Hello, lovelies! I know it's been a long time since I've written, but college has kept me busy! However, the itch to write just overcame me, so I had to relent (I should be studying for a test right now). Anyway! I decided to write another Summer Series story. I'm sorry if you don't like the series or have never read the books, I just really like them and I'm in a mood to write about those characters. If you have a story you want me to write about, message me and I'll let you know if I've read it, when I'll start the story, etc., etc. I hope you enjoy! xoxo.

Belly's POV

My heart lurched into my stomach the moment we pulled down the drive to the summer house. It had been a year since I'd last been here, and yet seeing the faded shutters, chipping paint and wrap-around porch made it seem like I was just here yesterday. Memories of my brother, Jere, Conrad and I running around on the beach flooded my mind as my mom's old car made its way to the house.

Steven wasn't coming down for another week, and my heart pounded at the idea of Conrad, Jeremiah and I being the only "kids" at the house for a week. We had hung out many times before, but things were different now. I was different now. I had never thought of the moment my looks would catch up to my growing desire for male attention, but here I was. I just finished up my junior year and had a total of seven guys ask me out. I only said yes to one of them: Cam Cameron. He wasn't my first boyfriend by any means, but he was the first one that felt like a real relationship. In the end, we broke up because summer was coming and he wanted to explore his options. I was upset, but if I was honest with myself, I wasn't crushed. Part of me was even relieved, of course it was the part that would always belong to one of the boys I spent all summer with – the boy who was staring intently at the cloudless sky as I got out of the car.

"Belly!" I heard Jere scream my childhood nickname before I saw him bound over to me. He crushed me in a giant bear hug before spinning me around. I felt my lips turn up into a smile. "You look great! I'm so glad you guys made it safely." He continued, directly his last comment to my mom. He put me down, but kept his arm loosely around my shoulders. My gaze flitted to the porch, but Conrad was nowhere to be seen. Following my eyes, Jere said, "Mom's inside making lunch. Go on, I'll get your bags."

"Thank you, Jeremiah," my mom responded, sending him a warm smile. I smiled up at him, before stepping out of his embrace and heading towards the porch. As soon as my mom and I entered the house, the smells of our lunchtime feast greeted our noses. When my mom and I went into the kitchen, Susannah was hard to work at the stove; she didn't even notice us standing there. My mom's lips turned into a smile as she stepped around the counter.

"Beck." At the familiar nickname, Susannah's head snapped up and she stopped her movements. A radiant smile spread across her face. "Laurel!" she exclaimed, pulling my mom into a tight hug. "I'm so glad you made it in time for lunch!" When the hug ended, Susannah stepped to the side of my mother and eyed me. I felt my smile broaden; Susannah had always been like a second mother to me and seeing her three months out of the year wasn't enough.

"Isobel Conklin. Aren't you a sight for sore eyes! Look at you! You look beautiful!" She made her way over and hugged me tight just as Conrad walked in from the sliding glass doors, a plate of grilled chicken in his hand. "Doesn't she look gorgeous, Conrad?" Susannah asked her oldest son, stepping away from me so I was in his direct line of sight. A small smile played on his lips, but it was gone just as quick as it appeared.

"Hey, Belly. Good to see you."

"You too," I replied to the boy who made my heart beat a million times harder just by seeing his strong arms sit a plate of chicken on the table. Jeremiah walked in then, breaking me from the Conrad induced trance I was in.

"Is lunch done? I'm starving." Susannah smiled and told us to sit down. While her and my mom carried all the food to the table, I took my place across from Conrad and Jere took his beside me.

"So, I see you decided to let your hair grow out," he said, tugging on a strand that escaped its place behind my ear. I slapped his hand away before replying with a simple yes. "Well, I like it," he said casually, blinding me with his bright smile. I smiled back, just as widely. I looked up in time to see a scowl pass over Conrad's face, but it was gone before I could figure out why.