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Claire's POV

I was back in the hospital, sitting in the not-so comfy armchair next to Shane's bed, lately he had started stirring a little bit so hopefully he would be waking soon. I hadn't seen Myrnin all day and I knew he was annoyed at me for staying here but I couldn't just leave Shane here all alone, he needed someone here for him for when he woke up. Eve and Michael kept visiting but they were both already planning for the wedding and at that moment they were going to church for a meeting with Father Joe, the only catholic priest in Morganville.

"Claire" I jumped when I heard a throaty voice sound and saw that Shane was laying on the hospital bed with his eyes open and a very small smile playing on his lips.

"Oh God, are you alright?" I said quickly, relieved that he was awake "Are you in any pain or anything?"

"Nothing I can't handle" Shane smirked "What happened anyway? Was it the vamps or something?"

"I was hoping you could answer that" I muttered, curious as to why he didn't remember what happened "you just turned up at Myrnin's lab and then you collapsed and hit your head, your wound healed but your head made you o into a bit of a coma."

"A coma, that's new I guess" Shane shrugged, sitting up slowly "Where's Eve and Mikey?"

"At a meeting with Father Joe" I replied straight away before remembering that Shane didn't know about the wedding.


"They decided to have the wedding next week, on Wednesday" I explained briefly "It's only going to be small apparently, me, you, Eve, Michael and Sam."

"Fair enough" Shane said resting his head against the head board and closing his eyes.

"Do you need me to get you anything?" I asked softly.

"No I'm fine" he muttered and we both settled into silence until he opened his eyes again "Claire.."

"Yes Shane?" I asked, yawning slightly.

"I'm still sorry, and I won't ever stop apologising."

"Okay" I said, not knowing what else to reply.

Mae's POV

"Mae!" I heard Oliver's voice come from my office door, I had only just returned to my office and already he had appeared. I had to admit, hearing his voice settled a worried motion inside of me as I stood up and he opened the door I ran to him and wrapped my arms around him, embracing his tall figure. I could tell that I had taken him by surprise as he paused before he too wrapped his arms around me and I calmed down immediatly.

"I am... I must apologise for what I did" I muttered, not feeling comfortable with apologising to him or anyone having never truthfully apologised properly before "and I trust that you are well now?"

"I am fine Mae, I thought you were still at your home so I did go there but obviously you had just left."

"Yes I've only just got here" I said, pulling away from him gently and meeting his gaze "I thought.. For a moment at the hospital I believed that I had killed you" my voice settling into a whisper when I spoke of him passing.

Oliver lifted his hand and placed it on my face "You seem as if you were actually worried" he smirked teasingly.

"You know well enough that I was, I would never have been able to forgive myself if I had harmed you."

His smile faltered "Just like I can never forgive myself for all them years ago."

"We can be even when it comes to things like that now" I reassured him.

"No, we never can be, I did to much and I hurt you to much" Oliver took an out breath as he sighed in discust towards himself "I am still sorry for that."

"I know" I said, my gaze going to the floor as his hand dropped.

"Myrnin made me wait in his lab for a moment while he was grabbing the container of crystals and Claire was there speaking to that goth girl, it turns out that she and Michael are planning on marrying next week" Oliver said clearing his throat and changing subject.

I stepped away from him and went and sat on the edge of my desk, my finger tips taping the wood as I thought. "This is a problem?"

"I believe greatly so, it'll ignite issues that are best left untouched, it is unwise and it is obviously going to end badly with us picking up the pieces, it is bad news for Morganville" Oliver said strongly "also it is quite vulgar the thought of predator and prey being together if you understand what I speak of."

"You never brought up that argument when it came to Claire and Myrnin" I pointed out.

"I didn't need to then, a small relationship and marriage are two different things, as well as that it is more then likely that Claire will end up as one of our species the same can not be said for the goth."

I had to say, he had a point, as much as I had wanted to stay out of Michael and Eve's relationship it was something that would have to be settled and soon now. It was something my mother had passed onto me and had luckily avoided. My mother. We had to find her. "You are right" I said after a few minutes of silence had passed "However, how I sprt this out is not as easy as one may believe it to be, they are Claire's friends and me and Eve got along well when I was not aware of who I was, if it were not for her then you would have probably not even recognised me in the first place and the love between herself and Michael is so obvious..."

"But he will end up killing her" Oliver interupted.

"They have been living in the same house and he has made no attempt yet."

"Yet what if he does? Think about the up-raw that will occurr, if they are married then they are closer."

"It will make hardly no difference Oliver" I said, looking up towards him.

"She will be an old lady and die and he will still be the same."

"I know... I know.." I nodded "I will think on the matter and make you aware of my thoughts as soon as.

"It should not be that hard of a decision" Oliver commented, stepping towards me.

"We will see" I replied "Is Claire alright?"

"She sounded it, I would guess that she is at the hospital as we speak as Shane should be awake by now."

"Good" I said, standing up straight "thank you for keeping me from hurting her."

"You don't need to thank me, I wouldn't have let you even if you had not asked."

"I know, it is strange to think that you actually care for our daughter as much as any parent would" I commented.

"Of course I do Mae, what more would you expect? Me to want her to come across danger?"

"No, you're not that evil surprisingly enough" I teased before going serious as I remembered Bishop "we must send out people to search for my mother, I trust that you can handle that."

"I've handled worse, take yourself for example."

"This is no time to mess around Oliver, I am being serious."

"As am I, I shall send out a message later, I was just stating a point of the fact that I have put up with you and can therefore handle anything" Oliver smirked again, taking my hands in his. I did like it when he acted like this, it made me feel like my physical age.

"I am not that bad" I pouted.

"Oh trust me, you are."

"Oh please, get out and go and do what I've told you to" I said, going back to normal and pushing him slightly away from me.

"Whatever you say my queen" Oliver said sarcastically, bowing mockingly. I rolled my eyes and walked over to him wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him, I smiled against his lips knowing that I'd caught him by surprise.

I pulled away after a moment, my hands flat against his chest as I said "Now go, and if you ever mock me again; God help you."