Bat's Love

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Chapter 1:

The female mouse lay on her back on the floor of the sewer floor. The sound of water dripping from alove. Things hadn't changed since she had last left. The platform which the stairs led up to where a throne stood. She shivered knowing who sat there. The fountain which was dry as the wine was opened with a few spills abotu the place.

''They must had have a fun time to themselves'' she said to herself.

But she was glad of one thing that she wasn't locked up in that glass wine bottle again. Especially in her condition.

She could do nothing but she had to watch helplessly. She tried to remember what had occur earlier after she had left Baker Street.

She had went over to visit Basil and Dawson to ask of their advice. She pulled the coat she was wearing further up as she was wondering how to explain to them of the news when she stepped inside the living room.

''Olivia why don't you take that coat off it is not that freezing in here'' said Basil sternly sitting in his armchair as she shook her head.

She noticed he wasn't smoking his pipe or playing his violin as he was dressed in his dressing robe. Dawson got to his feet letting Olivia take his seat. She thanked him which she had also refused an offer to have one of Mrs Judson's cheese crumpets she had made or some tea as the tray sat on the table between them.

''No thank you I only come for a little while I won't be staying long'' said Olivia.

She put her hands behind her back as she took a deep breath.

''Basil, Dawson would you support me through to the bitter end even I done something wrong even the unthinkable'' said Olivia as she tried stop herself from shaking.

''Olivia what on earth are you talking about you have done nothing wrong'' said Dawson trying to asure her.

She sighed deeply as she left the house heading homeward. They could do nothing but they could only stare after her. Basil raised his eyebrows.

''A young lady such as her shouldn't be out at long at night I will have to go after her'' said Basil getting up to where his coat and cape were.

''Basil no Olivia can handle herself besides she isn't a child'' said Dawson kindly to him.

The night wind swirled around her as it had got dark as she needed some air to clear her mind and thoughts. Olivia stopped in her tracks trying to figure which way it was to her house again. She heard something behind her as she had turned around.

Forgetting her situation for a moment as it came back to her as she felt her stomach gave a huge punch from inside.

''Hello anyone there'' said Olivia staring into the shadows.

Wondering if she could catch a glimpse of the figure but she could see no one. There was no reply as she continue on walking as she thought it must had been the wind. She heard it again knowing this time wasn't the wind.

Scared and frighten not only for her life but for her unborn baby or babies in case any harm came to them. As she ran faster as she tried to see through the fog which was leading her further and further away from the safety of her home. She wondered what her father was doing right now.

Probably finishing his work putting his tools and the toys he had made putting them away for the next day. As she could see him right now putting out the light as he made his way to bed.

She made into a fast dash as something pounced on top of her. Olivia tried to call out for help but a hand fell over her mouth tightly to stop her from screaming.

''Don't try anything or you want your neck broken'' came a rough voice.

Olivia felt that feeling of fear returned. She worried in case this mouse was planning to mug her. What if he discovered she had no money. She worried in case he attacked her and left her to died on the streets. Or what if he was going to rape her.

And if he was done with her thinking again leave her to die or take her home as his prize. She pondered these two thoughts in her mind knowing her children would be put in serious danger. For what if he had caused her to bleed badly and that she had lost them.

Or what if he had cut her throat apart opening her stomach fearing he could carry them off with him into the night. The reason she sense he could had a weapon on him like a knife or a gun.

Then she thought if Fidget had learned of their fate would he go after him and put his life on the line for her. Maybe he would mourn her death not knowing what had become of her with the feeling he was force to walk alone. And the children themselves if they did live what would become of them.

Would Basil, Dawson and her father be gentle on them and watch over them. On the other hand they would put her children in orphanages or worst two different ones which made her shudder. She tried to struggle free. Olivia didn't knew what happened next as she had blacked out.

She felt her limp body been carried into the night as she felt herself in a damp and cold place. She knew it wasn't cheery like her home or the warm living room of Baker Street with the brightly lit fire. She saw the one that brought her here stared at her as another came up beside him.

''It is odd you know I wasn't that rough on her then she blacked out of a sudden'' he said.

''Maybe the strain you put on her was uneasy for her to handle'' said his companion.

She watched as one of her captors prodded his finger onto her belly.

She felt the sore and coldness from his touch.

''Boss we brought the girl as you asked'' said one of them as she heard the sound of someone behind them.

