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What I'd Always Wanted




"Come on, girls, everyone get in the bus. C'mon, c'mon." The teacher's voice rose over the din of whispers. All the teenage girls chatted cheerfully, excited by the field trip to the museum. Any kind of change to the routine was welcomed, and ultimately spending the day in another city was way better than being trapped in their institute for girls which they found boring for the age. While the teachers organized everyone into two groups to get them in the two available buses, the girls rushed to join with their friends in order to not get separated by established groups.

"Which group do we join?" Asked a pretty girl with dark hair and friendly face. "I don't really care. You choose, Nanoha." Replied her companion, a green-eyed blonde addressing a third person…Nanoha Takamachi put a thoughtful face studying the two rows of girls that had been formed. "Mm, I don't know, as long as we're together, I don't really care." She replied smiling.

The three girls were friends since elementary school and had always been together. Suzuka and Arisa were from wealthy families, a pair of authentic princesses, and were inseparable despite (or thanks to) having opposite personalities. While Suzuka was calm and rational. Arisa was impulsive and energetic. Nanoha had joined their group later on. Coming from a more humble family, the youngest of three children, she was cheerful and hardworking. She usually wore her brown hair in a ponytail, since she liked running and playing sports without her hair getting in the way. Her blue eyes always had a friendly shine to them. The girl had a natural charm and a strong personality which dazzled most of the institute. One way or another she ended up joining Arisa and Suzuka, forming a strong friendship with them. With the rest of her classmates she got along well, but had never created a bond with any of them.

Despite all that, Nanoha didn't get along with everyone. Especially with two of her classmates.

"Look, there's the loners, luckily they seem to be getting on the other bus." She muttered at the sight of the two figures waiting for their turn on the line next to theirs. Their names, Hayate Yagami and Fate Testarossa.

Fate was one of the tallest students in their class, if not the tallest. That day she wore her long blonde hair in a loose braid. Her ruby eyes, submissive and shy, rarely dare to cross with anyone else's. The girl waited beside a wheelchair being occupied by her best friend, Hayate.

Hayate was a petite girl who had the misfortune of being born with a weak body. Her short dark-brown hair was often adorned with colored pins. Her eyes were a pale blue. Her inner strength had nothing to do with her frail body; Hayate was vivacious and stubborn, not to mention that she had sharp tongue and a fast and clever brain often used whenever she felt cornered by a problem.

Nanoha watched as the driver carried the handicapped girl in his arms and started a laborious trip to the bus. Fate, meanwhile took the opportunity to place the chair in the trunk, careful not to hit the object more than needed. "Like a good servant." Nanoha murmured, feeling angry by the gesture, not knowing why. The blonde turned around after finishing her task and their eyes met for a moment. The brunette raised her eyebrows in surprise, but before she could decipher the meaning of the event, Fate turned to the door and entered the bus. "In search of her owner, of course. Just like a puppy." Nanoha grumble, angry again. She didn't understand why that pair made her so angry. She was usually friendly, but those two…

The teacher stood in front of Nanoha interrupting her thoughts. "Takamachi." She called getting her attention. Suzuka was already getting in the bus, but Arisa turned around curious to see what had happened. "Takamachi," repeated the teacher. "the groups are not even. You're okay with going on the other bus, right?"

Nanoha blinked, for a moment she felt a surge of annoyance, but finally agreed with a smile.

"Sorry, guys. I'll see you at the museum." She said heading towards the other bus.

The bus seats were separated in pairs, two on each side of the aisle. Wearily Nanoha found that all of them were taken. She look at the back, where the last row was formed by five seats, the one in the middle was the only one free. She hurried to get sited when the teacher behind her, urged her. She eyed the two girls on her left, she didn't know them very well, she had only seen them in class. She looked to her right and her eyes widened. "Great." She sarcastically muttered. Hayate and Fate were watching her just as surprised and with the same enthusiasm. Hayate had the place by the window and Fate besides her shielding her from the other classmates. Nanoha sat as left as possible, wanting to avoid any contact with the blonde, but when they started the trip, with the movements of the bus it was impossible not to touch.

"Fate-chan, look at that." Hayate pointed at something through the window. Fate leaned over her friend to see what she was talking about. They whispered something that Nanoha's sharp ear couldn't understand and laughed. The brunette looked at them annoyed by their secrecy, but said nothing, simply taking her mp3 player out of her backpack and trying to spend the rest of the trip merged in her music, imagining she wasn't sitting next to her worst enemies. The noise of voices in the vehicle gradually faded and only the sound of her favorite songs reached her ears. She smiled slightly and closed her eyes. Quietly singing some of the songs, oblivious to everything else. Being like that made it easier to forget any problems.

