Author's words: This fanfic will be from Kise's point of view and wil be the last chapter of the university/future arc. Continuous stories will be side stories from this fanfic including some other pairings.

It was broad daylight yet they were sleeping in the enclosed dark room where the curtain was drawn. They weren't nocturnal creatures, and they were definitely not vampires but they had just taken a late night flight from Japan to the US. Right beside their bed lay a card of well-wishes from their friends and comrades, dedicated to the newlywed couple: Aomine Daiki and Kise Ryouta.

About a week ago, Kise and Aomine decided to get married. They had just graduated from university and decided to head to the US as the representatives of Team Japan. They were there for training like a temporary overseas exchange but the two had decided to get live there permanently and get married. Their parents had objected to it at first but Kise and Aomine were so insistent that they had no choice but to give in. It wasn't a grand wedding or anything; they arrived in the US without inviting anyone to their "wedding" by just registering their marriage the moment they arrived and having dinner together. Aomine was, however, insistent that Kise was to wear a wedding dress even if he could only wear it in their hotel room and decided to go collect one that Aomine ordered after it was ready.

"Kise, are you awake?"

It was the rare one week off before they had to officially move into the dorms at the training school. Aomine didn't really like the life in the US; Kise was not only famous in Japan but overseas as well. Whenever Aomine disappeared, a bunch of flies would appear around Kise and it started to get annoying after it happened not only once or twice but every single time.


Kise opened his eyes slowly and snuggled into the blanket again.

"Today's the day of collection."

It was the day the wedding gown that was specially tailor made for Kise was completed. Since they had to go out to pick it up anyway, Kise suggested they went on a date at the same time. Knowing Kise, he would probably like to do those couple-ish lovey dovey things and since they were already married and all, Aomine guessed it wouldn't be such a bad thing to go along with it for once. But no, a phone call ruined it all.

"I'm so sorry, Kise-kun. To call you for a job right after you arrived in the US… I'm sorry."

Unfortunately by some weird coincidence, Kise was called by his new manager in the US to do a shoot… for a wedding suit. Not a gown, fortunately. Aomine would definitely rage terribly if they made Kise wear a wedding dress and publish the pictures.

I'm so sorry, Aominecchi.

Kise's eyes were apologetic as he knew that it was a "special" day to Aomine and the consequences of not being able to go out together was probably not being able to stand at all tomorrow.

Aomine scratched his head while watching the shoot and just sighed; he understood that it was part of Kise's job and he wasn't to be blamed. Apparently what he was angry about wasn't about not being able to go on a date, nor was it because they couldn't collect the dress on the actual day but because the flies flying around Kise were more than usual during the shoot. It would be rude to describe the other models as flies, but to Aomine, they were nothing but annoying pests hanging around Kise.

"I am watching you."

Aomine's eyes were constantly fixed on the other models around Kise to make sure they avoided touching him too much. But he didn't know that his gaze, or rather, his glare was making Kise feel uncomfortable.

I'm sorry, Aominecchi. I didn't want this to happen either but it's my first job in US so I can't refuse it.

Kise's inner mind was sobbing and screaming all the thoughts he had; he wanted to eat mille crepe with Aomine, drink the same drink from the same cup with a couple straw, hold hands and walk in the streets, collect the wedding dress and kiss. He wanted to end the shoot as soon as possible so that he could use the remaining time of the day to collect the wedding dress Aomine had been looking forward to the very least.

Just then, the director suggested that Kise wore the wedding dress and crossdressed for the next segment of the shoot and Kise nearly let his eyeballs pop out.


His reaction was almost instantaneous but the words wouldn't leave his mouth.

If I HAVE to wear a dress, it'd be for Aominecchi.(and maybe Kurokocchi) Not for a bunch of people I hardly know and most definitely not for the whole world to see me in a wedding dress through the photos. In the first place, why must I crossdress?! I'm not a girl! Can't they just get a female model for this?! Or is this one of those 'we're saving cost so you crossdress' crap?!

The director was insistent and refused to back down. In any case, Aomine wasn't going to let it happen. He had been pissed for a long time now, and all those long term frustrations was making his temper worse. Aomine grabbed Kise on his shoulders and glared at all of the staff in the studio.

"Enough is enough. One more stunt and I'll make sure to beat the crap out of all of you. I don't give crap about legal shits, but this person here is my legally married wife. Crossdress? Don't make me laugh; the only one who can make Kise crossdress is only me."

That instantly blew the minds off every single staff in the studio; they had no idea Kise was married and him being married to a guy was the last thing they'd ever thought happened. But in the director's case, he was simply captivated instantly the moment Aomine lifted Kise onto his shoulders.


The director exclaimed and apparently, some photographers had been taking photos since Aomine made his speech. Their weird reaction made Aomine and Kise bewildered as half the studio was instantly stunned and the other, being overly active with all the cameras clicking. Nonetheless, Aomine began mumbling curses of irritance and stomped out of the studio with Kise on his shoulders.

While walking on the streets, they didn't exchange a single word. Aomine was obviously in a bad mood and Kise was distraught at how the shoot turned out today. They arrived at the shop, nonetheless, and Aomine went in to collect the dress while Kise stayed outside to wait for him.

