of us have cheated…" Santana started to say, until she noticed that Rachel had emptied her cup again. Three pairs of eyes bore into her.

"What?" Rachel asked. "I found out he cheated on me. Technically we were already over; I just hadn't talked to him yet. You guys didn't think I would wait around for that, did you?"

Santana grinned smugly. It seemed Rachel Berry was more adventurous than she had given her credit for.

It was Brittany's turn again. "Never have I ever had a one-night-stand." All eyes were on Rachel as she, again, had to empty her cup. Santana and Brittany almost forgot to drink as well, but a nudge from Quinn reminded them.

"Now this is getting quite interesting, Berry. Maybe we should change the game?" Santana inquired.

Rachel only smirked smugly at her, the alcohol showing its effect. "Bring it, Lopez."

"So, Truth or Dare it is."

Brittany clapped her hand excitedly, while Quinn only rolled her eyes.

"Okay, Truth or Dare, but I have one condition. You cannot ask anything or make me do anything to reveal who I think I might be in love with." Rachel requested.

Santana huffed; glad that Rachel thought that this was what it was all about. "Fine."

"Okay, let's go. Rachel, truth or dare?" Santana asked.

"Truth." Rachel answered confidently. She had nothing to hide, well besides her feelings for Quinn, but those were off the table for now.

"Let's see. What was your last erotic dream about, as detailed as you remember?"

Rachel felt herself blush at the memory of last night's dream. It had been the most graphic so far and when she had woken up this morning she had been at the brink of orgasm. She had to take care of that in the shower; as she had told Quinn, she could be quiet. She decided to tell the truth and just leave Quinn out of her tale.

"It was a pretty graphic dream I had last night. I dreamed I was on Broadway. I was playing Elphaba in a Wicked revival. Funnily enough Brittany was playing Glinda, while Kurt was the Wizard and Santana was Nessa. It was half an hour until curtain call and I'm in my dressing room, already greenified and in costume. There's a knock at the door and of course I open because I think someone brings flowers or something. But it's not a flower delivery; it's her." Rachel pauses for dramatic effect, noticing how everyone is surprised at the revelation that her secret crush is a woman.

"She throws herself at me and kisses me fiercely, forcing me back inside and locking the door behind her. Without as much as a word of greeting she turns me around and bends me over the side of the couch, hitching my skirts and ripping down my panties without patience. She leans over me and bites my neck and I can feel something hard pressing against my lower back. Arousal is shooting through me and I groan deeply in anticipation. 'Please', I beg her. 'Take me.'

"She obliges, pulling her pants down in a swift motion. I throw a glance over my shoulder and see the strap-on attached to her hips. It's at least eight inches and I shudder at the thought of it pounding into me. She grins at me and without saying a word, again, she buries the fake cock into me from behind. And I am so wet for her already that it doesn't even hurt a little bit, if you know what I mean. She starts fucking me relentless, our moans and cries mixing together and I'm already soooo close. And then I wake up."

"Oh that was really hot Rachel." Brittany was the first to speak. "Wouldn't I just be a fabulous Glinda? But where was Quinn?"

Rachel shrugged. "It was a dream, how the hell would I know?" She asked nonchalantly. Of course she knew where Quinn was. She had been the one doing the fucking, and there had been no strap-on involved. But she didn't need to tell that, they had an agreement after all.

"Well, at least we know that you're not crushing on San or Britt here." Quinn said dryly.

"Or Kurt." Brittany added.

Rachel cursed inwardly. She needed to be more careful or they would find out that she had a crush on Quinn after all. "My turn." She said to change the subject. "Britt. Truth or dare?"


"Let's see. If you could have sex with anybody in the world, who would you choose. The only condition is that you didn't have sex with them before."

"Oh, that's easy." Brittany said. "I would choose you."

"Why me?" Rachel asked surprised. "What about Emma Watson or… or Angelina Jolie? Or even Quinn, I mean she's beautiful."

"Because I love you and you are my friend. Besides you're totally hot, Rae. And I couldn't pick someone I already had sex with, so Quinn is off the table anyways."

Rachel's eyes went wide and Quinn groaned inwardly, trying to keep a straight face while she pondered about the fact that Rachel thought she was beautiful. Rachel's head whipped toward Santana. "And you are okay with that?"

"Of course, Berry." Santana smiled smugly. "I was there."

Rachel felt a familiar tug in her stomach at the pictures popping up in her head and she licked her lips unconsciously. Quickly she grabbed her cup and hastily emptied it to hide the blush that was spreading over her face.

Santana grinned even wider. "I see you like that idea, Berry. Anyway, my turn."

Rachel blushed even more, preparing herself for the surely at her directed next question; she even failed to realize that it would have been Brittany's turn. But, thank God for small wonders, Santana didn't choose her.

"Britt, truth or dare?"


"Good choice, baby. I dare you to …", Santana let her gaze wander from Brittany to Quinn and then to Rachel. "… Kiss Quinn. And make it a proper one, with tongue."

Brittany pumped her fist into the air, letting out a happy 'Score' and jumped to her feet. She locked eyes with Quinn and stalked over to her confidently. She straddled Quinn's lap and leaned towards her ear. "Relax, Quinn." She whispered so only Quinn could hear. "It's just us."

"This is a bad idea, Britt. Can't you tell that I'm really turned on already? She'll find out. "

"You worry too much. We are your friends, Quinn. We'll take care of you."

Brittany then buried her hands in Quinn's hair and leaned down to kiss her, Quinn meeting her halfway.

The kiss started slow and careful but picked up speed soon enough, Quinn pushing her tongue into Brittany's mouth who moaned approvingly. Rachel couldn't keep her eyes off her friends, the tugging in her stomach getting stronger and settling between her thighs.

Finally Britt pulled away, leaning towards Quinn's ear once more. "I missed you." She whispered before getting up and returning to her seat.

"That was so hot, baby." Santana said and leaned over to kiss Brittany, too. "Hmmm, you taste like Quinn." She hummed approvingly.

Rachel was struggling to keep her arousal in check and so was Quinn. The memory of her wild night with Brittany and Santana a while ago set fire to her groin and the kiss didn't help either. She felt her little friend twitching and tried desperately to calm down.

Brittany was seemingly obvious to their distress and continued with their game.

"Rachel! Truth or dare?"

Rachel was pretty sure that if she took dare now, Britt would make her kiss Santana or, knowing Brittany, probably herself. Rachel wasn't opposed to either idea since she liked kissing girls quite a bit. But she wasn't sure if she could keep it at a mere kiss, since she was a little turned on and still a little drunk. No. Truth seemed to be the safer option for now.


"Chicken." Santana smirked at her with slightly glassy eyes and Rachel wondered if she was drunk or turned on.

"If I told you San, Quinn and I were going to have lots of sex now and you could join if you wanted. What would you do? Would you join us or would you run?" Britt asked watching her expectantly.