Normal POV:

I can't do this anymore, Red X!" Raven screamed and flew to the other side of the Titans Tower's roof.

"But I can make this work!" He took the empath's hand. "We can make this work."

Raven looked at Red X in the eyes. "It couldn't work-even if you tried! I am good, you are evil. Even if we love eachother, we will hurt eachother." she sighed. "It just. Wouldn't. work."

"Come on, give it a chance!" Red X pleaded.

"No X." She looked away. "We need find other people."

Red X sighed. "Alright Raven. I'll give it a shot. You'll always have a special place in my heart though.

The empath looked back towards him, eyes glittering. "As will you X."

They sat in silence for about five minutes, until Red X broke it.

"I guess this is goodbye," he said and moved closer to Raven.

"Yep, this is it," She said in her usual monotone voice.

Red X was a centimeter from her face now. "Goodbye, Raven."

"Goodbye, X" She closed her eyes, braced to feel the cool pressure of his lips against her own. But instead, she heard a whooshing sound and opened her eyes, to find that Red X was gone. "Goodbye indeed." Raven said to herself. Just as she said that, the roof door creaked open.

"Hey Raven."

"Hello, Beast Boy."