''Good work'' said a voice that send chills down her spine.

That voice she thought it couldn't be. The last time she had heard that voice was on top of Big Ben. Before he fell down to his death with everyone thinking they had seen the last of him. She watched as Ratigan emerged.

''Your brillant mind have any more orders for us'' said one of them.

''No you may leave I wish to speak alone with the young lady'' said Ratigan as they left the room.

Olivia tried to think of why Ratigan wanted her this time. Was he planning another evil scheme as he wanted to use her as a part of it. If so what was it as she knew Basil would stop him. He always did she felt she had no reason to fear him.

But there was a nagging feeling at the back of her mind telling her not to risk her life while trying to figure out what that meant as she was confused by her own warning. She watched as Ratigan blew from his cigarette.

Her eyes narrowed at him. How dare he she thought that he allows himself to smoke that in front of me what if it got into my lungs and infected my child. Olivia shudder making sure not to let her guard down. Ratigan circled around her like a predator before it pounced on it's prey. Then he stopped in front of her.

''Thought you saw the last of me'' said Ratigan smugly.

Olivia thought he was right on one thing. She thought she had seen the last of him when he fell on that hour hand of Big Ben when Basil rung that bell. It haunted her dreams turning them into nightmares seeing that monsterous form of his attacking Basil.

As she heard her friend cry out in pain. But she saw this moment that he was presented back into his gentleman ways as he wore the black tux, black top hat, white gloves, black shoes with the black and red ppera cape. As the monster he had become that night was hidden once more inside of him.

Olivia held her tongue as she didn't reply to his question. In case she blurted out the words sewer rat. Olivia dared not in case she would lead herself and her unborn children to a sticky end. She felt herself been lifted up in the air he held onto both of her arms.

She kicked her legs out in the thin air as she wished for Ratigan tp out her down. So she could be left in peace to give birth.

''I thought you would be grateful that I had no reason to kill you which I would had done in a heartbeat'' said Ratigan darkly.

''I have no meaning to be grateful to a sewer rat'' said Olivia angrily as she had forgotten her fear but she knew too late what she had done.

Thoughts were racing through her mind of what was to become of her now. Then that moment she felt a sharp kick through her whole body. She was dropped onto the floor as she gave a painful scream. Ratigan tore the coat off her. His henchmen heard the noise as they entered the room.

''She's carrying some guy's baby'' said one of them as they stared at the tiny bump on her stomach.

Ratigan stared at her with hate in his eyes. She heard a familliar limping sound towards them.

''Boss what is going on'' said Fidget then he stopped as he stared at Olivia.

Ratigan knew at once what was going on as he hit Fidget hard. Ratigan was a genius but he knew could easily guessed putting the two together and of how a baby was brought into the world. And the two were from each different race her being a mouse and Fidget into a bat.

Knowing a mixed marriage was a disgrace to anyone in Mousedom as it was frowned upon. He knew he was ruined and they weren't even married.

''Boss what you want us to do with the girl now'' said one of them as Ratigan blew from his cigarette in thought.

''I will let her have her baby when it is born it will need the milk from the mother to live after a while a few months or so I will take the child if it is a boy to train it under my guidance if it is a girl I am sure the residents up in The Rat Trap won't mind caring for it for the right price'' said Ratigan smirking at this.

But in his mind Ratigan was thinking something else. He wished his beloved pet cat Felica was around. He could had given Olivia to her as an evening meal along with her unborn infant. But he knew that was taking the easy way.

And being born with a brilliant mind Ratigan was never one to take easy ways out of his problems.

''Don't you dare touch my child'' said Olivia in anger as Ratigan had simply ignored her

.''But boss you can't do this'' said Fidget in fear as he tried to beg his hardest to make him see reason.

Ratigan turned to him.

''Fidget I think that seems fair to me that least you will see it grow up from childhood to adulthood during time to time'' said Ratigan.

Fidget was wondering what was this feeling coming over him. It felt he had a need to protect Olivia and his offspring from any harm especially Ratigan. It felt the harsh bound Ratigan had over him was fading away as Olivia had helped him discover his courage.

Now he had to use it in some way to get them out of here. For Fidget knew if it was a son they had he knew the cruel order Ratigan would give it. He remembered the way Ratigan treated him with cruel words and harsh punishment.

