The next day Gibbs stormed into the bullpen so forcefully, that everyone looked up in surprise. He was angry that much was easy to tell. It was already 11 am so he was also late. Very late. Tim and Ziva looked up from their work as he slammed his coffee mug onto his desk making the content spill over. The two agents looked at each other. Gibbs had not said a word yet.

He grabbed his phone without noticing the looks his team gave him.

"Yes I know. Tell him I'll be up in a few seconds." He snarled into the phone and then left the bullpen.

"What was that all about?" McGee asked looking at his friends.

"Maybe he is still trying to get Barrets case?" Ziva assumed.

"You know, I wonder why you take it so easily that she is investigating the Finnigan case. I would have thought you'd want to handle it." Tim told her.

"The only thing I want to do with Mr. Finnigan is… well you know." Ziva said.

"You know that's forbidden in the USA." Tony said walking up to her desk, giving her a short kiss and taking the cup on her desk. He looked inside. Tea.

"And where have you been?" Tim asked annoyed.

"Well I went home to grab the file I left on the table and then I thought I could just take out the garbage and what did I find there?" Tony explained and placed Zivas cup back onto her desk.

Ziva knew exactly what he had found but focused on her computer.

"What did you find?" Tim asked.

"I hope he found the disks and tapes of Joffreys crimes." Gibbs said coming back into the bullpen.

"What do you mean?" Ziva asked.

"The evidence against Joffrey is gone. Today the trial started and we could not find the video material." Gibbs said in a very angry mood.

Tim shook his head: "Wait a second, we got it all in our database I'll just… … …" he stopped.

"What is it?" Gibbs asked sensing something bad.

"It's gone. All the files, all the voice records and the videos, they have been erased."

"But…" Ziva's voice sounded suddenly weak: "But… they were all of our evidence." Shock was written all over her face. The last month had not been the worst time of her life. She was alive, so was Abby, and Tony had proposed. But there were still constant nightmares and she was hoping that those would stop after Joffrey was locked away for ever.

"How is that possible?" Tony asked.

"I don't know. Boss, I need to run a system check to find out but it will take some time." Tim said.

Gibbs nodded: "Do it. Tony, Ziva I want you to go to Mrs. Finnigan. She might be a witness and maybe even willing to help. Bring her here."


Tony stood next to his car in the garage. Ziva stood at the passenger door, waiting for him to unlock but he only stared at the wall.

"Tony. Are you okay?" Ziva asked.

"Since when did you know?"

"Uhm… well I've assumed it for two weeks now but since this morning I'm certain. I won't fit into my wedding dress and honeymoon might not be a real honeymoon."

Tony ran around the car and hugged her laughing and grinning from ear to ear. "I'm gonna be a Daddy!"

Ziva nodded and was surprised when he opened the door for her.

"You do know it can just be the third or fourth week?" she asked as he got into the car.

"Yeah. I need to handle you with care now." He said as he started the car.

"Don't you dare, I like it a little… you know."

"Sure. But hey we can have our honeymoon, as soon as Joffrey is locked away we go to Jamaica or someplace nice and warm and then we will... paint the walls and buy some stuff and…"

"Would you just please start to drive because if we cannot find new evidence against Joffrey he might get away." Ziva said but she was smiling and happy to see Tony so excited.


A truck was parked in front of the Finnigans house and drove off as they approached the house.

"That was the truck of a relocation firm." Tony said and had a bad feeling.

Ziva went over to the house and knocked at the door. But on one opened. She looked through a window. "Empty."

Tony cursed. "Maybe we should ask the neighbors if they know where she has moved to."

"I know…" an old woman said. She stood behind them and pointed with her walking stick towards the house. "Marge left yesterday… said she got a lot of money."

Tony and Ziva came over to the woman: "So where did she go?"

The old Lady shrugged: "She wanted to go to Milan. Bought a ticket and was gone before the relocation firm arrived."

"Milan? Well that's a nice place for our honeymoon… ouch." Tony said as Ziva stepped onto his foot.

"Did she say where she's got the money from?" Ziva asked.

"Life insurance from her husband. I'm sorry I need to go. Mister Baggins is hungry."

Tony smiled. "Your husband?"

"No, my cat." The old lady answered and went down the road.

Ziva turned to Tony: "Does an insurance company pay when there is a suicide?"

Tony shook his head: "No. And I'm sure they won't pay a dime before the investigation is closed."

"So where did Marge Finnigan get the money from at such short notice? He only died last week."

"We should check that and also check to where the relocating truck drove off to."


McGee was still searching for the missing files but he had moved to Abby's lab to get her help. Tony and Ziva told Gibbs what they had found out and started to make calls to insurance companies and airports.

"Boss. Marge Finnigan took a flight to Milan yesterday evening. She paid cash for a first class ticket." Tony said.

Ziva finished her call and looked at Gibbs: "The insurance company said Mr. Finnigan canceled his insurance two years ago. Got only a few thousand dollars out of it. There is no way she had the money from them."

"Are you investigating my case?" Agent Barret asked as she looked over one of the orange walls."

Gibbs stood up and looked at her sternly: "No, we are investigating in a case of stolen evidence and data that might be involved with your case. And by the way this is personal!"

"And that's exactly why you should stay out of it. All of you." The director had come into the bullpen. "Now, I want you to stop your investigation. David go home and prepare for your statement in court. Gibbs with me."


I know and I'm very sorry, this is the sequel to 'Girls Night' but it won't be as good. Well anyway next chapter will be a dead body and a murderer. So it might get interesting. Hope you are still reading :)

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