I feel so bad to Aominecchi. As if ruining the date wasn't enough, I almost had to wear a wedding dress in front of others and he got himself photographed. Aominecchi never liked too much attention and thanks to the stupid director, they seem to have stepped on his landmine. I feel horrible…

Kise began to feel guilty and tears began to escape his eyes. He used to really like his modeling job but now, it felt more like a burden since he couldn't even have a proper date with his lover. Walking on the streets together was already attention seeking enough and Aomine would always feel really annoyed whenever Kise took at least an hour to make sure his fans could settle down after getting his autographs, photos and such.


Aomine walked out of the shop, surprised to see Kise crying.

"Aominecchi! Uhm, you're done?"


Kise wiped his tears away and put on a smile. If today had been such a bad day already, he'd rather make it better with by smiling and pretending nothing happened. He held Aomine's hand and they walked back to the hotel, without exchanging words again.

"Say, Kise… You were crying just now right?"

"… No."

"You did. I saw you crying."

"Something got in my eye."

"That's a freaking lame excuse you've got there."


"In any case, go change into this."



Kise was a little surprised; Aomine wasn't one to give up on making sure Kise told him the reason whenever he cried and making him wear a wedding dress out of the blue during "interrogation" was just weird. After changing into the dress in the bathroom, Kise got embarrassed suddenly after realizing how perfect the measurements were; it had been a perfect fit and it wasn't uncomfortable anywhere at all. Carefully, he stepped out of the bathroom only to get a shock by what he saw in front of him: Aomine wearing a suit.

"A-aominecchi... This… W-what…"

"Oh you're done? As I thought, this dress suits you. Hmm… Come over here, right at the empty space beside the bed.""

Aomine smiled a little after seeing Kise in the wedding dress he picked specially for him and directed him to the empty space. Kise was still confused at what was happening; he wasn't expecting Aomine to wear a suit.

"I'm only going to do this once, so listen carefully."

The next moment, Aomine kneeled down on one leg.

"Kise, will you marry me?"

He put a ring onto Kise's ring finger and kissed him on the hand.


Tears were welling up again.

"I know you proposed to me before in university, but it would only be proper if I proposed to you on my own, wouldn't it? After all, we're already husband and wife. Besides, don't you love things like couple rings and stuff?"


Kise didn't realise how much Aomine had been actually looking at him and him alone. He didn't realise how much Aomine was paying attention to the things he liked and of course, never imagined that Aomine would specially buy a wedding ring for him just because Kise mentioned it once that he would like a wedding ring.

"I, Aomine Daiki, take Kise Ryouta to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. Will you marry me?"

Aomine repeated his proposal.

"I, Kise Ryouta, take Aomine Daiki to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part."

Without anymore words, Kise bent down and kissed Aomine on the lips. A soft touch on the lips represented their eternal oath and promise to never leave each other again.

Suddenly, Aomine kissed Kise with a little more force and pushed him onto the bed.

"Ah, wearing this is hot, the heat's killing me."

It was the usual Aomine but Kise didn't mind. It wasn't like Aomine to be overly gentle in the first place and Kise already expected this to happen.

"What do you say we take off our clothes?"

Aomine whispered into Kise's ears as he undid his tie slowly before intertwining his fingers with Kise's. Kise nodded slowly and closed his eyes.

I love you.

They both said in their hearts.

Their love may not be supported by everyone but they knew they had the support of their friends the very least. Beside the bed on the table lay, the well-wishes they cherished.

Kuroko: Aomine-kun, please do not make Kise-kun stay up too late; he has to work. Kagami-kun says to come back to Japan once in awhile so he can play against you again. Kise-kun, stay happy.

Akashi: Daiki and Ryouta, I see you've gotten married early. Either way, don't forget to make sure you don't slack on your training or I'll make sure you do your training by going over to personally supervise you. PS: If Daiki cheats on you, make sure you contact me, Ryouta. I'll make him kneel before you for forgiveness.

Midorima: Aomine and Kise, marriage is a path of obstacles. May you both understand and further mature upon this torturous path. Always remember "Man proposes, God disposes".

Murasakibara: Mine-chin and Ki-chin, remember to eat your meals daily and have snacks. Mine-chin, don't pick on food or you'll end up being scolded by Ki-chin because Muro-chin has been scolding me recently for only eating snacks. Buy me some snacks from the US when you come back to Japan.

Momoi: Dai-chan and Ki-chan, I know you're enjoying your honeymoon now but let me say a few words. Dai-chan, you have to cherish Ki-chan now that you're married. Come back again even if you decide to live in the US. If you're afraid of your parents, just make sure you bring them back a grandson and they won't blame you, I promise.

Haizaki: Just don't ever break up again. Everything seems to go haywire if you guys break up.

Kasamatsu: I'm not going to say anything much. But, Aomine, I'll kill you if you bully Kise.

Imayoshi: It's good to see both of you together since it really worried me back when you guys decided to break up. Come back anytime, we'll welcome you at our place for a good meal or a sleepover; I'm sure Ryou wouldn't mind.

At the end of every single message, there was a common line right at the bottom.

"Have a blissful marriage."

Their future was full of uncertainty, but they had decided to continue walking this path together no matter what may come.

Years later, they returned to the place they grew up in along with 2 pairs of small legs.

"We're back."

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