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Well... I'm back! So here's the sequel to 'Truths' and if you haven't read Truths then you might understand it... Probably not though (sorry about that!)

Anyhoww here's the first chapter and I'm sorry if updates are VERY slow... Kinda shuffling between this, my Sherlock fanfic and wattpad. This chapter will be short and just like a little update of what's happened between this and truths.

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p.s; Using the name Mae, not Ella

All she had to do was sit there and smile, talk to people when they neared her and watch everyone else having a wonderful time. It was the first of 5 balls leading down to Amelie's (the founders) departure. Mae had been back in Morganville for 6 months now, since then everything had been havoc, explaining to people about who she was and all about Claire. At first the humans acted wrongly, the humans thought that there would be more laws against them and in favour of the vampires. But they'd learn that was wrong after about a month. Since her daughter herself was a human, Mae made sure that humans and vampires had equal rights. Even if it did mean loads of showdowns and fights between herself and Oliver.

The whole case with Oliver... Well that confused Mae deep down. They kept their distance- some of the time. Yet at other times they'd either be arguing, trying to kill each other or at very rare times there would be an odd spark, old memories coming back; both good and bad. But then Amelie had to go and ruin the small bond between them both, she'd decided that she was leaving Morganville. Mae understood, of course she did. It was just the fact that because Mae was Amelie's daughter- Morganville was hers. Which was bad. Very bad to Oliver. He had been trying to get power since day one yet now it was al worthless. Mae knew Oliver wouldn't be able to fight her for the power properly, and she knew it would all be tough and there would be a lot of arguing but she would just go into what Claire called 'Amelie mode.' Mae guessed it was one of her jokes, because one second Mae could be all hyper and chirpy yet if anyone crossed her she would become cold and icy. Hence 'Amelie mode.'

It had only been 3 days since Amelie had told everyone that she was leaving Morganville and it had all happened fast. There were going to be 5 straight nights of balls, the last one being Amelie's last night in Morganville. Oh and Samuels, he was going with her. Michael had acted as if to be happy for the but it was obvious he didn't want Sam to go. He'd been the one who brought him up and everyone understood that fact. It had only been yesterday when Mae had walked into Michael and Claire having a sort of heart-to-heart. It was quite awkward with the fact that she'd walked in when Claire was asking Michael for advice about whether she should become a vampire.

Mae knew Claire didn't want to be one, she'd brought it up to Claire once who had shaken off the idea completely. She wanted to spend her life with Shane (whom which Mae was still not sure about). Shane had been the one who was very dodgy with the fact that her parents were both vampires but after sometime he came through, he just tended to ignore Mae whenever she visited but she did not blame him. All in all, Mae had left the decision with Claire even though everyday it came to her that her own daughter was nearly physically older then her. Just one more year and she'll be physically older then her. Which was strange, and another problem.

Yet to make it worse, there had been reported sightings of Bishop, and that very morning Mae had a note delivered anonymously to her. She hadn't told Amelie about it though. The note was very simple with just nine words.

'Don't worry my dear, daddy's back in the game'