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Ally's special words:

Adorkable: something that to Ally is adorable and also a little dorky

Friendishness: to be nice and friendly

Pickles-level fun: something that Ally thinks is just as fun as eating pickles

Awesomastical: a fusion of awesome and fantastical

Wondersomish: a fusion of wonderful and awesome with an 'ish' at the end

Deziness: something that is typical Dez-behavior

Freakasaurus: someone who doesn't wanna try to do new things or a freak who hate new things and want things to be like they've always been

On pages in between

Ally Dawson is reading a very big white book. It's probably about 9000 pages in there...or maybe more.

"And as the darkness spread across the highlands of Scotland, Emma suddenly feel fear and she know that Roger shall be back soon, but that doesn't really make her any less scared at this moment..." reads Ally from the book in a half-loud calm voice. "Emma was never a very brave woman. As a child she'd always had her father to protect her and now that Roger was almost her husband that task belonged to him. Still here she is, alone on the highlands at night. If something happen she can't defend herself. Roger took the only gun they have."

"Hi, Ally D...workin' on my new song?" says Austin as he enter the practice-room to find Ally on the couch, all her focus on the book she's reading.

"Austin..?" says Ally when she hear Austin's voice. "No. Right now I'm busy with this awesome book that I'm readin' for my book club."

"Not the book club thing again..." says Austin, yawning in an exaggerated way.

"Let me tell you something, mr Austin Moon. Books aren't boring, they actually contains a lot. From information to stuff like humor or drama." says Ally.

"I'd rather watch a good movie than read a book. For some reason books make me kinda sleepy." says Austin.

"Oh! So that's why you often fall asleep in class...?" says Ally.

"Maybe..." mumbles Austin.

"Wait...me just got a really great idea." says Ally in a happy tone. The same happy tone she use when she suddenly see a jar of pickles like almost out of the blue or when she hug a new stuffed animal she's just bought.

"Calm down, Ally. I know that voice. Please don't force me to do something I don't wanna do." says Austin.

"You're gonna join the book club with me." says Ally.

"The book club...? You're seriously askin' me to join the freakin' book club and read big fat books with all of the geeks?" says Austin out loud.

"One...we're NOT geeks. We're smart girls. Two...there's books with humor in them. And three...if we're in the book club together we get some extra Austin and Ally time. Come on, Austin. Don't be such a Freakasaurus." says Ally.

Austin can't help it. He begin to laugh a little. "I should probably get a bit mad at you for calling me a Freakasaurus, but I can't be mad right now. You're so fun and cute when you use your own home-made words like adorkable, friendishness, pickles-level fun, awesomastical, wondersomish, Deziness and now Freakasaurus." says Austin with a soft friendly voice.

"Me is happy that you like my special words." says Ally with a nice girly smile. "It took me some time to create those."

"I can imagine. You're so smart, Ally. Sometimes I wish I had a brain like yours. Mine's a little too childish at times. I'm not as airhead-like as Dez though." says Austin.

"You're callin' your best friend an airhead...?" says Ally, giving Austin the 'are you crazy'-look.

"He's an airhead most of the time, but I see him as my best friend anyway. Even if he's not exactly the smartest dude around, he's friendly and always there for me." says Austin.

"True, Dez is kinda airhead-ish. I just didn't wanna say something so unkind about him." says Ally.

"Your always such a nice girl, Ally." says Austin.

"Thanks! I always try to be a good girl. Being rude isn't my thing." says Ally.

"What can I do to avoid goin' to the book club meeting with you?" says Austin.

"Nothing!" says Ally with a confident smile. "Tomorrow after school you're goin' to the book club meeting with me at Vicky Green's house. Don't try anything, cuz I'll make sure that you get there on time. Oh, and so you can join in on our talking...here read this."

Ally pull ut a second copy of the book she's reading and throw it to Austin.

"This is a book for chicks! No way I'm reading this. It's like a thousand pages in here." says Austin.

