Title: Mercy

A/N: Random scene between Thor and Natasha. Not sure if they are OOC, so please let me know if they are… I just wanted to do a scene where Natasha talked about mercy, and her opinion of it.

Thor was standing on the roof, watching the dawn. His warrior instincts allowed him to sense another's presence, even though he hadn't heard the approach.

Seeing Thor tense, Tasha spoke. "Thor."

He turned to face her, relaxing. "Lady Natasha."

"May I speak with you?" she asked formally, thinking he would appreciate it. It had to be hard for Thor, having been raised a Prince on Asgard, to be treated the way he usually was here on Earth.

He nodded, realizing she likely wanted to discuss his brother.

"Mercy is best shown to those who would show mercy," she said.

"And when the Hawk showed you mercy, and let you live when he'd been ordered to kill you… Were you in the habit of showing mercy to others then?" Thor asked.

"When Clint let me live… I didn't realize that was mercy." She saw the confusion in his eyes and continued. "From too young an age, I was raised by an organization called Red Room. I'd never seen or known mercy. I had no idea what it was… That there even was such a thing as mercy. I thought that Clint decided it was better to gain a valuable asset for SHIELD than destroy that asset."

"You saw yourself as nothing more than an… asset?" Thor asked, shocked.

"That's how I'd been taught to think of myself."

Natasha saw the outrage and disgust in his eyes and expression. She knew it wasn't directed at her, but at Red Room and those who'd done that to her.

On Asgard warriors such as Natasha, like Lady Sif, were respected and honored. To make a person think they were nothing more than an… asset (Thor immediately decided that he hated the term), was a disgrace, a twisted perversion. There were long moments of silence as he thought over everything she'd said and revealed.

"You had to be shown mercy, to learn what mercy was… Loki…"

"Thor, it's not the same. You clearly know what mercy is. I'm guessing your mother taught you?"

"Yes," he agreed.

"Loki was raised by the same mother, so she must have taught him mercy too."

Thor nodded. If anything, he had spent more time with Odin, and Loki more time with Frigga.

Natasha continued, "Unlike me when Clint found me, Loki knows what mercy is, he just… He's too hurt and angry to show it to anyone else right now."

"Hurt? You mean from the Hulk?" Thor asked, even knowing in his heart that wasn't what she referred to.

"No, I mean from your father's lies. Not telling Loki the truth for so long," she replied, keeping her voice carefully low and neutral.

"You are… very perceptive, Lady Natasha."

"It's part of my job," she replied, giving a small smile. "I'm not saying that you stop loving him or never show him mercy. Just… please use your head as well as your heart. Be a Prince as well as a big brother. Right now Loki wouldn't appreciate mercy. He'd take advantage of it, and think you weak for showing it. As Gods, you and Loki have something that us mortals don't - time. You have time to let him come to terms with Odin's deception. I know that you're going to show Loki mercy. It's who you are. But please… make sure it's the right time when you show him mercy. For everyone's sake."

"I will consider what you have said," Thor replied. "I will make sure to tell my father of your advice before he makes his decision on Loki's punishment." He hoped it would persuade Odin that one day Loki would be worthy of mercy, even if Odin refused to show mercy now.