Author's words: This fanfic will be from Aomine's point of view and it isn't the last chapter. This is the end to the high school arc and will be continued in the university/future arc.

"Aominecchi, over here!"

Before we knew it, spring arrived and it had reached our day of graduation.

Throughout the times in Touou with Kise, I received a lot more than I could give. The fact that I could even graduate was Kise's credit for willing to spend time with me to study for the exams; I wouldn't study even if Momoi asked me to. I know I sound biased, but I have my own selfish reasons for letting him spend time teaching me my homework and studying with me for the university entrance exams.

Well, if I let Kise teach me, he has to spend time with me, right?

Wait, don't hit me, I know it sounds disgusting and unlike me, but I do feel happy that Kise came to Touou. If I had to say one disadvantage, it'd be that we both get jealous too easily.

Things have taken a weird turn since the girls saw us kissing; they started requesting that we do intimate actions in front of them. Normally, I wouldn't care but now that they were requesting it, it was awkward, very awkward. No change on the fact that Kise's locker is flooding with love letters, but that problem's been solved; he promised to reject every single one of them.

"Aominecchi, hurry up! Let's take a photo~ Say 'Cheese'!"

Even on the day of graduation, Kise wanted to make the best of the last day of high school. He put his arm over Aomine, showing his brightest smile which would be printed upon as a photo they wouldn't forget; it was the last day they were officially "dating".

It wasn't that Kise and Aomine had to break up but they realised, days before graduation, that they had to end this relationship, one way or the other.

Kise had his image as a model to uphold and Aomine was a rising star in the world of basketball. Although they had applied for the same university, the both of them were unsure of how this relationship would continue.

It didn't take much for the words to be forced out of each of their mouths, for they themselves knew; it was time to end things before this long holiday upon graduation.

The words left both their mouths at the same time. As the sakura petals clouded their vision, they could see a smile forced upon their separation. It was a smile to make the other feel at ease, but it hurt.

This is the end, so don't cry.

Kise softly murmured into Aomine's ear as they walked away from each other.

This is the end, I won't cry.

Shimmering beads of liquid fell as Aomine said those words.

Kise was no longer there.

Yuki: I'm really really sorry for writing such a short and angsty ending to the high school arc but as I typed, it just somehow ended up like that.(perhaps because I was reading aokise angsty fanfics before this) I wanted to show how Kise and Aomine matured; it is precisely because they have matured that they cannot turn a blind eye to their actions and the people who care about them(parents etc). It may seem like the end now BUT be assured this won't be the last of this series because there is a university/future arc. I had a few scenarios I wanted to write and I contemplated on whether to put it in the high school or university/future arc so yeappp... And as you might've realised, the front starts out really sweet but becomes really down after that mainly because Aomine is recalling their times in Touou as he knew they both prepared to break up in the end.

A big thanks to the reviews from new readers, I hope I manage to update soon(if school doesn't pile too much work on me) and pull away from this angsty last chapter of the high school arc. /sobs