"9527 pages, to be exact. At least read the first chapter. It's only 12 pages. Should be easy piecy stringy thingy even for a lazy boy like you." says Ally with a smirk.

"Easy for you to say. You're Ally Dawson, the girl who like school, reading and such boring stuff." says Austin. "See ya tomorrow, Ally. Gotta go if I'm gonna read anything before that stupid book club crap."

"So that means you're actually comin' to the book club meeting?" says Ally, happy that she might have made Austin join the book club with her.

"If I don't come you'll be like a real bitch with me all week and I don't want that. I'll be there, but only because I hate seeing you angry and sad, Ally." says Austin.

"Aww, it's really sweet that you care!" says Ally.

"No problem. Bye!" says Austin.

"Bye!" says Ally.

Austin leave.

Ally's focus return to the book. She start to read again "Emma can feel that someone's close and it's not Roger. It's someone evil. She start to walk towards the town."

The next day after school Ally grab Austin's hand as they walk towards the Sonic Boom.

"We're just makin' a brief stop at the store, then it's book club time." says Ally with a smile.

"I thought I could bring you to the practice-room and sing for you, make you forget about your book club meeting, but it didn't work. It was a good try." says Austin.

"You're dealin' with Ally Dawson here. I've never forgot about a book club meeting in three years." says Ally.

"Not a single one in three years?" says Austin.

"Yup! Not a single one." says Ally.

They enter the Sonic Boom.

Ally talk a little with her dad, while Austin head up to the practice-room to leave his guitar and backpack in there before he has to go to the book club meeting, even if he doesn't want to.

"Dad, I've made Austin come to book club with me." says Ally.

"That sounds nice. You kids have fun. See you later for dinner. I'll make pasta with pickles-sauce." says Ally's dad.

"Yay!" says a happy Ally. "Me just love pasta with pickles-sauce."

"I know." says Ally's dad with a smile.

"Okey, gotta go. Don't wanna be late." says Ally as she grab her handbag. She shouts up towards the practice-room "Austin, time to go!"

Austin come walking down the stairs.

"Oh no, the torture begins...!" says Austin as he roll his eyes.

"It's gonna be fun." says Ally as she grab Austin by the hand and pull him along.

30 minutes later they arrive at Vicky's house.

Vicky Green is a girl who's a few years older than Ally. She's also the leader of the book club that has only girls as members. All of them are chicks that love reading, just like Ally and Vicky.

Ally knock on the door.

"Vicky, are you ready for book-time? It's me, Ally." says Ally, as she always do when she arrive once a week for the book club meeting.

"Hi, Ally D...nice to see you as always!" says Vicky as she open the door.

Austin has never seen Vicky before. He can see that she's clearly not his and Ally's age. She's a few years older. More mature. She's got long curly black hair. Latino skin. And she's wearing a white tank top and black jeans.

"I've been looking forward to this since last time." says Ally.

"Oh, me too." says Vicky, now she notice Austin next to Ally. "Who's your friend...?"

"Vicky...this is Austin Moon. My good friend. He'll be with us on the book club meeting today." says Ally.

"A little odd to have a guy among all us chicks, but I guess it's okey. As long as he doesn't flirt with anyone." says Vicky.

"I'll make sure that Austin stay calm and good." says Ally.

"Come on, Ally. You know that I don't make moves on every cute girl I come across." says Austin.

"Sure!" says Ally with a teasing wink.

"Ally, Austin, let's go inside. I'll get you some tea while we wait for the others." says Vicky as they enter the house.

None of the other members of the book club are there yet, since Ally is never late. She's always on time or early, in this case.

Ally and Austin take a seat on the big couch in Vicky's living room.

Soon Vicky return from the kitchen with tea and cupcakes.

"Mm...I love cupcakes." says Ally with a soft girly voice.

Ally grab a cupcake and start to eat it.

"So, Ally...did you love this week's book?" says Vicky.

"I totally love it. 'Shadows on the Highlands' is a great book." says Ally.

A few minutes later the other members of the book club arrive.

None of the book club girls are girls that Austin has met before.