Teachers pet

FUTA warning guys

Bella's P.O.V

Ugh another day of school, another day wasted which could be spent doing better things, I think as I get ready for the hell hole I call school.

Getting dressed only takes me a minute I'm not like those girls who spend an hour just deciding what to wear. I'm more of a throw on what's clean kind of girl.

I guess I better introduce myself my names Bella swan daughter of Charlie and Renee swan.

I have short black hair and brown eyes. Most people assume I'm a boy with the way I look, well I am a tomboy and half of a boy, well the bottom half of me.

Now I bet your wondering what I mean about that well during my mom's pregnancy the ultra sound said I was a girl but when I came out I had a penis, freaky I know.

My parents were freaked out as well but when the shock wore of they came to accept it and are the perfect parents a person could have. I guess I'm lucky most people would have ditched me.

And I guess you could say I'm more like a boy than a girl I've never wore makeup or a dress and I highly doubt I ever will. And I like sports more than fashion.

Talking about sports I'm hoping to become a professional MMA fighter. I love fighting but I'm not the kind of person that goes out and starts a fight. It's just what I like doing.

But mostly I took it up to defend myself, even though nobody knows my secrets I used to get picked on for my choice of lifestyle being a lesbian in a small town as forks is practically unheard of.

And the way I dress doesn't help I suppose. I wear mainly boy's clothes, jeans, t-shirts, and trainers. The thought of wearing something pink and frilly makes me shiver in disgust.

But now at school I've earned a little bit of respect, people don't mess with me anymore and if they do I just kick their asses until they leave me alone.

Talking of school I better set of or ill be late again, and I can't stand another hour of detention. I swear those teachers have it in for me I think it's a conspiracy.

Walking down the stairs and out the door I say goodbye to my parents. Outside is my pride and joy, a dodge avenger. For months I begged my parents to get me this Car and after a while they did.

Getting into my baby I take time to lean back into the leather seats, I do this every day but I still don't get tired of it.

The journey only takes me a short while with me living close and the speed of my car I make it in about ten minutes.

Pulling up into the car park I spot my friends, Angela, mike, Jessica, and Eric. To be honest I think Angela only sees me as a true friend the rest see me as a bodyguard but I beats being alone.

Getting out the car and walking up to them I see Jessica look at me with slight disdain, she doesn't like the fact I'm a lesbian she probably thinks I like her, which by the way I don't she's far to annoying.

"Like Bella why do you always have to dress like that? Couldn't you like for once wear something feminine" she asks in the nasally voice of hers that grinds on my nerves.

"Couldn't you like for once say something without like in it" I reply with a fake sweet voice already fed up with her. She huffs and cuddles up to mike, her on and off boyfriend.

I hear Angela giggle at my comment, I turn and give her a smile which she returns.

"Hey have you heard about the new teacher that's arriving today?" Eric asks with an excited look on his face, I swear he is a woman in drag by the way he likes to gossip.

"Yeah I heard she's a hotty" mike says with a perverted smile on his face. "I mean not that I'm interested because I have Jessica" he quickly backtracks at the angry look on Jessica's face.

We all laugh at how whipped he is but stop when a new car we have never seen before pulls up a few cars down from us. Knowing it's the new teacher the rest of the people in the parking lot all hold their breaths while I turn around not all that interested.

When I hear the car door open then everybody let out a gasp I quickly turn around hoping to see some type of monster, I'm shocked when I lock eyes with the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

End of chapter 1