"Nanoha-san, Nanoha-san," A voice called her in the distance. "Wake up, we're here." The voice whispered through the cacophony of a pop song. "Nanoha," The voice was now clearer and closer, soft and familiar. "Huh?" Nanoha mumble still half asleep. She opened her eyes to be suddenly completely awakened. The bus was stopped, her classmates were filling the aisle while noisily getting out. "What?" She muttered incoherently, and then realized she wasn't in her seat upright but leaning against someone's comforting shoulder. She quickly got up to her feet and turned to confirm her suspicions. She had fallen asleep over Fate Testarossa. But that wasn't the worst, to her surprise the blonde hadn't rejected her and she had held the brunette's weight for who knows how long; the disturbing part of it was that Nanoha had felt so comfortable that she didn't even notice she had fallen asleep. She had enjoyed her sleep so much that she still felt the wetness of some drool on the corner of her mouth. Alarmed, she quickly wiped her mouth with her hand and glared at her temporary pillow and her companion, with hostility. If none of them dared to comment, laugh or even just open their mouth in her direction, Nanoha was going to do something crazy. Fate was looking at her with a face of not having hurt a fly and Hayate had a neutral expression, but with a flash of laughter behind her eyes, which didn't go unnoticed by Nanoha.

Finally, the one further back broke the ice, avoiding a confrontation. "Nanoha-chan," Hayate called her in a voice so mellow it was hard not to notice the faked sympathy. "Your friends must be waiting for you, and we need some space to get out of our sears." She said with diplomacy. "Oh, I'm sorry." Answered the brunette with the same falsehood. She turned around and walked away clenching her teeth. She had wanted to answer with a more perceptive phrase, but after having slept on one of them, she decided not to risk being humiliated. Nanoha Takamachi was very proud, but not stupid, she had retreated from the battlefield in time.

Upon setting her feet on the ground she found that Arisa and Suzuka were already in line and swinging their hands in the air for her to go with them. And she did. While the teachers organized the visit and handed out tickets, she and her friends got distracted in a vain teenage conversation, which at that moment seemed very, very important. In a corner of her consciousness, however, Nanoha thought about what had happened on the bus. Why hadn't they used that moment to attack her? She would have, and couldn't understand why they didn't. It occurred to her that perhaps deep down Fate and Hayate were normal girls instead of the outrageous loners they appeared to be, but she didn't want to think that way, after all, if that was the case, what was the point of all that time of enmity against them? And to all this. When was it that they started that war between them? Did it start with their healthy rivalry to see who got the highest marks on exams during the first year? Or what was it? Nanoha couldn't remember. There was only the fact that she and Hayate (and consequently, Fate) were dead enemies.

She managed to get them out of her mind when with the ticket in hand and surrounded by good friends, she entered the museum and started to marvel at everything that was in it.


"I don't get why you didn't drop her on the ground." Hayate said to her friend as they waited their turn to enter the museum. Fate cleverly avoided her eyes and shrugged. Hayate watched her blonde friend and slowly, a knowing smile crept on her face. As Hayate's mischievous smile widened, the blush on Fate's cheeks became more and more noticeable. The blue-eyed girl chuckled and sighed, shaking her head. "Forget it, Fate-chan. That's just impossible." She advised her friend. "Besides, have you noticed how she treats us? I don't get what you see in her. Takamachi is nothing but a spoiled and superficial girl." She complained.

Fate looked down, starting an effort to defend Nanoha, but in the end staying quiet. Hayate smiled sadly. "You're too good for your own good, Fate." She said softly as an affectionate warning and took her hand in apology.


"And this gallery is dedicated to ancient civilizations still undocumented." Said the group guide. "And this room is the end of the tour, feel free to explore all the pieces and look at them carefully, since many of them are unique in the world. Do not touch anything. And ask any question you can think of." Smiled the man giving the group permission to scatter around the museum as they pleased.

