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The last four days had been a living hell for Mae. Not that her life hadn't had at them random moments before, but this... this was horrible. Her mind was wrecked with guilt and she was worried, she had to face Amelie's constant questioning as to why she was missing all the balls and... And she missed Oliver. She hated admitting it but it was so true. She hadn't realised it before, but they'd gotten so close; even with the arguments, and now she was so worried about him and she was missing him and she felt so guilty for just leaving him. What is Bishop doing to him now? He could be torturing him, why couldn't have I just killed him and got it all over with? So many thoughts and questions were running inside her head and she tried to picture to herself what she SHOULD have done but she didn't do. But none of the alternatives had happy conclusions.

Her and Myrnin had been looking everywhere they could think of between them, which was all of Morganville. But there was nothing anywhere and it just made matters worse. What if Bishop's using Oliver for bait? What if he's already dead. One more night, just one more night to go and then... Amelie was leaving. Morganville will be mine...Mae's head snapped up as she thought that, screaming at herself inwardly. She didn't know what was happening to her, her head felt so strange and kept going weird and she had no control over the dark thoughts that entered her mind. She was acting how she use to act, when she'd first became a vampire and how she was before she returned to Morganville again. But this time; it was a lot worse. She felt the pounding in her head for power and control over everything, she was starved and she felt so restricted with the fact she couldn't go outside and kill whoever she wanted.

She kept having mad episodes when she'd go crazy for blood, her eyes would go a deep red and she's lose all control over her body to the demons inside of her. No one knew, except Myrnin. He'd tried to stop her two days ago, she'd been determined to kill, she even went for Myrnin. But afterwards Myrnin's face dropped, he knew what was wrong with her but he wouldn't tell her. He'd muttered something about an illness but she hadn't completely heard as her head was pounding from the after affects of her manic episode.

Right, time to get ready for the ball, Amelie will kill me if I don't show up tonight, act normal, steal deep breaths that I don't even need Mae's chest rose and dropped with her deep breathing as she tried to calm herself. She started getting changed, stripping off the dirty jeans and jumper she had been wearing and then wrapping herself in a bath robe and going to get her dress from the wardrobe. As she returned and put the dress on the bed she felt a cold presence behind her. She stood straight, not wanting to turn around as two arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her back so that she fell into someone's strong frame. She sighed, she could tell who it was and even though deep down she was ecstatic to know he was okay, she was worried about why he was acting affectionate.

"Oliver" Mae said softly, still facing forward and not turning to face him "what did Bishop do to you?"

"He did not do anything" Oliver replied deeply, Mae turned in his arms to face him and she checked his neck.

She found what she'd been looking for and gently she lifted her hand and touched where the pale bite marks were "he's used his compulsion on you" she sighed.

"No he hasn't, he fed from me and that's it" Oliver persuaded.

"I am not stupid Oliver" Mae said icily, her eyes darkening quickly before returning to a faded grey as she softened her voice slightly "but, if you say he only fed from you then alright, I'll believe your conspiracy, now if you do not mind we have a ball to go to"

"Do we?" Oliver asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, it's the last night remember so can you . " Mae said pulling away from him as his arms dropped to his sides. "You must go and get changed Oliver..." She muttered as Oliver just stood there "now" she quickly added. Oliver nodded and went out of the room before Mae collapsed onto her bed.

She'd have to keep an eye on Oliver as she knew Bishop would have done something to him.


Claire and Myrnin both slowly pulled back from the kiss and looked at each other, both wanting the other to say something. Claire felt her cheeks burning from a blush and Myrnin smiled softly. "I... I..." Claire mumbled, not knowing what to say.

Myrnin stood up "I'll see you tonight" he said strongly before taking Claire's hand in his own and lifting it to his lips. He dropped her hand gently and went... Out the window of course. Just as Myrnin jumped out, Eve came rushing into the room to be greeted by a very dazed Claire. "CB are you okay? Shane just told me what happened, he's in a wreck, he can't believe what he did to you and he's so sorry. I mean I know it should be him saying this but he really is and... Oh god Claire he was crying because he felt so guilty" she said in a rush as Claire stood up and put a hand up to silence her.

"Eve; I'm perfectly fine" Claire replied to the first question "and what Shane did was awful but, I forgive hi-"

"That's great! So you two can be all better now ye-" Eve said cutting off Claire before Claire cut Eve off again.

"But, I am not going to go back out with him" Claire said quickly and quietly. Eve's eyes widened and her mouth opened as she was about to say something and then closed. "I'm sorry Eve but I can't..."

"Oh, I know CB" Eve sighed "he's a dick for what he did to you and I guess you need a little break from each other"

"Yeah... A little break" Claire muttered before going over to her dresser and putting her white heels on, Eve was dressed like Claire except instead of beige and white; Eve was in all black, and she was wearing fishnet tights and a lot more make up.

"Well, we're leaving now so are you ready?" Eve asked softly.

"I guess..." Claire replied following Eve out to the car where Michael was driving and Shane was sitting in the back obviously wanting to talk to Claire.

"Shotgun..." Whispered Eve as she turned to look at Claire and then sighed before saying "you take it, I know how awkward it would be"

"It's still going to be awkward" Claire replied getting into the front beside Michael.