Okay this is the sequel to ‚Girls Night'. I hope you'll like it.


Gibbs knew the guard was just outside the door and could hear every word. But he had to be here. Abby had called him last night and the night before because of her terrible nightmares. It was the beginning of October and Joffrey's trial should start in a week. But Abby still had trouble with the events that had happened. Gibbs didn't know it for sure but he assumed that Ziva was not as okay as she appeared to be either.

Joffrey was pushed in with his wheelchair. He smiled when he saw Gibbs. "I found a great lawyer. He said, he would get me free. Isn't that great?"

"You'll rot in here. And when the trial starts, I want you keep your mouth shut when Abby or Ziva are questioned. You'll say nothing to them, understood?"

"Why? I was looking forward to see them. Wanted to talk to them, wish they would visit me."

"Well Ziva actually asked me for five minutes alone with you. But I think there would be not enough left of you to put into this wheelchair."

"So she still is a monster. That's okay. I'll tell her a few things in court and Abby too."

"If you do anything to upset them even more, I'll kill you Joffrey. I swear!"


„If you want it, try to get it!" Tony said holding the burger up in the air and smiled down at Ziva obviously expecting her to jump up. But she just grabbed his arm and twisted it down.

"Ouch..." Tony said while she took the burger out of his hands and narrowed her eyes at him before starting to eat at her desk. It was 6 pm and they had finished their last case and were now dealing with the paperwork.

"You two sure you want to get married?" McGee asked grinning while Tony rubbed his arm.

"Not quite." Ziva hissed and made Tim laugh.

"Me neither, whenever I cook she refuses to eat it because it's not kosher." Tony complained.

Tim looked confused at Ziva: "You don't eat kosher."

She shrugged: "But it's a better excuse than to say it's horrible."

Tony went over to her and placed his hands firmly on her desk before coming very close with his face to hers: "So you say I'm a bad cook?" he asked with a dangerous voice.

"Oh yes you are." She answered.

He ginned gave her a quick kiss and said: "Good that means from now on it's your duty to cook."

"And it's your duty to finish your paperwork, DiNozzo!" Gibbs said giving him a head slap while hurrying past him to his desk. "And while you are doing that you can do mine too."

McGee grinned: "A night at the office for you, Tony."

"I'm sure Ziva will stay here with me." Tony mumbled.

But she shook her head: "No, I'm going to see Abby tonight. She invited me over for a quiet evening." She answered and took the last bite from her burger.

"Good. Ziva can you talk to her please? She is upset because of the upcoming trial." Gibbs asked.

Ziva nodded and grabbed her stuff. She went over to Tony's desk and kissed him before hurrying to the elevator.

Tony looked at Gibbs: "Maybe Ziva is not the right person to comfort Abby, Boss."

Gibbs looked up at him and waited.

"She is having nightmares. Every other day she sits up in bed and believes she is still in Joffrey's playground. It's like the time after Somalia all over again."

"Same with Abby. Whenever she stays over I have to wake her up when she is having a nightmare." Tim said.

Gibbs looked at him: "You have to wake her up?" He had received calls from Abby every other night but that she stayed at McGee's place was new to him.

"Boss, you burned rule twelve." Tim said in defense.

"Let's just hope that those dreams will stop as soon as the trial is over and he is locked away forever." Gibbs said.


"Abby, you ready to go?" Ziva asked as she walked into the lab. They had agreed to watch a movie at Abbys place. Abby wasn't eager to go out to a bar. Ziva had confessed her own nightmares to her but she would have been fine in going out.

Abby grabbed her stuff: "Let's go."

While making popcorn Abby asked: "How are the Wedding preparations going?"

Ziva rolled her eyes. "It will be in May next year and there are already so many people asking questions. For example last week I got three calls from the Rabbi and four from the Priest. They want to know if we marry in a church or a synagogue."

"And what did you tell them?" Abby asked with a smile on her face, bringing the popcorn to the living room.

"That I don't care. I have to admit that was not such a good idea because they called this week too. Then I told them that we would prefer to marry in a ballroom of a hotel. Now they are asking about the ceremony." Ziva let herself fall onto Abby's couch. Abby sat next to her and giggled.

"Sounds stressful. In the TV-show 'The Nanny' it seemed so easy."

"Yeah. Maybe I just chose the wrong Rabbi. Yesterday I gave each of them the phone number of the others to talk about whatever they like. This morning the Rabbi called to inform me that they had come in turns about the ceremony and now he needs to know if the food will be kosher."

"You don't eat kosher." Abby said.

Ziva nodded: "But my aunt does. She will come to America for the wedding."

"And your father?" Abby asked.

"He'll lead me to the altar." Ziva said with a big grin on her face: "As for Eli, I don't know, he didn't send an answer on the invitation yet."

Abby wanted to say something about that but Ziva gave her a look and she let it go. "Sounds like a lot of work, beside work."

Ziva sighed: "I'm so tired of choosing colors that look alike and so on."

"But it's a good distraction. That way you are not thinking about the trial."

"I think about that every say. It starts tomorrow and next week we will have to give our statement."

Abby had suddenly tears in her eyes: "I'm afraid. I don't want to see that man and I certainly don't want to hear his voice. What if the jury pities him and he's free to go?"

Ziva hugged her. The girls had grown even closer since all the events. "Don't worry he'll never hurt you again."