"Let's go see the Egyptian mummies again." Arisa said enthusiastically. "I prefer the Greco-Roman sculptures." Suzuka said. Nanoha, however, wanted to wander a little more in that gallery, the one with the undocumented civilizations. She was about to voice her preference when she saw her friends walking away holding hands. "If we hurry we'll have time to see both." Arisa said taking the initiative. Between laughing and rushing neither realized that Nanoha wasn't following them. Despite their good friendship, sometimes the brunette felt excluded from the group. Suzuka and Arisa knew each other since childhood and shared more than what Nanoha could understand. The brunette sighed and decided to look at the relics by herself. There was a variety of things, from vases with strange runes, unusual and rare weapons, ripped garments, to jewels. Among the jewels there was a lone diamond that caught her attention.

"Jewel Seed." She read the sign next to the object.

Nanoha stared at the simplistic looking stone. It was of a bright blue, or rather dull, shaped like a diamond and with a smooth surface. "Pretty, isn't it?" Sounded a squeaky voice beside her. Nanoha jumped startled and turned instantly to find a man looking at her with an abnormal smile. The girl stepped back suspicious of the man. He, however, widened his golden looking eyes and let out a maniac chuckled. Nanoha was about to run out of there, but the man grabbed her arm. "It's pretty, isn't it?" He repeated waiting for an answer. Nanoha nodded and the man let go. Without knowing exactly what to do, she stood there in front of the stranger as he watched the jewel in amazement. Nanoha found it to be the perfect time to step back and get away from the crazy man. She watched her route of escape and eyed the man, making sure he still wasn't paying attention. However, from the corner of her eye she thought she saw the Jewel Seed glow.

That moment of froze astonishment was long enough for the man to turn on his heel and grab Nanoha's shoulders. "Did you see that!?" He yelled with excitement. "It reacted to you." He exclaimed.

The girl blinked numbly and the man looked around making sure no one was watching before bringing his face close to Nanoha and whispering. "The Jewel Seed grants wishes and you must have one for the Lost Logia to have come to live."

Nanoha said nothing, but the man patted her on the back. "Congratulations." He said and laughed. At that moment, the second group of students arrived at the gallery with their guide and as they entered the man let out an "Oh" and disappeared running, as if wanting to get away from them. Nanoha was stunned by the experience. She always had the luck to experience strange events.


"Bardiche." Fate said reading the sign beside the weapon. Then she looked back at the strange object , shaped between a spear and an ax, it was black with a golden leaf slightly tarnished by time, but even so, the weapon was very impressive. "Like it, uh?" Hayate smiled at her friend. Fate turned her head to face her and smiled back.

"We only have one more gallery left to end the tour. Then you can come back and stare at that junk as long as you want." The brunette slightly joked at the sudden fascination that the artifact had awakened in Fate.

Fate complained about Hayate's constant jokes against her, but deep down she didn't really care. She knew that when it was important. Hayate was always there for her and they could talk honestly and with no hesitation, they both defended and protected each other. The bond they had formed was more than just that of best friends, they were like family.

On their way, Hayate slowly turned pale and a slight trembling seized her hands. Fate, who was at her side with a slight smile, glanced at her and immediately noticed that her friend wasn't feeling well. "Hayate," she called worried, kneeling beside the chair. Hayate clenched her fists trying to fight back, she closed her eyes for a moment wanting to get rid of the slight dizziness that assaulted her. A cold sweat ran down her spine. But after a while, the discomfort started to ease. Hayate opened her eyes and found Fate's sorrowful face watching her carefully. A teacher at her side. Fate had called her during the small attack. "I'm fine," the brunette whispered.

"Are you sure, Hayate-chan?" The teacher wanted to make sure, after all she was responsible for the welfare of the students, and Hayate Yagami was a special case. Hayate nodded and the teacher looked at the group of onlookers that had gathered around the wheelchair of the girl. Somewhat unconvinced, the adult agreed. "Okay, let's continue with the visit. But if you start to feel bad again, let me know right away, okay?" She said, then turned to Fate. "I leave you in charge, if something happens immediately come to me." She gave the responsibility of 'watching' the girl to the blonde. Hayate mentally snorted. There was no need for that, Fate would look after her like a princess without being asked. "Sure," Fate said obediently. The teacher smiled and after taking a last look at Hayate's anemic face, she urged the rest of the class to follow the guide to the last gallery. Hayate breathed deeply trying to get back to normal, it had only been a small attack. Despite her age, Hayate was used to stronger attacks, she wouldn't let a little setback take over her visit to the museum. And more when it had taken her so much to convince Signum to let her go.

