Melanie whispered down to Pluto "Meet me in my room in five minutes, alright?"-

"No way! You don't give me treats"-

"Pluto. NOW!" Melanie barked (haha). She pointed away (I don't find that funny, Josh) from the kitchen (who asked you?) and Pluto frowned, but trotted away and towards her room door.

Melanie took more bites of the chicken cutlet and then she finished finally.

When she put her dish away, Melanie dashed over to her room and closed the door tight.

"I have a few questions I need answered," She said. "And I need you to answer them, Pluto."


"How did you get here?"

"In order to answer that question, I will need to make a few long distance calls." Pluto joked.

"Pluto, I'm being serious." Melanie pressed.


"My name is Melanie Bellandy, don't call me human."

"Melanie Bellandy? Is that supposed to be a joke?"

"No it isn't, Pluto."

"Point taken." The dog smiled.

"You know, you're a lot different than I remember in the cartoons."

Pluto frowned at her. "I changed, h-... Melanie. That's what being separated from the ones you love does to you."

"What're you talking about?" Melanie asked, sitting down on the floor across from him.

Pluto looked down. "Mister Mickey and I were coming home from the shop, to the Mouse Farm."

"Where were you coming from?"

"A flower shop," Pluto said. "It was Miss Minnie and Mister Mickey's anniversary of when they met... W-well... We were about to get to the Farm, when Eega Beeva stopped us. I heard something from the Mouse House, and I ran for Miss Minnie. I got her out, and when I came back... Mister Mickey was gone. The flowers? They were on the ground. The rest of the town was empty."

Melanie stared him. "You saved Minnie and Mickey left you?"-

"He wouldn't leave me!" Pluto screamed at her. "He's my best friend! I'm his best friend! I am mouse's best friend!"

Melanie didn't have time to go over mouse/man's best friend. She wanted some answers.

"That still leaves out how you got here." She said, feeling sorry for the upset puppy.

"Well, Figaro went all ninja-kitty on me." Pluto frowned. "But at the wrong time! Next thing I knew, shadowy figures were coming here-and-there."

"But you still"-

"Let me finish." Pluto snapped. "Shadowy figures were coming at me. I, of course, reacted by barking... I didn't want Miss Minnie or Figaro-no matter how annoying he is-to get hurt. I protected them as long as I could... A week went by, and Miss Minnie, Figaro and I were on our way to the Abandoned Toon Lands."-


"Where the abandoned characters live nowadays." Pluto told her. "Like... Kat Nipp. Ah, that's an old timer I don't miss..."


"Don't you know anything about us? We're, like, part of your little sister's life!" Pluto reminded her.

Melanie rolled her eyes. She turned and picked up her laptop from her bed. She leaned against the side of her bed, turned on the laptop, and went on Wikipedia.

"What's that name of the toon?"

"Kat Nipp?"

"Got it." Melanie said. "Whoa."

"Do you see the picture?"

"You mean the one where he's beating up Mickey Mouse, then yes." Melanie replied, wondering how the cartoon was saying the character Kat Nipp was usually a drunken cat.

"It says he faded from the shows in the 1930s." Melanie informed him.

Pluto nodded. "After the Roaring Twenties, his status kinda plummeted."

Melanie looked at the dog weirdly.

"What?" Pluto ordered.

She smiled. "You know what the Roaring Twenties were?"

"Of course I do! I may be a dog from a cartoon television show, but I know my world-wide politics!" Pluto shot at her.

Melanie giggled. "Okay, so Abandoned-Toon-World"-

"Land. Abandoned-Toon-Land." Pluto corrected her.

"Yea, whatever... Why'd you, Minnie and Figaro go without Mickey? You said you lost him after you went into the house to help Minnie."

"We did, indeed, wonder where Mister Mickey was." Pluto looked down. "We received word that Abandoned-Toon-Land was safe from everything the Realists were doing"-

"The what?" Melanie asked, hoping he wasn't talking about the word in the English dictionary (Realist; a philosopher who believes that universals are real and exist independently of anyone thinking of them.) (I thought we agreed not to comment on the stories, Mellie.).

"The... the things. They were gathering us and... putting us on the other side of the television screen."

Melanie stared at him. "You mean this world?"

"Yea." Pluto nodded.

"Then you got caught?"

"I did." Pluto admitted. "And so did Figaro. We were protecting Miss Minnie. We bought her time, and I hope she left... But I went first, into the Real-World. It's why we call them Realists. They put us into the Real-World. I don't know if she made it. Honestly, I don't know anything about what's going on except for what I've heard in the papers back in Toon-World."

"Like what?"

"Well, in a secretive paper Detective Casey and Detective O'Hara are running... I think Max Goof in involved with that paper. Oh, I hope the poor kid is alright..."

"Who?" Melanie asked.

Pluto glared at him. "George Geef's son!"

"Who?" She asked again.


"Oh- hide! Mom's coming!"

"Why do I need to hide? She knows I'm here." Pluto said(Yea, Mellie. Don't be such a dummy.) (Hypocrite.) (I am not.) .

"Be a good dog, and don't speak!" Melanie snapped.

"I believe the proper way to say that, is to be a good dog and speak. Not"-

"Put a muzzle on it!" Melanie whispered.

"How dare you"-

The door opened. "So he can talk!" June pointed out, slamming the door shut. She stopped. "Did you tell him to put a muzzle on it? Really, Mellie?"

"You see," Pluto ordered. "I don't need to shut up. It's just the harmless kid that gives me treats!"

"June, I only convinced Mom Pluto couldn't talk because what do you think would happen to him?" Melanie ordered. "What would she do?"

"She'd... Oh. I... I don't know." June admitted. She sat down next to Melanie and Pluto. "What'd I miss? An explanation on how he's here?"

"Not exactly." Melanie said. "Some... What were they, Pluto?"


"Yes, them. Some Realists appeared and were taking Toon characters and placing them in the Real-World, or as Pluto said it, 'the other side of the television screen'."

"Oh..." June said. "I thought my birthday wish just came true."


"Nothing!" June blurted (:l Really?) (Shut up, and write.) (Pushy.) (That's just my charm.) (*Snorts* Yea, sure, Mellie) (Josh, don't make me come over there!) (Ugh. I hate being friends with insecure girls.) (EXCUSE ME?!) (N-n-nothing, Melanie! GOD HELP ME.).

Pluto smiled. "Well, we received word that the Abandoned-Toon-Land, the place where the old toons who're out of the job go, was safe from the Realists. Well, on the way, Miss Minnie, Figaro and I encountered fifty realists... t-they..." Pluto looked down. "They had Fifi and Dinah."

June petted him. "Sorry, Pluto."


"Fifi was his first love, Melanie. Then Dinah came along." June frowned. "And Dinah is still his love."

"I tried to fight for her and Miss Minnie, b-but... When I failed... she looked at me like I was the worst."-

"Pluto, don't believe anything that Dinah says!" June blurted. "She's always flirting with Butch the Bulldog!" (How the hell does she know this?) (I don't know, Josh... I don't know.)

Pluto sighed. "I... Wait a minute! DON'T BUTT INTO MY LOVE-LIFE!"

June frowned. "I'm just saying..."

"Wait!" Melanie cried. "Pluto, how are you going to get home?"

Pluto looked at her. He gave me the saddest look I'd ever seen.

June looked down. "Mellie?" She said. "I don't think Pluto can get home."