Chapter 5

I have to text her. What will I say? 'Mia I'm sorry' No, that makes that I was sorry that I kissed her in the carriage and I'm not sorry. I decided with this:


I'm not sorry.

And I'll wait.

Love Michael.

Yes, straight forward. Because I'm not sorry about what happened. And I will wait.

AEHS' Senior Prom Night

The weirdest thing just happened.

Lilly came by to my apartment. She said she needed to talk to me, urgently. ''Michael, let me in!'' I could hear her even with my headphones on. ''Coming Lil.'' I shouted back. ''What do you want?'' I asked ''I want you to be at the Prom tonight at 12, Okay?'' she says ''Why, It's your Prom'' I said. ''Well, I want you to be there, just in case something happens'' she kept on going (why is she so vague?) ''What is the 'something' you are talking about?'' I questioned. ''Look, if you're not there I will come back here in the middle of the night, while the Prom is on and wring your neck, and you will be ruining my Senior Prom, okay?'' ''Okay,' I grumble ''And one more thing, dress nicely'' She added ''Lilly... what is this about?'' I ask ''Bye'' Lilly says, walks off, and completely ignored my question.

The Waldrof—AHES Senior Prom Night

Well, It's the same as I remember it. Weird rubbery chicken by the looks of it.

Wait, I hear some shouting, It sounds vaguely familiar—wait, is that Mia using her princessy voice with J.P? The truth. I admit I kinda spied on Mia and J.P's argument. Something about him with Lilly and then breaking up with her for Mia just because he would become famous and call the paps every time they go out? I've heard enough and I decided to go take some measures with J.P when Mia crashed into me. ''Oh my god, what are you doing here?'' ''What do you think I'm doing here?'' I demanded, rubbing my shoulder where Mia banged into me, handheld plastic tiara prongs first.

''How long have you been standing there?'' she asks me. ''Wait…what did you hear?'' she kept on questioning me. ''Enough to make me feel nauseous.'' I said. ''Nice move with the call to the lawyers, by the way. And is that really how you guys talk to each other? His voice rose into a falsetto. You know what I think you should do? Call Stacey Cheeseman. I think she has a total crush on you.'' lowered his voice again ''Cute. What does that remind me of, exactly? Hold on. Wait, I know…Seventh Heaven'' (I just can't help teasing her.) She grabbed my arm and dragged me around the corner, well out of earshot of J.P. (who hadn't yet noticed a thing, because he'd already gotten on the phone with Stacey). ''Seriously, Mia said, dropping my arm when we were far enough away. What are you doing here?'' I grinned. ''I don't know,'' I said. ''Lilly told me I was supposed to show up here and meet you by the elevators at around midnight. She said she had a feeling you were going to need, um, my assistance. But you seemed to be handling the situation just fine, if that whole ceremonial giving-back-of-the-ring thing was any indication.'' She started turning bright red.

''So are you going to tell me why Lilly felt my presence was so urgently needed here tonight, anyway?'' I wanted to know, as I wrapped an arm around her waist. Now that they're broken up... why not? ''You know, she said quickly. I think it's because she knew I always wanted to spend my senior prom with you.'' I just laughed. Sort of sarcastically. (Lilly isn't that bad after all) ''Lars, I called over the top of my head, to Mia's bodyguard. ''Tell me the truth. Do I need to go back over there and turn J.P. Reynolds-Abernathy the Fourth into cream of wheat?'' Lars, to Mia's total mortification, nodded, and said, ''In my opinion, most definitely.'' ''Lars!'' she cried, starting to panic. ''No. No! Michael, it's over. J.P. and I just broke up. You don't have to hit anybody.'' ''Well, I think maybe I do, I said—and I wasn't joking either. ''I think maybe the earth would be a better place if somebody had turned J.P. Reynolds-Abernathy the Fourth into cream of wheat a long time ago.'' ''Lars? Do you agree with me?'' Lars looked at his watch and said, ''It's midnight. I don't hit anyone after midnight. Bodyguard-union regulations.'' ''Fine, I said. ''You hold him down, and I'll hit him.'' ''I have a better idea,'' She said, taking me by the arm again. ''Lars, why don't you take the rest of the night off? And Michael, why don't we go back to your place?'' WAIT... where was this leading to? Jesus Christ... was Mia hinting spending her prom night with me? Doing WHAT exactly? This completely distracted me from killing J.P for 5 seconds. ''That sounds like a completely excellent idea'' I say (Mia... I know what you're trying to do...) Lars shrugged and said ''This is fine with me too'' Well, there is nothing he can do, she is eighteen and a legal adult, so why not? All these years I tried to persuade Mia but tonight... he actually wanted to. Hey... THAT'S why she was looking at my jeans ''there'' when we were at the Boathouse.

It is hard work distracting Mia from her journal. So I said 'Mia, can you forget your journal and pay attention to me for me for a little while?'' She has to. Well you know what? I won't write anymore. Not for know. I'm pretty sure Mia was writing this down.

It was a complete shock in the morning when I brought Mia back to her moms' place. She was like ''Michael! I thought Mia was coming back with J.P!'' ''Well, let's just say he—never mind, I spent the night with Michael'' Mia said. Mia's mom looked a lot surprised and I think a bit relieved when she saw me instead of J.P? I said bye and kissed Mia. When I closed the door Helen started asking Mia Please tell me you didn;t forget what they taught you in health & safety. ''Mom! Yes! Of course! What do you think I am stupid?'' ''I must say, I always liked Michael more than J.P''

I guess moms never change. But, we all got what we wanted, Mia got Lilly back as her friend I got Mia back as my girlfriend. Life is suddenly so good...