"Hayate." Called her friend who was still at her side while the rest of the group went ahead. "Are you really okay?" She whispered the question unsettled. Hayate smiled despite not being in the best condition to do it. Nobody knew how much she appreciated the friendship of that crimson-eyed girl. "It was nothing, really. I'm already feeling better." She confessed. Fate nodded and stood up, took off the back she was carrying to take out a bottle of water and offer it to Hayate. The girl took it thanking her and sipped a few times. She hadn't realized how thirsty she was until the water touched her lips. She drank almost half of it and then returned it to its owner with a smile. Pleased to be of help and seeing a better color on her friend's face, Fate again placed the backpack over her shoulder and jogged lightly in the direction in which her classmates had gone. Hayate took control of her chair and followed her.

Like the previous group, the guide dismissed them after explaining that the last gallery was full of artifacts which origins' were still being studied or their authenticity was being verified. Hayate got excited explaining to Fate that she had been reading about this gallery and it interested her. Most of the group had spread throughout the museum and only a few classmates wandered through that room. Hayate glanced at Fate from the corner of her eye. The blonde never leaving her side, she was like a shadow. She knew Fate was dying to go see that strange scythe again but there was no way she would leave her alone after what happened in the previous room. With a sad smile Hayate called her friend. "Fate, really, I'm fine. If you want you can go see your Bardiche, again." She winked as if they were talking about her boyfriend. But Fate didn't laugh, she just squeezed her eyebrows and Hayate instantly recognized her expression. She was going to oppose. "Fate," she whispered desperately. She hated that type of overprotection in which her loved ones would sacrifice for her in that way. She didn't like being a burden. Fate knew it and when she heard that tone between sad and angry, she reacted. "Sorry, Hayate, I'm just worried about you." She apologized. The blued-eyes girl smiled. "I know and I deeply appreciate it. But you know I hate it when you do that." She complained. "Now do me a favor and go. Come on. Enjoy your new friend." She said with more joy, but the blonde still seemed to have doubts. "Come on! I promise I won't move from this room and if something happens I'll call your cell phone right away."

Not being totally convinced, Fate finally agreed. "I'll be back in a minute." She promised and turning around she ran away, action which earned her a scolding from one of the museum guides. Hayate watched her laughing whole heartily. Once alone, she directed her chair across the room to the relics. She already knew many of them from reading about them in that book. The one she wanted to see most was in a corner exposed in a velvet box. Hayate speeded up to get to it as soon as possible.


Despite the previous event, Nanoha stayed in the gallery of objects from lost civilizations. Standing in front of the Jewel Seed, watching the blue stone with an unusual interest. But as much as the girl concentrated on the relic, the jewel didn't glow again. Had it all been a trick of that lunatic?

The unmistakable sound of the motor of Hayate's chair alerted her of her presence. Nanoha saw the brunette coming toward her. Hayate looked at her, surprised at first, but then continuing with a determined expression. It seemed like she wouldn't be cowed by Nanoha's presence.

"Hi," the newcomer said dryly. Nanoha replied wearily, she wouldn't be rude. "Hi." The two turned their heads to the Jewel Seed. Ignoring each other. If they were uncomfortable with the presence of the other, they just had to go elsewhere, but the two were too proud and stubborn to give way to their enemy. Trying to pretend like Hayate wasn't there, Nanoha again looked at the artifact. When Hayate made a gesture of wanting to touch the stone, despite the rules of the museum, the jewel glowed again. The two girls opened their eyes wide. Nanoha then knew it hadn't been her imagination.

"Ah." Hayate quickly took the jewel in her fingers.

"Hey!" Nanoha warned, amazed by the boldness and insubordination of the other girl.

"Don't you dare, Nanoha, I've waited too long for this opportunity." The girl whispered with hostility, enclosing the stone in her fist. The brunette blinked amazed at the threat in Hayate's voice. Then she raised her hand towards the jewel, "Return that." She ordered.

"No." Hayate flatly refused raising her voice. Despite the small show, the people from the museum didn't notice them, only two people noticed it. Classmates. But it was known the enmity between the two girls and another argument wasn't something new, so they ignored the event.

Nanoha struggled with Hayate, taking her hand in hers in an attempt to recover the Jewel Seed. "No." Repeated Hayate, vehemently watching Nanoha wining by having more strength. "This jewel is my hope." Desperation seized over the smaller girl. "You can't understand." She continued abruptly pulling out. Nanoha lost her balance for a moment and glanced at her opponent clinging to the small stone as if her life depended on it. Hayate gave her a look of contempt that Nanoha returned with the same intensity.

