The next morning the members of the toon patrol woke up and realized that Psycho was gone after a coughing fit wheezy asked "where do you think he went boss?". Smart ass shrugged he was getting worried but tried to hide it "I dunno lets give him an hour then go and look for him". Greasy smirked and said "maybe he went to see a girl" making all the weasels laugh even Smart ass. While the toon patrol was talking Psycho was with Ginger sitting on the park bench eating ice cream Ginger smiled and said "I'm sorry that I woke you up Psycho" Psycho giggled shyly and said " don't worry Ginger this was fuuun". Ginger chuckled amused by his silliness but stopped when she saw three weasels walking towards them looking annoyed. Ginger guessed that they were the toon patrol she turned to Psycho and said."Your friends are here I better go" Psycho looked surprised his eyes swirling and asked "Don't you want to meet them?". Ginger shook her head she felt bad for hurting his feelings but couldn't help feeling scared of the toon patrol besides Psycho but he seemed so much sweeter than them. She said "maybe some other time" Psycho grinned trying to hide how much she had hurt him and said " OK bye Ginger you better go before they realize you were with me". She nodded and ran off thinking bitterly "great there's one weasel who wants to be my friend and I hurt him". Back at the park Smart ass walked over to Psycho and hit him over the head Wheezy and Greasy started to laugh but Smart ass glared at them making them stop. Smart ass turned back to Psycho and said "ya idiot why did ya go out without telling us? we have been looking for you everywhere". Psycho giggled feeling scared and said "sorry boss I forgot" Smart ass looked at him suspiciously and asked "was that dame I saw running off with you? Psycho shook his head no not wanting them to know about Ginger if she didn't want to meet them. Smart ass sighed and said " well we should get breakfast since were out" Psycho followed them trying to stop thinking about Ginger.