Worried the same would happen to his child. Or this sicken his mind worst if it was a girl and Ratigan had forced the child to be given to the pub upstairs. As it would haunt his mind with worry for his daughter's safety as she would be forced to do any job they would try to find difficult things for her to do.

The thought of her being picked on by the other girls being born from a mixed race and how they would be green with envy of her beauty. How she would be force to fed on scraps and wear the dirty of rags and a hard or straw bed for her to sleep on.

Also he knew what the male customers were like with a female among them. As he imagined his daughter picking up an empty glass as one of the men would try to feel down her skirt or try to touch her legs or any part of her body.

And Fidget knew in fear he wouldn't do anything to protect her as Ratigan would find a way to keep them both apart. Fidget thought he could go to the police. No that was a bad move for they would think he was lying or throw him in jail.

He could go to Basil for his child's protection telling him of the abuse towards his child. Maybe then Basil would listen if Fidget said Olivia was the mother and brought him or her with him as proof then Basil would find a way of hiding it from Ratigan.

No that was almost a bad move for Ratigan was famed in the criminal world as Basil was for being a detective. He would have many that followed him and if one caught word about what Fidget had done then there would be chaos.

He would had dragged his family into a war they couldn't escape. As he watched sadly to where Olivia lay as two were by her side.

One held the coat under her as a blanket to wrap the tiny form when it arrived as they waited as time went by. Everything spun so fast as Olivia felt the moment run fast as a huge rush over her. When it was finally over she heard the sound of not one but two baby cries.

''Boss she's delivered and it is more than the one'' said one of the henchmen.

Ratigan turned from Fidget as they stared at the two tiny forms. Two but they looked different. For one of them the boy was a grey fur bat like Fidget with some brown bits in his fur. The other one the girl was a brown fur mouse like her mother with a patch of dark hair.

''They're beautiful'' said Fidget as he gasped in delight as he had witness the birth of his children.

It felt so magical he wished for this moment never to end. Suddenly the silence was broken as one of them spoke up.

''Boss one of them isn't moving'' said one of them.

It was true for the tiny child didn't move as she lay still in the meterial with her eyes closed. Fidget's heart sank as he stared sadly at the thought of losing one of his children.

As he turned to face Olivia as he saw she too was feeling the pain. It must had been more hard for her since she had done the work of seeing their arrival safe as she could.

''What you think we should do with it'' asked another as Fidget felt sick to the core. T

hey were treating the child as it was an object as they didn't care if his daughter had died or lived.

''Get rid of it at once drown it in the Thames for all I care'' said Ratigan angrily.

Both Fidget and Olivia stared in horror as she created a barrier putting her arms around her two children to keep them from getting to them.

It was no use as the baby mouse was snatched from her. Suddenly they watched as she gave out a tiny weak kick at the one that was holding her. As her eyes began to slowly open as they saw they were the colour brown like Olivia's.

But the odd thing was she looked much smaller half the average size she was suppose to be.

''Boss'' said Fidget as Ratigan turned to him annoyed.

''Can I, can I hold them'' said Fidget.

He noticed Ratigan hadn't answered this question as he pondered over it waiting for the answer.

''Fine you can hold them but for a little while'' said Ratigan darkly as Fidget put his arms out as he use one to hold his tiny daughter.

He limped towards Olivia. She gave a secret smile as she lifted her son handing him to Fidget. He stared at them as he felt their tiny heartbeats beat in time with his. He gave a small happy sigh.

He wondered if his parents felt this way about him when he was born. He didn't take his eyes away from them as they laid in his arms.

''Yes that is right my little ones this is your father'' said Olivia happily to them.

''You have to name them you earned it'' said Fidget in a whisper to her.

Olivia thought there was so many names that overflowed in her mind. She hadn't been prepared for this moment. She wondered what would become of them if she picked the wrong ones.

There were loads of girl names she wanted to give to her daughter but only a few she could think of for her son. Then she noticed how alike their son and Fidget were. As it came to her.

''Darius'' said Olivia.

''What'' said Fidget.

''That is his name Darius for it is strange and wonderful like his father'' said Olivia.

Fidget thought of the name inside of his head. It sounded good and Olivia had a strong reason to give to him.

''Then he will be called Darius what about our daughter she needs one too'' said Fidget.

Olivia stared at her. She was like a rare treasure that no one would ever dream of having.

''Ruby that will be her name'' said Olivia as she watched father and children bonding.