Love at First Sight

Story by: Yuki

Author's words: This will probably be the longest kurobasu fanfic I will be writing as of now(it's not a oneshot)... I just love the Aokise pairing but can't seem to stop adding angst in the plot no matter how many times I try not to put it in. /cries On side note, this fanfic will be from Aomine's point of view and written according to my thoughts so the further parts of the plot may not be accurate as the original plot has not progressed that far. Also, I'm really sorry as I'm not sure how to paragraph this when uploading to this site since I originally typed it in word doc... /sobs

I'll stop looking up to you.

Says the fella lying down on my bed right now and hugging me from behind.

It's been so long since the match between Kaijou and Touou. The guy who ridiculously left a hole in my heart came to my room and took over my bed while I have to sit on the icy cold floor. Well, who am I to blame? I just had to let him into my house; he was drenching wet and his eyes were swollen. He cried, and I knew that because I made him cry so many times before.

This time, I guess Kise didn't cry because of me.

Aomine felt his heart squeezing in slight unhappiness.

I don't feel mad or anything, I just feel like it's been a long time since we last met. I don't even want to ask what happened between them; he probably won't talk any further about the matter since he's given me a reason for his tears.

Aomine just stared at the television, all the funny jokes and moving images didn't seem to matter; he was just trying to distract himself from paying attention to Kise. He would've gave him a place to seek refuge, cry his heart out, complain all he wanted, pick a fight to vent his anger or even challenge him to basketball, but all Kise did was smile and joke about after telling him that he quarreled with his teammates.

I'll beat you.

Right from the beginning, Aomine had already decided, that Kise would be the one to defeat him or at least, be the one who made him serious about basketball again.

Now that I've lost to Kagami and Tetsu, I feel like I've betrayed my feelings for thinking that way. Ha! As if Kagami could beat me alone without Tetsu…

Aomine recalled the match between Seirin and Touou and then it was cut off by his memories of the times in Teiko.


Aomine let out a sigh as he remembered how Kise used to challenge him to one-on-one matches everyday.

I miss how he used to bug me during practice in Teiko, I miss how we used to walk home together, I miss how he used to look at me alone, I miss…

The next words that appeared were jammed and he couldn't seem to go further.

"Aominecchi? Hey, listen to me!"

Aomine forgot Kise was still in his room; he was distracted by his own thoughts. He forgot that Kise was having a one-sided conversation this whole time and didn't respond at all. The last word left his heart abruptly as he looked into Kise's face.


I miss him.

"Uh, yeah, uhm, sorry."

"Sigh… I knew you weren't listening. I was saying, are you going to watch my match against Seirin next week?"

"… Can I say no?"

"Why~? Aominecchi, why don't you want to watch my match?"


I'll beat you one day!

He didn't want to be reminded of the fact that he wasn't in Kise's eyes any longer.

"Hey, let's go. One-on-one."

"So sudden?! Aominecchi, you're really unpredictable."

Kise let out a tiny laughter, but Aomine could tell, something was bothering him really badly. But for the both of them, the only thing linking them was basketball. The only way they can communicate, is with basketball.

I will show him again, just who is the one person he should be looking at.


It was the first time I called out his name in a long time.

"You surely haven't forgotten what I told you before, right?"


Aomine left Kise a message in his eyes.

The only one who can beat me, is myself.

As I've thought, the only way we can communicate is through basketball. Only when we're playing basketball, will we only concentrate on the game itself and not concern ourselves with other thoughts.

The ball left Aomine's hands again and again, falling through the hoop in a brief moment before it instantly gets snatched by another pair of hands. Many things have changed since the times in Teiko, but he decided not to give up basketball and…

"One more time! I don't care, let's go at it again!"

The person he loves.

"One more—"

"Alright, alright."

Aomine let out a chuckle, only to receive a shocked expression in return.

"Hmm? What? Is there something on my face?"



"That was the first time you smiled like the first time we met after middle school."

He… remembers? The first time we met? How I accidentally threw the ball too hard and went out to find it… Only to realise a bishounen with a face prettier than a girl holding it. I hate to admit it, but for me…

It was love at first sight.

For some reason, Kise's face seemed to be telling him the same thing. Kise was tearing up yet blushing at the same time… Aomine couldn't tell if he was happy or sad at all.


"You're so mean!"

"Huh? What did I do?!"

"Why must you smile?!"

I didn't get him at all. Why was he crying because I smiled? Crying so badly at that. He covered his face and rubbed his eyes against his sleeves…

"If you don't like my smile, I'll stop smiling."

"It's not that!"

"Then what?!"

Aomine was starting to get annoyed and began to lose his temper…

"Just today… When I got asked about how I felt fighting against Seirin, all I could think about was the fact that I haven't even beaten you yet! Everyone said to just leave it because you're not important now but… I just can't help but get mad! Why did you let someone else beat you before I did?! Why wasn't I the one to make you serious about basketball again?! It's not like I don't want revenge against Seirin, but why?! Your smile tells me you've found the passion for basketball again, but I wasn't the one to make you feel that way!"

Kise continued sobbing after shouting in exasperation. Aomine didn't know he felt that way, and all this time, he thought Kise didn't care about him anymore… Who knew, the reason why Kise cried this time was because of him, again…

I'm such a horrible guy; the person I like is crying because of me but I'm feeling more secure and happy.

