Hi! This is a Rozen Maiden fic (I guess you figured, huh?) for my favourite Maiden! Don't flame me, I tried to include Bara-chan, as loads like her. I really DO think Kirakishou is more powerful than Barasuishou, as Barasuishou has the power of crystal, and Kirakishou has the power of the crystal AND white rose, so its 2:1. But then, they both have kick ass crystal swords, so it's 3:2. Ever noticed the difference between Suiseiseki, Hina Ichigo, Kirakishou and Suigintou, Kanaria, Souseiseki, Shinku? Well, the latters all have powers which are killing/shooting/painful, and Suiseiseki, Hina Ichigo and Kirakishou have powers of entanglement, powers to keep their victims? trapped in their vines/plants. But Kira chan has also power to hurt also.

Suiseiseki: What a chibi, desu-

Arwen: Wha?!

Shinku: Suiseiseki, be kind to her, she's writing a story.

Arwen: Tha- wait, I will NOT say thank you to Shinku, you horrible doll.

Shinku: How impudent. (Kicks Arwen's knee)

Arwen: Your kicking does not work on me. I wore shinpads. MWA HA HA.

Hina Ichigo: Hina likes Arwen! But not when she's mean to Shinku...

Suigintou: Why? She's mean to you all the time. She didn't even give you fair shelf space.

Hina Ichigo: How did you know, unyuu?

Suigintou: ...

Suiseiseki: You spied on us, desu!

Arwen: Don't get mad at her, she's really nice to me. *Cough* And most suited to be Alice *Cough*

Shinku: Hmph.

Suigintou: You... really think so? (bashful)

Arwen: I didn't say anything... *Cough* Of course *Cough*

Suigintou: Thank you... no one else really... really thinks...

Arwen: Your welcome. This is a one shot, but if you want me to continue, then tell tell TELL, okay?

? ? ?: (Mystical) Arwen1299 does not own Rozen Maiden or it's characters, just the story line...

Suiseiseki: That's right, desu - HEY!, WHO ARE Y-

Arwen: ON with the story!

Chapter 1

Shinku and Suiseiseki

Shinku slept in her case peacefully. Just before that, she had of course, as usual, claimed that nightime was for sleeping and was not a flexible statement. It had been a month since Barasuishou had been broken with Enju and Father had revived them, except for the ones not broken by Barasuishou. Shinku could tell Suiseiseki was missing Souseiseki, and Kanaria often found it very lonely without Hina Ichigo around. Suigintou had given up fighting, and had stayed with her medium, supposedly, not wanting to be with Shinku "At ALL".

And we still haven't found the seventh doll... the TRUE seventh doll... thought Shinku.

Suddenly, she felt a ripple go through her body.

This must mean...

She quickly sprung her case lid upwards, to see Suiseiseki sitting in her box too, lid wide open. Shinku turned her head to her medium, Jun, and saw him asleep in bed. She turned back to Suiseiseki.

"Suiseiseki, did you feel-"

"Yes, desu! So that means..."

"The N Field is active again... with much power inside..." Shinku said slowly.

The two dolls raised themselves out of their cases and walked to the door. Shinku reached for her cane next to the door and pointed it at the door handle, swinging it over and opening the door. Suiseiseki had a worried look on her face, being slightly tetchy ever since Souseiseki broke. They made their way downstairs and reached the closet with the mirror. Sure enough, it was glowing white and rippling, showing immense power. A small giggle was coming from it, and not a good one. Suiseiseki gave a small noise of alarm and hugged Shinku in fear.

"Calm down, Suiseiseki. That giggling... the last we heard of it was from..."

Shinku's eyes widened.


Suiseiseki leapt away from Shinku and launched herself at the mirror.

"Let's go, desu! They could have Souseiseki's Rosa Mystica! We could get it back!"

"Yes... perhaps we should..." she murmured.

And cautiously, the green and red dolls entered the mirror, to the source of the sinister giggling.


Kanaria was standing on Michan's desk chair, looking at herself in the mirror happily with one of Michan's new doll hats from a new doll store across the street - Enju's had long since closed.

Good thing, too, Kashira. Bara Bara was creepy, any doll maker who makes a doll like that has GOT to be weird, right?

She sighed. She was supposed to go to her case AGES ago, but she stayed up admiring her new hat.

Hey, I wonder how Shinku, Suiseiseki and Hina I- Oh wait. Geez... I miss Hina...