"Someone like you can't possibly understand what this jewel can do." Hayate murmured and that enraged Nanoha, who mockingly replied. "What? Grant wishes?" An expression of surprise covered Hayate's face, wiping away her furrowed brow. Then she smiled bitterly at her rival. "A girl like you can't understand it. You have no wishes, because you have everything. A family with money, popularity, health…" "What do you know about me and my wishes." Nanoha interrupted with bright eyes rushing back to snatch the jewel. In their struggle, the Jewel Seed glowed again with more and more intensity. The two girls stopped instantly. "Ah." "What…?" was all they could stammer before the Jewel Seed exploded with a blinding light.

Nanoha felt a tug in her chest, a shiver, as if she was crossing a curtain of iced water. Then nothing. The temporary blankness before regaining the sense of touch and warmth. She felt strange. Frightened screams could be heard around her. Nanoha opened her eyes, just realizing they were closed. It was dark, but even in the shadows people could be seeing running towards the small light of the museum's emergency exit. She heard a gasp at her side and the thud of something hitting the floor violently. She turned but saw nothing.

There had been a blackout. Completely forgetting her quarrel with Hayate and what had happened with the Jewel Seed, over taken by the panic that reigned the environment, Nanoha decided to get out of there as well. She wondered if Arisa and Suzuka were okay. Had they noticed her absence? When attempting to walk toward the exit though, something happened. Her legs didn't respond, they collided against something and she found herself falling flat on the ground. "Ouch." She cried in pain. She felt extremely dazed and strange. What had happened?

The lights sparkled trying to illuminate the museum again, at the time, Nanoha remained on the floor feeling nauseous. She saw everyone running towards the exit of the museum, but nobody seemed to notice her on the floor, no one stopped to help her. Nobody except a lone figure that appeared at the entrance, with a distorted face. "Hayate," it yelled, "Hayate." It was Fate Testarossa. Nanoha, exhausted rested her head on the floor, she had no strength to keep her eyes on the blonde running on her direction. At least Hayate did have someone who remembered her, she thought sorrowfully and depressed feeling lonely. But to her surprise, Fate didn't go pass her, she dropped to her knees beside her and raised her to her lap.

Before losing consciousness, Nanoha felt the blonde caressing her head and whispering something with affection. For the first time in a while, Nanoha felt a sense of peace seize her and she let herself fall into darkness with a slight smile on her face. In other circumstances, perhaps they could have been good friends, that was her last thought.

When she came back to her senses, Nanoha felt a severe headache. "Ugh." She moaned as she struggled to open her heavy eyelids. She found herself in a bed in an unfamiliar and lonely room. Silence was a known companion to her, so she just sighed as she got completely awakened. She heard a door and two women coming in, Nanoha turned her head to look at them. One of them wore white so she guessed she was in a hospital. What had happened? Her memories were blurred. "Hayate." The other woman called her seeing her awake and running to her. "How are you feeling?" She asked as she placed a cold hand on her forehead. Nanoha looked at her stupidly not answering, still dazed. The woman looked familiar. Where had she seen her before? Ah, yes. With Hayate and Fate. What was? Her name. Signum, she was Hayate's guardian. The information came to her as if it was the reminder of a dream.

"Signum." She murmured with a doubtful voice. The woman smile slightly as she stroke her cheek.

"She still has a fever." Signum spoke turning her head to the doctor who was waiting a few steps back. The white-coated woman nodded. "I think you should let her spend the night here. We'll keep her on watch and if she doesn't get worse she can leave tomorrow." Signum agreed and thanked her. Nanoha felt stupid and ignored and she didn't understand what was happening. "You heard the doctor," sounded Signum's strong voice in a soft whisper. "Now rest and if everything goes well, tomorrow you'll be back home." She said as she settled the sheets on her stomach. Nanoha felt so tired that she had no choice but to obey. Turning her head slightly, she looked out the window, seeing that it was past sunset. She blinked tired, her eyes getting blurry. At that moment she finally realized it. The reflection that stared back at her on the glass wasn't hers, it was the one of Hayate Yagami.

To be continued…

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In the next chapter:

Passing in front of the mirror in the sink, Nanoha saw it again. Signum carrying Hayate in her arms, but behind Hayate's shiny eyes, it was Nanoha's soul what she saw. Until she understood what had happened, Nanoha would be cautious and pretend to be Hayate Yagami no matter what.

"Who are those flowers for?" The girl inquired, and her friend looked away for a moment before answering seriously. "For Nanoha."