He slowly put his hand over Kise's head and ruffled his hair while he looked at Aomine in surprise. It was approaching dusk as the sun lowered its brightness upon their figures which became joined for just one moment. Aomine's lips slowly left Kise's as he whispered into Kise's ears…

"Good luck for your match against Seirin."

He wasn't expecting a response so Aomine turned to leave as Kise stood there, rooted to the ground and crouched down in embarrassment after Aomine was gone.

"Aominecchi… Thanks…"

A week later, despite Aomine saying he wouldn't go to watch Kise's match, he turned up upon Kuroko's request nevertheless.

I admit, it was a great match and both parties were evenly matched.

But as he knocked on the door, Aomine braced himself.


"Yo, Kise."

The other members of the Kaijou basketball team glared at him. Keh, he never liked them either but this time, he'll let it pass on the account that Kise is in a horrible mood.

"Can we talk?"

Kise nodded with his head down and packed up before saying goodbye to his coach and senpais. Seeing as Kise's legs were shaking and he could collapse any minute, Aomine sent him home before they decided to continue talking.

"We lost…"


"I'm sorry, Aominecchi. Despite you telling me good luck, despite me practicing the whole week with all the free time I had, I just couldn't beat them… You even specially came to watch the match… I'm sorry."

Aomine could tell through his hoarse voice that he was crying. Kise was never one to hide his emotions well, but when he did, it was painful just watching him suffer alone.

"Kise, I didn't tell you good luck for you to be crying like this. I told you good luck, so that you would be able to fight Tetsu without any worries. Whether you win or not, I wouldn't be disappointed because you will be the one to defeat me, won't you?"


Kise hugged Aomine tightly, crying his heart out from his defeat. Aomine hugged him tightly in return as Kise cried against his chest. Seeing Kise in such pain made Aomine's heart squeeze in bitterness while a silent tear left his eye.

This idiot, how much more does he have to make me suffer?

I can't help but follow him with my eyes wherever he is.

If my eyes can't follow him, my heart will.

After Kise calmed down, he fell asleep soundly. Seeing as his legs were in slight pain from overdoing it, Aomine carefully took a pail of warm water and massaged his legs while he slept.

Our relationship changed from comrades to enemies, do I have the courage to take the next step and make him stay by my side again?

Just before Aomine left, he kissed Kise on the forehead and left a note on the table.


By the time Kise woke up, Aomine had long left the room. He carefully picked up the note left on the table as he prepared to call everyone so that they wouldn't worry.

See you tomorrow.

"Tomorrow? He's meeting me tomorrow?"

PS: I love you.

Kise's face flushed in embarrassment as he tried not to crush the note. He had no idea what Aomine was trying to do. He wanted to hear Aomine's confession personally but just seeing a note with something like that written had already made it hard to breathe. How was he going to face Aomine next time and what did Aomine mean by 'see you tomorrow'? The very thought of it made Kise's temperature rise as he rolled around the ground in happiness.

The weird thing was Aomine didn't show up. Kise was expecting Aomine to show up at his doorstep or in front of his school perhaps, but he didn't appear at all. Throughout the entire day, Kise stared out of the window to catch a glimpse if he appeared by chance, but he didn't.

"It was a prank afterall I guess… Aominecchi would never say those things to me."

Kise let out a sigh of disappointment as he began preparing for practice.

But at the next moment, he heard the door behind him open.


Aomine really did appear, he did go to Kaijou to see Kise, but why? Kise did not understand the logic behind his actions and his questions of doubt became voiceless words upon opening his mouth.

"I like you, will you come to Touou with me?"


That was Kise.


Those were the other members of the Kaijou basketball team.

"I want you to be by my side."

"But, Aominecchi… I…"

"No, we will not let you take Kise away from us. He's our ace and our teammate. In the first place… AREN'T YOU THE GUY WHO ALWAYS MAKES HIM CRY?! HOW CAN I BE AT EASE LETTING KISE GO WITH A GUY LIKE YOU?!"

Kasamatsu lost his cool and his eyes were full of rage. It was as if he was the father of a daughter who was going to get married.

"I promise to take good care of him."

"I don't trust—"

As soon as he said that, Aomine bowed down earnestly. It was the first time anyone saw Aomine bow down of his own accord and he was serious about getting Kise to stay by his side.


Aomine said with utmost earnesty.

This is the first time I've been so serious about someone… I don't want to let Kise go again like I did once before. If I can, I want to make sure he can't live without me, like how I can't live without him.

Kasamatsu sighed.

"Kise, you decide."


"Don't worry about our team, we'll manage somehow. Just decide, if you really want to follow him. There's no point in you being here if your heart is somewhere else, you know?"


Kise's eyes began to tear up as his wiped his tears off while deciding his answer.


Yuki: Yes, this is the end for the first chapter~ I'm sorry to anyone who was expecting a proper ending instead of a cliff-hanger one. I still have a continuous part two/sequel coming up and some side stories for this series I'm planning to do so yeapp... I really tried my best not to add angst but while typing the first half I realised it was full of angst already. /sobs I'll add more fluffy scenes behind since I support the Aokise fandom despite all the angst which makes me cry like mad sometimes... I'll try to update asap! /waves

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