She sighed sadly, and made for her case in the next room, but then, she saw out of the corner of her eye - a bright, rippling light.


Arwen: Shut up.)

"Nani?" she said curiously. She touched the mirror as it rippled.

Hmm... this is WEIRD, kashira... is there something in the N Field?

Kanaria thought for a moment. Shinku and Suiseiseki might be there too, if she was in trouble! So she should go, right? She deflated.

Kashira... I've made up my mind!

Kanaria struck a pose.

"Kana, the most intelligent of the Rozen Maidens, will see what this light is, and stop it!" she said impressively.

She quickly grabbed her violin case from beside the desk and leapt into the mirror, throwing off her new hat.


Suigintou sat on the window ledge in her medium's, (Megu) hospital. Megu was sleeping peacefully in her bed.

How foolish. It's good she got slightly better, though.

She shook her head quickly.

I'm the foolish one, I'm the one who likes her medium.

She stared out the window for another couple of minutes, before noticing a strange light above Megu's bed.

What - Oh, it's the mirror... why is the mirror shining... is it the N Field? I bet it's Shinku - what an annoying doll. I'll go and tell her to either go away, or fight her.

She smirked and flew into the mirror, taking one last look at Megu before she went.

I'm coming Shinku - and you're really going to regret bugging me.

Shinku and Suiseiseki came out of the portal above and landed on their feet. Suiseiseki held on to Shinku, scared.

All around them was a huge crystal cave, and right in front of them: a mansion size palace made intirely of crystal as well.

"What is this, desu? It's really weird - do you think Suigintou did this, desu?" Suiseiseki said quietly, creeping round the crystal stalactites.

Suddenly, a voice came out of nowhere.

"Now, now, Suiseiseki. Do you really think it's right placing all the blame on me?" Suigintou gave a evil giggle. She sat on a large stalactite, legs dangling down.

Shinku and Suiseiseki wept their heads round to Suigintou.

"You? You're behind this?" Shinku said accusingly.

Suigintou giggled again.

"No, Shinku. As a matter of fact, I thought YOU were behind this."

"No. I would never do such a horrible thing."

Suigintou looked affronted by this.

"Now, I thought we'd gotten past this. We don't talk, we don't fight. Why would I go back our deal?"

Suiseiseki moved out from behind Shinku curiously.

"If this wasn't you, desu... then who was it?

Suigintou hopped down from her stalactite, a smirk no longer on her face.

"I don't know. How would I know?"

Suiseiseki blinked.

"Maybe you can help, then - we can find Souseiseki and Hina's Rosa Mystica together!" she said.

"I do not want to, but it seems we have to. Will you work with us?" Shinku said calmly.

"Alright. Just this once, Shinku. But only because the portal's closed behind me, and I do want to go back."

Suiseiseki looked shocked.

"But... that's weird, desu! I can open the door for us! Sui Dream!"

She called her artificial spirit forth, and raised her arms.

"Open the door to the human world!"

Sui Dream hung silently in midair.

"What, desu? You... can't?" She said to Sui Dream.

"Well, Suigintou. It looks as if we can't get out. So the only thing to do is go forward and look for a way out, or the thing that's stopping us getting out, hopefully getting Souseiseki and Hina Ichigo's Rosae Mysticae back along the way... or just stay here until the door opens." Shinku said thoughtfully.

"Hey, staying here doesn't sound too bad, kashira!" came Kanaria's voice behind the crystal.

Suiseiseki huffed.

"I knew at some point the chibi - chibi had to come. She's so annoying, desu."

Kanaria came out of the shadows and smiled at them all.

"Kana's here to find out what the noise was!" she smiled happily.

Suigintou sighed irritably.

"The whole gang's here. Great. Kanaria, the door's closed, we can't get out."

"Wha? Really, kashira? Oh... then... let's find out how to get out!"

"Shinku already said that, desu!"

Shinku looked out to the crystal palace. It had a... sinister air to it.

Indeed, we will have to get out of this place. Quickly.

Arwen: Okay, this isn't going to be a one shot, as the plot was turned larger to fit some speech by everyone. Sorry If you just wanted a one shot!

Suiseiseki: We have basically gotten NO further in the plot. We're just talking. When do we find Souseiseki's Rosa Mystica, desu?!

Arwen: Luckily, in my OC's here in bold, Souseiseki's alive, but not in the actual story though.

Souseiseki: Very much so.

? ? ?: The plot thickens . . .


Arwen: I'll update soon, okay?