So this is my new story! It's a prompt from the lovely 'livin it loud and proud'

It's my first CrissColfer fic so enjoy!

It's Just a Tummy Ache

Chris woke up in his bed at ridiculous O'clock for work, but he wasn't feeling his usual self. He was pretty sure he had a fever, a headache, and his stomach was hurting a small bit. He'd been feeling ill for the past few days, and this confirmed it. Chris Colfer was getting sick.

Chris never got sick. Yeah, he's had a few broken bones in his life, but never like this. He sat up slowly, willing his room to stop spinning. When everything around him was finally still, he looked towards his digital alarm clock, and saw the numbers light up, telling him it was 5:30 am. Amber was picking him up at 6, so he'd better get ready now.

He got up off the bed and padded towards the bathroom. Maybe a nice shower will wash away the feeling of sickness. When he was all ready for the day, he walked downstairs to get a bit of breakfast. His stomach twisted painfully at the thought of food, but he couldn't be going to dance rehearsals on an empty stomach. He fixed up a piece of toast, as it would hopefully be light for his tender stomach.

Unfortunately for him, Chris found himself on his knees and bending over the toilet bowl, emptying the contents of his stomach. After it was emptied, he continued dry heaving for a few minutes, before collapsing onto the floor, the nice and cold floor feeling good against his flaming skin.

He lay there for a while panting, until he heard the sound of a car honk outside his house. He looked at his watch and shakily stood up. He walked over to the sink and washed out his mouth with mouthwash, and splashed water onto his burning face. He then rushed out of the bathroom after flushing the chain, grabbing his bag and a jacket and walking out the door.

When he got into the car, he felt Amber's questioning gaze on his frame.

"Damn boy, you look like shit."

"I feel it," Chris mumbled quietly.

Amber laughed quietly, and started the car.

"Okay guys, take a break!" Zach hollered.

Everyone parted across the room in search for their water bottles. They had gone through the number about five times, and Chris wanted to die at that moment.

He was absolutely freezing and couldn't stop shaking, even though he was sweating through his T-shirt. The pain in his stomach has moved down to his lower abdomen. Drink some water. Water will help. So Chris took small sips of water from his water bottle.

"Hey Chris."

Chris looked up and into the concerned faces of Darren and Mark.

"Woah, you look like shit." Mark said.

"Thanks." Chris mumbled.

Chris choked on a bit of water and started coughing harshly. He doubled over as pain ripped through his stomach with every cough he made. He couldn't stop coughing no matter how much he tried, and tears were filling in his glassy eyes.

"Chris, are you-"

Darren was interrupted by Chris turning very pale, and bringing his hand to his mouth and running out of the room. When he left, everyone stood there in shock.

"Guys! Leave Chris, he'll come back when he's ready. Now, from the top!" Zach hollered.

Some people, like Lea, Cory and Darren were tempted to just go after Chris, but they didn't want to make Zach mad. They went through the number another four times, and still no sign of Chris.

"Hey Zach, Chris hasn't come back yet. Do you mind if I go and look for him to see if he's alright?" Darren asked. When Zach nodded in understanding, Darren practically ran out of the room, in search of his best friend. Darren decided he'd better check the toilets, so he went in search of the nearest bathroom.

When he was outside, he looked around the area to see if he could find Chris.

He didn't expect to hear a pained noise coming from behind the 'Tin Shed', AKA, their dance studio. He quickly walked behind the shed and gasped at his friend, lying on the floor near his own sick, shivering painfully.

"Oh Chris…"

Chapter two will be up soon!