Well, here I am. Back in Manhattan. I just can't wait to see Lilly, my mom and dad, and of course Pavlov. Mia. How can I forget her? Never happening. Michael! Stop thinking about her!

She has J.P now. Well, that's what I think from seeing her in the paper with him. She doesn't need me. Here comes Lilly, looking fabulous as ever with her multiple piercings (not). Why Nana has to put up with her? Lilly takes them out when she knows Nana is coming. But Nana sometimes comes and 'surprises' Lilly.

''Lilly Moscovitz! What have you done to yourself?'' Shrieked Nana ''I'll take it out, just stop shrieking!'' (Lilly said not a bit calmly)

''Don't you dare speak to me like that, when did you get your tongue pierced?'' Nana continued to shriek. ''Never mind Nana... aren't you happy as long as I take it out?'' Lilly sounds really annoyed.

That happened when I was here, all the drama happens when I come to visit. And now I'm back for good. Not that I'll be living with them, I've got my own apartment that I'll share with Boris while he's looking for a place of his own. Lilly looks really annoyed now. I'm still not completely used to the cameras and interviews that get aired on TV with me in them. Poor Mia. For some 'unknown reason', when I emailed her asking if I could read her senior project she stopped emailing me. Completely. I'm starting to have the feeling that she's hiding something. Lilly is getting angry, better go ask if she needs an aspirin.

''Lilly, nice to see you again, how are you feeling, want an aspirin?'' I ask teasingly ''Ha Ha, very funny. Lilly glared. ''No'' I say. ''Why are you looking around like you expect to see someone other than me?'' Lilly asks. Uh Oh.

''What!?'' I exclaimed Oh god, she knows me a lot better than counting up to five, and trust me, she kknows how to do that since she was one.

''Michael, there's no point in looking for Mia, she's with J.P now.'' Lilly says (She sounds, well, maybe a bit sad?, or is there a possibility she's angry with her?)

(I told you she knows me better than counting up to five)

In my bedroom at my parents apartment

I'm still recovering from my jet lag, when Lilly comes in.

''Michael, are you okay?'' (This is the first time in about a year that she sounds concerned) ''Yeah, why are you asking?'' (She's up to something, I just know it) ''You're still thinking about Mia aren't you?, or let me see... YOUR STILL IN LOVE WITH HER!'' She suddenly screams, RIGHT INTO MY EAR.

Nooo... I droll on. But as always she can probably see right through me. "Oh... one more thing Lilly, STOP screaming" ''No point Michael, I know that you know that I know you better than counting up to five." She says, suddenly calming down. I'm not in love with her, seriously!'' I nearly shout.

I hate Lilly so much sometimes that I just feel like wringing her neck…

''Lilly, get out!'' (I swear the people below us heard me) ''Fine, fine just don't shout!'' she screams, completely ignoring me when I told her to stop screaming.

What does she do? Bang the door, MY door, the same door that had to be fixed when she banged it on me half a year ago.

I can't wait to move into my apartment soon, I'm staying at my parent's house as a 'guest', I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF LILLY!

Well, tomorrow I have the speech for donating a CardioArm to the Columbia University Medical Center, and well, I hope Mia will be assigned to cover the story for the Atom. I mean, I can't wait to see her!

Columbia University Center

I look around for Mia. Can't see her anywhere upfront. I don't know if she's here. She probably has better stuff to do, like go out with J.P... So my speech goes on and on... Wait! I see Mia!

She's right at the back, (Shouldn't be surprised) WAIT… WHY is she wearing a beret and sunglasses? She's taking her beret and sunglasses off! Oh God. She looks soooo good. Michael! Stop falling for her!

Afterwards I talked to some people (in Japanese) when Lilly screams my name twice or more.

Oh God. What does she want? Shouldn't have said that, know I know why. Mia is here. A metre away from me.

''Um, Hi'' Mia says (she sounds uncomfortable, maybe also guilty, again for some 'unknown reason') ''Mia's here representing the Atom, she's doing a story on you, Michael, Aren't you Mia?'' Lilly says, and I think she sounds a bit menacing.

''How are you doing?'' I ask (Has she lost her voice?) ''Why don't you ask Michael a question for your story, Mia?'' Lilly says. ''Ow!'' Mia suddenly says (I think Lilly jabbed Mia, but I'm too busy staring at her face)

''Where's Lars?'' I ask (She's nervous, I can tell, but she doesn't talk, at all) ''You better watch out, Lil. She generally travels with an armed escort'' I joke. ''He's around here somewhere..., and I'm fine, thanks for asking before, how are you doing, Michael?'' ''I'm great.'' I say (Yes, she spoke!) Just then my mom comes and says ''Honey, this man over here is with The New York Times. He wants to talk to you. Can you just- ''(then she saw Mia, and I swear her eyes went totally huge- and not in the good way) ''-Oh. Mia.''

''Hi, Dr. Moscovitz, How are you?'' Mia asks

''I'm fine, sweetheart, it's lovely you were able to come.'' my mom says ''I'm covering the event for the school newspaper'' Mia says (something tells my it's not quite true) ''But I know he's busy, Michael , go talk to the Times— '' Mia says(I think she wants to get away from me) I cut her off.

''No, that's okay, there's always plenty of time for that'' I say (I don't want to stop talking to her, why won't the Times reporter just go away?) ''It's the Times!'' she exclaims (I am seriously thinking that she wants to get away from me) ''Maybe you two could get together for a coffee or something tomorrow, for like a private interview.'' Lilly says. (She sounds like she's planning something, maybe evil... but for me it sound good because... I... I... I think... what's the point? She probably forgot all about me )

''Hey, that's a good idea. What do you say Mia? Are you around tomorrow? Want to meet at Caffe Dante, like around one?'' I ask her (But I still can't wait for tomorrow, finally some time in private with her, even if she has a boyfriend)

''Yes, one tomorrow is fine. Okay, great, see you then.'' Mia says (She sounds so formal... like were not even friends anymore let alone that we dated...)

''Oh, wait, and bring that senior project of yours, still can't wait to read it!'' (I seriously can't wait until tomorrow.)

So know I'm in my room staring at the old glow in the dark stickers on my ceiling and thinking. If Mia is going out with J.P, why was she so shy? Is it because… No… It can't be. From reading the tabloids they looked pretty 'perfectly in love'. I suddenly seem so jealous.